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MY BIKE'S front has been changed before it was sold to me. I have informed the TVS company in the initial 7 days of purcahse that either there is some fault in the bike or the parts have been replaced but they do not admit to the fact. One showroom in panchkula says that there is some defect and has changed the front of the vehicle however the CMPL TVS showroom in chandigarh denies the fact till date. I had never thought that it is so unsafe to buy products from shwrooms. It means stand at the showroom door and wait for the delivery truck. As soon as the truck comes buy the bike else some changes would be done to your bike.

I have written complaint to the TVS authorities thrice. I am pasting the emails to this complaint. Please help.


I am marking a copy of my complaint to the consumer court. I do not think there is an alternative to this issue.


Bhaskar Verma

From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:05:19 +0530


I really disappreciate the kind of importance given to the cusotmers in TVS.

I am wring down my story once again and if you understand kindly give an immediate response as 60000 rs of mine are lying at home, standing in the shape of TVS apache.

i PURCHASED APACHE RTR 160 from CMPL AUTOMOBILES CHANDIGARH on[protected]. In the initial days as it was mentioned that the bike needs to be driven slowly I did not drive it at a speed of more than 40km/L however after the first service when i drove the bike at around more than 50 km/L i and my friends experienced that the bike is not stable and is bending on one side. After driving the bike for 10 kms at a stretch a pain used to emerge in the left hand of the driver. I took the bike to CMPL and told them regarding the issue. The mechanics and the head of the agency there said that there is no issue and the shaking of the bike is only because the tyres are having a defect. They gave me the number of the tyre engineer([protected]. I kept on calling the engineer but to my misfortune he was always travelling and we could not meet for a week. In the end i got the tyres replaced from outside.

Now, the bike was still instable and the pain in the left hand story did not stop. I took the bike to EKAM AUTOS IN PANCHKULA and they admitted that there is some issue in the front of the bike. I then wrote a letter to your company stating my problem. I did receive a call from an engineer in Delhi and some people in chandigarh and was finally told to give the bike to CMPL for repair. I went there and the service engineer Rohit Aggarwal checked the bike and said that there is no issue and the bike is perfectly fine. I was so disgusted with his reply that I literally wanted to take the bike and go back home and write the incidence to a local news paper but rohit told me to collect the bike in the evening. They softened the rear shockers and gave the bike back to me. There was no difference in the running of the bike. Same instability, pain in the hand, bike's face dropping on one side. I then came to know that ROHIT ([protected]) and AREA MANAGER Mr. Bhatia ([protected]) are going to do nothing about this issue. They are just trying to passify me and finish this complain.

The CMPL people asked me to write on a paper that the bike is fine now and then only can i take the bike. I thought that it might be the regular procedure so I followed it and the very next day I took the bike to EKAM auto in panchkula. The EKAM people said that they will change the front of the bike and the problem might get away. I was not at all ready for the repairs but as the problem was not shedding away I agreed so that I can at least ride my new bike at ease.

TO MY AND AGENCY PEOPLE'S SHOCK, when the bike's front was opened for changing the t and the shocker rods the bike was found to be pre-opened. The support under the front mud guard known as the chimta was missing. It clearly states that the bike was opened and while fitting back the parts the mechanic forgot to put the chimta in place again.

Your company authorities, rohit and Mr. Bhatia are not listening to the issue at all. I will go to the court, to the news paper authorities and to everyone possible to get justice in this regards. I have spent good 60000 bucks for my convenience and not for harassment. Please LISTEN TO MY COMPLAIN AND CHANGE MY BIKE. I HAVE TOLD YOUR COMPANY MY PROBLEM IN THE INITIAL WEEK OF PURCHASE, MANY TIMES ON THE EMAIL AND NOW LAST TIME i HAVE TOLD YOU THE STORY ONCE AGAIN. i REQUEST YOU TO KINDLY TAKE THIS CASE SERIOUSLY and ask your dealers not to touch the bike until sold. i need immediate justice in this regards. I will not drive a repaired bike.

CONTACT ME AT [protected]



From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Subject: RE: TVS Motor Company : Contact Us
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 17:02:55 +0530


I am very disappointed at the quality of service given to me. Your service engineer Mr. Rohit Aggarwal and are manager Mr. Bhatia is not able to resolve my problem.

It has also been proven that the bike which has been sold to me was opened before being sold. The service people of TVS at panchkula have themselves checked that the front portion of the bike was opened.

Is this the kind of crookedness being carried out at the TVS showrooms???? The chandigarh showroom owner has got this bike opened and parts replaced before it was sold to me.

