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Dear Sir,

Initially have taken services from Global Visas for UK Work Permit in Mar 09 but before filling my application for UK work permit, they have told me to file for immigration to Australia as i will get better opportunities at Australia and they confirmed me to file my applicaiton in month's time but till date i am not getting any status for my application. I have already paid them Rs. 85000/- fee for the services. I have also checked, they have not lodged my application for immigration nor they are refunding my money. Request you to pls intervene.


UK Office
28 Great Tower Street

Telephone: (++[protected]

Freephone:[protected]use within UK only)


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Aug 14, 2020
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Hello, I used your services about 3 years ago and have now gained permenent residency in Australia through a de facto visa. I have unfortunately split up with my partner of 5 years and wanted to ask if this visa is still valid. I intend to stay in Australia and wanted to find out my options. Also if I want to aplly for citizenship am I allowed to leave Australia and for how long for? I hope you dont mind me contacting you again for information. Thank you so much!

Alex Brown
IN the uk there is a law called unfair contract terms law 1977 which protects the consumer againt companies who intentionally put unfair terms in their contracts which are defavourable to the consumer. thats why people should sue them, FOR UNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS


Scambusters Team
Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square


First of all I am one of the people conned by Global Visas.

I am going to court against global visas as i canceled my contract 4 days after i signed it thinking it was a scam, i canceled my credit card and now they are taking me to court because i paid the deposit and idnt pay the rest of the money, although i havent submitted any documents and they havent done any work.I have letters from Home Office proving that I am not elligible for what Global Visas told me I am elligible. They are trying to claim in front of court that a 30 mins conversation in which they told me lies and what documenst I should bring them is worth 690 pounds and any work after that with filling in the aplication form and submiting documenst should be done for free. This is a scam definitely as they want your drecit card details and sign a contract even before they check your documents to see if you have any chance when you apply for a visa.

First Global visas they are not solicitors or lawyers, they are just advisers with no university qualification but they want to charge you 1300 pounds per hr for phone calls only giving you info that is free of charge on the home office website.

So to people who want to know what to do my advice is KEEP ON SENDING LETTERS, KEEP ON COMPLAINING


FIRST step is

complain to


they dont do much, wont help you get your money back but the fact that they investigate global visas
will be a proof for you in case you go to court against them.

after that complain to

Scambusters Team
Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square

if there are enough complaints sent to them they can take the company to high court and close them down

for people who write complaints it is worth knowing that Liam Clifford, the founder of Global Visas and ex director was disqualified in 2008 for serious breaches and you can print this information from the internet and use that in your court case



if you go to court against global visas it will help to show the judge the owner and director of the company ws disqualified under section 7

if you want to read more about disqualification go to


after that prepare yourself to take them to court( only in the uk, i dont know how you do this in India)

I found on the internet an article written about someone else about going to court which I will present below as the guy was very explicit

my advice is ... keep on complaining, keep proof of everything you did so you have chances in court and complain coz this is the only way to change things. send all your true stories to the authorities because if you dont complain nothing will ever change

there are people who dont have the time to complain or they dont know to whom to complain and that is why global visas is getting away with lots of money for doing no work at all

when you take them to court you can complain about unfair charges, unfair feees, no work done for the money, unfair contract terms( there is a law in uk about it so research it)

the truth will always shine through your stories, you just have to complain

So here is below the story I found on the net about how to sue them from the UK
The name of this website, Moneyclaim Online, suggests a dodgy accident compensation service, like Claims Direct and all the other legal vultures who are pushing up our insurance premiums.

But Moneyclaim.gov.uk is actually a website produced by our own wonderful government. To be more specific this website is run by the Court Service of England and Wales, the people who do such a fine job of punishing all the baddies out there.

I stumbled upon Moneyclaim Online earlier this year when I was planning to sue Wilcon Homes over the faulty boiler in my house (that's a whole story in itself which you can read more about in my op about Wilcon Homes). I have sued a few people in the past; most notably NTL when they used to be called Cable & Wireless, and a dealer who sold me a car which I later found out was an accident write-off. I don't suffer fools (or crooks) gladly.

