Voltech Engineers Pvt Ltd — Employees treat as slave when they are in Notice Period

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Voltech carrying all original documents when joining the employee. No leave to allow first one year, when employee wants to leave the company means, they are asking to pay SIX month GROSS SALARY. After One month only they are giving ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.

***VOLTECH is the worst company in the world as i known***
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Voltech is a company which gets money from its engineers who resign the job and if a testing kit got damaged then the amount will be debited from its engineer who uses it.80% of the engineers were treated as a slave in the company.their HR department have some people who is without comman sense and will treat the engineers as a dog.tamil nadu is the only state which gives lots of engineers and that is the plus point for them.there were no engineers working from other state except tamil nadu.even they are seeing caste system also.

RJ Associate and engineers — pf still not return

i have worked with rj associate and engineers pvt ltd.i left the co.1992 october.i have made a several request and filling the forms and handover to the co.they never forward or take action for refund the amount. i have transferd other three co. account to rj accont.pls kindly help me to get my pf back;

vijaya mandirum shivan kovil road punalur

this is the second reminder
it is 100% true
I have same problem with VOLTECH
Dear frnds,
one who have any goals to achieve in your life, please dont come to this company.here my company only wants money, even you died in the site na also they will not respond you. need money..Even My MD Karadi is doing everything. first i joined this company and after finishing a year thought of doing my MBA but my company is not allowing to go. Now they rechanged the rules to give certificate with 1 lakh rupee for inital payment. what is this?? i dont know whether both Umapathi and shameena are begging in the temple i think, because always they need money only.Please dont join this company...
its 100% who is going to stop all this nonsense
VOLTECH did't have a proper HRD, which is a minimum requirement of any organization. They lacks in employee motivation and retain policy, so they take the help of a bond of 1Lakh with there employees.
Is there any organization to monitor employee's exploitations and can save us from this employer please come foreword. We are trapped because of a bond. The company has taken our original certificates.
I want to Ask People, when u start carrier in voltech no one dont no the feture, nw u see all over world whereour you u find the past voltech engg, for voltech only the electrical people is shine last 15 years, nw a days lot of company is came, for the company also doing same, this is the company policy, when u join before management informed u or not, if u aggred then u join . dont blame voltech, for my view i am so happy in voltech.ALGATES

South Eastern Carriers P Ltd — P F Problem

Dear Sir,
I was resigned from secpl on 31/04/2008.after resignation i have submited my pf form to secpl gurgaon office on 12/07/2010 but till now i have not recieved any response there.So please help me.Staff Code E61.


This is one of the worst company in the globe.It completely treats people like slaves an INDIAN working in this company is been treated like animal with no diginity.The status of an indian is very down due to people like voltech

Freshers salary around the globe for engineers
1.U.S & U.K citizen - 4000 USD take home atleast 3000USD +Medical+Allowances.(8hours work/day) + 2 days off
2.Middle East Citizen - Minimum 3000 USD per month + Medical+Allowances.(8 hours work per day)+2 days off
3.Japan, Korean, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, African Citizens - Minimum take over salary is[protected] USD + Medical+Allowances.(8 hrs work +1 or 2 days off)
4.Indian Citizen Salary - less than 400 USD, In IT its 800 USD(no proper work hours in many companies.)

There is travelling allownce atleast 50 USD of the above countries in india nothing.

Only in india like this companies completely treats indian like slaves carrying testing kit as like courier boy.No proper facility in the accomodation

Keeping once documents like certificates.passport is prohibited under Indian Law.

Why we must be like this, We indians are most talented people around the world, There is no respect, poor services, no free medical insurance that covers up all(pre and post operative clinic and medicines) other countries are doing why cant an indian citizen gets this Our quality becoming low and low because of the people like umapathi.

@ Algates ur indicating each and every citizen to lose their self respect, dignity we are Indians we can show this world that we are more cultured.No company should have this policy of harrasing its citizens and feel ur not an indian citizen as your name is ALGATES...
Kindly freshers beware of voltech, dont spoil ur future by joinin voltech group because,

1.Joining is very easy, but leaving the company is too difficult unless You pay 1 Lakh.

2.U can anyway manage your work in the site by anyway but the job difficult is that your have to carry the testing equipments(around 25 kg wt) in the train either lonely or with ur senior.

3.while carrying the equipments u can face many problems like misssing the equipments, because the equipment bag is ver big in size and it occupies much space in the train, so the TTR wil be shouting and the Passengers wil be scolding and even they will beat, since the north side peoples are very religious animals.

4.some thiefs can even steal the testing equipment from the train, since u wil sleeping for a long journey.

5.And if the equipments are stolen or not working(even it is not ur mistake), the voltech DOGS wil be debiting a huge amount for it, and they will get sign from you and they will collect it at the end, when you will be getting back all your cetificates

Example: i am a senior and there was one junior for me. one time while travelling from pune to rajkut, we both had nice sleep since previous whole day was working, so we lost the testing equipment worth 1 lakh.Voltech DOGS had claimed insurance for it and eventhough they collected 30 thousand from me and 30 thousand from my junior.

