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Don’t buy greedge.com program for GRE preparation. I spent Rs.10, 000 for my gre preparation. Before making the payment they promised many things like personalized trainers, updated materials and well qualified trainers. After I bought the program I used to call more than 10times everyday but no one will attend. My doubts are solved after 10days and some are not. They usually change my sfa(trainers), I think they have only 5 sfa for verbal, I enrolled for 6month program. In 2 months 5trainers are changed, my first trainers she introduced second time without knowing that am her student. Both my verbal and quant trainers are not good in English, they couldn’t understand my doubts for that itself I need to repeat my doubts again and again.

Before making the payment they convinced me a lot, they said gre is an online exam and I need to prepare in online or I won’t get good marks. Their materials are useless. After completing 80% of my materials given by them, I didn’t get confident of my target score of 330. Then I joined reputed coaching class where they gave only 60-80 hours of guidance for verbal and quant, where I cleared my doubts with explanation( if not on that day means next day). Then I wrote my gre and got 320, is not me alone who got the good score and my collogues in my class also got it.

Am not only person who is cheated by greedge.com and many more in the below link:


Please don't join this website. They are useless.... they are useless for free mock test..
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Aug 13, 2020
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Ya i do Agree With you, Let me share my horrible experience about GREedge.com

I joined their 6 months program, thy urge you to join a program saying that the discount ends today or tomorrow...but i could see that thy have discount throughout the yr...i happened to visit their office on a fine day and accidentally stepped into a room where there were a few people who were starring at the monitors and then the concerned person who spoke with me came and took me into a room where i was shown a demonstration of how their services works Generally asked to that persons who are those guys whom i saw, he replied me saying That they are Trainers!!! I was Shocked!!! Then i asked about personal trainers that gentleman blabbered something something and he started breifeing about their online stuff, again i asked him the same question of personal trainers he 'beating around the bush' but finally he didn't answer my question.

I spoke to my parents and the actually refused me to join them, my dad advised me to join a class room training. The very next day that executive from greedge called me, i informed the same to him. As soon as i conveyed the message about my parent's unwillingness to join their program, he started threatening me saying gre is a adaptive exam and “if you don't practice on line you will fail”, and they came with a new strategy “DISCOUNT”. Then i asked him some time for registering with the course and showed some online seminar's to my dad. Despite my parent's hesitation I JOINED GREEDGE FINALLY...

As soon as i registered with their course, i came to know the true face of greeedge. The Communication of trainers appointed to me was really pathetic!!! they don't even clarify my verabl doubts nor Quant doubts. Trainers call me “Once in a Blue moon”.I was Totally disappointed with their response.
As soon as i complete their adaptive test they give me some stupid Feed back, which is a mere copy paste stuff. The only reason i joined their program is because they told me that mock tests is unlimited. But my need was not at all satisfied. I completed nearly 80% of my materials without their help, i was not confident enough to face the exam.I happened to see one of my friend, and discussed the same with him, Shockingly he had also encountered the same experience with them. Despite my CGPA being 9.0 my dream of getting into a good university was totally collapsed with greedge.I would have rather joined a coaching class as per my dad's advice and would have scored better. So friends who come across this review please follow my advice “DONT JOIN GREEDGE”

Better way to spend your money . Do not waste your money on GRE edge, instead -

a) Buy the Barron's text book
b) Buy the Princeton text book
c) Solve the Nova Math text
d) Solve as much of the Big Book possible.
I had the worst experience of my life with greedge.com. I request all GRE aspirants not to enroll with this fake site and waste your valuable money and precious energy.They claim to be Asia's largest Online academy, but they are nowhere close to what you call the best.
They have a set of people whom they call as GRE ad visors who will use lot of cheap strategies to push their programs
They tell you that they have a discount campaign going on which will end tomorrow just to make you buy. Also they threaten you telling that you won get good marks if you don't take their coaching.But the fact remains that they resort to all such methods because they are not really worth it.
The Software they use is not up to the standards. The questions keep repeating yourself and the feedback generated is also not very clear.The questions in the verbal section were so easy when compared to the GRE exam. I had a tough time in the GRE exam with the verbal section as they were completely different from the ones i practiced with greedge.
They tell you that they provide 2 highly qualified personal trainers . The trainers can hardly speak english and also they will not be available to clarify your doubts.My trainer gave me an orientation call and after that i had to wait for a week to talk to him, as he told he was busy attending other students. In that case, why do they call them personal trainers????...They are very keen to make you enroll, but they don care much after that.
They say that the questions are section adaptive but they are not.The difficulty level doesnt work the way it works in the actual GRE. Also most of the questions are repetitive and so its not much use taking lot of tests as you don learn anything new. So please be careful when you receive a call from greedge. Do not fall into their trap and repent for the rest of your life.My sincere advise to you is not to take up GREedge coaching.

