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With a heavy heart, i am writing this letter. In this era of commercialisation,hospitals should not cross the limits, as there is a moral obligation related with this field.
KG HOSPITALS is not concerned about patients plights and is only worried about revenue generation and media publicity. Dr. G. Bhathavathsalam, chairman of the hospital,a septagenarian,did not have even a iota of concern for the welfare of the patients admitted or their well-being.
My brother,K.Perumalswamy,a highly active and productive man of 68 years old was admitted to KG HOSPITAL on 4th of September,2009 for undergoing CABG(caronary artery By-pass grafting) surgery.On 7 th of September, he underwent the surgery and was discharged on 14th of September asking to re-view after 15 days.(No doctors were present during the discharge to explain & advice on post-operative care.The bills were handed over to us by the nursing station staff and once the bills were cleared, we were discharged without any advice)..
He was re-admitted much before the re-view date on[protected],we were informed that he is highly infected with MRSA and antibiotics were administered for a week. On[protected], we were informed that he is taken for suturing the outer skin on the chest and that it is only a 15 minute procedure. But after 3 hours the doctor informed that it is going to take more time and it is going to be a 4 hours procedure.The doctors had re-opened the chest without informing us or the patient,my brother Perumalsamy. But,while doing so, due to the doctors carelessness and mishandling, the right ventricle of the heart was ruptured which led to lot of bleeding,but since the doctors were not pre-pared to handle the situation, 24 units of blood was given. Also, lot of life supporting drugs were given (for the first 72 hours, medicines worth of Rs.78,000/- were administered) and was in ICU for 8 days and after that 51 days in the room, he was discharged on[protected].
Also during the long stay, we understood that the infection,MRSA(Methicillin Re-sistent Staphylococcus Aureus)was acquired from the theatre, since 3 other patients have also been infected,who underwent surgery during that period and also the staff (OPERATION THEATRE AND ICU),the theatre itsely was infected.(Even the hospital stopped the surgeries for a weak to sterilize the theatre and ICU).
My brother was discharged with heavy coughing and breathing difficulty only to return back on[protected] and this time the chief cardiac surgeon, Dr.S.K.Varma, washed away his hands and my brother was in the MICU and the treatment was under the the nephrologist,Dr.Balsubramaniam, who was not even interested to listern to our plights.
My brother passed away with internal bleeding in lungs, acute kidney failure(dialysis was never started and the reasons for not starting the dialysis is not known tilldate) on[protected].
I have lost my brother, his family has lost the head of the family and my brother is not here today because of the doctors carelessness.
The total team in the KG HOSPITAL quotes BHAGHAVATHGEETHA and MAHABARATHA when they fail and always are prompt in handing over a huge bill,so that you always leave the hospital with a heavy heart and an empty purse.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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sbi indore morena branch ne keshav agro ke naam se shrinivas sharma ko lone diya aur usne bank ko lone nahi chukaya fir uske makan ki nilami ki khabar akhabar me aayi jisme makan ka address bhi galat diya gaya tha aur uske baad koi karwahi nahi hui kya bank aise hi lone deti hai aur wapas nahi leti
I was also present during the last stages of my friend's father Mr. K. Perumalsamy demise at KG Hospital, Coimbatore. Never such things should happen to anybody.

The hospital should face the consequences for what happened to my friends family!!!

I sincerely request to publish this issue to the general public so that such mistakes will not repeat in future.

Thank you very much
My uncle went for a routine medical checkup at K.G Hospital and they quoted that he had a Major heart attack and will have to do Angiogram. He never had chest chest pain ever in his life. Went to another hospital and found nothing wrong with his heart. So completely agree that the hospital is just interested in making money and don't care about their patients.
At KG hospital, Coimbatore making hell loft of money from the patient. Even
Never explain the condition of the patient. My sister in law affected brain tumor
Diagnosed by Dr.Ramamoorthy.After a month she lost her vision about 60%.
Then immediately my brother brought his wife to KG .Initially she underwent surgery through her nose. After a week she didn’t get her vision and led difficult in breathing .My brother rushed to hospital and had a discussion With Ramamurthy. Eventually ended up with skull open surgery. After 10 days she was in ICU and spent around 8 lakhs nothing happened. We decided and took her to CMC, Coimbatore (my brother working in medical Department).The doctors at CMC tried and finally we lost our sister in law.
My brother lost his life and money. Please don’t go to KG hospital.We heard about they
Are doing research king of thing without permission from patient and their family.
This hospital isn't even fit for a rating...useless doctors and corporate business has taken over the hospital...If you want your family and friends to live do not go to kg hospital as they will kill you emotionally and father in law was admitted in KG and it was the worst nightmare ever...

By sucking people's money they have built three movie theaters and the horn from the public and traffic jam carries on till 1-2 am night. Don't patients need rest during their illness?

If you value your relative's life do not ever go there...The doctors and owners of KG hospital will definitely suffer their bad karma or it will destroy their children and family. God is watching their wretched behavior.

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