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Commissioner of Police

Subject : Requesting to take severe action against the person name
Ramachandran who is practicing illegal medical profession in C.T.H.
Road, Thiruninravur – 602024 at M.K.S Complex in the name of Indian
Mission Hospital.

Respected Commissioner of Police,

Sir, we would like to bring to valuable notice that a person named
Ramachandran is practicing illegal medical profession in Thiruninravur
since 10 years. He is not in registered medical practitioner. He is illegally
practicing medical profession in the name of Indian Mission Hospital at
M.K.S. Complex, Thiruninravur. He is not a registered doctor. And more
Over he is fully supported by Local Police Officers and Politicians in
Thiruninravur. Please kindly investigate in this issue and take severe action
against this culprit. If we allow him to practice this type of illegal medical
profession many innocent life of people will be ruined. So please kindly
take appropriate action against this person.

More over in the name board of the Sakthi Herbal Remedies he has
mentioned some of the doctors as visiting consultants. Which is not at all
true statement. None of the doctors visit this clinic as consultant. He himself
(Ramachandran) doing illegal medical practice and treatment to the patients.
So hence forth we the citizen of Thiruninravur we would like to bring this
issue to your kind action against this person because the local police officers
will not take action seriously. Hence we are forwarding this request to take
action in this action directly.

Please kindly help the innocent peoples.
For safety reasons and for our future we dont want to mentioned our name.

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Aug 14, 2020
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plz try to stop genric medicines
marathahalli, kamakshiplayya

one doctor have 2 to 3 clincs
there is no original doctor but medical shop fellows arryinging
doctor and taking chances all
plz help the peoples
Dear Sir,

Requesting you to take a severe action on a BHMS doctor (A.V. Rajendra Prasad Reddy) and his wife are doing a illegal medical practice in the DHONE Town, the place is in Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh State. He is doing all kinds of Surgeries, Anestheshia, Radiology and surgeries on his own. He is just a BHMS doctor and he built a multi storry building in Dhone town.

His Hospital Name is NAVYA HOSPITAL.

The innocent people are victims of this doctor, he is running the hospital with the help of his wife who is also BHMS doctor. They are attracting people by giving costly medicines and doing illegal practice.

Some one has to quickly act, so that the innocent people are saved
We should really think of people and their living styles in rural areas where they do not have proper medical treatment, hence some fake doctors are coming up and earning money like anything. Pity on poor people who are simply getting cheated by these fake doctors. They are simply employing some doctors and taking their degree certificate and performing surgeries on the said MBBS doctor.

If you happen to see any such thing is happening in your area please react...
A person who does not have knowledge of a particular System of Medicine but practices in that System is a Quack and a mere pretender to medical knowledge or skill, or to put it differently, a Charlatan.

Homoeopaths has permissionto practice in HOMOEOPATHY ONLY, he was under a statutory duty not to enter the field of any other System of Medicine as, admittedly, he was not qualified in the other system,

Allopathy, to be precise. He trespassed into a prohibited field and was liable to be prosecuted under Section 15(3) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. His conduct amounted to an actionable negligence particularly as the duty of care indicated by this Court

Merely because the Anatomy and Physiology are similar, it does not mean that a person having studied one System of Medicine can claim to treat the patient by drugs of another System which he might not have studied at any stage. No doubt, study of Physiology and Anatomy is common in all Systems of Medicines and the students belonging to different Systems of Medicines may be taught physiology and Anatomy together, but so far as the study of drugs is concerned; the pharmacology of all systems is entirely different.

Download the judgment : www.similima.com/pdf/supreme-court-homeopathy-allopathy.pdf

Thanks to Dr Jalam SIngh Rathore for providing the judgment copy

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