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Delhi, Delhi, India
 Divya Khosla
The company asks you if your are willing to work from home then come for a meeting to our head office. You go for the meeting and they explain you the work. The work is that you will be given image pages and you have to type all the pages on the notepad. You agree to it but they ask you to submit a security deposit. There are different plans. I took the normal plan. According to this plan you need to submit rs. 9000 as a security deposit and out of this rs. 7500 will be returned back to you every month. This plan is for 6 months & rs. 1500 is the service tax will not be returned to you. They ask you to sign an agreement with them which says 300 pages per month for 6 months. You will be given rs. 75 for every accurate page. After the contract you are given the workload. Everything was good till then but when you see the work load you are shocked. The image pages are such that you will not understand what they mean. There are a hell lot of errors in the image pages itself. There are punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, lines are incomplete and make no sense. There are mistakes in all the data that they provide and so you will not be able to submit any accurate page. So basically this is utter non sense and is a way to screw your rs. 9000 which will not be refunded to you unless you submit the work. The work can't be done by you because you won't be able to understand it.

Date: 10th june 2016

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Dear all

Please be aware of this company(SEARCH LINE DATABASE PVT. LTD.). In the beginning they will try to woo you by showing glossy dreams. But the actual truth is way beyond.
Their support staff is also very rude and disrespectful.
When I went to there office to get the work they told me that human errors are accepted but once I submitted my work they had forget all their words and reject complete 300 pages by giving foolish reasons. And when i had tried to contact them for discussing the issue they disconnected my call in between the conversation without giving any valid reason.

In the end all I can say is that I have wasted lot of time and money. So it is my suggestion do not come under the influence of their executive because this is nothing but a fraud company.

Sõôraj Kūmâr's reply, Apr 20, 2017
This company is good I am working with them since 2 months.I got my payment
Only this type of people will complaint about them
1.Who are griddy and think they can earn 40-45 thousand per months by doing simple typing.This is not simple typing
2.Who did all wrong pages.
3.The person who type by themselves instead of typing give me pages I will type for 25-30 r .s.per page u only need to check my typing at glance which will take 3-5 minutes
Contact me -7400285002
somamedia's reply, Apr 4, 2018
You are right, This is fraud company...Be careful everyone... Dont give your hard earned money to such people..
Very useful information you saved my 9000
Thank you
But my friend has got payment . She paid 6000 rs registration typed 200 pages and submit and then got 8500 rs. She take another work now
Hirenjpatel111's reply, Nov 15, 2016
Totally fake
Aman Shetty's reply, Mar 20, 2017
yes totally fake
Aman Shetty's reply, Mar 20, 2017
talk to me i have worked for this fraud company 9049084727
reflex6865's reply, May 15, 2017
Yes dude... finally they are scam now...
Hi diya
Thanks for info . you have given a valuable information about this company.
Can you or anyone else who is reading this, will inform me about company who give typing work for home
Plz let me know .
U can mail me
himale1206's reply, Sep 13, 2016
Dear Payal,

Do not trust on anyone before investigating by your self not even on me.

As a freelancer I would suggest you to do visit to the office of Searchline DataBase Pvt Ltd., they have wide office with good well educated staff.

Until unless you visit there office you won't come to know truth.

As per my experience I would say Searchline DataBase Pvt ltd is not a FRAUD or SCAM.

any query mail me [email protected]
bhanu125's reply, Sep 22, 2016
i want part time job in home base computer typing work
vikas sharma68445's reply, Mar 1, 2017
ìnquires about this so contact me [email protected] or whatsapp 9211993230
Thanks Divya for information.
muje aaj mere [protected] is no. pe ek ladke ka call aaya tha. wo keh raha tha ki wo se bol raha hai. aur muje is search line database pvt. ltd. ke bare mai bata raha tha jo uper aapne mention same language mai. aur kal meri appointment fixed ki thi is company mai viman nagar, Pune mai. achha hua aapne information deke hume iss scam se bachaya.