On both of these previous occasions I won my case, although I had found the system to be intimidating and rather bewildering for ordinary people (or the 'information underclass' as we are sometimes labelled - those o[censored]s who didn't go to public school and don't have dinner parties with friends in high places).

I am pleased to say, however, that the internet has changed the way in which ordinary folk can access justice. Or perhaps 'revolutionised' would be a better word. Although I have a very low opinion of Mr Blair and the New Labour machine, I feel that credit is due in one area. Several years ago Blair vowed that all government departments should be made more accessible to the public via the modern miracle of the worldwide web. This was one promise that Blair actually delivered - and the website I am reviewing is a good example of how Joe Public has been empowered with greater access to the "

From what I can gather, Moneyclaim Online was only launched last year (2001). Before this time you had to go to your nearest county court in person and obtain forms and leaflets if you wanted to sue someone. From my experience these courts were far from user-friendly. They were designed for solicitors who knew the way things worked - information was sparse and the staff were unhelpful at the best of times. Anyone entering the court building without formal dress was treated in a sneering and condescending manner.

But all that has changed. Whether you're looking for recompense from a crooked builder, or trying to get someone to pay you back a debt, you can now launch a county court claim from the comfort of your own home. Taking legal action against somebody need not be as daunting or expensive as you may think. And you don't need to pay a solicitor in order to sue someone (although I would still recommend getting good legal advice if you're unsure about the chance of your claim succeeding). As every case will be unique, I can not give an exhaustive guide to suing, nor can I give a guarantee that you will win, but hopefully I can give you a clear idea of how to use Moneyclaim Online.

You have to pay a fee to use the service (the fees are identical to the conventional snail mail method of issuing a claim), but the fee will be relatively small in relation to the amount you are claiming for, and will have to be refunded by the defendant if your claim is successful. The court fees are on a sliding scale but work out very roughly at 10% of the amount you are claiming, eg. a claim for between £1000-£5000 will cost you £115. If your claim is below £5000, the court will automatically allocate the case to the 'small claims track' which is a basically a more informal way of dealing with it.

Crucially you are going to need evidence. In a county court, the rules of evidence are not as formal as in a criminal co
urt, so the judge is going to take a "common sense" look at the plausibility of the evidence presented by each party. Typical forms of evidence used in county courts are professional written reports, photographs and written statements from witnesses. You must be able to show that you gave the defendant a reasonable opportunity to settle the matter outside court. Keep a written log of every time you phoned or wrote to them. Send at least one letter to the defendant by Recorded Delivery (this will cost you 90p at any Post Office) in which you clearly outline the situation and set them a reasonable time in which to act, ideally 14 days. Clearly state that you are going to issue a County Court Claim against them unless they act within this time limit. Keep the Recorded Delivery receipt and a copy of the letter - these will form part of your evidence in court, in case the defendant denies that you gave them a fair chance to sort things out.

When you are ready to make your claim, log on to www.moneyclaim.gov.uk and register for a username and password. You then fill in a series of simple forms, providing information about yourself and the person you are suing. Finally you are asked to write the "Particulars of Claim" in less than 1080 characters, so keep it very concise and to the point. At this stage you only have to give an outline of the basic details of your claim, so limit it to a few sentences. You will have chance to go into more detail later on. The website then collects your payment of the court fee by credit or debit card. Once you're done, the claim will be posted off to the defendant at 10.00am the next working day. You will notice that your claim is issued by Northampton County Court who issue all online claims. The defendant will be given 14 days to respond. They may buy extra time for themselves by issuing an acknowledgement of service, which gives them a further 14 days to consider their options. If the defendant files a de
fence then you will have to pay an extra £80 for an "allocation questionnaire" which is basically the next step in the process (but it's free if your claim is below £1000). Again, this £80 will have to be refunded by the defendant if your claim is successful.

