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This complaint is about Joseph Nursing Home, situtated at 10-A , Dr. Guruswamy Road Chetpet.

Main disadvantage of this hospital is:

1- You book appointment in 30 days advance. Even after having appointment, you wont be allowed to visit the doctor on time. You will have to wait for hours say 3-5hrs and more.

There wont be much chairs to sit. Mostly you will be waiting for hours standing.

one day it was around 6pm, I came across a lady who was waiting since morning to see the doctor. She didnt even have her breakfast and lunch. She had some test it seems in the morning.

If you ask anything about this issue with the employee. They wont answer properly, instead will say to wait.

2- Patient care is very bad. The hospital is not at all bothered about the people waiting. They dont even care to infomr the patient, how long they have to wait. Employee don´ t know how to behave with patient. They will treat you in a odd way if you ask anything to them.

3- My wife had a HSG test in this hospital, which was hardly for 20 mins. HSG test is normally very painful test. We had an appointment for 10am sharp, but their wasn´ t any proper response from anyone till 12:00am. There were only two patient waiting for this test that day. Finally the test was done. My wife was the last patient to have this test. After doing this test the doctor abandoned the place, leaving her alone in the room. There was no one except me waiting in the x-ray waiting hall. This was a shocking experience to me, to see my wife alone struggling in the X-ray room to comfort herself to reach me in the waiting hall.

This test was very painful and my wife wasn´t able to stand. But there was no chairs to sit and was asked to wait for hours to see the duty doctor. After my repeated asking they allowed me to see the duty doctor. The duty doctor after seeing the report said everything is ok in test (Which I already knew by seeing the report) and asked to come after a month. For this my wife had to wait for hours.

In Conclusion:
- This hospital is overloading their appointments and creating crowd in the hospital like a fish market.
- In result they are not able to see anyone on time as their appointment schedule. People are asked to wait for hours.
- Patient care is nil.

I would like some authorities look into this.

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I lost my newborn child, born at 34 weeks thanks to dr.Rekha's
lack of attention!
That I conceived at age 35+, because of treatment from the
Same hospital, is the saving grace.

I am shocked to see that a paediatrician is still not available
during delivery.

I was admitted to the hospital during 34th week of pregnancy with
Raised BP- they took measures to reduce it.
But upon scanning, when we realised that the heart beat of the baby
was going down below 100, there was total apathy from the nurses
saying, the doc will personally attend to the case. Duty doctors did not respond
either. But either due to jetlag, or apathy, there was no response from doc Rk,
despite pleading with the nurses to call the doctor( it was in the night around 9)
Finally An emergency operation was performed early morning,
1. There was no paediatrician present, arrived much later.
2. There was no incubator and our baby had to be rushed to a nearby
hospital, where we were informed eventuAlly that our fully formed tall girl
baby, whom we nurtured and looked forward to having, would not survive.
if she did would be severely compromised for life.
She lived for 2 dAys after that and we let go with a heavy heart. It
was and and still is heart wrenching. She wouldve been 5 soon Had she survived.

Post loss, doctors and nurses were extra caring, as If it mattered then-
Maybe they were fearful of being sued for their mistakes. Doctor Rekha's
apologies, post loss would never bring back our much awaited child to us.

If at all Dr.Rekha truly still cares, I would be happy to
see that an incubator has been Installed and that a
paediatrician is on call, no matter what time Of day
a delivery happens.

This would take away the feeling of loss that we feel ever so often.
We have since adopted a baby girl and feel truly blessed, she's 4+
now and the love of all of us & our family members.
For that too, I thank Dr.Rekha, as it was her certificate that 'we are a
Childless couple' that enabled us to get our 2nd child...

Yes, there are issues of long waiting time That I have seen
in other nursing homes as well...But all these probs vanish when we
receive good treatment, whether For gynaec probs or maternity...

Personal — name wrongly noted as kurian joseph comp no 0020775907

smart card no [protected] i got DTH thro' Zig Zag solutions ashok nagar ch-82 the name is wrongly noted as korian joseph though i gave ID proof in my no [protected]-sakunthala vasudevan
This is happening in all the hospitals not only in joseph nursing home. we need some thing very important so we to have to wait. without seeing the report the doctor cant say anything,

The kind of hospitality and attitude of treating the patients is very poor. I had my C-section recently. A normal C-section was converted into Emergency C-section. patient care is equally worse. The first floor is full of mosquitoes and the care they take is extremely worse. The hospital is minting money - numerous tests and charges - for nothing. According to my experience, I completely feel the hospital is being run on its previous familiarity - the one earned when Dr. Kurain Joseph was alive.
A C-Section was converted to normal delivery in my case.Not only my case, but around three C-section were converted to Normal delivery during my stay in hospital.The in-patients have all the necessary attention they need.Care was taken for maintaining the Hygiene of the in patient ward.

