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I am Sangita Nitin Bhoir. I go through the website of www.homebaseworks.com/offline-data-entry-jobs/job-plans.php. I registered through the net. I joined for offline data entry job after paying 7300/- and followed the instructions as told. The company had given the job and I was submitted the job in time which was given by the company. After that they not only give any kind of response about my work but also not give payment to me. Firstly this company is not doing the work they procalim. Secondly, they are suppose to refund the money if a customer is not satisfied but inspite of my repeated mails asking for refund and the outcome is nothing. BEWARE DO NOT JOIN THIS PROGRAM OF THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE CHEATER!!!!

A/Holder name: naseem khan.r.pathan
new indranagar narol
A/C.Name- ideal job
A/C.no. 16802000000419
Ifsc code. HDFC0001680 vasna branch ahmedabad
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I totally disagree with previous comment because i am receving payment regular from homebasework.in
Yes but i am getting after 30% tax deduction. First month i was fail on my target and not receive payment. But from next month i change my job and now i am able to do the work and getting payment from there.

Dear one thing is very clear that. If you will do your work you will receive payment form their but if you will fail on minimum target you will never get paid any single money from there. So take work according to your expertise. And one more thing is that in starting you have to give 3 or 4 hour minimum. After some time you can do the same work in 2 hour also.

And dear if you will do your work and will receive your payment you will say the company is good but if you fail on your work and you will not receive any payment then you will say that company is not good. But we can't close mouth people like this.

Now all things is depend on you that you want to do the work or not. If you have efficiency then take the work otherwise you can skip that.

Take care

MODERN TECHNOLOGY gma (GMA)'s reply, Feb 3, 2018
i agree with you
thay are stupids b/c they hvnt read FAQ and ruls
This is totally a cheater and fraud company. Whosoever have joined this company, may God Bless them.
I have sincerely done a lot of work for this company with sitting at late night hours. They also asked me to send my account details for sending the payment of my job done but since now I didn't get any even single reply and single penny from company. Moreover, they got their all mobile phones switched off and no replies from their given e.mail IDs.
Since April end 2012, I have been communicating on mobile number `[protected]" and e.mail info@homebaseworks.com and till now I have gained nothing after so many efforts. And now this mobile number is `Switched off' since some time.
As told me on phone, I had deposited the registration fee of Rs. 3500/- for the work of `Form Filling' after talking to Mr. Sushil (might be told some other name). But I didn't get the job as promised by the company and after one month of harassment by making so many calls and sending e.mails, I was given `Ad Posting' job instead of that work. I was also assigned the generated code and generated e.mails. And I had done the work with full sincerity and care by sitting late night hours and in my busy hours also. I was promised to receive my payment of work done by me after completing one month. But I did not receive any e.mail response or payment in my account as per promised. I wanted to do the work further but as I did not get any response so I had to stop it for the time-being.
Though I had not gain anything from this company for my work, it was advised by this company to opt for the 5 seater project with some discount and also suggested to pay the half amount so that I could get the work from company and the half would be paid later. I paid the amount of Rs. 7500/- in the name of their accounts manager (Shah Naseem Khan R. Pathan [protected]), SBI.
But I was surprised and shocked that neither I got the work for further for 5 seats as I had promised to my 5 friends to start the work to whom I had no answer to give and they all were also waiting for the work, and nor the payment I received for the work done by me.
this is fake company please do not register this company
this is fake company mr.nitin very frod man do not register this company i loss 2700/- rs please do not register
Thanks for your above post about this cheater company..I was gonna to join but now not. Nowdays this company come with another name www.homebasework.in .plz dont register.
Naren parashar
Thanks to all of you who posted above about a cheater company www.homebasework.com, I was gonna to join but now not and nowadays this company has changed his name to www, homebasework.in ..plz don't waste your valueable money for these fakes. God-bless
Naren parashar
Corrupt company
Naren parashar
Dont join www.homebasework.in

I don't know about the homebaseworks.com

But homebasework.in is not the same company.

