Asianet Customer Care

Asianet Customer Care

Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd

2nd Floor, Leela Infopark, Technopark Campus
Thiruvananthapuram District
India - 695006

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 471 257 5222
+91 471 257 5333
+91 471 257 5444
+91 470 261 1717
+91 470 3256345
+91 470 325 6344
Fax:+91 471 252 7878
Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd
Koipurathu Buildings,
Holy Angels School Road
Adoor - 691523
Ph: 04734 324777

Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd
Rukmini Complex, Mullackal

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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Asianet Complaints & Reviews

Asianet Broadband - Pathetic service

 Anjima Js on Aug 31, 2015
I have requested for reconnection of internet services of my existing act from asianet broadband on 21 August 2016. I had experienced a delay of 5 days in getting the new wi fI modem. Now that the connection is not activated even after 10 days. I have contacted their customer care unit several times and these people are unable to give a proper answer. I am tired of this companies poor service....
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Asianet Satellite Communications - Broadband disconnection issue Unattended after repeated requests.

 Abhijith2015 on Aug 11, 2015
Subscriber code TV 91216 Date of complaint registration: 6th August 2015 Ticket No. TV91812952 Date of Second Registration: 8th Aug 2015 Ticket No. TV91814306 And after Numerous Helpline requests... I am not getting a stable connection for the past one month. All this time, modem is unable to get a signal most of the time and remains offline. Inspite of my repeated complaint registration and valid confirmation that there is an issue in the line, no action has been taken so far from any person concerned to rectify the issue. All my complaints were replied by false "resolved as per our...
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Asianet Broadband - No service provided three weeks after payment

 Aalokchaudhary on Aug 6, 2015
I requested asianet satellite communications for providing me a broadband internet connection on 21 July 15. The same evening their marketing executive met me at my home and I gave him the required documents along with a cheque of Rs 3410 (Sbi 683050) for providing net connection, one month's subscription charges and wifi modem cum router. And this cheque amount has already been deducted from my account. I was told that the connection will be provided to me within three days however since then, no representative has turned up for cabling or setting up any connection, as per there help line number,...
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Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd - Asianet hd cable connection

 femi vincent on Aug 1, 2015
We had obtained HD cable connection on 22/07/2015. After 4 days we don't get the cable connection and we lodged a complaint (ticket no HB00050734 ) on 28/07/2015 . After calling twice, the asianet employee came and resolved the issue. But on 31/07/2015 the same issue camebacK( ticket no HB00050840). After calling twice no asianet employee came and solved the issue . Very very bad customer service. After paying money response from asianet employees is poor.

Vincent Ooden...
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Asianet - Internet connectivity issue and bad customer support

 sujithcs on Jul 23, 2015
With reference to the complaint number TV91803267 This email is to inform on your bad customer support on an issue which was registered on 21st July 2015 about no internet connectivity in my house .I was chasing continuously with your customer support daily, but the reply from them is not justifiable. even there is no call from the technical department as the part of complaint and No technician attend the issue till now. Could you please take an action on this and get resolve my issues ASAP. This is affecting my daily works made me losing confidence with Asianet service. I expect your kind...
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Asianet - Unavailability of many satellite channels

 sumeshrs on Jul 15, 2015
We had payed the subscription amount for cable tv for eleven years starting from September 2010. At that time we were getting around 150 channels including Star Sports channels and were assured that we will continue to get all the channels irrespective of future plan changes of company. But for last few months we are not getting many channels, especially Star Sports 1, 2, & 4, Headlines Today etc. On enquiry to the customer care number, i have been told that our plan is 90 channels package only and we wont get these channels. I would like to emphasis that the company is breaking its own promise...
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Asianet - disconnection of service

 kumarupendran on Jul 13, 2015
Eversince i have been using Asianet there has been no delay in my payments, since i am an NRI and my wife is teacher everytime when the payment is due the concerned sales staff calls us and comes and collects the payment from home after calling us. Now the services are disconnected withoout any information. Normally in this techically advanced world we get an sms or calls from the concerned or information of the tv, now nothing of any sort has come, I do not know whether you are trying to improve your system or not, any way this action is ridiculous, We dont have to suffer because of your non professional...
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Asianet - Lagging of broadband connection

 Sarin P Suresh on Jul 7, 2015
Hi, I have requested for broadband connection by last week.. There isn't any response from them. When I try to call to office, they are not answering . after that I gone straight to office, Ven I asked dey r saying will come today. Its been two days now . why they r doing like this. Its very bad from Asianet....
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Asianet - Non availability of broadband

 Vishnu Nadarajan on Jul 6, 2015
Hi, I'm a customer from cochin. My Internet connection has not been working since Saturday morning. I had registered complaint then -complaint Ticket No :CN627943. I'm still receiving a standardised " We have forwarded your complaint" for the past 3 days. This is frustrating and plainly humiliating, since I'm taken for a ride, paying bill when Internet is not working. I will never recommend this company to any one else. I never believed my friends when they told me about the bad customer service, mainly due to seamless installation when i had called them. But this just upsetting....
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Asianet - internet connection delaying

 nikhil sebastian on Jun 30, 2015
Before 3 months I have requested for asianet broadband connection at asianet's Pala agency. they have been postponing it for all these days. I'm an asianet costumer for several year, consumer number DE91000029. while on requesting, we mentioned that its an emergency. But their response wasn't adequate enough. Now they are responding as they will 1st come check and give connection. As usual not happening As a customer I really felt disappointed And I didn't really expected such kind of behaviour. Kindly accept my complaint and take necessary action to give us the connection immediately....
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Asianet - Connmections for HD Channels

