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 RAJU K J on May 8, 2011
I am living in Cochin and during my journey to Thrissur one man named Johny said to me that he booked one flat in the project of STAR HOMES namely STAR DALE and he said that eventhough he invested 40% of the cost for aoom flat in ALUVA he not got the flat as promised by the company. Also the company is saying some unrealistic reasons to explain their fault.This type of attitude needs to be faught with and I will support you in your fight towards this type of cheating.

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Dear Mr. Gafoor, In fact, I was looking at the website for an openion about this company as I have been listening about the advertisement comes in the malayalam channels continuously, especially when I heard about around Rs.18 lakhs for a 3 bedroom flat, it was unbelievable, hence I checked and I found your msg. However, suggest you may authorize any of your relatives to sue them in the court of law against your agreement signed with the property promoters and also keep spreading an email through your personal contacts with a request to spread it among all keralites in & out India. These kind of fraudulant actions can be taken up immediately with various organizations in our place. You may complaint with the property builder's association as well as write a letter to the ministry office also. I will try to get some contacts to the central ministry. Will call you soon.

My dear Friend,

I am also in the same situation happened in Muscat. Star Homes came to Muscat and arranged the expo in 2007. I have paid full amount of RS.8, 10, 000/- on the assumption that they will handover the flat in 2009 June. Everytime they are postponing the date of handing over and as you said some excuses like global finance crisis and electricity connnection etc...

I also wish to get my money back with interest which we accumulated from many years's hardwork in this desert.

Sebastian 99799426 Muscat.
I would like to add that Star Homes has a project in Tripunithara, Kochi which is not yet handed over to the owners. The project started between 2001 to 2003 and even after 9 to 11 years, the owners have not been able to get the flats. The construction is over since last two years, but not handed over to owner due to reason like, power is not connected, corporation number not received etc...!

Most of the investors in this project are expats because it was widely advertised and sold out in various GCC countries. The investors go to India for short vacations and they hardly find time to take up this matter further with the concerned legal authorities.

Thank you for raising this issue in the media.


I have a friend who also hsd invested in[protected] project and yet to receive the Flat. They say some flimsy reasons like labour problem, water problem and the like. His email is He is a poor chap and cannot do anything by himself. He regulary goes to the Star Home Office, they say some escuses and comes back with it for the last 8 years
I totally agree - even we have been a victim of star homes scam. We were trapped in the same project that Mr. Idiculla mentioned, it has been 10 years now and still no sign of handing over the flat to us.
What is that we can do to fight these scamsters collectively? It is our hard earned money!
I Alphonse mathew is also a victim of the same(star annex tripunithura-2002 ) which has mentioned by Mr.Idicula, Silpa and many more. I hereby sugesting to form an action plan to get our justice.I invite the clients of star annex to gather together to make an action plan. contact-[protected]
I Ravisankar the same victim of Star Scam kindly advice anybody how i can get back my money from this company_ / [protected]
Dear Friend,

I am also in the same situation, I am an NRI living in Dubai. Made deal with M/s Star Homes for a Two bedroom Apartment in Tripunithura Ernakulam. As agreed with Star Homes for this apartment I have paid them the whole amount of Rs. 6, 98, 000.00 on July 2004 on a condition that the construction, completion & handing over of the apartment will be on Nov. 2005. Till now, even after seven years, they did not hand over the apartment and they have different excusses every time when I approch them and now-a-days no proper response from their end.

