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The step by step school in Noida is charging a ridiculous amount of fees from the parents under unjustified heads like meal charges even for non-working days, social service that the school does in its name, scholarships fund but no scholarships are given etc. etc. Besides, the school boasts of many excursions and trips for students within the city for 'practical' education, for which they charge extra amount, over and above the already high fees. To top it all, the level of academics in the school is not exactly first rate either and in fact is quite debatable.
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please tell me which one is better step by step or genesis global school or the most expensive pathways
I agree, we admitted our child in step by step noida but withdraw her out because of the substancial increase in fees in the same year she joined in. Apart from the quarterly fees, ..which is anyways too high, there are other compulsary charges added up every month -like excursion costs/ workshop charges etc etc. Its ridiculous.
I am also an SBS parent and I completely disagree regarding the 'level of academics' comment of yours. I think the school provides an excellent all around development to the students and puts in extra effort that none of the other so called prestigious school provide. Most of us parents have pulled out our kids from other schools to have them join SBS. We regularly compare notes and find that all of us are very satisfied with the way things are progressing.

In fact the school has a very open policy on handling parents' grievances. If you do have a point to make about the academics please do address them to the Principal. I have always found the management extremely open to parent feedback.
it is easy to make a dissenting note about a school.i know it is expensive, well so are all things good and worthwhile . education was never cheap and never will be, don, t even expect it . this school does and should be even harsher in instilling discipline and behavioural ettiquettes in our children . So that the incidents happening to our kids in australia happen only insignificantly . Our kids are ill mannered when it comes to social behaviour of countries such as Australia, their inability to adapt to a more polite social behaviour stems from their upbringing and that has a lot to do how the schools are handling them .
In majority of schools parents condone arrogant and rude behaviour as progressive and advantageous, but in real global life thes are the reasons for failures .
look at the history of civilisation[protected]when was good education cheap -------when it is,[protected] the outcome is cheap humans ( usually our children ).

What do you expect from a teacher that cannot support and have the lifestyle that you expect them to teach our children .
I fully agree to the complaint. The fees charged by Step By Step School Noida is not worth it. Most of the things there are just eye wash, aimed to please at the superficial level and most of the south Delhi crowd gets easily conned by them. There is no individual attention and 2 teachers per class in the junior section is mere talk. If you go deep into exactly how the school and the teachers are implementing the ideas, you get a sorry picture. The Management tries to be very clever and smart, and will try to brush away any real criticism under the carpet by giving some excuse or (ir)rationale. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY. Might as well go to Amity or DPS or others that charge 20% of what SBS charges and compensate by providing additional classes.
Dear disappointed Parent :

If this was a REAL complaint you would have put your name and not put an anonymous comment to defame a school you are still sending your child to despite yearning for "Amity or DPS". Perhaps you hate this 'expensive' school but have no other choice ? Or perhaps you love this school but darn its too 'expensive' ? There could be no third reason that you continue to be the "Disappointed Parent". Think about it.

'South Delhi Crowd' could not unanimously be a group of naive people who continue to get conned ! This is not about a comparison of schools - Amity and DPS are great schools in their own right and no doubt they will provide 'extra' classes and incrementally produce board toppers ! Do you know that the best board results last year were from Apeejay Faridabad ?.

Good "education' could be the number of toppers a school produces, or the price value proposition or the kind of philosophy the school has or the infrastructure and opportunities or...- it means different things to different people.

I find it suspicious when nameless people carry on with a personal vendetta - the net makes it so easy.

Like I said before, I am a parent. Both my children go to SBS - my e mail id and name is on my message. Do you care to write to me about your issues ? I will personally ensure that I meet the management on your behalf and resolve your issues?

Unless you do not want to be named because you plan to carry on cribbing about the fees on the net while you keep your child in the same school that you want to trash.
SBS is a very notorious school and i tell you all these pro SBS people are a part of the management posing as happy parents.
And all the Unhappy guys with fictitious names, no e mail ids and no phone numbers are the REAL parents you mean ?!. Must be one helluva school with so many anonymous unhappy guys sending their unwilling kids persistently so that they could write bitter complaints on e mail forums.