 B.G.Nair on Jun 27, 2015
Subsriber ID No AA92011320 Gopoalakrishnan Nair I am an existing custmer Paid Rs.4000/- for getting all HD channels as advised by the technicia. Now it is more than 10 days I am getting only 6 HD Channels. Four times I registered complaint with your customer care No.9388800800 but of no use. Please give the connections urgently.Further non Cooperation I will be forced to take up the matter with Ministry of Broadcasting Central govt New Delhi. My Contact No -9497690869 Email.ID- Gopalakrishnan Nair.B Upasana, ARA 197/2, Attukal Trivandrum-9...
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Asianet - disturbance in channel&irresponsible service

 bharathanpk on Jun 21, 2015
To Asia net Satellite communication From, P.K.Bharathan Sub;Code GA 91033757 Sir, I am a customer of aslant cable TV under Code GA 910 33757. Payment made as a customer are given below: 1)Rs.3525/-dated on 13/10/12 to the time of connection. 2)Rs.5190/-dated on 21/09/13 as two years subscription charge to Pradeepkumar P. 3)Rs.3500/- dated on 11/09/15 towards change to HD to Shan George. Thus I have already expended Rs.12, 215/- as subscription and installation charge on cable TV. Recently, on 11/09/2015 I have changed my connection to HD just because of continuous...
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Asianet - Airing inappropriate content during prime time

 matalee on Jun 19, 2015
We are regular viewers of parasparam and chandanamazha aired between 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm on asianet tv channel.however recently trailers of an upcoming horror show 7 rathrikal is being shown during commercial breaks. The trailer is quite disturbing and scarea my 7 year old kid. It is my humble request that duch promotional trailers are not aired from 9.00 to 10.00...
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Asianet - No Sound in any of the channels

 Vivek Padmanabhan on Jun 19, 2015
Yearly subsription is valid until November 2015. Pictures are coming in all the channels but no sound. Asianet was contacted many times, Complaint registered on the 11th of June 2015. Until today, they are saying that they tried to call our mobile and could not get through. Mob No: 9249589288, landline: 04712743237, Subscriber ID: AA91036188 complaint ID: AA022087093. If the company cannot do any thing, they have to return the yearly subscription and remove all their cabling and st top box from our premises....
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Asianet - speed issue

 appu.mohan34 on Jun 18, 2015
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Asianet - Want payment without issuing an invoice or receipt- TV95326

 ajithbin on Jun 16, 2015
Requested asianet broadband online help about the non-receipt of the broadband invoice(TV95326) which the services was expired on 15-Jun-15, this morning a guy called Prathapachandran Nair P emailed and asked to pay Rs. 6977/- for renew without any invoice or proforma or any document, don't know this guys' designation whether he is authorized nor any telephone number of this person provided in the email. on Reply requested the details and plan and whether the AMC for modem included or not? as my existing connection was having AMC? Instead of providing the details he wrote "NO MORE EMAILS"? is this...
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Asianet - Modem changed unnecesairly

 samthomasg143 on Jun 16, 2015
TV 85107 Sam thomas G I called customer care for the speed issue only.they arranged a field visit. A Asianet executive came to home and changed the modem by telling that the issue will be solved. Charge me for the modem and installation. Actually my connection was through and modem was not having any complaint.speed was the only problem. Kindly help me to waiver the modem and installation charges. I was getting the same speed with old modem Modem was changed unnecesairly, and charge me for that in the bill.kindly waiver me the old modem was not having any complaint.still...
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Asianet - TV91753330 complaint logged 3 months back

 manoharmu on Jun 13, 2015
Hello Sir, I have logged complaint against billing issue but not resolved till date and 2 days back connection got disconnected. I am requesting kindly resolve the billing complaint issue and restore the connection. From past 3 months been sending many mails but unfortunately not getting any response. Conumer id: Tv102128 Complaint id: TV91753330 Requesting you please resolve the above issue as early as possible. Thanks Manohar 9645334459...
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Asianet - TV85107 Sam Thomas g modem changed for speed issue unnecessarly

 samthomasg143 on Jun 13, 2015
respected sir I have called customer care last month regarding speed issue continuously.customer care people arrange a field Asianet executive came and change the modem directly for speed issue and charged for me unnecesairly I am saying it is unnecesairly because modem was not having any complaint.with the new modem also I am facing the same problem. I went to Asianet office one of the officer viji behaved so arrogantly towards me. She forced me to sent mail regarding disconnection I have taken the reconnection of asianet itself because I have faith in Asianet. Some of the illetriate...
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Asianet - Complaint against Your invoice no: AT06S1501987

 Vijayakumar.S.K. on Jun 13, 2015
FROM VIJAYAKUMAR .S.K AT 4952 Vijaya Kumar To Jun 4 at 10:04 PM Your invoice no: AT06S1501987 Shows that a previous balance due Rs.1506.93 but it is incorrect I have already paid through E payment on 14 May 2015 Rs.1600/- To Transfer -INB Asia net TECH_ ASIANET Payment Bank Ref No 1565747221G0AAIGYM0 TRANSFER TO 6715 Rs.1600/- DT 14/05/2015 on my SBT Account This amount was not debit on my account and not yet Generate Your Receipt kindly Verify You Account and confirm it and make necessary arrangement on my invoice No AT 06S1501987 at the eralyst. Thanking...
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