Yes, they recommend for numerous tests, even tests on hourly basis are done.If you don't want that kind of health attention, very well we have the Government G.H.
i accept that hospital maintanence is poor..
Also needs to wait for looonggg hrs to see the doctor irrespective of the appointment timings..
it takes 4 or 5 hrs after the appointment time to see Dr.Rekha Korean

Mrs.Rekha Korean, pls understand the pain of the patients. patients are not normal patients, they are pregnant ladies. give equal importance to all patients according the appointment timings, dont give priority based on money, influence or religiion.

I felt this pain, so just giving my comment.
I visited this hospital in 1996 I was 31 and married for 7 years had no issues.My first appointment was at 9.00, but I had to reach the hospital 2hrs earlier and I left the hospital round about 2 p.m after meeting Dr.Joseph Kurian(son).Indeed it was strenuous.Every time I had an appointment I had no other option other than to take leave. A couple of tests were done . I conceived within two months. Every doctor I went to said it will be a C - Section But Dr.Joseph didn't discuss this issue at all.He is a man of very few words.My age was not a problem.
Without further a do July '97 I delivered a male child(normal delivery) sent home the third day. I conceived the the second time and I was 36. This too was a normal delivery.Unimaginable in the present time period. There are so many friends whom I have recommended and they all have great memories about this hospital. Think about a normal and safe delivery for your wife. Its worth the wait.
dr. kurain joseph, , , , , , , , , , he is my god, no more commence
do you know how many people are waiting for a child for years and year and also more than that... some of them throughout their lifetime.. cant you wait for the doctor who is giving that boon for those poor people... do you know why your problem arises?? it is only because of some emergency cases inbetween their usual appointments and some irresponsible patients who are coming late from their appointment time... i came to understand these things only when i was one among those emergency patients for my sudden bleeding at my 5th month... i was admitted at the 10th minute i entered the hospital for scan, eventhough it is lunch time... so please dont be selfish..
I never see this type of Wrost hospital in my life. Idoit people. If you want waste your time and money, you can go to Joseph Nursing house. I can make a appointment to see lord " Venki" in Tirupathi with in 2 days before my visit. But you want to see this doctor appointment, you have to book 30 days advance? Most powerful doctor? I don't have the answer.

Vijay you are right. Its like a fish market.

The treatment also very worst. The hospital is running because tthat hey have created good name in 20 -30 yrs before.Not Now.

Current condition is wrost in the world.

I too had worst experience in my life with this hospital. Usually I respect all doctors because they go out of their way to cure patients and they have to face lot of things to cure people. So usually I dont show hatred towards any doctors. But my recent experience with this hospital has changed my view completely.

I visited this hospital 4 months back and they asked to take Blood test and Follicular study. I took blood test and got the results and wanted to review my results with doctor. they told me to pay 150 Rs to consult doctor. On finding that I didnt come for 4 months they charged 250 saying it is a rule if you dont come for 4 months. Then I was asked to see duty doctor. She was the horrible doctor i have ever seen. She did not even allow me to talk and I had gone to that doctor for periods problem and she was calling me "Infertility Patient". Even if a person is having problem is it not too harsh to call a person that way, that too being a doctor. Later i explained I wanted to see them for gynac reasons. Then she did not listen to me, and interrupted me when i was explaining my problem and projected my words differently to doctor and thus I had to return back without meeting the doctor.

I had paid 1500 for AMH test and I had got very less results on that. But she did not say anything on that, and said you take four more tests and then only we can say what is the problem . That duty doctor name is Geetha.

I agree, this is the worst experience in my life with doctors.
I know how many people are waiting for a child for years and year and also more than that... some of them throughout their lifetime.. So we can wait for the doctor who is giving that boon for us...

Vijay you are right. Its like a fish market. The management has to take care of this, i have seen that construction work is going on...hope so it would be spacious in the next years.

Please try to solve the issues which raised by public. May be in future, It will spoil the hospital name.

Since am undergoing the treatment in the hospital, even i came across the waiting pain...please try to understand the problem madam...

