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[Resolved]  Solitaire builder,Pimple saudagar,Pune — Fraud of Solitaire

Most 3rd grade builder, The lady Dr. Raj (Engineer - Marathe, accountant Kakde)is a complete cheat. She promised a lot of things in the brochure but has failed to provide most of the things.The quality of the materials used is pathetic and the possession already delayed by 1 year.

Any one planning to buy a flat with her should prefer to have a second thought. Because she will not even return the 1 lakh booking charges if you plan to decide otherwise.

Please verify the names given above for any other project as well because she has started some other project as well with a different name.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Hello Madam/Sir,
For the last 3 years one builder is occupy office area in your colony compound, and hw promise to us that he is going to make a tower of 8 floor, and he also promise that he will give 1 lakh cach Deposit and a sum of RS 5000/- rent till the building is not complete but for the last 3 years he is not responding to us, and the condition of building was very-very poor, the building and collapse at any time if there was havilly rain this season. The building was situted at KURLA(W) and the address of the colony ( L.I.G. Colony, Pipe Road Bave Nagar, Kurla(W) Mumbai - 70.
Therefore, i kindly request you to please take action as soon as possible, if this builder is not capable of making build appoint some other builder.
Thanks & Regards.
I agree. They are chetaers. I have myself been there. She calls herself Dr Raj. Maybe she has done a PhD in Fleecology ;)

I was casually strolling and looking for new projects when I stumbled upon this shabby looking building called Solitaire Residency. The project will complete in March 2009 she said.

But just have a look now - its June 2009 and the building is half-painted using absolutely third grade quality of paint and the colour will make the building Famous ! I dont think the project will ever be completed.

She is building matchboxes which open through a slum ( the decorative gate ). On asking the slum dwellers it was clear that the main gate will never open because they are not going to go away from their land.

So don't even visit this place. If you do then you will make a big fool of yourself.
Buyers be aware about Yash Developers and Builders in Baner Oakwood Hills, He is one builder who is cheating people the same way, He asks 5 percent for NOC to sell your own flat in his society and his work is very poor as well.
Can you elaborate why you are calling Solitaire builder 3rd grade?
I am resident of Solitaire builders, before buying I did my usual R&D though there was delay I am very satisfied now, thinks are happening as promised, I know of my friends who have bought in adjacent projects the prices are outrageous, projects have not even completed, and very corporate, no personal attention.After staying overthere for few days any compaints, I just approach them and things get done without the corporate jingalala. WORLD IS NOT PERFECT...
I agree the colour of the building is third grade plus the construction quality is not at all gud.
I am planning to buy this property, even I had dropped once to this property. Now searching the internet found this complaint, what went wrong there can some body explain me? But it seems to be price wise cheapst in that area. Want real opinion from you all, please write to me.

Thanks in advance...
I am agree with you all. I am also a owner of one of the flat in Solitaire residency.

Everybody (lady Dr. Raj, Engineer - Marathe, accountant Kakde) is a complete fraud. Construction, Plumbing, sanitary, etc etc quality is pathetic.

We are not getting things done as they promised us at the time of booking. Also day by day builder is demanding(Forcefully) more and more money other than the amount mentioned on paper(Agreement) or the things which are pending yet and not ready to give receipt of this extra amount.

I would like to suggest to interested buyer of this building ... Please dont go for this property. As I don't want anybody to get fooled or victim of the this builder like me.
Yes I agree with all those who are completely not happy with the Solitaire Builders so called kamina group (Dr?? Raj and her employees).
Everybody is cheater there. No professionalism at all..
I am owener of one flat there and faced too many problems with quality of product. In addition to this she has taken (forcefully) 10000 Rs extra for Piped Gas even if piped gas was included in agreement Plus she has taken extra maintaince cost.
Water leakage is every where there in flat. That selfish lady always lie.

