Magarpatta City — Huge disrespect from magarpatta security force towards the local residents, a humiliating experience

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On 1st Dec’10 my friends and I had a torturing and humiliating experience with Magarpatta Security force who are supposed to comfort local residents. I am writing this with a great disappointment as I used to believe magarpatta city as one of the nicest thing has happened to India and used to trust on its administration. But my friends’ and mine faith was shattered on the evening of that day.
My friends and I were jogging in Gravillia when we were stopped by two security guards. They asked that where we were from and what were we doing in Gravillia. We told them that we are from Jasminium and Dafordills and had come here to exercise as this is the equidistant place for all of us. They said we are not allowed to go any other apartments and started talking rudely. When we asked them to show us some written rule, they became adamant and started giving absurd replies like “we make the rules here”. We were so shocked by the disrespect they were showing towards residents that we demanded to talk to higher official. It was not tolerable that security guard talking rudely to local residents and as if we were some thieves. When we asked them for their IDs, they said “le lo kya ker lega (Take it, what do you think you will do?)”. Then a third security guard approached us and to our utter dismay put a false allegation that we have tempered the CCTV camera. Rude behavior of the security guard was not enough that they start to put allegation on us. We were in complete shock. Then they detained us for next 15 minutes till their security officers arrive. One expects from a security officer to have some sense of handling the situation and some knowledge of behavior. But unbelievably, security officer came and started shouting at us that why did we temper the CCTV camera (without any proof or investigation). All hopes of being heard were already shattered as we were being looked down upon as some thieves. He started interrogating us like culprits even after telling him again and again that we are local residents and we work in magarpatta city only. Then one more security officer arrived, he again interrogated us in same manner. Then he instructed to security guards to bring us to security office. And he used very harsh words. In his words , “ In charo ko lekar aao security office, yadi aane se mana kare to ghasitkar lekar aao, tab bhi na aaye to 10 log aur bulao fir bhi na mane to dande marte hue lekar aao (Bring them to Security office right away, if they deny, drag them else bring 10 more guards and beat them while bringing them to office)”. Never in my life have I ever been shown such disrespect that too from the people whom I expect to protect. Despite the fact that we were polite throughout the interrogation and we told them that we are residents of Magarpatta city, we were being treated like thieves, culprits or even worse than that.
We were taken to security office and were made to wait for 45 mins till the CCTV tape was brought. The security guards even lied bluntly to officers that we didn’t stop while entering Grevillia when they asked us to. In CCTV tape they didn’t find us. Even after realizing that they were mistaken about the whole incident there was no sign of sorry on their faces.
The whole incident was nightmare for all of us. This shows that Security team of Magarpatta don’t have any of respect for the local residents. We felt like aliens in our own place. Such kind of behavior from security officers not only makes us feel unsafe in our own society, but also gives a shame to prestigious and well known Magarpatta. I guess it’s no more “pride of pune” as it claims.
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There is no proper security system in place in Magarpatta City. It's a very weak, inefficient system. Administration is no good, they don't have any talking sense, guards are not trained in a manner to provide the comfort to local residents. There has been a lot of incidents of stealing as well.
Totally unnacceptable behavior. You should take this matter further and see to it that those guards get suspension or appropriate fine for this action.
Addition to that, they destroy the respectable image of Army by claiming all of them to be retired army officers...haaah
I was threatened by the guard that he would inform Police that I am suspect terrorist in this Area. As i forgot to carry security pass, while entering the premises.
I wonder what you were doing in Grevillea? Also have you made your resident IDs. Why you didn't show that? It appears that you were loitering around in Grevillea...(I may be wrong)...This you can do in DC or at your own neighbourhood...Maybe residents in the neighborhood would not like outsiders to loiter around...I have come across people coming talking loudly and making nusaince without concern for others Privacy...
The Security In Magarpatta has started thinking itself as a Police Force ... All the residents and Employee of the Magarpatta should now get up and Protest against it.
I have been through wore.. Secutity act like dictators. They did'nt allwoed me and my friend to enetr in my own apartment. As my friend is not a resident of magarpatta.

They told me that i can go inside but not my friend. Who are they to tell me, who is allowed to vist my home and who is not !
Security in magarpatta makes life of the residents a hell and they even harm there vehicles ... specially the security of grevillea .
It appears that Mr. Satish Magar is inviting court cases against him for denying many other facilities. After one year of row-house based schooling of toddlers, vehicles are selectively banned up to the school door while dropping them and then picking them up. Do you expect that the parents/toddlers will walk in the hot sun? We have purchased flats at exorbitant cost in the city and we are not his tenants. Mr. Magar is no more than a builder. The school is adjacent to Roystonia. Can he explain the law and enunciate the law under which he has the right to do so?

O. Praasad
Your claim of resolution within 24 hours is just a bluff. What happened to my above complaint. Do you want to attract persons for complaints only for the sake of advertisements which bring you financial gains?
I truly agree from this discussion.

Please unite all residents of Magarpatta City about all these issue.

Please also make awareness about such behavior so that people should think million times before buying flat at Nanded City.
I erge people not to buy flat in Magarpata city and Nanded city because you will be made feel like you are an outsider and not the owner of the flat.

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    Magarpatta City - Huge disrespect from magarpatta security force towards the local residents, a humiliating experience

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