Thanks for your understanding :)
Good things come to people who wait patiently ...India is a land of survival of the fittest, where everybody has to wait for things to get done ...But it is worth the wait in this case -- Personally i have been to other so-called fertility doctors who first asked my profession and my salary which was ridiculous...Fertility hospitals and doctors are in the boom now, there have been raids conducted in such hospitals ...

1)Before complaining abt the consultation fees - pls go and see in the medical line how much doctors charge the patient - Rs500 - Rs1500/- per check up which lasts for 2-3mins..I cannot name the hospitals, but they charge exorbitant amounts for even simple tests, since pple are ready to pay any amount to have a baby .At Josephs it is way reasonable - it is apt for the lower/middle/upper classes...

2)@ Mr.Raja - if it dint work for you, dont just loose out on your words ...infact, u dont even know primary school level if u can see Mr.Venki sitting as a stone, why first step to a hospital yaar...with this attitude, even if you go to the Queen's hospital in Britain "IT WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU" ...I have had 3 kids, all at Josephs with the best care for money for your information..

3)@ Revaspike/huba/dhanyaa - completely agree with u !

4)@ Madam Saipriya - How can a normal C section to an emergency 'C' ...process is the same no matter what terminology u use ...

Lastly Mr.Vijay, There have been thousands of happy smiles going home with lovely babies in their hands, even after many money minded doctors had left people hopeless..These are not just words, but my exp with the hospital since 2006. "Patience is Virtue" and Dr.Kurien J, is such a wonderful man who makes u feel a problem big as a mountain to be just a grain of sand. So, pls trust God and then your doctor for what u want to get !!!

ALL THE BEST to you !!
Hi All,

The problem is not with the Hospital but with the Doctor, Especially Dr. Rekha Kurien who is totally unprofessional in handling patients and colleagues and Doctors as well.

She never speaks cordial with patients and show her arrogance and superiority complex with them. Poor patients gets panic with all such medical jargons and out of fear they go as per her words.

This not only with the patients, but with the duty doctors and the midwives and even with the maids. No body (including their own staffs) likes here attitude. She (Dr.RK) treats his (Dr.KJ) patients with absolute partiality.

The urge to take decisions on patients treatment shows her ambiguity about her professional knowledge. As a matter of fact, she overdosed my wife which would have costed her life.

The amount of importance given to the fixed assets (Cot, table, chairs etc) are not given for living human beings as patients. They are just treated like filth and dirt.

This is not so with Dr.KJ. He is absolutely cool and professional. Infact, the entire fame and name of JNH is hanging on because of his knowledge and experience and the way he treats his patients. He is truly considered as a leader by JNH employees. This is a fact.

If you are a new patient, FOR HEAVEN SAKE DO NOT CONSULT WITH DR.RK. EVER IN YOUR LIFE EVEN BY MISTAKE. Also please pass this message to your dear friends if your are really concerned about them.
I agree with Mr. Vijay on most of his complaints. The system of making patients wait is horrible and this hospital has indeed made me wait for more than an hour every time i go there for an appointment. I don't mind waiting if there is a genuine reason but if the nurse/receptionist/attender just keeps saying "wait, wait" for everything, it is not the least bit acceptable. To those ppl, who think that waiting to see a doctor for hours is acceptable, i am sorry. one has their limits for an appointment too. if the Doctor expects you to be on time, i expect that the doctor should also see me on time. Will you accept this kind of behavior anywhere else? Like i said before, if i have to wait, i need a reason. I am not seeing the doctor for free. if i ask the nurse "when will i be called? or how many patients more before me?" i always get the less-than grumpy "please wait" or just "we will call you". hello? why can't they just say this with some hospitality? As if we don't have any other things to do with our time? I have seen so many women just skipping meals and avoiding even going to the restroom because of this horrid behavior. I am not for this!

The duty doctors are horrible as well! Except a few, all are self-obsessed and are least bothered about their patients!i am in my fifth month of pregnancy and suffer often with gastritis and end up at the hospital at odd hours. can you believe that the hospital was locked when i reached there? not even a watch man was there to let me in!! i was standing on the road and yelling in pain!! i had to be rushed to the nearby hospital for emergency. when we asked the doctor at Joseph's nursing home why the hospital was locked, she coolly said that we have to call and come otherwise the hospital would be locked!!! Oh my God! what if some poor woman was in labor? would they expect her to call first and come? what heartless behavior!!

