[Resolved]  Sutherland Global Services — NON RECEIPT OF SALARY FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL

From : Miss. Juvena Dsouza
203 Sunflower, Lourdes colony
Orlem, Malad (West)
Mumbai – 400 064. Mobile # [protected]

Date : July 7, 2008

The Administrative Manager
Sutherland Global Services
101 Interface Building No. 16
Off Link Road
Malad (West)
Mumbai – 400 064.

Dear Sir :

Subject : Appointment as Technical Support Executive.
Employee # IN 060933

I have received my appointment letter No. SGS/2007/25352 dated 26th March, 2008 and have worked in your office for the above post with effect from 1st April, 2008 upto 30th April, 2008.

On 30th April, 2008, 5 of the employees who joined Sutherland were asked to submit our resignation which we did and the salary of the other 4 employees were paid on the 1st of May, 2008 and only my salary was kept back for reasons best known to Sutherland.

On June 1, when I telephoned Ms. Rajlaxmi at your Madras Finance department, I was told that the salary will be paid by July 1st week and now again when I asked her that July 1st week is over and I have not received my salary, she says that I have to get an OK from your Mumbai Sutherland office to enable her pay the salary.

I request you with this letter to pay me my salary before 31st July, 2008, failing which I will not hesitate to take the necessary further action. Please note that I have my sisters working for the Times Of India and the Income Tax Office, and I will not hesitate to publish this bias attitude of Mr. Jiten and Mr. Raj Nair, since all the 4 girls working with me and submitted resignation with me, were paid their salaries. If it was any wrong on my part, was the same not applicable to the other employees also.

Please look into the matter and let me have a fair opinion from your Sutherland Office.

Your return reply will help.

MS. JUVENA DSOUZA, Employee # IN 060933
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Aug 14, 2020
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This is Akshay Kapoor an ex-employee of Sutherland; I have applied for my PF six months back and haven't received any update on the same. I have tried calling the HR at the mumbai office but havent received any update about my PF.I was told that either my form has been lost or been sumbitted but they dont have an update.I have visted the office at several occasion but was sent back without any proper response.Requesting you to look into the matter and update me about the status, as my uncle is working in the PF office I could withdraw my PF if I have the receipt of sumbission.

Please look into the matter and update me on the status of my PF

EMP ID : IN049264
EMP NAME : Akshay Kapoor

Akshay Kapoor
Email me @ [protected]
Mobile no : [protected]
Following is the email which is I sent Mr. Paresh Rajade for non payment of my salary.

On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 6:35 PM, snehal tawade <[protected]> wrote:

I am Miss Snehal C. Tawade was employee in Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd. I had given proper notice period and my full and final statement is cleared from Hr.

I am feeling very bad to say I am not getting any response or fixed date for the payment from your account department and Hr department, it is really shame that employee given proper notice period and constantly coming to your office is not paid with her salary from last 8 months. Even it is been told by Mr. Paresh Rajade that my payment would be cleared on 10 th of July 2008, still the organization was not able to kept his word.

I am in badly need of money due to some family problems and frustrated with the response from Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd. Please try to understand even I don't like to disturb you again and again I am requesting you to make my payment.

I will appreciate response from your side.
Sutherland is one of the worst companies i ever worked with, it is one of the C grade callcentres, I am from vizag facility, the managment realy sucks employee is happy

Sutherland Global Services — Bad HR people

I worked in one of their office and shifted to another place and apply for the job.

Although I have everything and qualify for the job, Sutherland HR is very bad, they consider you only if you have BRIBE
Sutherland Global Services Pvt. Ltd. is a CRIMINAL organisation!! The Government should really look into what goes on inside the organisation and have the CEO Dilip Vellodi arrested! The company cashes in on human sweat and blood. They overwork the employees and torture them worser than Egyptian slaves! The agents are underpaid and illtreated by their TLs and criminal managers who have mastered criminology and torture!It is high time some one did something about these hardcore crimals!
Sutherland Global Services Pvt. Ltd.( AIROLI ) is a HEARTLESS organization !!
CEO Dilip Vellodi is not even aware what is going on out here in Mumbai, Airoli.
The Manager ( Ex Accenture Manager Who was Terminated ) is a result oriented person ...even though your not well you are asked to come to the office to prove yourself !
(What a Sincere Dedication to EXPLOIT Human Efforts )
The company recruits people who have Scrupoulous records as job hoppers in the BPO industry !!!
And people who can hardly know what English Language is all about !!
People who hardly have any knowledge about the proccess are promoted as SME"s and TEAM LEADERS who have pathetic man management skills..
To add up the INSULT ...You are made to work like Dogs, without any breaks ( Not even For Natures Call )

I would sincerely like to advice all the people to rather join a Domestic BPO than being a part of this LOUSY ORGANISATION !!!
Leave employees now a day's they are not even leaving there clients.

