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[Resolved]  Varsha Travels Bangalore — Worst Tirupati Package

I had booked a Tirupti Pacakge from Varsha Travels for Volvo bus. Same was written on the ticket and what we actualy got after transfering form 3 buses is the bus which was in very poor condition and the volvo was the name given by the travels to that bus.
The time managment in the tour was also the worst and they not even gave the darshan of KALASHASTI temple which was promised in the tour.
The Hotel where we are supposed to spend half an hour for bath in the morning does not even had an eletricity facility.
We have to stand in the que for about 3 hours for taking the free tickets to Darshanam.(Actuly the travels should arrange this and in KSRTC tour they gave i had exeprienced this earlier)
Then the guide(Who was talking and behaving with us asa if he has paid us come to him and ask for his faver) took us to main temple where we have to stand for 3.5 hrs for Darshan. And then for the Laddu.
The Faclities and the arrangment was very poor. I sincierly hope that this is cheeting on the name of GOD and this travel thould close this tour with imediate effect.

Any one who whsh to go to Tirupati i suggest them to go with KSRTDC which is the Best and Services are also very good.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Varsha Travels, Bangalore — Not providing the complete tour on package

Dear Sir,

We booked the ticket from Shree Durga Travels, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore for Tirupati tour, they gave us the ticket of Varsha Travels (#30/A/6, Travels point, anandrao Circle, Shesadri Road, Bangalore - 09), travelling date 7th June, 2009. As promised they should take us to Tirupati and Padmavati Temple, however they didn't took to Padmavati Temple. Moreover, the package included refundable Darshan ticket, at last they refunded only Rs. 40 (Instead Rs. 50). On tour the conductors behaved was unbearable. We completed the tour, Now its up to you wheather you take any action or not so that no one else could be cheated in future.

Thanks & Regards,
Santosh Agrawal
WORST TIRUPATHI PACKAGE TOUR FROM VARSHA TRAVELS, BANGALORE ...I wish I had seen all the complaints in the Net before. I was told that the travel will be by VOLVO AC Bus, 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, Accommodation to freshen up, and Special Darshan will be arranged..all inclusive Rs. 1, 050/- per head on a week-end. The HORROR started even before boarding the bus.


1). The Bus was not at all VOLVO, it was an ordinary front engine AIR bus with Volvo stickers all around the bus. The Bus that was supposed to depart at 9.30 PM from Majestic actually departed at 11.50 PM. Till then we had to sit on the footpath.

2). When we reached Tirupati at 4.45 AM, they made us stand in a queue. The queue was for a free darshan, they easily saved Rs. 50/- per head. We had to wait in the queue for 3 hours early in the morning without any basic amenieties.

3). The Hotel was next to a railway line and the worst I have seen in my life. Forget the hot water, the hotel looked so unhygienic that we could not stay even for 30 mins.

4). The so-called breakfast was 2 idlis, one small vada and one spoon upma. The food was so bad that many of them did not touch after the first taste. The tea that was served had DEAD ANTS inside.

5). Then we were charged Rs. 100/- per head to go to Kalahastheswara temple. When they got us back to Tirupati, they said that we could miss the Balaji darshan if we had Lunch. So, they did not serve the lunch.

6). We were made to travel by local bus to the temple and back. After completion of darshan, they took us back to the so-called lodge which was in the outskirts after changing 2 local buses. We were told that our bus has some problem in AC and it will take sometime for the bus to return after repair.

7). They had arranged the left over lunch as dinner, which every one o[censored]s in the bus decided not to touch. Finally we had to make our transport arrangement at night and travel 5 kms to have decent dinner at our own expense.

8). We were told that for the amount we have paid, we can only expect that much. Absolutely no decency by Varsha travels staff. You do not want your family to be treated so badly.

9). While we were told that we will be back on Sunday night before 10 PM, we actually departed at 2 am and reached Bangalore at 8 AM on Monday morning.

This is the WORST PACKAGE TOUR of my life. I have spent 30 minutes in sharing this with you only to inform everyone about the absolute customer unfriendly attitude of Varsha travels. I and many others have suffered, please do not experiment and be a victim.
VARSHA TRAVELS - I'm Scared...

Hi all...BE CAUTIOUS ...Before you book Tirupati package tour with VARSHA TRAVELS..Never ever take along your family members ( Young / Old) if you have already booked ticket with them...immediatly cancel the ticket & look out for better Options...(please consult APRTC / KSRTC / which ever package provided by the Govt)...i was dragged to hell ( Package...all inclusive of Accomadation, breakfast, tonsuring, darshan, transporation ) before going to see the heaven ..please be careful...bcos this trauma doesn't end continues till you are back to your place for a peace of mind
Even I had a worst experience. What was stated and offered were two extremes. No doubt we were cheated. We had the chance to go to only Tirupathi, and no other place. Their only motto is to make money, with no service.
Yes I completely agree as the bus was supposed to be leave at 9.30 pm and the bus left at 12.00 pm where we waited for 3 hrs and they had informed that it was Volvo and it was not Volvo and the poakage includes Tirupathi and Mangapuram and the package cost was Rs.900 per head.