My number is [protected]. Yes it is an expensive school but other than that if there is an issue, why doesn't anyone call me ? Or may be I can call you if you care to leave a real name and e mail id ? I am not part of the school management - I am just another SBS parent but I am willing to go the extra mile to resolve this unnecessary mudslinging.
It is true that the some of the heads of the fee bill is illogical & fee is too high. but quality of teachers & teaching material is very good. The way they provide knowlegde to the child is wonderful.
For all the ppl mudslinging SBS, check out the credentials of the Academic team that is leading the school. Almost all of them with more than 15 to 20 years of "EDUCATIONAL" experience.

There is nothing in this world called as a "Free Meal". If you want quality, you need to pay for it.
My son is studying in Amity I was planning to shift him to Step by Step. I had heard great things about it. So as you can imagine, this is a shock and has forced me to stop and re-evaluate. It would be great if we knew more about the quality of education and their dealing with the personality's softer issues.
I think Step by Step is a great school. My daughter just got admission in step by step.
The Principal of the school is very nice. During ous interaction, I was really impressed by her.
I am looking forward to send her to SBS.
I am a parent carefully examining schools at the moment to be able to send my two sons to. Yes, I agree, I wish there was some contact information of people here who write, so atleast we could possibly call and find out more from you. What is the advantage of being anonymous- it kinda is a cushion you want to use, and for what. I really need to know really about the school and its activities. Till now, some have crbbed about the fees, and nothing beyond that. That needs to be talked to about with the authorities if unknown expenses to come up.

Please parents, put in your names, so we can discuss further with you.
I find the senior staff at step by step noida somewhat rude. Even people sitting at the reception can be quite moody.
Oh boy! I was doing a survey of schools in Noida to put my child to, and i started out with Step by Step. The comments that the unhappy parents have put up has been quite discouraging and my very first image of Step by Step has been tarnished. On some level i do believe that the 'happy parents' are part of the management and the 'unhappy parents' are real people putting forward real issues. You know that is the problem with such schools, there are a lot of hidden costs over and above the fee structure.
Well, iam a parent of a 6year old wid a minor learning disability. He is currently in Apeejay, Noida where is not doing well. The school onl focusses on grades and had no help to offer to me except telling me to work more hard wid my child. There were no counsellars available to talk to. Anyhow, i took eternal couselling and got a phycometric test conducted for my son. The results are awaited. What has prompted me to write all dis is the fact that i heard SBS caters to kids like my son giving them the patience and the extra time that they deserve as well as relating them main to mainstream education goingon.

I need genuine suggestions and help on this. Is SBS good for my son? I am ok paying more than what i pay to Apeejay provided the school gives wat it is meant to give - Total education and not just classifing him into an "E" or a "D" grade student!
Shveta (
Step By Step school total in a business mind they only need money
well, i am a parent of a 6 yr old with a special needs . sbs is the best thing that ever ever ... i could do for my child. the lov . care and understanding of needs of evey child is there motto. education is not about grades only it is about all round developement of the child. which is what is done here.
if you want the best then pay for it.
prmeet thind
I am a parent of twins in SBS and an educationist by profession. I am fully satisfied with the quality of education imparted in SBS. Other schools maintain a low fee structure but gradually drop the quality of education. A large amount is spent by parents on tutions. We as parents freely spend on expensive vacations and on things giving temporary material happiness. What are we going to do with all those things that we acquire when our kids who are going to use them will be of poor quality. As a parent I would rather invest in quality eduation for my children then any thing else.

Parents with complaints be fearless and reveal yourselves. When one knows one is doing something wrong, one always hides and does it. When you are doing something good, you are fearless and visible. Also, just an advice, if you have a negative opinion about the school, your children will pick it up. Their respect for their teachers will go down and along with that their grades. For centuries we have called a teacher a 'guru' and given them a place equavalent to parents, if not more. And anything that lasts the test of time is true.

I love SBS, it's teacehrs, it's attitude towards education and childen and mainly it's vision and mission. (Class II Mother)
If all the happy parents are a part of the 'management' the school sure has a huge 'management team'. They probably need to have their 'managment meetings' in an auditorium.

The last thing you should do is enter a school with a negative opinion. Find a school that makes you totally happy for 12 long years.
Dear Disappointed Parent,

Please reveal yourself. I don't think you are actually a parent of SBS. You are just an envious parent who did not get admission. And what stops you from not making the better choice of another school?

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