Whether you decide to settle outside court, or go to a hearing, is entirely up to you, but remember that you can drop the claim at any moment until the day of the hearing. If you are suing a company, and the case goes to a hearing, then you should make sure the case is heard at the court nearest to you. Private individuals are given this advantage when suing a registered company. You will need to ask the court to transfer the case to your nearest County Court - they will do this free of charge. To find out the address of your nearest County Court, visit www.courtservice.gov.uk/notices/county/ccadd/circu its.htm (this does not apply, however, if you are suing an individual person - the case will be automatically be heard at THEIR nearest courtroom).

If your claim is successful, either because you won the court hearing, or simply because the defendant entered no response to your claim, you can progress the case online by applying for a warrant of execution. Basically this means the court bailiffs pay a visit to your defendant to seize goods which they sell at auction in order to pay you what you are owed.

I found the website extremely easy to use. For any of you who are familiar with internet banking, the interface is a similar kind of thing: a status bar displays the current progress of your claim (ie. Claim Issued, Acknowledgement Filed, Judgement Issued, Warrant Issued, etc.). All the terminology on the website is written in plain English, rather than legalspeak, which I found pleasing. The website includes a user guide, and each stage in the process is accompanied by a 'Help' button which gives you a pop-up window containing a text based explanation. Moneyclaim
Online also has a helpdesk telephone number (charged at 0845 local rate) in case you get stuck at any point. I used the helpdesk on one occasion when I had a query and I found the staff to be prompt at answering the phone and extremely helpful.

As I mentioned earlier, I sued Wilcon Homes using Moneyclaim Online. I won the case by default because they did not enter a defence before the 14-day deadline, and I was able to complete the whole process through my computer without putting pen to paper. When my claim reached the stage at which I requested judgement, I was particularly impressed to see a feature on the site which enabled the claimant to add interest to the amount claimed. The website automatically calculates the interest at the current Bank of England rate. It was only about three pounds but I thought this was a great little touch which you would not get with the old paper-based system. Wilcon Homes paid me the full amount without a fight, which was slightly disappointing as I had been looking forward to pressing the 'Send Bailiffs' button!

I think this website is a breakthrough in the way ordinary people can access the legal system, which until now has been elitist, old-fashioned and arrogant. It's just a shame that nobody seems to know about the existence of this website - as far as I know it has not been advertised anywhere.

I hope this has been of some use to you. If you have any feedback on this opinion, or are aware of anything I have left out, please let me know.


Their website is


for free legal advice in United Kingdom go to


after all this I wish you good luck in recovering your money from Global Visas, if they dont pay after you win in court just send the bailiffs to their office

remember to tell the truth and do resaerch and get lots of proof and witness statements, so get together with people who suffered like you

If Liam Clifford was disqualified as a direct, the present director called Brian Palmer can be disquqlified as well, you just have to complain people do your homework, be honest and fight for your rights so we can live in a fairer world with no scams
To people who dont know where to complain and they I have an idea: why dont you contact the daily mail news paper in the United Kingdom, they can run a story about the scam that Global Visas are running. So why dont you write your complaint to newspaper reporters, they would love a good story to investigate. For all the people who dont know where to send their complaint I have put together the email addresses of Daily Mail reporters, just send your complaints to the following email addresses( you can mention in your complaints that Global Visas has unfair terms in the contracts they offer to their clients, terms trapping their customers into paying full fees but Global Visas having no obligations at all in case of bad advice given – they call it expertise- or in case they would delay your visa or not return calls and emails):
so keep on complaining to:

s.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, s.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, v.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, e.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, d.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, j.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, d.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, r.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, m.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, peter.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, d.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, p.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, r.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, t.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk, f.[protected]@dailymail.co.uk

Remember if you dont complain nothing will change so lets get this company investigated properly by the newspapers
Dear Valued Clients,

If you feel we let down – We want to hear from you directly.

