[Resolved] Jeevansathi Internet Services — sudden suspension of lifetime membership profile without any prior notice and reason given

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 sandipanarnab on May 15, 2019
This is an alert on fraudulent matrimony services that are being run by some of the matrimony websites. I will tell you how i was cheated by jeevansathi after i took their lifetime membership. I will also tell you how they lure you into buying a lifetime membership, provides almost no service and one day suddenly disables your profile without any prior notice. So that you create a new profile and become a paid member once again and they can earn some more money out of you. You cant do much because neither they will reply your e-mails, nor they will give you any valid reason, they will only just cite their ridiculous contradictory terms and condition to defend themselves. I will share my experience with jeevansathi which promised me big of finding most suitable matches of my lifetime and lured me into buying their lifetime membership but their service and matches were so pathetic that even after a year of my lifetime membership i couldn't find any suitable matches for me. The matches whom i find suitable neither i can view their contacts because it is shown 'these profiles have filtered you out' nor the accepted accepted matches ever reply me back despite sending so many messages. Their service is so pathetic that even after 1 year of my lifetime membership 225 out of 225 contact views are still intact none of those i could use because either the contacts don't show up or they won't reply. I reported many of the profiles listed on their website too because of their no intention to marry and others i found as fake profile. However jeevansathi never takes guarantee of any such fake or unauthenticated profiles listed on their website as per their terms and conditions. When you register your profile on their app they even don't display their 'terms and conditions' and ask you to accept the same rather it is shown as 'i agree to terms and conditions'. However coming back to my experience once again - suddenly on 9th may, 2019 i found i couldn't access jeevansathi through their app and some 'server maintenance' message popped up. However after sometime when jeevansathi was finally back i found i couldn't login, i inquired about the problem and reported it on google play too but found no valid answer. Then i received an e-mail from jeevansathi saying my profile has been disabled, i immediately replied to them asking reason for sudden disable of my profile, in return they replied me citing some part of their terms and conditions which says - "they can disable the profile of violators" and asked me to provide all private and confidential documents citing their terms and conditions as the only reason. I replied twice or thrice after that asking which part of their terms and conditions i have violated and why do they need all my confidential documents like my income proof, physical address proof, certificate of education and some other confidential documents? Are all these mandatory for registering at jeevansathi? Why didn't they ask for the same when i was a free member for almost 2 to 3 years (On this jeevansathi never asks any of their free member to verify anything, so most of the fake profiles there are as free members and not paid)? As their terms and service itself says "jeevansathi is a preliminary medium of contact and information for users and does not purport to be a marriage or business bureau" also they state that "company does not authenticate, vet, screen, endorse or investigate any information or assertion comprised in the matrimonial listings, or any other content on the platform, nor does it in any manner whatsoever certify or attest the same to be correct or true." so that means they themselves can't authenticate the information o[censored]sers provided on their website are true and takes no responsibility of its authenticity. As a result most of the members listed on their website are not verified (Specially the free members, i was a their free mebers for long and they never verify my authenticity) and even jeevansathi website doesn't guarantee authenticity of those profiles because verification is not mandatory for all. So if i have to provide all my personal and confidential documents to you to prove authenticity of my personal data then in return would you provide me with authentic profiles? And would you guarantee all the profiles listed on your website are authentic and verified too for marriage? And most importantly would you take responsibilities of the false and inauthentic profiles that are listed on your website? If you are asking me for my private and confidential document i will provide you with that but promise of the authenticated content in your website so that the paid members like me can be assured of your service and trust that the profiles listed in your website are authentic and verified. If you can't guarantee authenticity of the information provided in your website as true you have no rights to ask me for my private and confidential documents in that case you either reactivate my profile (Profile id: zzvx0531) or refund my full money of the lifetime membership that i had taken and never defend your fraud and pathetic services behind the terms and conditions of your matrimony. Thank you.

sudden suspension of lifetime membership profile without any prior notice and reason given
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[May 15, 2019] Jeevansathi Internet Services customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Jeevansathi Internet Services Customer Care's response, May 15, 2019
Dear Member,

Would like to inform you that we have a separate Quality Assurance team who checks the profiles on regular basis and as and when required it asks for the documents.Please be assured the documents shared are kept strictly confidential .