I am a IT professional working for a reputed co and do not have time to attend coaching classes and they capitalized on my situation and trapped me.But i seriously regret my decision now. They never delivered anything they promised.They will try to deceive you by telling that there is a special discount campaign going, which will be going on throughout the year.They tell you that you will get 2 personal trainers, but am not sure if they have properly understood the meaning of personal trainers. The trainers did clarify my doubts, but it was only for the first week or so. After that they were really busy that they couldn't even reply to my questions. My quanta SFA couldn't even speak proper English and i had a tough time in getting her message.You can find most of their questions in books like Barron's or Princeton.They make a slight modification to it and claim to have their unique material.Also they don provide unlimited practice tests and also they are not GRE style ones.The scores will not be revealed and just the range would be told. They suggest a score range which you will get and trust me, the score i landed up in was nowhere close to their prediction.Make sure you don fall in the ditch. An ordinary man learns from his mistakes, whereas a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

I was totally deceived by them and do not want the same to happen to the other GRE test takers.Just wanted to make my point that instead of spending money on a online academy which lacks credibility, you can rather join a reputed coaching class or else do self preparation...

If you are planing for a great future and have plans of settling down abroad, GREEDGE is the one stop shop to shatter all your dreams. It is one of the worst and unprofessional organisation I have ever come across. They can very well change the company name from GREEDGE to GREED.

The so called english trainers themselves need a crash course to speak fluent and grammatical error free english. The trainers over there position them to be IIT passouts, believe me the way they train people is next to worst and looks like they were passed out from some tutorial college.

I expected a lot after checking with salesperson demos and webinars, but it is absolute waste of money and time if you decide to join this so called self proclaimed ASIA'S LARGEST ONLINE ACADEMY.

I was about to refer few of my friends to this place, thank goodness I would have been cursed by my friends all my life. I realised that I have joined the WRONG place and have refrained from refering to this so called self proclaimed ASIA'S LARGEST ONLINE ACADEMY. If you want spend your money, waste your money and throw away your parents earnings into gutter then please join this academy. I will not stop here, will try to promote in all the forums about this useless, cheap and moneymaking organisation by cheating people.
Rajadesing's reply, Oct 25, 2017
Thank You friends, your suggestion has saved many from the trouble.
My advice to everyone, not to join the Greedge.com.Dont't Join Greedge.com
Thank you friends for saving me from a big trouble.Don't join GREEDGE.COM
was about to buy full package from greedge.com ..
Thank you for saving my money
i have bought complete gre program two days back can anyone suggest me what to do now ..is it possible to claim my money back ..
Thank you friend...You really saved me from GRE EDGE...I was about to fall in the trap...
thank you actualy today i got call from gredge and saying discount only for today 1000 off a join xpress gre program by cing all these posts i decided not to join it could any one tell me wich coaching centre is famous for gre
i already gave gre 1 time got least score 277 so wana give it again my target this time is 330

greedge is the worst possible thing that could have happened to me while studying GRE. before u pay the money they r ur best friends, they will call u everyday. And when u dont show them any interest they will start giving u discounts. And they promise u to give a personalised training. but the trainers appointed r so low themselves that we can teach them quant and verbal. they can hardly tok in english and claim to teach us the same. After u enroll they dont even pick up ur phones and if they do they tell u i will study the question and call u back. but i never got the call. And the material they provide is HIDEOUS. no way close to actual GRE. I was about to fall in trap and not look at some other materials. fortunately i did and was saved from a nightmare in GRE exam. The best way to study is download a MANHATTANS GRE eight strategy book 2nd or 3rd edition. it consists of actual material and vocab dictionary needed for gre.

Guys i was unlucky to not see this before enrolling but u guys arent. Be smart and abuse the GREEDGE person if he calls u to enroll..

go for gre.magoosh.com better than the best
GRE EDGE person called me today. At first I didn't show much interest at them. So they started offering discounts. First discount was 1 free full length test. I told them that one of my friend is also interested to join and my decision of joining depends on her joining. So, the person called her and told that if we both join then Rs 1000 /- discount for both would be offered but the offer is for today only. Finally I knew they were after the money, I didn't quite like the conversation. I got hold of this page. Thank god. Rs 11, 000 saved for 2 persons.
Thank you for this post!! Same story on my side. Many saved!
don't buy gre edge. They are cheaters, have a look at this url http://www.urch.com/forums/gre-verbal/122639-gre-edge-review.html
Thank God you have saved my Money Guys.

I too received a call from these guys saying that there was an offer last month and I'm giving the same offer for you till tomorrow. That person started saying about the product continuously and I did not understand what he spoke itself. Atlast he started threatening me that if you are not buying this then you will not get good score and again started using the cheap technique of discounts. I was expecting a quality materials and methodology, The belief i had on e-learning went low because of you people. Pls my humble request dont de-motivate the aspirants by using your cheap words and money for education. Don't buy Greedge materials. Now im in the need of good guidance for my GRE exam. Anybody help me guys...
byjusclasses.com is the best online & offline coaching classes in India. Its unbeatable with anyone in India.
Can I go for magoosh?
Me too cheated by those . They told me personal trainer and I was looking someone really to check my mistakes specially in verbal.
But these guys gave horrible copy paste reviews for your doubts. The material is pathetic you will surely loose your confidence while going with that.
You will find no tricks applying tactics in Quant material questions only hard formula based long methods that will reduce your speed.In mock test section you will loose your enthusiasm because each and every question you will find even reading takes time so very hard to reach all questions.You will feel depressed by seeing performance while others mock tests you may be getting max marks like ETS power plus tests.

They cheated me stating personal trainer. Please don't go for them it's really waste of money and tutor are pathetic to tell you short cuts and cracking techniques.They always copy paste while writing an email for your doubt clarification.
Today I almost about pay them. I even took credit card. But I think I have come to stumble upon this page. Thank you guys.

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