The name is similar but not same.
I want to ask to naren parashar. Are you cheated by this company?
You told you have not join them. So how you can say that they are cheater?
Please give only true comments.
I started copy paste job with www.homebasework.in and after firs month got successful payment and now i am running their franchisee.
But i face no any problem with him. Your wrong comment can effect our franchisee. Please don't do that. Place right comment only.


I don't know about www.homebaseworks.com

But homebasework.in is different company. Name are like similar but not same.

I started work with homebasework.in form copy paste job. After one month i got my successful payment. And now i am running their franchisee.

I want to ask naren parashar that he never join to www.homebasework.in. So how can you say that this is cheater company. If you have never experience with this company please don't post wrong comments.

I want to tell every person that please submit your true comment only. Please do not submit any comment about any company. Because it can effects their reputation.
I am running their franchisee so it can effect my franchisee. So please post true comment only.

whoa thanks i had homebaseworks.com so now i tried homebasework.com and its a different website thank you so much
I started with copy paste job with www.homebasework.in
They told me that they will pay me $300 for 3000 copy paste in a month. And never deduct any tax on that. But i got only $210 only for that. They deduct the 30% tax from that. And this is not righ thing.

I also received the payment after deduct the tax.
I joined there for ad posting job. In first month i have done 2600 ad post. Their minimum target was 3000 in a month. They never paid me for that work. They told me you have not done the given work and we will pay for completed work only.

And in next month when i have done the completed work 3000 ad post they paid me only $630 rather than of $900.
We would like to know more about this Company www.workforhome.in, as we are going to take franchisee of this company, we kindly request you to share positive and negative information of this company to make ourselves aware...Thanks!
I was wondering about www.homebasework.in, they are paying right? Isn't it that the charges you received was because of the way it was sent though I understand it is quite a big amount. Didn't they explain why they got 30% of your income. Please advise! We are looking for a company that's legit since they are paying you, then that means it's legit. We just want to make sure what happened to the 30% perhaps there is another is another reason for that and so we can be educated in the future.

Please do provide us information. People who are working for this company already.
I started working with this company initially with the copy paste job; but later on found that the work was getting rejected by many of the sites where I posted; later on I'd to switch on to form filing; here also I faced the same problem as most of the sites they provided where not working and the ads posted were being rejected. However; I completed my project and submitted the same to them on 10-March; however the last date was 9-March (please note that I'd informed them earlier that I would be submitting the same on 10-March as I've not been able to complete due to initial problems; I did not receive any response to this mail) and when I submitted they said they will not pay me anything as I submitted the same late and at the max they can do is give me one more chance. I'm now waiting to see if they will pay for the second month or not
Guys please tell me with ur working experience in this company. How many no. of ads you have to post for getting payout. It just 3000 ads or above.
hi guys pls some one help me, i would like to join www.homebasework.in company, its located at UP, i have sent many mail to this company and they have replied all mails. Still i've doubts can u tell me some one pls
This is Sudhin, Director of Youtech Solutions, i would like to inform evrybody that www.workforhome.in will proivde you workloads which you cannot complete on time or it is very tough...i have taken franchisee and taken form filling job, they have given thousands of websites which is not even working, and article we post is also getting rejected, One Mr. Brijesh, he says i am the only person getting this problem, now i came to know that everybody has same problem...i am now filing case and sending legal notice against this company...Mr.Brijesh shortly we can meet you in court...If anybody has any clariffications can mail me at sudhin@youtechsolutions.in, i will send you the workload to you...also he is forwading the same workload to evrybody...Sudhin
Guys, beware its the same person posting i have got payment after 30% deduction by using different id's, this workforhome.in fraud, there form filling job is fake...From, Youetch Solutions
As today after one month of joining, the site and phone of homebaseworks.com is off. they are not in touch, i am very angry and dont know what happened with them, whethere they are right or wrong. but after reading comment here i am socked and believe their froud. now i am helpless to say that homebaseworks.com is bloody, and cheater company. i will reach them any how and get my money back. I am in being contact to IP Address provider and try to find their location. Its main branch is in France i thought. i am also in contact with bank where they have their account and through the account i will reach them, then i make then learn what happened to cheat other and eat dogla money ( haram ka paisa). i will also go to police if needed, but i won't leave them.

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