Ix Global — Fraud company looting people

Dear All, I would like to bring to your notice that this company - Ix Global is a fraud company. The team includes Viraj Patil, Priyanka Khanna, Ramesh Choudhary and the owner Joseph Martinez. They conduct meetings on zoom and brainwash you completely. They will show you dreams of lakhs and crores and convince you to invest money with them. They are looting people at the time of coronavirus and lockdown. Be aware don't ever invest your money with them or you will lose all your money. I have lost my money that's why I have put this complaint. They are not answering my calls and not replying to my messages.
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Hi Everyone,
Ix global is an educational company not a investment company . It provides you education about Human Development and financial Development. its a revolutionary concept, how our own smartphone can be the money generating machine for us, which is one the most Trending and innovating way of earning a fortune.
Gyan Droid's reply, Jan 6, 2021
Let me tell you forex is not legal in india kids. This is what they teaching u in 'ix academy'
Harman S's reply, May 1, 2021
Indian Kids don't have any financial knowledge that's why they are not growing. Think about it...
Forex Is legal, India makes every opportunity illegal.
ShubhamMama's reply, May 17, 2021
In Case Anyone having legal complaint or Suggestion regarding IX Global LLC & IX Global Academy Private Ltd.

Please Inform On

Go To.

Fill Your Details

Then Select Your Category

In Case Suggestion So Select Suggestion/ Feedback
In Case Suggestion So Select Financial Fraud / Scam

I Am only helping peoples and making aware about public grievance system no intent to defame anyone so please don't send just legal notice to make anyone threat.
Mayasadgir's reply, Jun 15, 2021
Ix is a educational institution only and no body is forcing to join it.
Hii, Thanks You save me from these fraud people, can I asked you, when you came to know that these are all fraud game. how you find out all this.Please tell me
I am Parikshit Mahajan [protected] my phone number you cam also contact me
Mayasadgir's reply, Jun 15, 2021
No this not a fraud company...Wrong complain ... ix global is education company and Lockdown me salary nhi aa rhi thi..thank to IX global .salary se jyada income ix ke education se earn kar RHA hu thank you again IX.☺️🙏
Hello Everyone!
Ix Global Is An Educational Platform, It Provides You Education! It Is Not An Investment Company! And Nobody Forces You To Join The Platform, It Is All Your Choice!
I am very happy to work with IX Global. Ix Global's services are excellent and with the help of their excellent services, many of my friends are making good money.
Things seem wrong until we understand them well.
By the way, there is no shortage of such lads like these brothers in the world. Those who are educated, but still do such things.

IX is not an investment company. If there is no investment then what is Fraud?

It is a servicebased company that charges its services.
Wrong complain ... ix global is education company and iske diye huye education se life 360 degree change ho gai hai... Lockdown me salary nhi aa rhi thi..thank to IX global .salary se jyada income ix ke education se earn kar RHA hu thank you again IX.☺️🙏
Dear All,
IX is Education Company and it doesn't take any Investment. And It is your won decision to join the IX or not.
Technical Star's reply, Jan 7, 2021
I have been in IX GLOBAL since 4-5 months I have not found anything like *FRAUDSTER* ITS totaly a education based platform and people are earning very good in the market by the KNOWLADGE IX GLOBAL provides, I must say he's the person who did not work and putting his mistake on IX GLOBAL's shoulder and he must be from a competitor company that's why he defaming IX GLOBAL!!
Gud Morning everyone, I don't know much about this company as I started working with IX global couple of months but I wanted to share smthing which is more important then that.

Yes this true they are fraud becoz they can't fullfill everyone's dream widout the persons own work...

Yes they lie tht ur dreams will come true becoz people who thinks money comes widout work, doing nothing in Network marketing stream...

Yes they do Brainwashing becoz a middle class person who earns some thousand bucks can't think out for lakhs to secure the Rest of his life n Family.

Yes They don't deserve to be in this Country becoz people here are not willing to work hard n smart for Earning money for their family, kids n future...

I don't know when I will get that lakhs of income but I know my last month's rent n expenses came from IX Global Platform.

One bad example is hard to judge An Opportunity.
Choice is urs tc guys.
For more info u can contact on
[protected] Whatsapp.
Helo Friends

IX Global is an educational Platform. It provide you only Education. Like Human Development and Financial Development, many more No body force to join this this platform it's depend only you..If want or is all your choice.
It's life changing opportunity and its change my life in term of financially and spiritually and moreover IX global is educational platform not investment company where so many fool people think that IX global is investment company. IX Platform transforming many people live's ..Thanks to Joe Martinez for bring this platform to common people for change their life.
Hii Friends,
I started in April 2020 with the intention to earn only 40k month as facing problem in EMI of home. iX global help me to make money and it provides only education and now with the help of education I converted my annual income into Monthly income. I feel blessed to connected with such a wonderful system.
Safura Ali Khan's reply, Mar 11, 2021
I just want to know how much did you have to invest for you to have been able to earn a good amount.
Thank you :)
Also so happy for you
Harman S's reply, May 1, 2021
Dm me on my whatsapp number :- 77173-34802, I'll Personally Guide you..

