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spark — damages by Metro Chevrolet when car was given for repair

Dear Sir

This is second complain against your dealer called Metro Chevrolet in New Delhi.

On12/5/2011 I gave my car with registration no. DL9 CT 3424 Spark Chevrolet (purchasedin Sep 2010) for change of damaged bumper etc. Metro’s Body shop people kept my vehicle for 15 days in the name ofchanging damaged parts. But in fact they used my car as over 17 km distance ittravelled, as a consequence the petrol was consumed, driver side front wheelcap was damaged, a toy sunray basedflower was damaged. This proves that someone has used my car and it was damagedwhile it was under the custody of Metro Chevrolet’s Body Shop. As a consequenceof accident made by Metro Chevrolet’s Body Shop staff it has lost its wheelbalancing and wheel alignment. A car which was damaged by some one and wasgiven to workshop for repair was subjected to accident by second time by staffof Metro Chevrolet staff. I did not get satisfactory reply as the dealing staffwas himself responsible for accident of my car given for repairing.

MetroChevrolet does not have policy of removal of culprit workers / staff that iswhy such daring was done by culprit staff. Such acts deter we to visit MetroChevrolet as it is not trustworthy dealer. This is clear case for cancelling thedealership of Metro Chevrolet as it is spoiling the name Chevrolet.

I need compensationof Rs. 5000/- for damages made by the staff of Metro Chevrolet.

Isincerely advice you to please look into whole matter, make an inquiry, and removethe Metro Chevrolet from dealership.

Dr.Ratnakar Gedam

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This never happened to my car before. Seems that either Autovikas guys have changed the battery or they have not fitted the battery back correctly after servicing. I have no time to visit the service center again during the week, so i have been taking help from people to get it started by towing it.
The worst part is that my battery is not getting charged anymore. I travel 30 kms one side tomy office daily and in course the batttery should be charged. But God knows, what these Autovikas guys have done to my car, the battery is not chargin up. I am now waiting for the weekend to get it fixed. I have already spent my last Sunday in the service center and will be spending the next one as well.
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Respected sir,
It is request to respscted sir that,i have spark 1.0 LS(B) .Regt date.07/01/10 autority palamE.No B10s1355838kc2 and ch.MAN6MF481J9T041051....................................
Complint 1: SIR. as per spark rule for 3 years its maintance should be free. but they charge me for 3 servecis. and from day one there is complaint for A/c and avrage
Second:- and main problem for car clutch for which i gave car to palm service station with all complaints on 6 Aug 2010. but they give lame excuse for non avilibility of material and take car for 2 days , end of the day i recive car with simple washing and same problems . kindly do my favour and think for un autorised charge
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spark — Pathetic Services, Worst Staff and False Promises and Never Meeting Expectation

This is to Express my extreme dissatisfaction with Chevrolet Spark Company as well as their unruly Partner Pashankar Auto Wheels where Extremely Poor Customer Service and Not Meeting Expectation is a daily routene job and hereby signifies that this is going to lead them NO-WHERE.

I bought my vehicle 2 months back... staff is completely incompetent and do not have any understanding of their own process related to required documentation and financial assistance.. due to which even after paying advance amount I need to wait for 39 days for getting papers on the basis of which I can take out my vehicle..Story does not end here ...
Unfortunately my car met with an accident due to which I need to drop the vehicle at the service center for repairing the front part where after Intial Formality
I had dropped my vehicle on 27th August
I was promised that I will get the vehicle with in month of september...and still on daily basis I need to follow up with
1. Sameer
2. Satish Kulkarni
who commit on daily basis that vehicle can be delivered at the end of the day and I do not need to worry about it ..But at the end of the day they Switch OFF their mobile...they are least bothered about it as they know that it is normal for them and they are being trained on deliverring this type of services
Every day they comes up with a new excuse ..This is simpy ridiculous and not acceptable ...
I am fed up with the complete Chevrolet organization and I can see there are lot of such people like me ..that why they have not left any email address / contact number where escalation can be addressed as they know that there services and Products are Just Pathetic ...

Till now I am waiting for my vehicle delivery and it is being more than 40 days ..which has irritated, confused and frustrated me a lot ...
I would recommed all the readers to not to go for chevrolet cars AT ALL---No Customer service at all..
AT the end I am sure that once my vehicle would be delivered I would be handed over a hefty bill which would not have any explanation except that I will have to bear it BLINDLY...

If some one sensible enough can read and reply to me it would be atleast appreciated - Contact me on [protected]
In fact pre-sale and after sale service by Metro Chevrolet is very poor. Also workers, staff and watchmen in Metro Chevrolet's Body shop in Bawa Potteries Industrial Complex, Vasant Kunj are thieve and criminals. After bringing my Spart at home I found that jack used to remove wheel and its handle missing. Also, a screw used to tie spare wheel in dickey missing. A sun ray powered flower broken etc. Those who desire to buy any car must avoid buying car manufactured by General Motors as they have employed dealers and their people with no moral values. They want to rob the customer desiring to buy car of General Motors. Metro Chevrolet is a company where all are involved in immoral sales and wants your car to be destroyed in short times after they sale you. .
We planned to purchase one small diesel car after making enquiries over phone and found that M/s Shamam Motor Services Pvt. Ltd. (Metro Chevrolet) A-2/6 Safdarjung Enclave, Africa Avenue, Delhi – 110 029 are most competitive because this Chevrolet dealer has offered us a discount of Rs. 12000/- alongwith free car accessories like parking sensor, Leather seat cover, Mats, Mud flap and perfume from the Ex-show room price of Rs. 589349/- for the Car Chevrolet Beat 1.0LTO BS04 Super Red . While booking the Car the dealer also offered us to get registered the car with Gurgaon Haryana RTO and also get insurance of car with the reimbursement of registration expenses Rs. 32508/- and Rs. 17067/- towards insurance premium.

While taking delivery of the car the dealer issued us a retail invoice No. 524 dated 21/11/2012 for Rs. 5, 88, 769/- including 12.5% VAT. As per the offer if we calculate net Ex-show room price then it should have come to Rs. 589349/- less discount Rs. 12000/- = Rs. 577349/-. As such dealer charged us Rs. 11420/- extra in the ex-show room price of the car, which was totally unfair.

Similarly we paid the Metro Chevrolet Rs. 17067/- towards reimbursement of insurance premium expenses. The insurance cover note which Metro Chevrolet provided us is for an insurance premium of Rs. 13022/-. As such we paid Metro Chevrolet Rs. 4045/- extra on account of insurance premium also.

The car has been registered but Metro Chevrolet did not provide us High Security Number plate and also Metro Chevrolet did not give details tax paid and other expenses to know how much extra Metro Chevrolet Has taken in this account also.

We made a complaint of Metro Chevrolet to Chevrolet Sale India, Gurgaon and Mr. Manmohan Bhaskar attended to our complaint through Ms. Payelray Chaudhury. Interestingly Ms. Payelray Chaudhury informed me that this discount of Rs. 12000/- offered by Metro Chevrolet has been adjusted against the logistic charges as per the company’s policy. She was not ready to tell me difference between Ex. factory price and Ex. showroom price. Logistic charges can be taken if Metro Chevrolet has given me car on Ex. factory price not on Ex. Showroom price. It seems Chevrolet India is also involved in the unfair trade practices. She also informed that the excess money taken in the insurance premium has also been adjusted towards the free accessories which have been provided free of cost. This shows that Chevrolet India fully supports the cheating being committed by Metro Chevrolet. They may cheat buyer of new car as well as for repairing in your case. I am not sending my new car for servicing to Metro Chevrolet Vasant Kunj after reading your complaint.

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