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[Resolved]  Nandini Good Life Milk — Bad Milk

I recently purchased 2 packets of the same batch of Nandini Good Life milk each of 500ml that they sell in flimsy tetra packs. The milk packet says it can be consumed without boiling, and we generally use it with cornflakes or just simply drinking. I consumed nearly full of one packet milk and happened to boil the rest of it. To my surprise the milk curdled. That day of consumption all at home happened to get stomach upset. I tried warming the other packet of milk too and it curdled. There is some serious issue in the Nandini Milk and I suggest the concerned Authorities to please quality check the product or packaging. This is a food item and chances of food poisoning are high. How can we rely on these products? This is a serious breach of consumer products. I called up Nandini and they replaced my packets, but what about the stomach upset we had, what about all the other people who drank the milk of that batch. The batch number is 5/42, purchased recently in March 2013.

Another of their horrible product is their cheese. It tastes different, with a bit of sweet and sour. I had purchased the pepper one in which not even a hint of pepper is present nor taste. Totally horrible products.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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You're right brother, I'm also facing the same issue with Nandini's Good Life milk. It's coming bad these days. It's a matter of great concern for the people whose major diet is vegetarian and predominant dependence on milk for good chunk of nutrition. It seems it isn't good life any more. Pretty bad stuff.

Curdled milk - Nandini Goodlife 500ml Tetra Pak

I purchased the packet on 20th Oct'13 & the manufacturing date was 12th Oct'13. We opened it today (27th Oct'13) & the milk inside was curdled.
Guys.. You all have mistaken regarding the intake of milk in the morning, this is got nothing to do with quality but its your own body itself. Initially when I started drinking milk I faced the same problem, when I actually got used to it, its now okay.

This usually happens because of excess protein and other components present in the milk. Your body should get used to raw milk, this should take days. Try it out and let me know. It has nothing to do with quality.
We have been buying Good life milk packets from one year. We generally buy whole Carten as we need it daily. From some months, the cartens got deposited in our home. To my surprise we observed that Fssai no. Is different in different Carten and the logo and text are varies in all three boxes. Are we drinking the real milk? How to find out. As products must be registered in one common fssai no. And everything should be unique so that nobody can fake it.
I faced exactly same thing. Last week we made tea n it was curdled. We drank it without knowing it. Luckily we did not fall sick. but this time again it happened. Water and milk extracts are saperating out. I am pretty sure this is not real milk. I am pretty sure It's all synthetic. Extremely bad.

Batch: 25/12/19, MAN 226T

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