Thanks Divya.
somamedia's reply, Apr 4, 2018
searchline database is fraud, but there are many other companies like this... be careful... dont give any money to anyone without proper verification.
Thanks Divya for information.
muje aaj mere [protected] is no. pe ek ladke ka call aaya tha. wo keh raha tha ki wo se bol raha hai. aur muje is search line database pvt. ltd. ke bare mai bata raha tha jo uper aapne mention same language mai. aur kal meri appointment fixed ki thi is company mai viman nagar, Pune mai. achha hua aapne information deke hume iss scam se bachaya.

Thanks Divya.
Today is 14 of July 2016 ... i have complete 4 days when i buyed normal plan in search line database work from home in dadar branch... so they didnt send me any mail from them or they didntgive me any work from them. when i call in branch the girl saying call tommarow our server down or software problem. i have just keep waiting for my work last 4 days. But my friend got paid 8500 rs so thats why i am waiting.
Rashmi Rajwani's reply, Apr 10, 2018
Hi..want to know more abt this company.
Could you please let me know if you received payments for your work..
Is the company genuine?
You can contact me on [email protected]

Will await your revert

Many thanks
This has to be a scam. There are clever and powerful software which can effortlessly convert text from images to text. If these guys are claiming to pay so much they can use the software. Why they need people to register by paying money ?. I also had few calls, 1 girl said they pay 75-100 per page, while the other guy said they pay 150 per page.
If they have paid few people then it could also be to create confidence in people before they make a big run away.
All I want to say is be aware. People in this world will do anything to cheat.
There is plan i will show you
You have to pay registration charges 7500 to earn 12500 something
then 9000 to normal plan to earn 22500
and around 15000 for 60000 Rs

The Registration charges will autamatically return when you submit every work 6 times in 6 month agreement

1) 2 Days ago on 15 of july i have got my work from searchline database work pvt ltd. i have registered with 500 rs token on 2nd July 2016 and then the branch worker said The agreement of work is couriered by Gujrat state so finally i have signed the agreement on 9 july 2016 and after 1 week on15 of july i have Got the email from Searchline database. I also got Msg from them on Mobile.

2) Now The problem is this they provide a software called searchline Editor which you have to hard Work to complete your work . if your english typing speed is 40 wpm then you only type ONE page in one hour. so if you buy 200 pages price is 7500 then you can complete work in 20 days around. Guys if you think you can then buy this product other wise your choice. I have started the work of 300 pages but i know i cant complete in 30 DAYS period. But i will give it try.

3) If you look like to do part time work then this is gr8 opportunity but if you are like doing office job like me then you want to do this work Then first you have to buy a LAPTOP or E BOOK atleast. Becoz then you can do this work in Home or office.

4) In my side if you have 40 wpm english typing speed then guys just invest only 7500 alone and type only 10 page daily and you can easiliy complete this work in 20 days. Chota kam lo aur Chote income main khush raho. 12000 rs enough for us.

Regards Deepak

Sõôraj Kūmâr's reply, Apr 16, 2017
My self Suraj .I don't have money to get registered.I will type u for 20 rs per page.My accuracy will be will be 99%+ .You only need to check each page for 100% guarantee
7400285002 call me if u have interest and money.I won't bargain this is fix amount.If u don't have money don't call me
I will give u entire page within 5 days rest is your
Thank you.

I am also working with search line data base pvt. ltd.
Though payment is delayed but i am getting regular payment.
Aman Shetty's reply, Mar 20, 2017
no way i dont trust you show your payment details. you must be working in that company so you are messaging here there is no single person who they have paid for their work
i received a call before 5 min ago [protected] a very sweet female voice and than i listened her carefully she explain me same work and massage me office address in delhi at immediate a enter this company name by fraud and i got such useful information thanks a lot
Don't believe the positive comments that some body got payment it there members only posting this comments
Muku1988's reply, Aug 9, 2016
Then also don't believe negative comments as competitors might be posting.