I had a problem in the bike handling since day 1. I reported the problem to the showroom people in the initial days of purchase but nothing happened. They kept on saying that the problem was in tyres and not in the bike. I got the tyres replaced from outside and the problem still persists. Now, the panchkula service center of TVS opened up the front of the bike and replaced the T and the shocker rods. Still the problem is there. Why should I drive a repaired bike when I had reported the problem in the first 15 days. How the hell a showroom owner has the guts to get the brand new bike's parts replaced. This is the final letter which I am writing to the company. In case you do not give an ear to my problem, I will go to the consumer court

I will make sure that each and every news paper in chandigarh knows what happens in the showrooms at TVS outlets. I have been harassed many times now. 6 holidays from my office. Leaving important work, and what i get is only assurance.

Please call me at [protected]. I WANT A RESOLUTION RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bhaskar Verma

From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Subject: Re: TVS Motor Company : Contact Us
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 14:21:21 +0530

Dear Mr.Verma ,

Thank you for contacting us. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. We've forwarded your mail to the respective department and will do the needful at the earliest.

With Warm Regards
Helpdesk @TVS Motor Company

----- Original Message -----
From: Bhaskar Verma
To: [protected]
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 4:51 PM
Subject: TVS Motor Company : Contact Us

Mail Sent By Bhaskar Verma.

Regarding Sales Support

Name Bhaskar Verma
Vehicle Owned TVS Apache
Service Dealer CMPL automobiles pvt ltd.
Purchase Date 09/11/2009
City 18
Email [protected]
Phone No [protected]
Address 1593 sector 21 panchkula
message sir I have bought a bike from you with chassis number MD634KE4892K02832.From the very first day the bike was instable. I took it to the dealer (CMPL in chandigarh)and he told me that the tyre needs to be replaced and i should speak to the tyre engineer. The engineer kept giving me time for 2 weeks but did not meet as he said he is too busy(his number [protected]). I got the tyres replaced and though the bubbling of the handle has stopped now but the bike is dropping on one side. I took it to the panchkula dealer and there the service people took ride and told that the chassis alignment is not in place. Either the bike is damage in transit or it is an accidental piece. Sir I WANT REPLY ON THIS MATTER WITH THE BIKE CHANGED. IT HAS ONLY BEEN A MONTH THAT I HAVE BOUGHT THIS VEHICLE AND WOULD NOT WANT A REPAIRED BIKE. PLEASE GIVE JUSTICE. I AM WAITING EAGERLY

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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my tvs apache 160 RTR, in their problem is piston, vehchle dhuan de raha hai. my complain no. is 125(reference no.)complain date is 17/7/2008. i bought tvs apache 160 RTR tvs showroom in dak banglow, patna, change my piston.
I have been trying to contact the TVS main Office but there is no information available regarding this. I am a VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER of TVS.
I have purchased the RTR 160 Yellow Apache, double disk from A. K. Automobiles, Kirtinagar Shahadra, Delhi on 20th September 2009 and still have not received my RC till date. I have contacted them every week since the purchase of my bike for the RC and the number as well. I received the number in 25 days!! Due to which the bike was parked at my house for over 2 weeks!!
As far as the RC is concerned as I mentioned above I have been calling every week and the personel there tell me to come to their office either a saturday or a sunday of that week and when I go there they tell me that I will have to wait for another week, so I have been going to their office every week since the purchase of the bike.
I purchased the bike from TVS due to their image but now will suggest against using the services of TVS as they are tardy, time consuming, irresponsible and bothersome.
I have one problem. My bike (TVS Apache RTR 160) gets started with any keys you want. I was afraid when i first noticed it. Now im really scared because my bike is not secured. I tried to start the bike with a key of Bike named "Global 125cc" and it worked, then i tried with another key that was of a locker and it too worked. Anyone can start my bike with any keys and take anywhere. Im afraid that my bike gets stolen. Now Im looking for a new set of keylock if i can replace it. I dont know the fixed price and the sellers have different rates of that lock. Some says more and some says even more. There is no fixed rate in here. So i want to know the actual pice of the keylock. How much does it cost? Will there be any problem if I changed it? Please reply me.
I hav a tvs apache rtr 160. Presently in My bike problem is a rear disk brake related. Rear disk brake work not properly in my bike. and in my bike front shocker make some noise like something is loose in the shocker. Pls. solve my problem.
I have a tvs apache rtr 160. Presently in My bike problem is a rear disk brake related. Rear disk brake work not properly in my bike. and in my bike front shocker make some noise like something is loose in the shocker. Pls. solve my problem.

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