Scv Set Top Box — Poor response from Cable TV operator

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Tamil Nadu, India
This is Nagarajan from Mylapore.
I am interested to install a Set Top Box by which I have enquired my local cable TV operator
Mr.Ramesh of Shailini Cable Net work mylapore.
He was explained the details and I too acknowledge to install the same to my home.
But subsequently the response from Cable operator is very poor.
After many calls from my end,
He responded as shortage of Set Top boxes at SCV which they will provide only in the 1st week of Oct’10.
But when I enquired in SCV, they said sufficient boxes are available and cable TV operator can very well
Collect from SCV. The same thing I communicated to Cable TV operator Mr.Ramesh.
But he has not responded then after.
Understand the situation.
When I raised the complaint in SCV office in Chennai they don’t have further answer.

Please note that there are too many Dish networks/ satellite TV’s are in chennai.
People are going to Sun group for their brand image and better service.
If it not happens what to do???

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Cable set top box — No response from cable operator after complaint


My cable operator is not attending my complain for not availability of signal through their set top box. I would like to request you to talk to them and teach them about proper way of doing business with customer. They must know from you about the penalty when they do not supprot his customer properly after even after regular payment.

Name of the organisation : ORBIT Television Network.
Phone :[protected]

I too had a bad experience with scv cable operator there is nobody in office to take complaint and give us the complaint number to clear the issue.

so i request the management of scv to take necessary steps to take complaint and issue us the complaint number.

Gaurang Y Shah
for the last 2 days i am receiving the msg service scrambled... no use of SCV cable set of box...
poor service from our area cable operator ...
he has taken no action on this inspite of repeated complaints.. because
he collected subscribtion for this month.. his duty over..
what to do... after all we are customers / subscribers...
they are enjoing with our money...
west mambalam
i am from west mambalam,
poor service from our cable operator
because last 2 days i have not seen any programe through scv set top box...
i am receiving the msg as service srambled...
he received this month subscription...
his work is over...
west mambalam.
iam residing in ptms i.e, pattabiram military siding e cable signals is so weak..making me frustrate.cant able to see films, or anything clearly and happily..they are switching off the cables inbetween the running movie.the cable provider is just an dumb near mukherjee hall and also in mitanamall cable home under damu...he is not paying attention to customers.just listening to that time and forget the problem..wel they said the supply is from avadi they use to provide the power was cut down during ques is they must have inverter or wat they are doing beside they have the resources to run down the cable even they got power cut off.this is ridiculous..cable provider use to charges money for accessing cable at the rite time at the month end..we the people paying.then why dnt they provide cables telecommunication in a gud way..this is irritating and frustrating me.due to this the loss will going to cable kindly pay attention towards my complaint and make my problem solve..this is not only my 1 lakh people getting the same problem.this is an big issue..

setup box and cable operator regarding — operator not change cable wire

hello sir my name varun lakhanpal i live in add main road daim ganj nawakot.sir my cable oprater name kabir cable daim ganj i say my oprater regading setupbox for my home he say me ur main cable wire is very old so wire change 20 days but wire not change.i say my oprater sir pls change cable wire he say me u r 1 person for change wire ur nerbay not say u give me 800 rupes so i change ur wire.sir u say me this my problen i give mony my oprater change the wire this oprater duty.pls sir u say my oprater change the wire.sir u come my home some chanel not clear.pls sir i repuest pls u say my oprater change wire and set setup box in my home thanx
Varun lakhanpal
I REQUEST CONSUMERS NOT TO GO FOR SCV SET TOP BOX.They cut channels on their own whim and say that they are paid channels.They increase the monthly subscription fee as and when they wish.Even they cut Local Tamil Channels and ask us to pay Rs.10 for each channel.People can go for Tata Sky/Airtel etc..Atleast it will be worth the money.They are not coming & collecting the money but they discontinue the services.Also most of the days we get No Signal, when asked they say that they have some cable problem.But the issue exists for more than 1 week.I am going to discontinue using SCV Set Top Box.It is boon only for Cable Operators as they can cut channels as they wish, increase the monthly fee and throwing the blame on others.
I was using cable connection for the past 5 to 6 years. I asked the cable operator to instal set top box and the same was installed on 20.6.2013. Besides SCV Tamil Pack, I also paid Extra for Animax, Cartoon Network, CBN IBN News, ET Now, Headlines Today, NDTV 24 x 7, and Times Now channels.

From the date of installation, I am not getting the channels for which extra amount was collected by the operator. The SCV Tamil channels were also not coming properly. Every Time the operators office would say that the mistake is being rectified but nothing has happened. We were out of station in the first week of August and returned to Chennai on 11.8.2013.When we complained that we could nee the channels, the operator informed that the payment should have been made on 5th, which we were not aware. Any how, the operator collected the amount on the same day and informed that the amount was paid to The Company. Even after this, the pictures were not clear OR only few channels were coming in Tamil Pack.

After repeated requests & follow ups, the service man came to our house and inspected. He informed that fault is in the cable wire and it has to be replaced. He also informed that the cable operator is not providing the new cable. For the past few days we could not contact the Cable Operator's office by phone.Our Operator's name is V V satelite Entertainment Network, Thiruvanmiyur.