We would also like to let you know that Jeevansathi.com verifies every user’s Mobile Number, and also ensures that every user profile undergoes basic screening. While we do our best to identify and delete inappropriate profiles, some users might deliberately enter incorrect information, misrepresent themselves and get their profiles live on site.Moreover, We would also like to assure you that we are doing whatever is possible to improve security on our platforms and improve overall experience of our users. In an attempt to have more number of authentic and verified profiles, we have a profile verification system through personal visit and document collection, you may find 'Verified' Tag as well on many profiles while doing search. However, this verification process is currently limited to the profiles within India only and a few cities. While we also suggest you to do a discreet inquiry on your own while proceeding with members.
Thus as mentioned earlier our Quality Assurance team keeps on checking the profile on regular basis and takes necessary action as and when required.

Hence we request you to kindly share the requested documents on [protected]@jeevansathi.com so that we can assist you accordingly.

Jeevansathi Team
Updated by sandipanarnab, May 16, 2019
My question is why this document verification is done only for some members? and why not for all if you are so committed in providing authentic services? you said you do basic screening and verify every user's mobile number so you have done that in my case too, so does that make my profile authentic? if yes, then why are you asking for all private confidential documents from me? also you mentioned that this verified tag is currently only for users in India, have you ever gone through your own website? then you will know most of the profiles from India are unverified and among the unverified profiles most are free members. Rather than asking those free members to verify their profiles (I have been free member in your website and also some of my friends currently are but you never asked us to verify our profile as free member) why target only paid profiles and that too with lifetime membership? You are talking about Quality Assurance which which keeps checking the profiles on regular basis to find their authenticity but you won;t ask for documentation when a profile is opened, why so? won't the verification of documents at the time of registration itself prove the authenticity of the profile and reduce headache of your QA? as you are asking in my case but after taking the lifetime membership. Also you don't take any responsibility of providing authentic profiles on your website then why should I even bother about providing my authentic and verified personal information to you which are confidential? you are neither a government authorized verification agency nor you are a marriage bureau so why should I hand over my personal data to you for verification if that is not mandatory for all users of your website? more than that I have been a free member of Jeevansathi since more than last three years then what is the sudden need of verification has arise after I became a lifetime member? if you can ask me to send all my personal documents by e-mail after becoming a paid member then you can also be committed to do so for every member who opens profile in your website, specially the free members most of whom opens profiles for dating and fun. So when are you doing that and taking responsibility of the information listed on your website? Unless you yourself can't promise of authentic data on your website then for what are we paying? If the large number of profiles on your website is unverified and you don't take any responsibility then why should we even bother about verifying our documents and becoming one of your member? in that case if you can't provide guarantee on authenticity of the profile listed on your matrimony then why even i am paying you? please refund my money.
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Jeevansathi Internet Services Customer Care's response, May 16, 2019
Dear member,

As discussed on phone kindly share the asked documents and our concern team will get back to you by next week.

Jeevansathi Team
Updated by sandipanarnab, May 16, 2019
Sorry I can't share my private and confidential documents with you unless you yourself confirm that all the profiles listed in your website are verified and authentic and take responsibility of your content, you are also not a government authorized organisation to verify my personal data, so can't provide any of those documents with you.
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Jeevansathi Internet Services Customer Care's response, May 16, 2019
Dear member,

As told earlier the verified profiles has verified tag on it. We regret without documents it is not possible to retrieve profile .

Jeevansathi team
Updated by sandipanarnab, May 17, 2019
Am I questioning you because of your verified profiles? And by stating that- " verified profiles has verified tag on it" you yourself is accepting there are unverified and unauthenticated profiles on your website which can't be trusted and even your terms and conditions says that. And the unverified profiles are 90- 95% in number, so my question is when your website is full o[censored]nverified and unauthenticated profiles whose matching responsibility you don't take and neither is verification mandatory for opening profile at your website ( now again don't talk about that basic telephone verification and all, because I have done that too) then why should I give all my private confidential documents to you for your verification? And where were you when i was continuing as a free member for years? why it is being asked after I took lifetime membership? and if you don't want to activate my profile then that is your dictatorship and looting of my money behind your terms and conditions. Nothing more than that however I have a very bad experience with Jeevansathi till now and by doing this thing you people has taught me a great lesson, will share my such experience with others and will never open profile with your matrimony again in future, will look for other marriage bureaus or other reliable matrimonial sites. thank you for the experience.
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Jeevansathi Internet Services Customer Care's response, May 20, 2019
Dear member,

Would like to inform you that at the time of registration it is not mandatory to verify documents. However as our Quality team checks profiles or if we receive any complaint against member documents are asked for cross-verification.

Jeevansathi Team.
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    Jeevansathi Internet Services - sudden suspension of lifetime membership profile without any prior notice and reason given