We reached Tirupathi at 4.15 AM and was stanidng in a queue at Vijaya bank counter where the pilgrim go by walk . The counter issued the darshan ticket for 12.00 pm where we had enough time. They took us to Srinath hotel where Varsha has the contract and the rooms which was given to us was very worst and there is no hot water and even the room was not cleaned at all. They will give 2 hrs for fresh up. At 7.00 AM they gave breakfast which includes Idly, Vada and Upama which is also very worst and if we speak regarding this they will ask us to contact Banglore Office.

Here the actual drama starts --- The Guide informs that the darshan is at 12.00 pm and there is sufficient time and Kalashti is 40 Kms and the tiket per head is Rs.100/- per person where 40 person where there which means Rs.4000/-. were given to Guide. We visited Kalashti and went to Tirupathi at 1.00 pm and the guide took to the counter and left us and told that after Darshan to come to the meeting point. The Darshan was completed at 3.30 pm and we came to the meeting point at 4.00 pm without purchasing as there was no time since we have to rush to Mangapuram. We came to Tirupathi at 5.00 pm and lunch was offered at Srinath Hotel where they offered the Breakfast.

After having the Lunch the Guide came and informed in the Bus at 6.00 pm that we are going to Bangalore as the temple will be closed but we told them that the temple will remain opened till 8.00 pm but the guide never turned back and left the Bus. We quarreled with the Driver and Driver also told that the Bus has to go to Bangalore for furhter pick up to Tirupathi at 9.30 pm and Driver cirlced 5times to spend some time and came to Bangalore at 11.30 pm

We were 11members coming from a religious and sentiment family. We paid Rs.9900/- for pakcage and 1000 to Kalasthri. As per TTD pls reserve the Darshan tickets and book the rooms at TTD itself well in advance and plan the travel ticket with APSRTC or KSRTC

I[censored] book thru Pakcage aslo pls book thru KSRTC or APSRTC and this is an sincere Advise

varsha travels,bangalore — False Travel agency

On 28 Dec 09 we have taken tirupati [protected]@ Rs1000 per head. valvo bus no 6272.
Varsha travels is one of the pathatic service provider/ big cheat/ fraud.
It was the most horrible and irritating experience we ever had in our life.
Tirupathi trip thus became a nightmare for us because of such a fraud service given by varsha travels , bangalore!!!

Friends Beware of such travel agencies-Varsha Travel Agency
HII...i am agree with all tha complaint and the worst service, all service are worst and in GOD name they are making money.
I requst INDIAN CONSUMER COMPLAINT FORUM take immidiate action on VARSHA Travels.
We Supposed to leave bangalore by 9.30 pm and left by 12.00 midnight they told us and receved payment for Volvo and it was not same bus what they promised collected money for that.Promoised for Kalhasthi, padmavati temple darshan which they didn't took us.More than that they are not well behaviour people, all accomadation, bfast, lunch are not good at what they wiill not feel that you went Balaji temple.Its worst worst

Kindly request ICCF to take necessay action on Varsh Travels they are big time cheaters

