[Resolved]  Global Visas — Fraud company

Address:South Delhi, Delhi

Global visas is fraudlent company.. they just take money from the client and run away from thier services..

ranjan arora is not capable enough to handel the responsibilty of Branch manager...
he do not have knowledge about the immigration and visas.
he is an liability for the global visas as he is not a good manager....

i think he should be removed from the company.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I would not agree with the above mentioned point made by Mr. Rahul. Global Visas is one most renowned companies and have wonderful services in terms of customer service. I have got my VISA done for UK and they have been exceptionally helpful specially Ranjan. I have informed Mr. Ranjan Arora and Global Visas management for these messages being posted by random people and have recommended them to consult thier lawyers to sue people since its a crime to post messages aganist a registered company and a person on the internet without substantial proof. Being a lawyer myself, I would ensure action is taken aganist such a person since this looks like work of an ex-employee who is just trying to show his wrath but he can land up in serious trouble.
I agree with Tina...Ranjan is extremely cordial...the manager before Ranjan was hopeless and thank god he has been thrown out..
just to let you know the mirror newspaper will write an article about the global visas scam, the above posting are from the Global Visas employees


Just to let you know all that you above posting is not by an kitty kat..he is an ex branch manager of global visa how is trying to defame the company. However, as quoted by me earlier, I have informed the matter to the employees and also the management at UK. Just to provide you with some facts - Ms. Kitty and Mr. Rahul, since I am lawyer, i am enlightening you on the laws in India:
E-mail "bombing" is characterized by abusers repeatedly sending an identical email message to a particular address.

5. Sending threatening emails

6. Defamatory emails

7. Email frauds

8. IRC related

Your comments above would fall under 6 and 7 and under the Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984. I have sent an email to the editor of Mirror Newspaper to inform them about your comments above. Also as directed to me, I am taking print outs of this blog and filing a complaint to the cyber cell.

Thanks and regards
Ms. Kitty and Mr. Rahul are fake people and i agree with Tina...action must be taken...inform the website and they will take action too...
Yes..we are taking action. The management I am sure has identified the person and they are taking action.

Please reveal your real name "S"


Please provide your number..since I need to have support info to support the case.

Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others will not be tolerated as quote on this website.
Dear Tina

you can kiss my arse.

your name was probably liam clifford in another life.

as for law and legal rights in India we know about that ... it takes 20 years to go through court in India. so take your scary tactics somewhere else.

If Rahul is an ex employee of Global Visas
the fact that he postes on this site shows how dodgy this company is

Lots of people leave companies like Price Waterhouse, Aston Martin, Google, Amazon and they dont go blogging about their employers. Is only with dodgy companies that people feel the need to get some steam off and start blogging against their own employers..

If Tina is a a lawyer she must be a 2 penny per year lawyer if she has the time to sit on an Indian website and post stupid comments about laws that no one respects in India and that no one gets punished for in India because of the corruption.

You can print this blog, paint it, wipe your arse with it, chew it and no one will care.

It is called freedom of speech and the only people defending Global Visas are their own employees.

Global Visas employees spend more time posting fake positive reviews on the internet than helping their paying customers.
Only uneducated people get into lewd comments. i belong to a respectable family hence I dont want to abuse someone on a public forum...words used by you "arse" shows the kind of family you belong to. I pity your parents...all the best...pity for your new employer
As far as 2 penny lawyer is concerned, I have already taken the requisite action aganist this blog and your email id is about to get tracked. All the best and I hope you will be a lot more busier in the coming days fighting a lawsuit in the Indian court of law for the next 20 years of your life for defaming someone on a public forum...Thanks for giving us enough evidence to create a case of defamation...any comments are most welcome from you since it would help us further to project our case in a better light in front of the law..
Hey hey pl stop fight
hello Tina i'm very much impressed wid ur comments but just think "jiske pair na hui baiwai so wo ka jane peer parai" they r shouting coz they hv pain as just like me One reputed abroad placement co from south india has done wid me i'm waiting from last near about 3year for there appointendnt letter can you tell me what can i do pl reply me wil send you detail tnx
Dear Tina


no one will listen to you in any court of law in india, they have better things to do.

KISS my arse

if you are an indian lawyer how comes you dont have an indian name?
you can kiss my arse

i dont think you are a lawyer, you must be one of the Global Visas employees hired specially to write on blogs against their own employees and customers

how much do they pay you?

2 pence per year?

I believe that is too much
dear Tina

you said Global Visas is a reputable company?

well why dont you read the newspapers



they are so reputable they keep on getting caught lying and cheating by the press
Kitty Kat, I think you are to eager to get ur arse kissed...this is the wrong forum...please go to the forum meant for people like you...i get paid 2 pence but the kind of language you have, i doubt if you are hired by any decent and reputed company..i can recommend you for few bars...and i am on my job now...so kitty kat, thanks again for further comments...i would welcome more from you so that we can form a proper case of defamation..so keep these comments pouring in...
kiss my arse tina, and put this on your defamation case.

kiss my arse

are actually a tina or are you a transvestite with a dick who is having a transgender operation?

tina the tranny blogging on the net to get her 2 pence per year salary?

do you need us to donate for your transgender operation tina?
tina says... the management has identofied the person and we are takling action

so are you saying global visas is taking action against their own employees as well?

now they have problems not only with their customers who call OISc, now they have problems with their own employees

sounds like a very dodgy and incompetent company to me..

anyone else agreeing here?

who else is global visas taking action against? Gordon Brown? God? Allah?

is there anyone yet against whom Global Visas hasnt taken any action yet?

I bet they havent sued yet Betty Boop?

Tina Says...

Also as directed to me, I am taking print outs of this blog and filing a complaint to the cyber cell.

Number one: directed to you by who?

number two:
phoooooooaaaaa I am soooooo scared of cyber cell:)) When are you going to complain about me to Dark Vader, Night Rider, Sleepy Hollow, Ghostbusters???? Come on, you cannot report me only to cyber cell!!!:))) Isnt that a character from I Robot the movie??:)

Dear Rahul,

Dont be scared of Global Visas liam clifford and Ranjan, they cant do anything to you, all they do is scare people but they cant do anything against them. In india takes yaers to sue anyone and they cant enforce any judgement.

Do not worry about what they can do to you, I would suggest pay a hacker to bring down their website or to optimize the search in google so when people search Global Visas they only get the complaints website.

They can do anything to you, they just like to scare people, thats all.

Hire a hacker to get their website down and change the google searches so no one can find their website.

do not be scared
liam clifford is just a guy who has been in jail and who has lots of court judgements against him already in UK, just no one in India knows that, he has been convicted many times in UK and he is running out of time as the authorities are investigating him.

hire a good Indian hacker

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