Regards :-
Harman 🙂
I don't know who's blaming or who's giving negative review about ix global... But ix global is that digital company which give u education to public.. and there is no scams no fraud so don't blame or you don't manipulate unnecessary to anyone 👍 i[censored] wanna call or msg then show us proof how many time you call our respected seniors... And as i m working with ix global from last 5month and i m earning quiet well amount..
N i guess education is much important then money..!
It's tremendous opportunity help you to grow by financially spiritually & Human behaviour skills. You just need to understand the concept of IX global and work with their system & guidance definitely you grow all side which IX gives to you. It's my personal opinion I am experiencing it's benefits and relex for my financial situation. Go and get the true knowledge it
Dear Ashley Jones,
It's easy to look sharp and raise comments when you aven't done something worthwhile.

Hi, I came to know about IX 3 months ago, saw their webinar twice or thrice and took a month to think whether to join them or not. They dint even call me to ask if I wanna join or not, just cleared my doubts.
Later I joined the community on my own & working here independently since then. Earning decent enough and learning quite well.

Happily independent. :)
IX global is an educational platform human and financial develpment . And i have paid for this service. Learning forex market with IX education system and it is worth paying and learning. Thankyou IX for this opportunity and i have earned around 42000 inr in first month...

Savio Periera's reply, Aug 31, 2020
May i know what type of education
you got here???
Ravvii5's reply, Nov 7, 2020
Dear this 597 dollar are money of people who are paying monthly 10k rupees subscription it's money circulation, simply neeche walo ka paisa upar wale ko mila hai, aapne iske liye koi kaam kiya nahi,
IX global is a educational platform.I am using ix globals paid course and services for last 3 months. I have learned alot about financial markets. I have earned earned more than lakhs using that knowledge. It doesn't promise lakhs and crs or sell dreams. It's up to you how u utilise the knowledge and how u earn. So above allegations are false.
I am Grateful that I am a part of a wonderful organisation.
Even if we are connected digitally it feels like I have joined an ethics driven organisation which keeps us motivated day in and day out and helps us by educating about financial independence.
So people should experience the Culture and the product first only then they would be in a better position to judge else we all know how noisy can empty vessels be!!!
Hello everyone!
Firstly i want to tell everyone that IX GLOBAL is and educational platform and not an investment platform.
it doesn’t pressurise people to join or invest their hard-earned money. Its an education based company that provides education and only charges for it As like a school or an institution charge !
I feel so blessed to work with such a company which is helping me generating a great paycheque in such a short period By using their excellent education .
And Who so ever posted this is pointing our leaders - Viraj patil sir, Ramesh chaudhary sir, Priyanka khanna mam and our CEO Joseph Martinez sir, As we all know that all of them had reached a great level of success which we all dream of!!
And its a saying that-
‘’’People start HATING you When they cant reach your level ‘’
This is pyramid scheme
after Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, Mehul Choksi
ix gloabal is new player

hard work is key to success
Don't invest money here
Savio w pereira's reply, Sep 1, 2020
'Hello scammer' - Whom so ever you are and trying to use my name to post here.
First try to know the SPELLING of my surname correctly.its PEREIRA.
Also, it is IX "GLOBAL" ( not gloabal)
And you have stated it 100% right that hard work is the key to success. And IX Global is also for those who wants to work on their dreams or goals, nothing comes for free...
And a person like you who would wish to spread such fake comments by using some one else's identity. What better can be expected from a person like you ???
To correct you again, IX is an education based learning platform, and for the word u are been using "INVESTMENT", IX is not an investment based company.. It's a service based company..
If such investment would have been in correct terms of your education to read and write correctly.. you should have used Your own identity to post & also refrained form doing silly spelling mistakes.
God bless you.
Technical Star's reply, Jan 7, 2021
Ala motha shana
Hi, Darren from the UK here. iX only charges a monthly fee for their Automation software. Your money sits with a broker. I have only been going 2 weeks and already have a 3.6% return. Happy to discuss if anyone have any queries.
Darren Harrison. UK.
Jon Goodsall's reply, Sep 18, 2020
Hi Darren, I’m currently looking into ix global and the potential opportunities they can offer. Particularly the forex automation. How much is the subscription? Cheers. Jon
Dr.Sunil's reply, Mar 1, 2021
Hi Darren,
Thanks for your comments on automation, just a question how safe it is to invest through ix global's automation scheme as you already have an experience.
Please reply

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