We request SCV to take necessary action to ensure that we get all the channels (including the addition channels for which the payment is made).

2) When we contacted KAL CABLES Pvt. Ltd[protected]to my surprise, they informed me that the sim card is in somebody else name and advised us to contact our cable operator to do the needful to change it to my name. I have accordingly informed the cable operator and not sure whether same has been done, since I could not contact them for the past few days.

Your urgent action in this matter is request, since I have paid two months charges, without watching the TV.

T V Anantharaman
Hi This is usha from Ambattur
i am having scv set top box connection
it does not contain any quality the channel list also not fine
i need Polimer tv bt tis set top box does not contain this channel
i am missing my Fav shows
my cable operators does not responding for my complaints
plz do ur best to give my favourite channel
plz take immediate action
I am Krishnan Here from 18/36, Postal colony 3rd Street, West Mambalam, chennai-600 033. At our connection very often it comes as no signal. If we contact our cable TV operator FORES SAT VISION, their response is very bad and they take more than two days to solve the problem. This month we activated our Plan to Platinum four days back and still it has not got activated. When i contacted the operator he says it will take more time. And they say they have got more than 3500 customer to get activated. I suspect, whether at a single time all the 3500 customers is going in for a platinum plan upgrade. Earlier when i was under another cable operator in same west mambalam by name VMA CABLE TV OPERATOR, if we complaint they solve all the problem within one hour time. I request your good office to advice the cable operator to solve any connection related problem at the earliest. And upgrade my plan to Platinum immediately. Your action is requested in this regard.
Chennai Annanagar SCV cable operator collection man cheat the customers and collect enormous amount by telling
1. for set top box we have to pay 100 rupees 2. for cable connection i.e for cable tv 100 rupees and 3 for Channels 300 rupees . This is for one connection. He cheats and collect money.
Please take action or it will be a serious problem. We have paid 500 rupees for basic Scv channels for a long time. Actually we pay 200 to 250 rupees extra for scv cable. He does not give receipt or it is not entered in that cable card.
Just he pockets that money by cheating. He cheats from many customers but nobody takes action
This is S.Raghavan from Royappettah. I took Set Top box from SCV cable network on assurance that all the English news Channels will be made available.
Since last four months, I had to follow-up every month atleast 5-8 times for getting these channels and now since last one week, the connection itself was lost.
The local cable operator Ms.Gurunath Cables doesnot bauther to attend and in his office, people who attend the Telephone behave badly over phone and they ask us to come to their office for discussion.
When so many dish networks are available, who will take to these cable networks?
If SCV doesnot attend to these problems, they will lose their market share to Dish networks soon.

Thanks if SCV is taking action to rectify the operators.
Otherwise, Goodbye
No response from cable operator after complaint

I have installed set top box on 16th June, 2014. It worked for only for two days. Second day night the channels got frozen and stuck and finally no signal. I have complained to my cable Operator on 18th June at 1000 am about the problem the technician has replied that he will look into the problem. Whole day passed and nothing happened and the cable Operator not attending my call. My cable operator is not attending my problem of availability of signal through their set top box. I would like to request you to contact them to sort out my problem. I have no other option of going to “CONSUMER FORUM” to address my grievances, if you are not stepping in.

Name of the organization: AHR Cable TV Network, Anna Nagar west Extn, Chennai-101
Phone :[protected] / Technician contact no: [protected].

Cont: [protected]
mail: [protected]

We are your subscriber for a long period. The local cable operator is not properly responding to our issue and not even attending the phone call several times. Whenever we call him his standard statement is "in 10 mins I will be there" but not even 1 time he has done so and his behaviour is also not so friendly.

The problem is : Most of the time the signal goes off with a display stating "searching for signal" or "no signal" again with continues disturbance for hours together. This problem persist for more than 6 months. From yesterday the signal went off completely.

If it is not rectified by today I am sorry to say that we have to switch over to some other service provider. I have a video recording of how poor the relay is, and with this I can claim for a Refund of the initial charges we have paid.



16 west jones road,

Ph: [protected], [protected],[protected]
Hi This is bernard from perambur
i am having scv set top box connection
it does not contain any quality the channel list also not fine
i need Christian tv bt tis set top box does not contain this channel
i am missing my Fav shows
my cable operators does not responding for my complaints
plz do ur best to give my favourite channel
plz take immediate action
I am from Moovarasampet Main Road, Madipakkam and using TCCL set-top box connection. The local cable operator Shanmugam doesn't seem to be professional & he does not know the basics of cable operation. He is not properly responding to any of our issues and not even attending the phone call several times. Not willing to give the set-top box plan issued by TCCL & charging Rs.200/- against Rs.100/- plan & there is no proper reply despite continuous complaints.

Request you to take action against him & good, knowledgeable operator/service provider for cable connection can be engaged in our area.

Expect TCCL / concerned authority to take immediate action.

Thanks & Rgds
We are in mandaveli using scv box. . E48-32 no signal most of the time . For past 3 days same status. none to attend the calls in the cable operator office. Pathetic...time to move over to other networks.
Please contact SCV NODAL head chennai

Name : Mr. Y. K. Gopinath
Mobile : [protected]
E-mail : che.[protected]

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