The thing is you people don't want to work hard and also stop others to work hard.
Payment is given to everyone achieving the accuracy level.
Such negative comments are from those who are not able to achieve the desired accuracy or either the competitors.
bharath_leonard's reply, Oct 4, 2017
Ok i m not a competitor I am still under subscription and has all the proof of their fraud i can prove anywhere they are fraud.
bharath_leonard's reply, Oct 4, 2017
The way their mistake written pages are, you can in world not achieve their accuracy level. If you can contact me, I still have their subscription, you can type 150 page, for every 100% accurate page I will give you 90 rupees. Even one mistake no money for that page.

Contact me at [email protected]
sanjay_1976's reply, Dec 7, 2017
bharath_leonard's its really that you have proof then why are you waiting for go ahead and stop all this, please don't give this kind of comments if you can't work and earn more than other ...
This is a big fraud racket before this company was star data connect every time they keep the changing there name
Pls check the star data connect review also
Thank Mis khosla,
today 1 august 2016 i got call on [protected] his avinish from pune branch nd telling me all about company nd all nd his fix meeting with me for discussion and term condition related . So thnak again for this fraud scam .
Searchline database is true or fraud ??? I am confused??? anybody justify ??
Aman Shetty's reply, Mar 20, 2017
fraud totally fraud company talk to me 9049084727
Hi friend, today same thing is happen with me and after reading all your comments i don't want join this company right now. will you please anyone send me any page for typing i try to type these page by my own. my mail id is [protected]
himale1206's reply, Sep 13, 2016

I would you suggest you to once visit searchline data base pvt ltd office, you will come to know the exact truth.

This is not at all fraud or scam.
Shalaka Gadre's reply, Apr 18, 2017
Don't go on office. Its a complete fraud. Don't pay them a single rupee.
I have completed my work Today. So i have send email to search line ahmadabad head quarters. Guys If you really want to know this search line companies are legit or not then first check them in BSE or NSE Stock market. If this companys investing money in Stock Market They are legit. I have checked searchline is genuine becoz they invest money in stock market. so now after 29th of august 2016 i finally got my first ever part time job payment. I am happy
Aman Shetty's reply, Mar 20, 2017
fake totally fake talk to me on 9049084727 m sure u work in that company
reflex6865's reply, May 15, 2017
Searchline turned to be scam now...

My registration no is 1702SDPL

My name is deepak from mumbai

I type 300 pages of my 5th project and then now they are saying i am use the software... i cant belive but they are scam..

1st thing i have to tell you guys We cannot type even 200 pages in 30 days.. we have to stay full day at home and type max 10 pages perfect. We cannot type perfect and with accuracy becoz searchline company is not giving clear image file... they send us unclear images means their intension is not to complete the work from us.

Final words ... Just like searchline there is lots of fake companies providing typing work... we have comunicate each other for file case against them. contact me for details [email protected]
sanjay_1976's reply, Dec 7, 2017
Aman you always say its totally fake but can you see all the comment they receive money from this company r you in this company or just for fun... replying on others comments, they are paying for accurate page if you give anything than ask to pay how can they pay for that, they have uploaded check given to people as per their work. please don't comment like that if you don't want to work let others work and earn ...
rohbugs's reply, Mar 24, 2018
Haha how does investing in stock market make this company legit? Please do not misguide innocent people and earn haram ka paisa.
I also called this search line data company. They are asking for deposit amount of Rs. 6000/- before giving any work. What is their reliability. They say it is refundable but I cant trust because if one wants to give work one shouldnt ask for any deposit or bribe. It is improper.
himale1206's reply, Sep 13, 2016
Dear Preeti,

This is Harish from Pune,

You did not need to hesitate to proceed with Searchline Data Base Pvt Ltd.

This is not at all Fraud or Scam.

I have been working with this from last 2 months & everything is going well.

About there project yes its really challenging work to do, they need 100% accuracy in there typing work.

But I would say this is not Scam or Fraud.

Any query mail me on [email protected]
himale1206's reply, Sep 13, 2016

The money they are asking for you to deposit would be refundable every month as per the plan.
Aman Shetty's reply, Mar 20, 2017
himale talk to me on 9049084727
Umi Budhrani's reply, Jun 9, 2017
preeti cn uh txt me on male [email protected]

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