Incidients like above are many and most of my freinds are facing it.

5.If the work is south no problem, but in north almost all people will be treting u as a dog and even they will beat u without any reason.

6.while travelling in train u may travell in unreserved(most of the cases). and many north peoples will stamp u and u cant reply them back, and if u do so then your will be caught by group of peoples and your life ends there, since in north police and government staffs are feared about the peoples living there.

5.For one month i had travelled 10 times in train. even with 2 days continous journey, by carrying 25 kg wtt testing equipment just Imagine guys...!.

6.until u reach the site, from carrying the equipment
from train to the site, u heart beats faster, faster with full of tears and fears,

7.Even for one month i had lived by only eating samosa and pani puri and the drinking the ugly water.Oh god Wat is this Life.

8.If u go to voltech engineers in t nagar, chennai.Everday you will be seeing most of the student will be getting their certificates by paying 1 lakh. if you dont belive just go and see there.

9.Even office boy working there is saying, if 50 students go with in one year 40 students are coming back and getting their certicicate by paying the money.

10.for past 1 year i am getting treatment by taking medicines, all my health is gone and my skins are looking ver bad.So if you want to go hell, dont goto to hell, Go to VOLTECH(u wil be automaticaly shifted to hell)

11.In north side there is no security for you and your things, as you can see from newspapers and medias.

12.Life is to live, not to struggle.

13.The voltech DOGS will never care for you at any time, what they need is the work should be done and the equipments should be safe.

14.u cant have good sleep, even during night you can be called by the voltech DOGS and will be asked to travel in train and go to the site and work.Even it may happen repeatiously(i.e.after completion of work you have to carry the equipments and travel in train and go to next state and do the job without taking rest




18 and goes on...
I am Posting this post, since my Junior should not suffer as i suffered.

There are lots of good jobs to do.. in your hometown. Do it

If you have any query pls do contact : gan1010@yahoo.com(I will be checking the mail weekely once)
thanks for giving useful info...thanks seniors..u saved me:)

golgappa — bad quality

I m passing through rohini on road from rithala to madhuban chowk apposite geetanjali public school on this route i have saw lalit chat bhandar its is rehri which runnning illegaly with police permission as police get hafta for this i stop here to get some snaks i saw that he is using very bad material when i complaint to him he talks with me very rudly i told him that i will complaint for this to mcd food inspector he tells they will do nothing as they will gave bribe to him i want to know which department will gave results to close these type of rehries
Ya. I too registered in VOLTECH for job opportunity of Rs.200. They said you will get a call regarding interview. Still now i didt receive even a single call from them.its providing cheating services..
All Engineers salary has not been paid in time and it continues further. Engineers are following their salary every month with us. But we are unable to give them a valid & proper reason for that. But management insist us to convince them if we couldn’t convince them the management blaming us like you are not capable to convince the employees. Even though there is no valid reason, we should say that their salary should be released as per management convenience. So we understood that the management was keeping Business heads for the above activity only. Can you tell me what it means?

During engineers recruitments company ask them to surrender their original certificates, passports & five years bond for their continues service & etc. After appointed, company deducting some money as a security deposits. And if anybody resigning his job, management insisting them to pay for releasing and return their certificates & passports. HR policies are like above.

Engineers PF has not paid correctly from 1995 onwards for all employees.
All Resigned engineers PF not yet cleared (some of them cleared).

No job security in the company because the HR also favour to the Management only.

Nobodies giving respects to anyone of the employee including M.D.

As for as my knowledge the above activities are against labour regulations
who are all resigned from the company volunterly are froced by MD and Mr.Abiramsundar he i thinking he is great the fine one day he is going call by ABB, Simens There officials going to their security don't allow this AND umapathy

1.This is going to be happend with in one TWO month your going to be caught thorugh labour so he cant fly after that

2.He is thinking he is having efficient people around him but evrybody is Jalara for him

3. He is Three director in that one is working for is father and another one is going to be separate and he is going to start Infra business for that he is dis through his brother existing clints if u have dout u check with infra engg
4. And one Main think u r blood relation is doing business through his friends in Abrod where ever u r closing
But umabathi will say all the time this concern like a family yes it a true some of his wifes are working here
All male candidate pls understand if u want jop security pls chnange paint shirt to saree or chudithar
hi pottai chellam umapathi why u know u can lisene only femal words
If you r a real gentleman if your ready to face legally u can keep our certificates with u the fine day is coming dear after y r company anniversary day celebration
If we want get the certificate from u for that we have to pay 3 month notice or 6 month pay y r settled so many people but u r not given the state ment

Wait and see man The Time starts now
I too paid 200 rupees and still now ther's no response.Thanks for comments.
Hi Mr.Umapathy u are not able to pay the engineers salary properly but you are presenting BMW car to your son in law first try to pay our salary then u present whatever u want now we are ready to give new yeargift to you and abiramsundar try to face it
and one thing your one of the directoe he is belongs to your place he is trying spoil one girl life take care

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