The next time, i called and was admitted there and the doctors were not even attending to me, they made me lie in an unclean labor ward/room with stains everywhere (on the mat, the rubber sheet, the pillow)and just vanished for 20 0r 30 minutes...all the time i was screaming in pain and no one came to help...finally i walked out to find the doctor and to my surprise she was sitting with few other doctors and discussing the latest tamil serials that she has seen!!! i asked her what to do, and she began to say angrily "just be patient" and even cursed me in a softer voice!! i was so angry that i just left the hospital lying that i felt better, when i was in actual pain.

when i met with Doctor Kurien, that experience was good.he is a simple and kind man who took time to smile and chat with me about all my much, that i forgot to complain about the duty doctor's rude behavior to him.The entire fame and name of JNH rests on Dr.Joseph Kurian alone, not anyone else.

My advice to anyone: consult no one but Dr.kurien in JNH, not even his wife, Dr.Rekha and make sure that Dr.Kurien will be the one who delivers your baby, if not, PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD ELSEWHERE!! The other doctors over there are horrible and will not bother about you at all!!

Anna Franklin
Hi Friends,

I do have very bad experience with Dr.Rekha - Joseph Nursing Home, Chetpet Chennai
1. The very first thing is that waiting for appointment, test for hours together which is not at all required.
2. The second thing is that a patient requires the test or not but she will force to do the test unnecessarily.
3. Every month she will tell you to take lot of medicines and tests which is actually not required
4. Give wrong commitments to the patients and keep the tests and medicines as long as possible but still there will be no positive results
5. Very Money minded and commercial
6. Finally she will make the patient to go for LAPROSCOPY and IVF


I totally accept Mr.Vijay on most of his complaints, because i too went this hospital and got bad experience for simple issue.

I went first time this hospital for my early pregnancy - Early pregnancy means pregnancy confirmation only.

I registered my name 2.30Pm and i started waiting for consulting for duty waiting...waiting waiting...still upto 4.45pm am waiting only( Even I couldn't sit properly and standing, that too i manage but so many women standing and sitting with uncomfortable, even peoples are carrying upto 9 months and all) finally they called my name, i entered in the room one staff nurse said "come fast come fast stand this machine for checking your weight and height"and then the duty doctor part is very horrible,
i Said, "madam i checked home test pregnancy, please tell me this is confirmed or not".she asked so many question like LMP, BP, Sugar, etc...etc...with in 2-3 mins...I don't know People you believe or not she didn't even see me and my home pregnancy test meter also.and she wrote blood check up, and we went to lab they took sample for test and they told your report will be ready by tomorrow 10'o clock and i told i will collect by day after day 8.00Am, They said ok and we are left at 7.00pm.

I went day after day that is yesterday(23.01.13)
again i registered my name 8.30Am as usual waiting waiting waiting upto 11.15AM, they called me and i entered that same room but this time doctor is different..i gave to my reports to her and she go through the reports and simply said your blood check up is normal and your report good, u can go now..this time i was shocked...suddenly i asked her..Mam i came here my pregnancy check up only but you didn't tell anything about that...and then"she simply smiled and told oh...but this check up is not for your pregnancy confirmation me your pregnancy home tester"i got irritated for this answer from her..after seeing my test meter she said " You are pregnant only, take this medicine.."that's it

But i don't know my thought is correct or not she was supposed to told my diet, awareness and all rite...

she didn't tell anything, even she didn't asked my profession and all that is also need know... for this treatments.

This is my first experience but this is my worst experience...

Conclusion their having so much of patients means they have to provide more duty doctors and that doctors have to give good advise...and they should taking care of patients.because doctors are next god for humans.especially this is very good profession too..

Note :

I Spent for this siple check up

Rs.600/- For consulting

Rs.1400/- For Blood check up

Rs.200/- For medicine


Hi All

Dr. Kurian Sir is a GOD for us...No one can diagnose like him...Such a respectable person...He is our family doctor...When ever we speak about him OMG Gosseeebummmps...really sir we will pray for your good health and happiness words to tell about you...A pregnant women needs more confident and satisfaction from her husband and Dr. during this time...peaceful mind and satisfaction we get that you treat us deliver a healthy baby and in normal way...

Thank you so much sir...
I accept with what Vijay had experienced. And I am sure that everyone will experience the same whoever is having appointment with Dr.Rekha Kurian.
I will also like to add that the nurses in JNH are not certified nurse. Ex: Selvi nurse.
There will not be any paediatric doctor during delivery.

Please don't go to JNH.

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