Please don't dare to buy flat there...
I am also a owner of a flat in Solitaire Residency..
It has been more than 2 months since I am staying here and every weekend there will be one or the other work in Progress.. There is not a single wall which is free from seepage(either directly connected to outer wall/washroom or not having any connection to either of these).. The flooring in entire flat is so pathetic that water seeps in to the Living Room Walls..
As per Pamphlet and Actual:
- Piped LPG System in each kitchen : Pay 10K extra for this(nowhere mentioned at time of agreement).
- Hindware or equivalent sanitaryware. Actual : Delphi fittings done (local)
- Wooden door frames to all rooms. Actual : Cement Door Frame Provided

Now the brochure has also changed.. The one which I am having is different from the other one...
Every week, there is one or the other issue with Lift...
Dr Raj is fraud and don’t buy this property even though if you will need to pay bit more for other. I am also one of the owner. There is some or other problem everyday, we are facing.

Dr Raj and her husband is number one cheater. Till you give your booking amount, she talks with you like customer is most valuable to them but as they will receive the booking amount, picture changes…in her words she says “I am not here to entertain you’’ and she will not listen your single complaint. Indirectly telling that you can’t do anything, whatever I am giving is like I am doing favor to you.

Quality is really really very pathetic and there is problem with tiles. You can see four to five different variant in the tile in every room, kitchen and also in bathroom. It looks very pathetic. And she says we got problem with labor and labor had spoiled the tiles before leaving…all liessssssssss
There is seepage problem everywhere and main thing is they say they don’t know from where the seepage is coming and they don’t have solution also…
Anyways she is not giving many of the promised things and latest news is that she has promised to build half acre amphitheater which is also there on the plan layout but now she is building Raw-house there
Plus, she is asking for extra money other than on agreement and if you say you don’t want gas connection and all then she will not give you temporary possession and will stop work in your flat
I really curse the day when I have taken decision to book the flat there…please don’t be carries away by this fraud builder.
I may sound like a builder's person but I have generally seen a notion in people that they just keep on criticizing builders for no reason. Coming to you comments like builder have not kept his promises what promises are you talking about. I stay in solitaire we have a 3BHk there. We never faced a problem with the builder. regarding anything. Be it payments be it possession.

Our house not have a single seepage or finishing problem.
Sorry but don't just go by craps what ppl write.
It has been 2 months in our new home and no problem literally.

yah...i agree that amenities r not ready...But it is a problem with all Builders...
Yes...I agree with you...I have a 2Bhk flat there...I don't have any seepage problem.I had some problem with variant in the tiles.But now they are changing it. Lay out is good & location is excellent.Price is less than the other projects in this area.It's true that amenities are not ready.Only childrens park is ready.But now they've started working on it(swimming pool&health club).LET'S HOPE FOR THE BEST.
Hi All,

I am planning to buy flat in solitaire, but she is qouting me at the rate of 2500 sq/ft for a 3Bhk(42lacs including maintenance&LPG) ...I think the price is good compare to other projects.can anybody help me out in this to check with rate?...I am ready to buy it at this rate..I have seen other projects..but the price is too high...I also saw Rajveer palace(3200 per sqft) ..The buildings looks cool. However, there are no flats available which have even a hint of view of so called amenities. The project shape is rectangular and buildings appear like a boggies of a train. Right now there is no construction on right or left side, so its airy and sunny in lots of flats. But over a few years, as the new buildings come up on both sides, it will be a different story altogether.
Hi, now she is quoting 41.25 including everything for 3 bhk...I think this is a very good price in this area.can anybody tell me abt this price?

I have a 2 BHK flat at solitaire and I bought it 3 months back. At that time I got a good deal of 30 Lac including everthing for it. I think for 3 BHK, you have a good deal in that area.

According to amenities, It is true, not all are ready and I also have a seapage in my flat. But work is going on and builder is now taking corrective action against it. This is true, there are many problems going with builder but now, only you could see what is ready and what she is offering to you. So it's your decision after all it's your money.


We have a 2BHK Flat at solitaire.
There are few problems that we are facing.. But the people out there are looking into it..Its not at all being neglected.
And all these are minor problems which can be easily solved.
Price is less than the other projects in this area ... After paying more are you sure you wont face such problems .. ??
Cost wise its a very good deal.
One more complaint against the same builder:

Those who are praising this builder must be relatives of her who have got a cut in this fraud !!!

BEWARE of Solitaire builders !!!

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