If we have let you down we apologise. It is never our intention to let down a single client. We have put together this response to address the comments made about us. On this site. Firstly, it is difficult to address specifics of a case if you are not prepared to provide your information to us. We would also we to avoid disclosing any private information about any client which may cause them any embarrassment.

On this site some people are posting non specific emails as a shalow attemept to stir up discontent. This post is designed to assist you if you have a genuine grievence with Global Visas. We want to help you. We have even set up a special email address for you to contact us dirrectly with your complaint and we shall address it at the highest level with a view to help you.

Dealing with any Immigration case can be a stressful time for a person. We know this from over 20 years experience and we also accept we are often in the firing line and have to break bad news to people if they do not qualify for a visa. Our team does offer our clients the best chance of success and we appreciate if you do not meet the required qualifications bad news is never nice to hear. If a person does feel let down by the legal system we aim to do our very best to explain everything as best we can.

We are only human and even though 98.4% of our clients would refer their family to us it is possible we make the odd mistake out of 30, 000 cases per year. We want to learn from such mistakes and improve our service to you. If we have done absolutely everything we can and you still feel let down by the laws or our company, then we want to hear from you directly. We may not be able to change the situation but at least we can explain why not.

We would like you to shared your feelings with us, as we work hard every day to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

If an individual feels disappointed by the Immigration laws or our actions, we want you to know we care. That is why in our Client Care Letter and on our website we list all the governing bodies we are registered with around the world to investigate all complaints if you do not wish to speak with us directly. They will assess the complaint independently, and if we have let a client down these governing bodies will address it and ensure we correct the situation. We are Registered with more governing bodies world wide than ANY OTHER Immigration company.

We receive over 4 million visitors to our website and complete over 30, 000 immigration cases each year. We send EVERY client a feedback form to let us know what they think of our service. These feedback forms are distributed once a month to our entire company. Currently 98.4% of clients say they WOULD use us again or refer us to their friends and family. The comments on those forms are on the Testimonials page of our website.

Due to our clients’ on going support we are the largest and fastest growing Visa company in the world.

We are registered with more quality assurance governing bodies world wide than any other Immigration company.

We win cases other can not.

We are great listeners and really do care about you very much. Take the time to come and see us and we can sit down and listen to everything that is on your mind. We have several quality checks in place and also some of the highest skilled and best qualified Immigration law experts in the world. With over 100 staff world wide we operate a strict refund policy as mentioned in our Client Care Letter.

We obviously cannot respond to any specific issues on this site but we do want to hear from you.

On the issue of payment. We make our fees clear to all clients before we do any work and we explain everything in our client care letter. Offer payment plans for people who can not pay our full fees in one payment and do our best to accommodate our clients but, we can not work for free. Taking our knowledge and expertise and expecting not to pay for our service is unacceptable and we are certain 99.9% of clients would agree. If we allowed a person to take our services without payment all our other clients would suffer as their fees would need to increase to pay for the tiny percentage of people who believe it is right to take without payment.

Thank you in advance for getting in touch if you have anything to say to us. We look forward to receiving your email at [protected]@globalvisas.com We have put up this special email address to make sure if you have anything to say you can come straight through to us.

On a seperate note a person has been spread slanderous comments about our company on the internet. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has help in tracking this person down and the authorities are now assisting our legal team to ensure they answer for their actions in a court of law. We appreciate on the internet is full o[censored]ntruethful comments about all sorts of things but your efforts have been really helpful as it is hurtful to read things about us which are simply not true on this site.

All we ever ask is that if you like what we do please tell others, but if you don’t tell us.
We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.


Customer Services
Global Visas Scammed Me £3000 for a Entrepreneur visa. They never did any work and would answer my calls. Google Lets them advertise with them. IM NEVER USING GOOGLE AGAIN!

Lets all let Google know and stop Global Visas comitting FRAUD.

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

Report www.globalvisas.com to Google. Tell them about what they did to you on the following email addresses.

[protected]@google.com AND [protected]@google.com

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