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 tina7j on Nov 20, 2011
Another bogus multi level marketing scam introducing Qi Group's e-commerce based business model...had the opportunity of being introduced to the workings of this virtual enterprise...the second quickest route to becoming a crorepati after KBC of course...ek lakh do phir teen-char saal tak logon ko topi pehnao aur crorepati bano...the common thread tying these pple together is they're all frustrated in their jobs - overworked n underpaid (most of them come from media/advertising backgrounds n understandably so)...they're all looking for a way out, an escape route...a way to earn a quick buck...well so the pitch started by them asking me what I do in life their trap was aimed at getting out of me how frustrating my current job was & then pitching to me this brilliant foolproof crorepati route...so I was curious I said I like to try out new things currently I'm in the midst of things n haven't figured anything out fr myself...so it seemed to them that I was a good bakra...they went on with ratta rattaya gyan like the company was started by some few economists n it was named in Forbes as the fastest growing company none of which I found on Google as true in fact it is owned by an Indian born Malaysian businessman who there are reports has been sought after by the Interpol...then they went on to speak of products the company deals in which they claim are amazing Five Star Resort Stays at throw away prices...some water enhancing system that works like magic n pple can stay awake fr like 36 hours it also helps diabetics in sme way nt sure...I'm nt saying this is true or false point is it sounds too good to be true n until u try it u won't know...point is this system works like Amway only it is virtual so even though I was given links to check out their products if I want to buy something I can only buy it via someone who's registered with it...also these links don't mention the price so how do I decide whether I even want to buy something without all the information...in effect I have to meet this person who's registered tell him/her to show me the product with the prices then decide...so if someone needs to invest so much time into one customer purchasing how is it economical n isn't e-commerce supposed to b an economical model...well in a way it is economical as the company owners don't pay these guys anything to acquire customers...they do get some commission for every person who signs up / buys anything from the site though but nothing fr spending time on those who turn u down... so it's like ur own business they tell u it's better than owning a restaurant or a pan tapri as u won't have to work for 8 hours u can work wen u like while vacationing or while sitting in a coffee shop as obviously they have no office so for the initial capital u invest which is anything in between 1 to 6 lakhs (there is a 40K wala option also but it is not mentioned/ recommended by the experts- commission kum hoga) u can start ur own virtual enterprise (WOW)...then u have to get 2 more people under you directly so u have to go out there talk to friends/family/colleagues n whoever's stupid enough to invest at least 1 lakh each for joining...then similarly as u became bakra u have to make these pple bakra in turn they'll bakra 2 more pple each so totally 50 pple have to bcme bakra fr me to even recover my one lakh...I can't even calculate 3 crores ke liye kitne topi pehnane honge...n trust me if u happen to meet any of these jokers u'll realize hw none of them have even counted a crore rupees even while playing monopoly bt here they are selling short cut schemes to get there...itne saal amway karke kitne log crorepati bane...think bout it!

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There are many people involved in this. I was cheated by Deepak Kankani, Saru Kankani, his wife and Sweta Agarwal.They happened to be my School mates and they took the money on trust basis and playing pshycologiacal game with me of frienship and trust. I am really ashamed of such people, when asked to return the money they started using Offensive language and abuse us. A real shame on such friends.

MEET Enterprise — Do not Change Thing

Respected Sir,

I was purchase One Toaster of Philips Company dated on 18/12/2011.
I want to change that goods and purchase other equipments.
but the owner of Meet Enterprise at stadium road told me we do not replace that equipment.

