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 Syed Omar
My wife has went and consulted Dr may dental surgeon in life line hospital for tooth ache, she was advised to remove the tooth for which after 2 days we went for the same.. The tooth was removed and for 4 days the pain and swelling on the face made us suspicious, we went again to consult her and she said there is infection. Wrote again medicines.. Waited for a week and we found no differenc, , this time I personally along with my wife spoke to her and consulted agai, , to my surprise and shock this time it was ulcer in mout, , with lot of pain complaining how unprofessional this doctors are and how they are healing the customers, cost involved separately along with huge pain and suffering request everyone to avoid the lifeline hospital i[censored] don't want to feel the same pain

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I had a terrible experience in this hospital.I was pregnant for 10 weeks. Suddenly I started bleeding, went to life line hospital in Perungudi as it was near to my office.First they told me to register.It took me half an hour to finish the registration procedure. There were no Gynaecologists at that time. They made me wait for 1 hr and sent me to the Lab for an ultrasound.The doctors in the lab looked inexperienced.Just 2 mins after the scan I had an abortion.They admitted me in the labor ward. They asked me for cash for some tests. I did not have enough money. I said that I have called my in-laws and they will be there in another 10 mins.I showed them my office id card.But they made me pay with my debit card.

The doctor just visited me only for 5 mins.After I got discharged it took nearly 1 week to get my Discharge summary..that too after calling them several times.They sent the fetal tissue to some scan center and said it will take 3 months to get the report.After 3 months, I called the hospital more than 20 times.There were no proper response.Suddenly they said that we took the tissue at the time of discharge and they were not responsible.Then I gave them the receipt number.

After 2 days, I got the report(Duplicate copy) from them
Treatment is not Good, Dr. Rajkumar they suck your Blood and your Money,

once your go for Rigit Life Line Hospital, your have sell your property and give money.

Very Wrong Dignities and more false commitment by Rajkumar

Regit Life Line Hospital, Kilpak Chennai -

I have suffered a lot ..
DONT ADMIT HERE - I would have given negative stars if it exist. I took my beloved mother to this hospital due to heart attack for the 1st time, they given a worst treatment. They kept for 2 days in ICU and she is no more in 3rd day. Main motto of this hospital is money, money, only money. There is no neurology department available in this hospital, after a mild attack to check brain condition they brought neurologist from outside after very prolonged waiting hours. We were very fed-up with their worst services. I admitted my mother and waited for almost a 5 to 6 hours for neurologist, he came very lethargic. He said we can wait and check her condition after 2 days, even without taken any scan or EEG nothing. They wont give any treatment until you push them to treat the patient. If there is any emergency, better take the patient to MMM hospital immediately or else they will send your beloved one to the burial/cremation ground located in-front of the hospital. We wanted to move my mother to the near by hospital in emergency situation due to worst treatment they provided, we notified in the morning they took almost 6 hours to clear the settlement. I lost my beloved mother, because of their worst service.
My sincere request to the forum is, Never ever go there. The worst ever experience for the patients and their attenders. The facilities are worst. They call themselves internationally fit, but they have very old facility types. Money swindling people with no ethics that's necessary for doctors.
I had admitted my dad for an open heart surgery as it was promised that will be done by the famous dr himself. But it was not done by him but by another Dr.Madhushankar (this same guy who was asked to leave due to some issues earlier and no one knows how Mr. Cherian could ask him to come back). There were so many procedures done on my dad without our knowledge as the daily bills only show us as some procedures were done like balloon blast etc.
My question here is, after an open heart surgery why will the doctors make him undergo a balloon procedure equal to placing a stent. I understand that, the skill of a surgeon lies in the way a patient is recuperating in post operative care.
In fact during the patient visits, Dr. Madhushankar who did the operation never visited my dad and no proper treatment was provided and the operation created sepsis in him. Most unclean place as mosquitoes can be seen breeding in the ceiling of the private ward toilet.
They have very lean staffing for nurses (night shifts- Single lady nurse to care for a general ward and few other wards) and no contingency plans (during monsoon no proper clothing was provided to the patients as they were running short of the ICU patient gowns). They could hardly make any difference as they were busy making money by letting out their operating theatre for movie shooting during the weekends. I had asked the Dr. Cherian a couple of times about my dad's recovery for which he snapped as though they are trying their best to get him out of the situation, but why should this man snap at me for his doctors mistakes as if we are taking the treatment free of cost. His son is much better to interact.
Tamil movie Miruthan, was shot there and one of the lift was used only by the shooting team. The generator that was used for shooting was emitting the (poisonous for the open heart surgery patient who is undergoing treatment even after 18 days) smoke which got into my dad's room as the window was not properly closing due to some beading issue with the window sill. This smoke created suffocation for my dad the same evening and he was again taken into ICU for treatment and he never made it, where in he was in and out of ICU for more than 36 days and breathed his last.
The last moment too they only said that we have to be by his side and allowed to be with him, but no other so called god of heart surgeries was never there to even tell us the truth as to why so many procedures were done on him and what exactly happened to him. We spent more than 15 lakhs for the treatment and lost my dad too. In fact patient attenders who make noise of such issues were paid at lest partial amount to shut their mouth, when they took the body of their beloved but we couldn't even think of such a situation.
I was really taken back when Mr. Cherian himself saw my dad in pain even after 10 days of the operation and called Dr. Madhushankar to check what had he done on the patient. . The phones in the patient ward doesn't work most of the time and their way of treating the staffs is also very bad.
Never ever go to this hospital unless you are fed up of this world and want to die soon.Rajkumar will do surgery even for complications that do not require surgery.He has good skills(only in english and not in surgery).Before surgery, he will assure you that it is like cakewalk for him to do this surgery.blah.blah but after surgery, if the patient's condition worsens, he will back away and say that the complication happened due to some other issues.He is greedy like a wolf and please do not fall in his trap.All his staffs are also incompetent.They include one srilankan guy called aadhavan and one lady by name neha.The ICUin their hospital is a big joke.One doctor(whose name is also raja) can be seen smoking in the carparking during his night shift.God only can help the patients who are under his care in the sterile environment.

I could see some posts appreciating the doctor and I strongly suspect they are from the doctor himself or his agents.Please stay away and stay alive.

This is the worst hospital run by cheaters.Rajkumar will always insst on laproscopic surgery just because he want add his name in some record books for the most number of laprascopic surgeries performed by anyone.He will entice you with attractive words but after the surgery, if something goes wrong(which happens always), he will treat you like a dog and will try to avoid you.You will not believe me for the following phrase.i admitted my dad there and on the same day he expired, 3 more patients who were performed surgeries by rajkumar died.

Rajkumar is a criminal by himself and he has fled the united states long time back fearing legal action against him.His son is now studying to become a doctor in some private college by paying huge money and he will also one day kill people like his dad.If you want to stay alive to share all the happiness with your family, never ever go to Rajkumar.He is the lord yama in disguise.Please do not feel that I am wrinting all these things just because I lost my dad.I want everyone to take my experiences as a lesson and avoid him because after all'it is for our life we are struggling for' and you dont want to lose it to one cheating hospital run by a fraud.

This hospital is similar to the one shown in ramana movie.they will treat even dead bodies for damn money
Really unprofessional, on fever they ask to get admitted to hospital and make you undergo tests.
After undergoing test, duty doctor Samuel says dengue is there when cross questioned he leaves abruptly and another doctor says it's just viral fever.
You yourself can decide the state of affairs!

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