Naveen Suryavanshi
we had booked a star bus for one day piknik to muthathi from krpuram from SV tours and Travels which is also in krpuara, old madras road, next to vijaya bank rep by its prop. laxman, mobile no:[protected], he also has a booking couter for apsrtc and ksrtc when we had apporoached him for swaraj mazda he quoted Rs.13/km and he said star bus is more luxurios and featurable but would cost us Rs.2 more he showed a photo graph in his office of the bus, it looked nice, so we paid the advance and confirmed our pik up at sharp 6.30 am from our office which is just two buildings away so that we can skip traffic and return on time, also the luxury star bus as he promised.
on the piknic day all o[censored]s had come by 6.00am some had come 5:30am leaving their houses at 4 who travel from far so that not to delay the bus, for our unfortunate the bus didnt arrive even at 7:00 am when we repeatedly called the sv tours and travels prop. mr.laxman he kept on saying the bus will arrive in next five minutes, which never happened untill 8.30 am, he came to his office and still was mantaining the same untill then, atlast the bus arrived, unfortunately it was not the one which we were promised, this was old, neither this had any music system, nor dvd, or tv or the comfort he had promised, he said it is good he promised that he will componsate for this, we made it clear to him that we will not pay him the same as he had not kept up the promise, he said it is ok .
as little away we travelled we realised this bus was not be able to reach us not less than 4 hours for the 100 kms distance for the condition it was in, some how we managed to reach, we were late while coming the condition of the bus was so bad that at a hill on return the driver opened the door and kept us ready to jump as the bus was not able to climb the steep road, it it reverses we would have been in deep valley, with great scarcity we managed home very late in the night, getting scolded by our parents as we had orpromised early including girl students.
on arrival the travel agent insists us to pay Rs.15/km immeterial of the delay in time and the bus he failed to provide as promised.he said what we travelled is the bus he promised.
we want to know y these travel agents are money minded, and dont understand the service fact y do they enter a proffesion like this, plesae be careful while booking vehicles with him or rendering any service from him.
Worst Tirupati Package from varsha travels-we booked a Tirupti Pacakge from Varsha Travels for Volvo bus. Same was written on the ticket and what we actualy got after transfering form 3 buses is the bus which was no ac and the volvo was the name given by the travels to that bus. The time managment in the tour was also the worst and they not even gave the darshan of KALASHASTI temple which was promised in the tour.
The Hotel where we are supposed to spend half an hour for bath in the morning does not even had an eletricity facility no locks to bath room.
We have to stand in the que for about 3 hours for taking the free tickets to Darshanam. Then the guide(Who was talking and behaving with us as if he has paid us come to him and ask for his faver) took us to main temple where we have to stand for 3.5 hrs for Darshan. And then for the Laddu.The Faclities and the arrangment of food was very poor. I sincierly hope that this is cheeting on the name of GOD and this travel thould close this tour with imediate effect.
worst travel i have ever seen.please don't adpot for varsha travel to go tripathi trip.
Package tour to tirupathi

Location: Anand rao circle, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Varsha travels - Tirupathi package tour
This is not the way to earn the money by cheating all the costomers. Any body in this world can earn like this.

Worst experience i never tought in my life.
Its really better if you can make your own vehicle and go for Tirupathi rather than package tour in Varsha travells.

This iam informing once again to them i am lodging a complaint in CONSUMER COURT, they have to go court and answer.

Probably who ever they go with Varsh travels they will be experience worst during journey.
They will demand extra money for Dharshanam even though we paid as a package. The food and stay where they will take customers will be very worst.

They will commit us to give Volvo but because of some reasons they create they will give normal bus.

Friends, BE AWARE OF VARSHA TRAVELS, which is in Anand rao circle. They are the criminals who are living on earth with out any punishments.

MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, BELIVE ME ITS NOT AT ALL WORTH IN TAKING PACKAGE TOUR IN VARSHA TRAVELS - They are the great cheaters, criminals, no time commitment, ultimatly loofers...
this is awrong imformation.
Hi All, Please be careful while going with Varsha travel to any of the place .
Last weekend(14 August) we went to tirupati by this travel it was horrible.
We met with an accident the driver was driving so rash.God saved our life.
By gods grace only we are alive today.
Please dont travel by this travel at all.if want all ur family members to be safe.
Hi All,

I booked a tirupati package... had a shock after i sat in the bus... the bus looked more worse than a RAJHAMSA... RAJAHAMSA buses are in a better condition and much comfortable... i asked them for a refund and they refused to pay me back a single penny. I have lost Rs 1000 and have not gone for the trip too.. I request the authorities to look into this matter and take stringent action.
Versha travels is too bad .we went by that on Friday .Bus was not Volvo local A/C bus.
driver was not aware of anything.
accommodation was very bad washrooms was so dirty.
Breakfast was so bad that u can't have cheap and uncooked food.
guide was only for taking money nothing else.
bus timing was 9:30PM but when reached there they said it will come by 10:30PM
lunch was also so bad that animal will not eat that.
on top that staff behavior was so bad, i don't have words to explain it.
i lost my money in this travels.
Ya I strongly agree with what he said. I also faced the same situation and the worst part is that they sent you with an ordinary bus of KSRTC while returning from TIRUPATHY..
They Wont provide you the ticket of darshan.
Please dont prefer this travel.
I also lodged a complaint against at consumer court.
If any body faced such type of experience before plese do lodge a complain against the cheaters..
The buses are OK but there is a lot of problems while changing the buses on the route, the hotels are pathetic and the guide was a big problem, he did not do his duties properly, playing around IN TIRUPATI, the only positive thing abt the package was the vision of the God.
Lafangi, Lofer, dongrey...idioka travelsaraaa...chettanaayala...Evvaru indulo..tiket book chesukokandi...vedav eppudu cancel chestado..eppudu run chestado..vaadike teliyadu..pls i will told you every one...pls don't book tickets in this travel...

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