Doing email manipulations to get positive surveys and making fraud sales.

That is one of the reason sutherland loosing its client like dell and microsoft.
It's a Cheater company, cheats its employee with PF.

And Clients with Email manipulations and removal & Fraud sales.

Manager's don't know what are data they have.

They only target people whome they don't want and keep thier puppets who moves there tail in front of them.

Irish Goldfin is just good for nothing.
Ashok Clements COC is stinking now, No matter whoever escalate RESULT NONE...
Now a days after MS fall ...
Managers busy retailiating there favourite it does not matter how big team they have or how good thier scores are.
My TL is on bench for past 8 months his scores were awesome and they removed him saying his head count is low.

And now they have some teams with head count of 6 but they are not going to do it anymore - cause favourite.

Am I correct Pand rang shrihasti.

One more team with 6

Am I correct Myron Nunes

Target was of rationalization head count of 15..

Am I correct Avro Nandy..

Now you have head count of 158 and TL count 14 which means either you should be having 210 Agents, or 10 TLS.

Quit amazing is'nt it Pankaj singh..

Do not worry we will remove the toxic that's the agenda.

Right Sashidhar.

Stack rank not released yet !!!

Let us manipulate it.

Our favourites are in bottom... Oopss...

Bhai Bhai ko bachana hai...

Right Hemant...

Sutherland sucks.
And one more thing.

There Manager's also sleeps on floor..

Proof is available on FACEBOOK...

No name plz every one know's it...
but if Agent sleeps...

Referred to HR...

Irish goldfien you need to work on your profile.

Because undergraduate PM does not know how to tackel it..
Truth hurts...
I can understand...
your image on facebook shows the company reputation...
Sabharish it is about you...
hello am an x-employee for sutherland i been trying to contact somebody about lots of issues that i have been seeing in sutherland in egypt and was the reason that i quite am not sure who do i contact or were but i seriously need some help because i really liked my job and had to leave it because of the management in egypt so please if someone picked this up just live me a contact e-mail and ill contact...

the only reason am doing this its because i had my experience with this company and i hate to see it go down because of bad management, also because things were better before all the good people left
No he is not grass hopper, he is grass hopping goat, have you seen his face ?
Think goat smoking grasss... Hahaha...
bokra dhadi with grass
Msg for you sutherland:

You betrayed MATC people...
Everthink what if they together betray you now ???

You company sucks...
HI all
I was also the sutherland Employee, I worked athere for 5 months and i was really pissedoff coz of only one fine reason that i was very ill and i was not able to work for 1 week and when i told my manageres about my sickness they starte giving me foolish examples of different employee who work even if they are not welll and just after that unfortunetly my DAD WAS HOSPITALZED, I informed my managers about this but still they gave me warning letter
and this was my final warning letter and they started making me afraid about termination, they were like if they terminate me i will not able to work in any other organization coz i ill be blacklisted so they told me to be regular ..
I tried my level best but coz of financial problem i was again not able to go to work for one day...then i was really afraid hence decided to leave the job without informing because one of friend told me that they never accept YOUR RESIGNATION...NOW after TWO MONTHS they sent me a letter stating that I OWE 10175 RS/- not for serving notice period and IT is also mentioned that if I DO not pay this amount i ill not reeceive any DOCUMENTS AND LETTERS plus i ill face strict action...I M REALLY AFRAID GUYS I M VERY SHORT OF FINANCE AND I CANT EVEN AFFORD TO PAY THIS HIGH AMOUNT AND I DONT WANT TO FACE POLICE OR ANY OTHER THING WHICH WILL AFFECT MY CARRER SO PLEAASE HELP>>>>>

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