I do not know how to proceed further, please advise.
This group Star Homes is a fraud. I am also a victim. Let us all get our heads together and take them on head on and seek legal recourse. I appeal to all investors in Star Apartment Annexe to form a group and flood them with representations with copies to district admin/corporate affairs etc and save our invested money.
Me Anil from Jeddah Saudi Arabia the same victim of Star Scam, paid full money for a small one bedroom home in the Annex Thripunnithara project and waiting for last 10 years, .All this time i listen from them many excusses by phone and direct, But it's over, Dear friends this ppls are No;1 fraud, Now the time, all victims to join together for getting back our valued money from this big trapp. contact-
Dear Friends, My name is madhu, I am also a victim of START CHEATING. I am presently based in Mumbai after return from Dubai. I booked flat in Star Annex at Tripunitura on March 2003. Till date the procession is not given. Last year when I gone to Kerala, I visited the Star office. They infomed that the Handing over process is started and you can do the registration of your flat.

While booking, they agreed to pay the rent / interest from the date of full payment till the handing over the pocession. Later stage they denied to pay but I fought with their advertaisement on Malayala news paper and finally they started paying the rent. They paid the rent @ 2, 250 for about 16 to 18 months there after they stoped by giving the reason of financial crises due to global financial crisis. As on date when i visited their office the rent due was about Rs. 85000.00 due.

When asked to use this amount towards registraion charges (which is about 35000 as per their previous letters) they came with some other charges like misc expenses of Rs. 45000 in addition to this registration charges. Finaly the registraion did not happend.

I have visited the building. It is ready position without electicity and water. Scelton boards are in place for electricity and the entire area is covered with grass and jungle plants.

One month before there was a news on Sury TV showing that one building (probably Building No 42) is slanding on one side and other buildings have major cracks on walls. Some residents given the complaint and they given to media. Even in the news, they did not givent he Star homes name in the news.

Last month I could contact Mr. Ajay Warghees Geroge the MD of Star Hose and he promised to pay the balance due in the first or second week of October. when I called he is not picking up the cell Cell No. :[protected]

We have to have the joint hands to fight against this cheating. One wise persone mekes so many people as fools. Now all the fools have to get togethere and make the wise man to be a fool. You may contact me on [protected]
Iam Thomas from Saudi Arabia, also a victim of this cheating.I booked a 3 bed room flat in 2004( Star homes Annex Thripunithura).And paid the full amount.Till now, I didn't get any positive response from their side.We all have to join together, to get back our hard earned money.
Hi All
My parents had booked a flat at Star Annex in 2004.It was all they had from their retirement benefits.
Initially they were receiving a paltry compensation per month of around 2000 per month..for the last 4-5 years.they stopped receiving these cheques as well.They received quite a few letters from the builder stating that since they are in financial trouble, not to encash the cheques.
Also everytime they follow up, they are told..ready this April, this August, this december etc.
They are retired people and do not have the courage to go to police or court fearing harrasment and the long delays.But let us get together and fight this out.I am creating a group and will soon contact everyone on email ( whosever I can collect).
Others who have not shared their email can contact

dear all this, ajay varghese is a fraud, thinks he is very smart... we should go and protest in front of his house, he stays in star enclave, edapally toll junction, near the vincent generalate. we should scare him and strip him and march him on the road... and this this be a lesson for all such builders who live on other peoples money.court cases will only take time... 7396
Dear all

Can we collect each others contact to make an action against star homes management ?
Dear Friends,
Please give us the contacts of people who had booked star county in Aluva.
Is there someone in and around kochi who can help and organise a forum to take all affected parties under one fold and take on the star managements?
Dear All

I am Baiju from Bangalore. I also booked the flat of Star Homes in Aluva five years back with partial payment and started house loan. Later I found there is no work ongoing and I contacted the bank and stopped the loan. We can all Unite together and fight against the Frauds. My contact is Thanks
Have heard star homes annexe got eletricity/water last 15 days, need to check

possession is march 2012
It is just unbelivable ... I thought only we were fooled. I am also a victim in this trap. The flat I booked is in thripunithura, .. Luckly I have received the ownership deed 3 years ago and I have given it for rent to them since then. With great difficulty I have collected the small rent till Sept.2010... after that nothing is received. Now what I am thinking is somehow to get the place vacated and to dispose it off . Im there to join hands to fight againt this scandel...

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