[Resolved]  Moser Baer — Bad Product by Moserbaer, How they earn !

I am writing this email to you because I would like to share a bad customer experience I had it is regarding two blank DVDs I purchased from Mohali for INR 20/- each. I asked the shopkeeper about the quality he said that its made by moser baer and is of best quality however after 10 minutes when I reached home and I tried those DVDs in my computer DVD writer they did not work at all. Then I went back to the shop to complain about the bad DVDs and the shopkeeper said that he won't take these back and will not exchange those for good DVDs or reimburse my money because there is not warranty on these products. Once sold means SOLD.

I can understand that it’s just the matter of just INR 40/- but these DVDs are of no use for me.
Shopkeeper said that Moser baer is one of the best companies. I think this plastic plates so called blank DVDs could have just cost INR 10/- to Moser baer and Moser baer earned INR 30/- flat and I paid INR 40/- for nothing.

After the incident I came back home and just made a rough calculation of some figures.

Let’s assume if we have 1000 such retails shops in each city or state like Chandigarh, Punjab (Mohali), Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Pune, and so on and consider there are 50 main cities in India.

So we have total: 1000 x 50 = 50000 Retail shops
If every shop sell such 2 DVDs non functional every month to their customer then 50000 x 2 = 100000 fake DVDs will be sold per month.
Let’s consider this per annum 100000 x 12 = 1200000 fake DVDs sold per annul.

Let’s consider the revenue of Moser baer now 1200000 x 30 = 36000000.
And I had calculated that assuming India has only 50 Major cities with 1000 blank DVD retail shops in each city.
I could have ignored this just because it cost me only INR 40/- now you can also ignore it because it’s costing just INR 36000000/- to India.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I am having similar experiences. I bought 25 writable CDs worth Rs. 9 each. I tried burning at least 10 of them. All of them failed. I tired with different writing softwares/ I am having one cd writer and a dvd writer... So am sure that there is nothing wrong with my equipment but the CD R is of poor quality. I will not buy this brand again. Shame on you moser baer. I am going to the shop owner to give me a return of the money or give a different brand. Will update the blog after that.
I've purchased moserbaer 2gb pendrive from pune 4 months ago for 600/-, which has a lifetime warranty, it was working fine but now when i copy or paste any file in it, it rejects and says the Disk is write protected.will i get a replaced drive???
Since many years I am using Moser Baerp products without any problem. I think somebody has cheated you by giving you some duplicate products. So be aware that you are purchasing original dics manufactured by moserbaer.

And answer to Anwar is, I think your pendrive hav attacked by virus. Its not a mistake of pendrive, better to check with good antivirus. Even after that if you find problem, I am sure moserbaer will replace its product. But you need to show proper bill.
I am using moserbaer usb drive it is good, but when i tried to stop it it shows amessage "generic volume cannot be stop right now plzzz help to resolve this problem
i have simalar bad experience . i am using moserbaer pen drive of 2gb. pen drive not shown on display of any pc. my collected data from many sources is lost. no money problem to purchase another : but my data??????

Moser Baer Pen Drive (2GB) — LOw Quality of Pen Drive

I have purchased a pen drive (2 GB) from the compnay. But, within 7 days it has broken due to low quality whereas company claim warranty of 2 years.
Bad Product by Moserbaer, How they earn !
I am writing this email to you because I would like to share a bad customer experience I had it is regarding my mosserbeer pendrive not going format .its showing write protected.what i will do please give any suggistion. thanks
same is here...i bought 4 dvds of moser baer for Rs.80...none of them worked.
I went to shop to return them...n he didnt returned it.
i had a good argument with him that its of no use of me...he said dvds r fine n they worked i said ok return them then...but he didnt.
so now i have 4 blank dvds n none of them even gets deteced...i tried on many computers but the same problem,
i m not going to use moser baer ever.
it sucks
Same experience here... I'm from Kolkata and I am using Moserbear CD/DVD for many years but my recent experience is awful. I had brought 5 DVD (Moserbaer) and 10 CD (Moserbaer Pro) from my local retailer, out of which 2 CD failed at burn and 3 DVD shows error in verification "can not read XXXX sectors" and those are not playable. Shame on Moserbaer. I think they have circulated some CD/DVD that has error in production. Company should immediately recall such faulty products from market or they gonna loose brand value. I personally think its better to stay away from Moserbaer for next few month - till the faulty stock sold out or recalled. I have lost 2 CD x Rs 8 = Rs 16 and 3 DVD x Rs 12 = Rs 36 - a total Rs 52 for nothing.
Hi Friends,
I had problem with a newly brought 4GB pen drive. I am from Bangalore and with great difficulty i found the authorized service center of Moserbaer. I got it replaced with a new pen drive. Even thought the process took one month, i have got a brand new one.
So I think they have the process in place but the challenge is to find the right contact in your city. I am hereby sharing the contact number in bangalore.
Company name is :Neoteric
Location: On top of Nilgiris in Wilson Garden (13th Cross)
Contact Number:[protected], 42434112

Best of luck.

Ebin John.
Thank you friends. I was wondering why the Moser Baer DVD-R disks I am having are giving errors during write verification.

MBI seems to be at fault.
I have purchase recently two 10 pack DVD-R and not a single dvd is writable, every time in between the writing phase laptop goes hang, after rebooting and removing that particular DVD, DVD driver working properly (other any DVD reading and writing ).
And this thing happening only for new pack which moserbaer added some gift system (har byte-pe-jeeto...all rubbish) in pack .
For last 3 yrs I always use to buy Mserbear, but after a loss of 300 rs (two 10pack of DVD-R) no more .
I am writing this email to you because I would like to share a bad customer experience I had it is regarding my mosserbeer three films DVD. in DVD 3 films are there but onl two are running another film not poening .what i will do please give any suggistion. thanks.
I think many of the customers who have complaints against Moser Baer products are ignorant about the duplicate CD/DVD market. Many retailers sell duplicate CD/DVD's with or without their knowledge. Make sure that you are purchasing the original brand.
I too bought 10 Moser baer DVD's useless, the more cheaper DVD write better, i have encountered recently only, earlier i have bought no problem, is there any techonology update or any special software should be used ...
I bought 10 Moser baer DVDs. They all have turned out to be useless. I would recommend Moser baer to get its act together or someday it would be dragged to court.
sir site pe maine registration kiya tha 3 din pehle but meri ID par abhi tak koi response nahi aya...
sir i did registration in but still i did not get any response i hope u will definetely take action regarding this ..thanks
I bought 15.4inches tft at 14 October 2009. after 4 days retrace lines appears on screen. I complaint(no[protected] to Delhi centre adonis electronics(repairing franchise of moserbaer) engg came on Sunday only with a screw driver & after opening is close it & promise me to come tommorow with good screw driver.
but he did not came again. I phone again on monday evening but no response. I again called tuesday they said main bord of tft will be replaced (only in 7 days of purchase). what a product of moser baer?..

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