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Dear friends!
Don't go in to the Arguments. Check yourself following points before joining any MLM
1. Is the company member of IDSA
2. Does the company reveal all its credits like Turn over etc on web or news
3. Does the company offer option to Quit and starting cost is not very high
4. Whether products are returnable in case the customer doesn't like it
5. Are you comfortable with the products since the same need to be sold to earn an income. No income without business volume.
Best wishes!
There is no easy money .. money was never easy and it will never be easy ..u have to give all urs precious time ...all these marketing companies are making fool ..do not get into trap ...they will show u people and they will praise them in front o[censored] ..how many of these guys are in richer persons list ..what happened to amway guys who used to earn 4 crore per month ..did he got any ranks in forbes list ..they all are making fool ...do not believe on it ..better invest on some good mutual fund and good policies which can give u 20-30% return ... lets plan to become rich by urs hard work ...invest some x amount in good funds ...3-4 plans .. after 3-5 years get them cashed ... and start urs business ..have some good business idea ..ado urs homework on it ..i[censored] have good idea u may get commercial loan from the banks...before starting urs business ..have some good cash in hand so that urs return on invfestement starts with profit ..
hi i am interested in rmp very much i want very big powerleg coz i am full timer in mlm i hav big team. any interested leader call me imediate.mo-[protected]...mail...[protected]@ymail.com
Hi, I am Pratap Chandra Rout.

RMP is not a scheme. RMP is a legal MLM Bussiness following rules & regulations govern by government.

Any bussiness man is successful when he has a large network of people. (Exm. Like RELIANCE, TATA, BATA, WIPRO, HCL & MANY MORE) Same way in RMP bussiness also, we need network of people. We have to follow a system to build a network. There is no success without efforts in RMP.

RMP guys are life trasformers, Helping People to Achive Success in life. RMP has proved it in 10 years of it's successful operations in India & Dubai. Search & read all about legal MLM bussiness & compare it with RMP. You will come to know yourself.
My name is Rohith B N i was introduced to this bussiness from my friend and i had paid them 13, 000/-Rs for taking 2watches and induction flame stove which is really not worth to any one and i got cheated by them .
This RMP company andthis staffs are cheating the people and making there pocket full of money saying all bull- reasons like i have taken car, bike, earning 1, 30, 00/-Rs per month
Really friends i had pledge my mothers gold chain which was presented by father on there first anniversary beleving these guys.But at last i came to no that i have fallen in a well were we cant swim either die beleving these guys
So i kindly request you guys that not to become like me.
Before you guys login by beleving there words you can mail me on [protected]@gmail.com
Try and understand these points
1. Network marketing is a proper business like any other. Its no scheme.
2. There is no easy money. It takes hard work and a lot of learning to be successful in this business.
3. Not all companies are good. So pl check the company profile, products and the plan before choosing a company.
4. RMP is a company with a 10 year record. RMP was recently voted the best MLM company in Asia. It markets products for well established brands like Wipro, Big Bazaar, Future Generali, Siyarams, and even Govt products. No frauds survive for more than 3 years.
5. And yes, there is a high percentage of people who dont make money in Network marketing or MLM as people dont understand and are unwilling to learn on how to conduct this business and secondly because, they dont treat this as a normal business. One has to be at it continuously for 5 years to make big money. Any business will fail if people gave up in 2/3 months which is what happens in MLM.

If you are willing to consistently and persistently do this business for 3 years minimum, only then get into MLM.
RMP is the best opportunity for a middle class family to get success in the life. RMP is the totaly legal business.

Understand RMP Business.This is an opportunity to earn from 1000 rs per week to 1, 30000 per week.
RMP is not a company which provides a opportunity to change a life of common man.

HI i am Ram chavhan

i am rmp distributor i am doining rmp since 14 months and i've earned minimum 6 lacks rupees and
i achived car so i like this company and i hopeit will fulfiled my all dreams .
Hi friends RMP is not a fraud company so pls dont flame like this about any company un-wantedly if you are intrested just join in RMP and see the benifit jai RMP jai daimond group.

