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Shanti Gopal Hospital - One of the worst behavior of the hospital staff you would have ever faced. They do not care about the patient. To add to that their bills are scary enough.

Never never go to Nursery of Shanti Gopal hospital. The nurses will give inhuman treatment. They only know how to give you a mouthfull.

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this Hospital is a money minting machine...a business house Sanjay Garg has opened.. there is absolutely no management in this place...every single day u can see people fighting there for their patients... the only two doctors there who are honest are Dr. Sanjay Vianyak (general physician) and the eye specialist (dont remember his name)...otherwise all other doctors there are butchers and they have expertise in terrorizing the patient and making more money... their medical suprintendent, the french beard guy...he is a of first order...he is so damn rude and ill-mannered that he thinks that he is some super natural power...u just do the sin of going there in does not take more than few minutes for the duty doctor to declare that the ICU...nothing less than ICU...the would talk in some alien medical language in such a made up manner that even a can make out that the doctor is making a fool out of you. Many patients have suffered the life time losses there just because of there incompetency, carelessness and money mindedness...i think this hospital should be shut down forcefully by the authorities and some particular doctors should be sent to jail like- Dr. Sanjay Garg (the gang leader), Dr. Manish Rastogi (looks himself like a patient- rascal of highest degree), Dr. Prerna Rastogi (The in the lot, so rude that u wanna slap her tight).

I wish if they read this blog and look out for me...
I totally agree to the above view point. Shanti Gopal is a bad hospital.
Nurses behave badly. Pedeatrics deptt. is worst.
Agreed Boss.
i am also having same feeling
i totally disagree, very gud exp. i had
I agree with you. I had to recently visit to the hospital for small procedure.
1.) I asked 3 times for estimated bill for the same. Initially I was told somewhere between 6000 to 7000, but finally I was charged approx 9600 Rs.
2.) Nursing staff is totally uneducated. They asked for medicines, but not even completed one process and asked for return of the same. When I talked to Doctor 2-3 times on the phone, they did.
3.) During OT, same set of medicines were asked twice, means 1 set was for the purpose of Staff directly costing me around 900 Rs.

In my opinion, Senior Management should look into this. Even I tried to get the Email Id of Dr. Sanjay Garg, but could not get. If Senior Management is Interested into more details, this process was done on 28th-Apr-11 and they can touch base with me from the official records.
It is one of the worst hospital in India. They only know how to eat money from you in return no body cares abt the health including doctors.. Height of carelessess and greediness. I am sure this attitude in staff comes from Hospital Management. I dont want discuss my experiance it is horrible
I had my worst experience till date with shanti gopal hospital.

My sister had viral fiver, and platelet count was down so we admited to SG Hospital. In the evening we were informed that platelet count have come down very badly (around 30), And it became a very serious issue for us. But in SG Hospital no one supported us that time.
When I tried to contact the doctor then hospital employee told me that i can not contact with the doctor.. I after asking multiple time and scolding them they called the doctor.
Then I had a chat with doctor. Docter was not looking worried at all. and told us he can not do any thing and I may do what ever I want.

Even we did't know her blood group so that we can arrange the platelets .Because hospital did't had her blood group test.

So we decided to move her to a different hospital late in night at 11 PM. The time we were leaving the hospital we did't get support from hospital. and suddenly we were informed that platelet count is 80 not 30, and there was a error by hospital employee. after listening that my family was very angry because of hospital error but got some relexation because actual platelet count was not as less as informed to us earlyer..Those 5-6 hours were worst and very pressurefull. I was felling helpless.

If some hospital is making this kind of error and is not supportive with it's patients then God knows how much safe they are..
I also had bad experience. I had little stomach pain caused of not taking food properly.I was sent to a doctor on 1st day with 300/- consultation fees. she asked for Blood Test and Ultrasound test to be done. 2nd day she was under vacation, so i talked to the reception they told to consult another doctor but the fess would be 350/- extra. Because he is another doctor.
First Quesstion he asked me was regarding insurance. Do i have insurance or not.I said Yes. I asked him what is the problem he said it can be TB. Then he started putting list of test which sums come around 11000/-.

They are looking for money or patient well being.
shante bhang hospitol ...
I was hospitalized in Shanti Gopal Hospital on 8th Dec, 2011 around 10:30 due to labour pains as referred by Dr. Garima Tyagi (Gyne). i was given due date b/w 8th 10th dec. Till 8th morning there were no indications of pain to me. around 2nd dec i was asked to get my ultrasound that was vey clear that the baby size is around 3.6 kg . On 8th Dec, I was asked to drink Castor oil around 12.30 and by 7 in the evening pains started hence i was ospitalized in Shanti Gopal Hospital in Indirapuram. Whole night i was in terrible pain I do not what but pain was very strong and I kepr crying and screaming. I know its natural but something was there that was making these pains more unbearable for me. I kept asking nurses there to made me talk to my doc once they didnt help me. i shouted many times that plz operate me I dont want any issues. No one listened to me. She came around 6 in the morning on 9th Dec and started the process of normal delivery. It was not easy and she said during the delivery process that "THIS WAS NOT THE IDEAL CASE FOR NORMAL DELIVERY". Ultimately due to increased baby sise (from 3.6 to 4.15) it was hard to take my baby out and they had to use FORCEPS. this process has caused a serious damage and injury to my baby that she is not normal in her behaviour now. She has become 4 montsh old today still she hasn't smil. Doctors have confirmed she in getting seizures and Epilepsy due to severe brain injury during delivery. She has Infantalie spasms too and getting severe jerks. She said in case i cross 90 weight she will have to operate me and i was around 94. she started having seizures and she z having them till nw and now we are running here and there to get her treated as there is no firm treatment available.
This has caused mental, emotional, physical, financial damage to me and my entire family and more than that my 4 months daughter is living life which is a gife to her becase of CARELESSNESS OF DR. GARIMA TYAGI AND SHANTI GOPAL HOSPITAL. I do not what to do but this Doc and hospital has ruined her life and ours too. Can anyone help me ??
Yes I agree, My experience with Shanti Gopal Hospital is extremely horrible. Their staff don't have ethics and sense how to talk and treat the patient. We were there for an Ultrasound. Firstly their billing counter says very rudely that the appointments are full and they can't do that. Then on our request they had given us the mobile no of Dr. Kalpana Bansal. We requested the doctor for the ultrasound and she had committed us that we go for billing and she will do that. Then after waiting for half an hour some ward body told us that doctor will come at 6:00 PM. So we had gone back to our home which is 7 km from there and came back at 6:00 PM. That ultrasound report was to be shown urgently to my doctor. They ask me to build the urine pressure and wait. U wouldn't believe we had waited over 1 hrs for the ultrasound and no body was ready to do that. They were busy in seeing other patients. How long someone can stop the urine pressure. Then a nurse came and says very rudely that send her at very last. Then on my objection, they had refused to do ultrasound and said we can take our money back. Now u can understand how much time and efforts they had wasted of ours.