Please as soon as possible do needful

Thanks & Regards
Piyush Nayak
I also happened to meet couple of such jokers in Delhi with exactly the same pitch mentioned above. Before meeting them, when I tried to enquire about the nature of business since I had a gut feeling that this would be another Amway or Oriflame, I was told that this is not a mlm business but to my dismay this is yet another way to entice young people who want to make big money. I wasted my crucial 3-4 hours with these buggers just to conclude that this is just a modern day avtar of an Amway, only difference being in place of 5k there is an investment to the tune of 1-6 lacs and in place of tangible products you have an ecommerce website (with main focus on wellness products only - travel and telecom is just acting as a support category to cover the health and wellness category, which is the major focus) My advice would be to stay away from such fraudsters and concentrate on your own job/business even if you are making less money.
Agree to all the above points mentioned, come on guys its common sense... if investing 1 lac could make you a crorepati in 3 years, why are all the dumb asses slogging themselves day and night at the stock markets, real estates, desk jobs and small time businesses. Am sure there are smarter people on this planet and even smarter than these guys who are selling this stuff to choose what is right and what's not

It is simply a question of identifying who is the fool here, the one who is offering you this scheme or you who knows that earning money was never easy and this shortcut will solve all your problems in a shot.

Easy things come easy and go easy, work upon your skillset and work harder with integrity, that's what can give you a peaceful life and peace of mind, if not crore rupees. By the way, does anyone know why we ever want to be a crorepati. Need to do a self check as to how many crorepatis are really happy today... think about it.

stay away from these nuisances as they will just bring out the negative aspects of life and never tell you how you can be content and happy in wherever and whatever you are.
Tina ... u got it spot on. every bit of your write up is true.
I wasted a good 2 hrs of my Sunday in good spirit for my friend listening to his "mentor" rattle away the miseries of life like a baba ramdev or some other baba. saying how he managed to give up his job to spend quality time with family thanks to this "business" (& there he is in front of me tirelessly rattling away to net a bakra while his family is missing him at home every weekend).
mlm is nothing other than being fooled and then looking for more fools like you ... getting so desperate in the act that very soon you want to cheat on your friends and relatives into falling for this trap.
mlm as a concept is great ... just that the product or service has to be tangible and well defined.
if a customer cannot see your product/service on offer unless he/she goes through your member then what good is this ECOM model?????
I absoultly agree to my friends who has given their valuable comments. I recently came across a couple of smart females regarding the QI venture and I got exactly the same explaination about their group which is mentioed above.
I was shown a path to earn a minimum of Rs 4 Lcs per week along with the ease of working and on my own terms.

Now days these mlm companies are i such a large quantity that you can smell within few minutes that what they are expecting out of you.The best part of my interaction was that it went a good enough 3 hours and I was asked to carry my resume also to show that only a select few are getting chance to become crorepati. I was told that if I join even 1 day late then I could be in huge losses. Also the products explained were so unique and lucratively priced that initially I got impressed by the entire scence.I sensed the fraud only when I requested them that I would need to consult my family, and I cant explain the colours going off n on the lady's face.She was desperate to get me on board but thankfully my experience worked n i got out of that crore fantasy.

I wish nobody should deviate from their current job and its better to perform what is already in your kitty, inspite of chasing these cuperficial crorepati dreams, as I don't see any concept of fast money in today's world without gambling or crime.


A wellwisher
I would suggest all you guys to check this video which has all the answers for the above mentioned opinions.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxq4NI4J8rI

I'm not here to shout my opinion against anyone here neither support QI group. Just a normal person like you all.

Chetan HR

*not afraid to share my identity like others though. :)
Couldn't agree more. Got a call from a friend of mine, (A middle class engineering professional, just starting his career and now leaving his job for this. He cleaned himself out to invest in this venture for about 10 business shares). He asked me to hear his Sr. partner on this e-commerce project. I went across town to hear him out at a coffee cafe and he gave me the same ratta rattaya dialogue as to how he left an IAS job to run this and develop the QIgroup e-commerce model in India. Asked me what I do and told me that it was peanuts (even when I had told him that when I started my current business, I drove a Maruti 800 and now an E-Class Benz) and then showed me the success route to be a Crorepati. Introduced me to his team members who were all youngsters from the middle class, aspiring to be rich quickly with no/little effort, frustrated with their present work/lifestyle and have left/leaving their jobs to devote full time to this pipe dream. The model is to Invest 7 lacs and get 21 business shares of this QI group. Would then get 14% commission on any purchase of lifestyle, travel etc made through their portal by my 'customers' in the virtual world. There is a cap of 5 crores per business share per year so 105 crores in my case. I went to their site and tried to make a purchase. No prices - so I do not know how much to pay. Let me tell you all, this seems to be a fraud venture with the products shown as mere fronts. This should be reported to the relevant authorities before many bakras, especially of the middle class, are stripped off their only savings, left high and dry nowhere and becomes a full blown scam. Youngsters, please beware and do not succumb to this pipe dream. There is absolutely no substitute to hard work.
Very true.. Came across a similar stuff recently through one of my friend.. and also it seems CCD has become a meeting point for these people. Have witnessed 2 sessions of persusaion and gyan in 1 CCD, 2 times this week- being given to some more poor souls.
Hope these reviews are spread to wider audience.
Hi Guys,

