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[Resolved]  Hp Gas — Fraudulent Practice at the Petrol Pump. Location:Hinjewadi, (Opp. KPIT Cummins), Pune, Maharashtra.

Dear Sir,

On 17th March 2008, I stopped at the HP Petrol Pump at Hinjewadi, opposite to the KPIT cummins office. I asked the attendant to fill petrol worth Rs.100/- in my bike. Unfortunately, I remembered that I might not have change in my wallet and removed my wallet and started checking the contents. My attention would have been diverted for about 5 seconds. The next time I looked up, the meter was reading Rs. 49.86/- Before I said anything, the person taking care of the money asked the attendant to fill for the remaining amount to make up Rs. 100/-. I argued saying that the meter was not reset. They said it had been reset. It was my word against theirs and I knew I was duped!

I do not have enough evidence against the petrol attendants and I am sure this will not hold up in the court of law. But nevertheless, I wanted to lodge a complaint against the petrol pump.

I hope that some action is taken against them to avoid such instances being repeated (I am sure that there have been plenty of such cases)

Thanks & Regards,
S. Karayil
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Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
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I have experienced the same thing when I got to fill up my car. They don't reset the meter in case the customer is not attentive. Suddenly, the customer realizes that the meter has crossed an unrealistic amount.
During filling, they try to diver the attention by asking if you have card, or want to go for PUC etc., and try to generate an opportunity to stop early and then quickly reset the meter to zero to say, that the filling is done for your said amount.
Further, their petrol is adulterated. I have seen my colleagues complaining of break-downs and engines not starting after filling from this petrol pump.
I also had the same experience.Now i have stopped using this pump and have spread the words. This has happened twice for me and on second occassion i caught him red handed. Similar experiences was faced by many of my collegues. This happens especially for amount > 100. Since they never reset the meter from earlier bike's reading.

I want to complain regarding this HP petrol pump in Gurgaon. Its near sector 46 as we go towards Sohna Road.
I realized they have found a new way to cheat people.
The meter would start from 0 but while filling one guy comes up to distract you. They would say something regarding the bill or about washing the car...anything...and then when you look back towards the meter, it would be at its final value. What they do is they pause the filling in between and reenter the value so it looks like the meter has reached its final value.
I also encountered the same as you all guys and but due to my alertness they were not able to dupe me.
It happened to me once and after that I always keep myself alert. There modus operandi is very simple. They will divert your attenion by asking for money or cross asking if you wanna a Ra 100 or Rs 200 fill and thats it your attention goes and you lost the money.

Well this time I decided to go against it and browsed through HP sites and filed the complaint about the Petrol Pump.
If you too wanna file a complain go through the link and do it so that these HP will know how his employees and dealers making a fool of the customers.
I agree completely. They tried cheting me twice, I wa salert so they could not cheat me.
However when I tried filing complaint in the office, no one was there in office and when I found the manager, he was not willing to accept complaint. He used almost foul language and forced me to do whatever I can do.
I have filed complaint on HP website, hope to see a resolution.
This petrol Pump(Opposit to Mc Donalds) is fraud.
Once I asked the attendant to fill for 500 Rs, He just started fillling it in the mean time my key felt down and I got it picked and saw he is done with the filling this entire episode happened with in 20 seconds.
After filling I asked "How can It be so quick?" he said that We are done with the filling for 500/-
Then I saw my meter it did not rise even as it rises for rs 200 filling.

I have been visiting this pump several time but i haven't notice such things as i request them to show zero before i fill the petrol u guys do ask them to show zero.
today while driving my car at bangalore a guy in HPpetrol bunk uniform with name tag (DEBATERANYA) riding a yezdi no- ka05L 3700, came suddenly in front of my vehicle, i applied sudden brakes n told him 2b careful while crossing in return he shouted at me n told me that he is wearing a HP uniform he has got immense power n if he hit me too thn also i can do nothing & he added he works on the hanumanthnagar 1st cross hp petrol baunk at bangalore. even he told me if i complain against him management will not take a single step against him so he can do anything he wants, i didnt went into argument & went away. it seems that now a days HP petrol bunk managements encourage such kind of activities to their staffs. after this i strictly avoid taking fuel from HP bunks n told in my office too, to avoid hp n specially this branch. previously i was a hp customer but am not now. n 1 more thing i complaint against tat guy at HP & seriously they ignored the matter.
in regards to my earlier posts i must say today am really greatful to the propiter of the HP petrol bunk in hanumanthnagar 1st cross as he personally called me up & threatened his staff for such a behaviour.
hope other bunks do the same for there customers. atleast now i can assure that i wont black list this bunk from my list. as i was really moved by such kind of behaviour from there management.
Yes it has happened with me. Its a serious issue because it feels as is there is no protection for the consumers. If such incidents keeps on happening then the amount of fraudulance will keep on increasing. I strongly feel that strict action has to be taken so that the customers are protected against such fraud.
Today, i experienced very bad with the petrol pump at hinjewadi near KPIT. I told him loudly to fill petrol of 300/-. He started filling petrol.. meter reading started but petrol filling not strated at the same time. After telling several time to fill for 300/ he filled petrol for 200/- only... again i told him i want to fill for 300/- he again started to fill for remaining 100/-He started again and same thing happened.Meter started but petrol filling started late.. He was breaking the petrol flow by in his own tactics.. I am really worried about this petrol pump...

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