Please read this:The RMP is a very legal business.it is not fraud business, RMP is last and final opertunity to full fill my dreems in my life.Join ayye gammu ga unte dabbulivvadaniki ide manna money schema.No nuvvu kastapadi deenilo work Chesukunte Weekly 1, 30, 000 and Pension and BIG Bazar Income Anni teesuko vachu.Enno vela mandi deenine nammukuni full time ga business chestunnaru.So Somari thananni mani kasta padandi.Money earn chesukondi.Kasta padakunda dabbulu teesukondi ani RMP lo ekkada ledu.Ikkada product main kadu.Business money earn chesukovadam main.Please negative thoughts ni vadalandi.Asalu deenilo emundo telusukondi.
RMP products are not of quality. They are sold at multi fold prices. You have to sold 2 products to 2 persons. That 2 persons to 4 persons. By joining RMP you lose your friendship, near and dear, relations if the chain links break. It is a non productive nature. Each one wanders here and there to gather down lines and begging door to door. He becomes a rich beggar. Human hours and energy are lost. RMP company gains more than 50 crores in making 1 crorepathi. Nowadays, people have began to run away from these RMP lunatic people. RMP distributors dont have the sense of network marketing, they do not know internet, not even to operate their own cell phone.

People are nowadays aware of RMP. It is a sin to live a pompous life with others money. Company is awarding diomond star etc. to these lazy people. Peculiar world, peculiar people.
You do not know mean of network marketing that's why you are saying this all understand first network marketing

All those who have put up negative comments are great failures in their life. They always thought negative and so they are!. They have not their hard work. They would have thought like Aladin's Lamp that their wish will fulfilled by holy sole. Here is a true story for you as follows:- I have seen one courier boy used to delivered RMP post of other people joined RMP who do not even know the abc of RMP.Now I see that boy moving in Alto car. it is due of his hard work. I wish him that he shall get success and achieve BMW one day. It is because he never seen weather it is day or night, didn't bothered about cold, rain and summer. Only thing he has put his positive attitude and hard work. Now you take example, if go for service, employer is paying you only 2% of what you earn for them. Now I say one thing clear, don't climb stairs if scare of falling down. Only those get success and reach at top, those who dare to climb without fear of falling down. And those who have joined have some patience and work hard, definitely you will get success.
dekhiye dosto RMP ak legal Indian Network marketing company hai. Ha lekin yaha success sir[censored]nhi ko milti hai jo ise ak business mante hai unhe success bilkul nahi milti jo ise ak sceme mante hai. Ye business kam paiso mai suru ho jata hai isiliye log ise jyada value nahi dete aur sochte hai jo unhe business mai lekar aaya hai wahi unhe paise kama kar dega aa gaye tho thik nahi tho company ko bhala bura keh lenge. Ye business local leaders ka support aur khub mehnat mangta hai. Lekin ak samay ke baad sirf direction ka kaam mangta hai aur aapke paas paise tab bhi aata rehta hai. please mera blog read kijiyega... http://ilovermp.blogspot.com
hi friends
i want, s to join rmpinfotech
can any one help me

name - sahil
I am Chandersain Rajput Dear all who they are saying m his company is this n that I want ask them a one question you Joined RMP For Business or Product. I[censored] r looking product then go for market there is lots of choices. But RMP Not a product based company. this is the real 100% Legal company. Actually who they are saying RMP is the fraud Company They are fraud. y becoz they think this is the scheme i got the Trak ID and Password now in short time I become a carorpati or Rich. Boss this is not a scheme this is hard core pure genuine legal Business. scheme HO TI Hia KATORI KE SATH CAHMACH FREE, SHIRT KE SATH RUMAL FREE. That is not. and Sir who they are saying RMP Is fraud they are actully they are Begets KamChore Mahnet karke Khana Nahi Chahate scheme samj ke join kiya or Product ko le ker net per apni BHadas Nelkal ne lage STOP Kam Choro Net Per RMP KO Fraud Khana band KRO or Kam karo kam RMP Kal Bhe BOOM per Thie OR AAJ Bhee BOOM Per hai Net per Likhne si kuch Nahi hot achive akrne se hota hai prove karne se hota hai OR RMP 1000 TIME Proved this is Legal, Genuine Company and Lacks of People has been proved this is Life Changing Opportunity.
please dont join any mlm sheme of get rich fast...concepts, dont join dont do dont let anyone do...
promise urself just let us try to stop this crap...thiis is desha drohi activity

earn bread by hard work, let other earn bread by hard work ...contry will progress
this is collective progress..., if some body is born with golden spoon...let him...he will reep the benifit of only his hard work take my words...
Dear All,
Hi I am Sachin,
I have taken ur scheme on june 2008. but yet not received ur gift or any details. I have taken this scheme from Mr. Dhananjay Singh live in Kandiwali (w) Mumbai. his cell no. is [protected]. Plz take strong action against that type of people who boiled the name of RMP. & help me to getting my gifts & business details. I have already paid him 6500/-. Kindly send me reply on [protected]@yahoo.com or [protected].

Thx n regds.,
Sachin Patil

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