Seems u have realised this fact that this is not for u!!

Good job...well I am associated with this amazing company and enjoying every bit of it...

If you thnk investing a lac or so can make u a crorpeati then this is not a Fixed deposit where things will change in night...its a serious ain of hard work and labour which takes to a level where like u dont matter!!

Gr8 job in osting u have just increased my confidence to another level and one more thing...

BEWARE OF CCDS as we are going to be soon all over India and u will still compain of it..

Happy emplyment my dear employees!!

A well wisher of everyone and especially people who have writte post in this
BLAH!!! grapes are sour ain't it buddy!!!

just coz u dont have the balls to to dare to bite.

when you fail a paper im sure you blame the teacher...

@wellwisherQi - i have too been associated with this amazing company and enjoying every sinle bit of itt...

for the rest of u ... please GET A LIFE!!
All failures speak the same when they are not able to do so. If some one starts a business and if one is not able to succeed we say "Yaar dhanda chala nahi", but the fact is "Tu dhanada chala nahi saka".
So if there is a way and people are getting benefited, whcy we shuld not opt for it.
Where can you find people pulling you up for your growth, it is happening here. In corporated every body are pulling down.
Go ahead its a wondorful journey, i bet it.

Mayur Talele

i think these pple who r gtng offended bout the qi grp bashing r the most gullible/vulnerable fools who hve been weak minded enough to b conned into ths scam...n courage is wat it will take fr u'll to acknowledge ths sme day n gt the hell out of this...pls do sme basic research on this firm u'll know ths guy who owns it was wanted by the interpol...does tht not affect u pple...isn't tht enough to prove ths is fake...guys i hve seen pple lose money n time n spoil their frndships in this e-commerce money making racket...n in ths case if u gt sme frnd involved who trusts u tht person mite end up making a big loss...it will ruin ur relationship with ths person n ur credibility in front of pple frever...just b sure of wat ur doing...r those pple who r selling these big dreams to u even close to being a crorepati pls chk tht otherwise they dnt hve the rite to mislead neone...like the guy who ridiculed smeone who owns a benz e class pls chk wat mode of transport he takes is it an 800 or an auto tht itself shud b an eyeopener...the pple who i met who claimed to b senior partners in ths scam n thrfore close to their crores travelled by autos too nt even an 800 mind u...n the fact tht they dnt even hve a 100 sq ft space to operate out of n they hve to rely on CCDs n Candies (Bandra, Mumbai) speaks a lot about whr they've reached in life...arre u pay all those lakhs to set up ths so called business n wat do u get in return...othr thn a job as a sales person conning ur frnds n family...in a business or job u at least gt ur conveyance n phone bills reimbursed bt in ths case do u even hve tht comfort fr all those meetings/pitches made to con pple who dnt convert...pls jus look at the tangilbles ur gttng here n now rather thn chase sme fantasy thts all i can say...n god help u!!!
Shock of my life yesterday I was also approached by two guys with exactly same words words same modus operendi.We are so persued to invest & was asked to get credit card or bank cheque book.Thank God we dint ...God saved us...but guys how do we save others from falling prey to this ...we have to save others .
Please go and read some CREDIBLE sources and read what EXPERTS have to say about Network Marketing, rather than believing in some unsuccessful people's blogs / complaints.