Now If this should be the behavior of a Hospital? How irresponsible these hospitals are. They don't bother about the patients and all just looks for their money, one they got it, patient go to hell. Doctor is said to the GOD for patient but this so called GOD has become a money making machine now.. if not more than that. Then we had gone to Pushpanjali Crossly Hospital, Vaishali, where the doctor was very humble and they had done our ultrasound without wasting our time.

So I advice pls avoid shanti gopal hospital in future if u want to save your time as well as want to GET SOON...

I am copying the content what I pasted in another blog to share my experience of Dr Garima Tayagi.
Hi, My experience with this lady is bad. At the first place she seemed to be rude, and preoccupied in her own ego. Personally, I feel she is OK to consult if you feel that your case is normal, but in case of any complications or anything that is different than that usually happens, she is not matured enough to handle it properly and things may get worse. Moreover, I have personally felt that she is more concerned with terrorize patients in case of complications, and earn more money. After I had a bad experience with her attitude, I talked to few people who had visited her recently, and surprisingly, they also shared the same thought process. So, only if you feel that your case is normal, visit her, shell out money there otherwise a big NO.

Personally, I had OK experience with Shanti Gopal hospital in general, with the exception that their staff seems to be rude at some times, but that did not happen with me.
Yes Garima Tyagi is one of the worst Doctor to consult for any complication, she just wants to make money. she also runs a private clininc in indirapuram, nyay khand. I totally wasted Rs 2000 on my treatment and got no results, then i consulted some other doctor then only the problem was solved, also she is very rude and not able to give clear answers.
Hi, Last week I had gone there for my medcal check up done as per my company policy for preemplyment medical check up.. I am absolutely fit, So O was not worried about anything anf wad quite sure that I will get the fitness certi. I got my all necessary tests done and consulted to Dr. Preyrna Sharma. There were pus cells 8-10 in urine report and Dr. said that I am medically unfit and recommended me to take some medicine and go for ultrasound and 2-3 expensive tests.

I was very much surprised even the manner of the Dr. was very rude. It looked like it costs a lot when she speaks. Hardly she spoken with me properly. But I was cobfident that I ddidnt had probl. So very next day I got the urine test done at a lab by own and found everything normal. Later I consulted with Dr. Manish@HRC market who was very supportive and polite and observed the reports and declated me medically fit for any kind of job. Thanks to Dr. Manish
Hi, i consulted the gyna of this hospital whose name is Divya..When i went to her she asked me to buy medicine from the hospital reception itself and not the chemist shop .I was surprised but we went ahead with it..we paid 3000 for just four pills and when i questioned the doctor whether these medicines are available in the chemist shop she said yes but different company..she then asked me to come to her clinic after two days which i refused as i doubted her ...When we came back home we saw INR 450 written on the pills..Mind you INR 450 was just for whole strips and she gave just 4 pills out of it...Ofocurse ! i am not going back to this hospital again especially to the gyna Divya who keeps promoting her outside clinic but as the bill was given by the hospital themselves for the medicines it clearly shows hospital is involved too..
Hi, My husband was suffering from viral fever and we visited Shanti Gopal Hospital on Sunday. Our Bad luck was that only Preyrna Sharma was available. When we entered the room she was very unpolite and in hurry. I looked like she was forcibly sitting in the room and checking the patients. I was surprised, when I asked her about to reach her in any emergency, she said" No, Its Sunday and I don;t pick my phone on Sunday" On a very rude note, she said emergency means you should visit the emergency ward and don't call me. She is a very bad doctor, please don;t visit her as she may spoil the patient. A non experienced doctor behaviour.
Unprofessional behavior & Mismanagement
I had taken my mother with complaints of high fever in emergency on 25th Night. The staff was only interested in charging money against emergency treatment. The duty doctor then referred my mother to OPD. At the OPD there was a long queue and staff told us that it would not be possible for doctor to see my mother at-least before 2 hour. Then they again shifted them to Emergency. No one was telling the conditions of patients. At the emergency, I had spoken to Doctor Girish Joshi a adamant and unprofessional doctor. He told me that he can't tell me the conditions of patient, as this case had to see by Some senior doctor, who is sitting in OPD. The staff was fighting with each other. The problem was miss-communication and unprofessional behavior as no one was telling us the proper procedure. That time, I decided that it was better to go to some other hospital instead wasting the time. I was surprised how they are treating patient in emergency. Very poor management...
Chander Jeena

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