Just to help you guys, use these on Google:
1. Microsoft Case Studies -> QI limited
2. Virgin Marrusia Racing and Qnet
3. IBF World Championship and Qnet
4. Obtainer magazine
5. Forbes.com and Vijay Eswaran
6. ITF Women's Open and Qnet in Bangalore, 2012

These things tell you about the credibility of the company.

For false scam / fraud / interpol claims, visit:

To understand what network marketting actually is, please go and read what these people have to say about the industry.
Warren Buffett
Bill Gates
Bill Clinton
Robert Kiyosaki
Donald Trump

Now think, who are these people who are saying that this is about fooling people? Are they experts? are they industrialists? Are they billionaires? Are they rich already?
Are these your mom, dad, brother, friends, uncles, professors etc.

Its now about breaking relationship with friends and family. Industry never asks people to break relationships.

So, please understand what you are speaking, and whether you have FACTS backing up your opinions?






Can some one tell me why is the QI focusing on MLM instead of increaing products, or making awareness of its products?
Its really very sad to read all the comments that our dear friends have shared above. Without knowing about the industry having facts and figures right, every one is trying to give his bit of gyan and showing that they are trying to save the lives of many others. The fact is that everyone cannot be an entrepreneurand sadly all those people above fall in that category and so they see the world with their eyes only. Baba why dont you guys go and check the facts first and then say something.

Almost everyone said that the owner of the company was arrested, sought after by the interpol, blah blah blah... But did any one check fully what had happened. Let me tell you.. Mr. Vijay Eswaran was trialed and acquitted in the court of law because there was no case against him - something the newspapers didn't report because it probably doesn't sell as much as negative news. Pls give opinions after having your facts and figures right. And by the way let me tell you all wonderful people above who have typed sooo much english, that Mr. Vijay Eswaran was named in the top 100 Indian Global Entrepreneurs in the WORLD - 2012...

Come on guys i cant think of a company running a SCAM since 14 years. ... CAN YOU????? wake up guys... High time you guys wake up and smell the truth.

You didnt want to be part of this amazing project fine enough. But dont try to be gyani babas rather i would call all of them AGYANI BABAS... :)

This is the most amazing company in the world guys for those people who are ready to work hard

Still love you all

Rajiv Saraf
Can i connect over email too if you prefer that to people who have actually tried this and had a bad experience. Am asking because I have been approached for this as well and want to get my facts based on people who have actually tried and not found it working or found it to be a scam.
Neutral at this point
Last month I was similarly approached by a 'friend' /mentor who introduced me to his 3 colleagues at Mocha, Bandra, who as described earlier by others took precisley 2 hours to share their experinnce as to WHY they got into the business & asking me I need to be clear on my WHY of entering the business. At the end of it they tried to brainwash that the HOW part of the business is not to be worried about & get your WHY correct. Now I am no business expert but common sense says that, WHY is obvious - to earn money but more important is HOW I will earn it!!! So without knwoing the how I was told to get a cheque with pan card copy to register me in the business the very next morning!!!
That was the 1st needle of suspicion apart from the fact that they are not even showing a way to earn a few thousand slowly over your investment but talking about 4 crores in a matter of years. There are way too many qs: if its a business, where is the company office located in India, is it registered under Company's Act 1956 or is it a franchisee? No such legal or any documents exist.
If its not a fraud why do these guys target individuals with the exact same pitch & try to get money out in less than 24 hours of meeting them under the pretext that we should not lose out & then repeatedly chase them?
There are things told to me like QI sponsored an F1 team, tied u with Richard Branson & is into heavy philanthropy but that doesnt answer above qs. If the man has earned millions duping people, surely getting a good PR should not be that difficult. I was told also its one of the biggest ecommerce companies in Asia. Strange because I have been associated with the industry closely for 5 years & never heard of it!!!
The point is a miniscule number may end up making up but its too good to be true!!!
It's very entertaining to see how these people are on a mission to b crorepati. Reminds me of those jihadis who r misled in a similar fashion. Point is u cannot talk anyone out of it once they are so swayed by it. Will just wait for u'll to realise it by urselves n move out. Hopefully it hppns sooner thn later n hope u'll dnt lose too much (time, money, relationships) in this mess.

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