Asianet Customer Care

Asianet Customer Care

Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd

2nd Floor, Leela Infopark, Technopark Campus
Thiruvananthapuram District
India - 695006

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

+91 470 3256345
+91 471 257 5222
+91 471 257 5444
+91 471 257 5333
+91 470 261 1717
+91 470 325 6344
+91 471 252 7878
Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd
Koipurathu Buildings,
Holy Angels School Road
Adoor - 691523
Ph: 04734 324777

Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd
Rukmini Complex, Mullackal
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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd — Digital tv cable connection

 sreedharan.m on Jan 26, 2016
Cable TV signals weak and picture freezing
subscriber id:KA92001165
sreedharan .m
contact mob +919446490340
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Asianet Broadband — Not getting speed as per my plan

 renjithmk on Jan 16, 2016
Hi, I am using Asianet broadband internet from last many years. for last 3 months I am not getting speed as per my Plan. Plan I am using is 1Mbps plan monthly bill of Rs 580 (including tax). But many times I am getting spees much lesser than 1mbps. I feel like asianet is cheating me by providing slow internet....
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Asianet — Internet connectivity issue and bad customer support

 sujithcs on Jan 15, 2016
With reference to the complaint number TV 91912220 This email is to inform on your bad customer support on an issue which was registered on 09th January 2016 about no internet connectivity in my house .I was chasing continuously with your customer support daily, but the reply from them is not justifiable. even there is no call from the technical department as the part of complaint and No technician attend the issue till now. Could you please take an action on this and get resolve my issues ASAP. This is affecting my daily works made me losing confidence with Asianet service. I expect your kind attention...
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Asianet — Poor picture and sound quality of asianet cable tv broadcast

 nediumkk on Jan 12, 2016
For last 3-4 weeks we have been experiencing freezing of pictures and sound of Asianet cable TV programs. In addition, there is distortion of pictures, flaking of pictures, sound breakages, cracking sounds etc. Some time the picture and sound vanishes and "No signal" sign appear. This happens quite often I hv recently renewed my subscription. But I do not get the same channels I had been seeing recently. To name a few, HBO, Star world, Sony etc When I ask, Asianet says these are not included in the package, but I had been seeing these in my earlier package where I have not made any change Today...
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Asianet — Sabarimala

 samodkumar on Jan 11, 2016
Innu(11-01-16)suprem cort oru asadarana kadannu kayatam nadathi..athine muthalaki ninjale polulla ottanavadi chanalukal akoshapoorvam peya koothukal nadathunnathinu munbu ninjal oru mobilil koodi oru sms loode voting abhiprayam nadathamayirunnu...ingane poyal ..islam viswasa prekaram sunnathu kaliyanam eanna acharam nirthalakumo..?...athinu charcha veykumoo?christian achara prekaram maamodisa mukiyale christiani avu...ithinoke kodathi idapedumo...?arkum kayari kottan patiya oru chenda alla hindu samudayavum acharavum..athinal chindhikuka..allathe kaala pettu eannu keattu kayar eadukathe...kachavadam...
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Asianet — Not getting TV after paying one year payment.

 jim john1 on Jan 6, 2016
I am not getting TV after getting after payment for one year. Paid amount on 30-Dec-2015 and raised a ticket for connection issue on 4th Jan -16. Up to 6th -Jan-16 they are not solving the issue. I paid the amount to Asianet local office and provided receipt no and date. The issue is local office not updating payment receipt info as per customer care. More than 10 times I have called asianet....
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Asianet — Connection

 jiso on Jan 6, 2016
Dear Sir, My name is jishu i temperorly registered for a broad band connection on 29/11/2015 the ref, no: is INDI 169235, we use to followup daily with the customer service agent, the only answer i got from the customer service side is, the executive will contact us, since 9 days the same answer, so may i know is it possible to get an internet conncetion in our area or whether i search for another option ; the executive must not be irresponsible like this., Expecting a positive answer from your side. email id:
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Asianet — Serials abysmal quality of

 V.K.Nair on Jan 1, 2016
Asianet as a pioneer in the Malayalam TV media, is quite popular, providing wholesome entertainment. But it is under serious threat, because of the abysmally low quality of the serials being aired, these days. For e.g.:- 1. Sthreedhanam, started Of quite well with a fairly good story line. But in the last few months it has deteriorated into absolute trash. The silly / stupid / idiotic / terrible / horrible / ludicrous antics of Mathisukku, his mother, wife and daughter, Thangu and Sethulakshmi, is sought to be passed off as COMEDY. This is an insult to the viewers. To add insult to injury, periodically...
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Asianet — Cable connection renewal

 Remesh Ganapathi on Dec 31, 2015
I never faced a ridiculous service from Asianet since 2002. I have registered and paid for the bill up to Sept2015. But one day somebody came from your office on November 2015 last and asked me for 2 months payment of Rs. 400/-(two months) and I asked him for collecting the amount for one year in the middle of December 2015. After several calls to customer care and available contacts numbers nobody responded to the same. Today is the last date for the renewal. What shall I do?...
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Asianet — Serial pranayam

 Lcrn on Dec 30, 2015
Just wanted to say that the serial, pranayam, is the worst serial ever! It's a complete ripoff of the serial, mounam samadham. The viewer's intelligence is insulted when such garbage is shown on TV!! Either get rid of this garbage or have the writers give us some original material. Thanks!!...
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Asianet — Broadband

 Ullas D Pallattu on Dec 21, 2015
I am a Asianet Broadband consumer with Sub Code KT23207. last month I migrated to higher plan as my sons were around . now I want to migrate to a lower plan . i informed them accordingly . now the company informs me that I am liable to be charged a fee of Rs 150 / for migrating from a higher plan to a lower plan . is there any justification for this charge . I feel it is unreasonable ....
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Asianet — Insensitive usage of clips of real calamity to promote a serial

 piyaa15 on Dec 20, 2015
Hi, This is regarding the promos that Asianet airs for their serial Parasparam . Im not an audience of serials of this channel but when I browse through this channel and watch some other programs, I happen to come across these promo clips for their serial called Parasparam . Its so disturbing to watch the promo and I keep wondering how a channel can be so insensitive to compare the real life hardships that people went through in the Mumbai blasts and the recent Chennai floods to what their characters in a stupid serial is under going. These idiotic media which makes everything into a TRP...
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Asianet Broadband — Online payment

 philipoommen on Dec 19, 2015
I paid the 1/12/15 bill for my broadband connection online on 3/12/15. The payment portal indicated that payment failed. But money was deducted from my credit card account. My bank statement gives the transaction id. Asianet did not respond to my e-mails from 3/12 on wards. Finally on 18/12, they have intimated me that the money will be re-credited to my account. Till now it has not happened...
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Asianet — Worst broadband service

 clock wise on Dec 18, 2015
Asianet broadband, boasting to be the best and the largest Internet service provider has got a worse broadband service system. I recently upgraded from 510 Kb/s (which is truly never achieved as promised) to DART980 plan (boasting to give 6 MB/s speed). But soon I realized the the speed is still too low. I keep swirling around from one to another complaint and the customer care doesn't even know that modem needs to be changed. So after 2 weeks somebody comes for upgrading the modem and he doesn't have the modem I needed. So I end up buying costlier modem. Problems don't stop here. My bill is...
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Asianet Broadband — Online payment failed, but no money refund

 srekangpai on Dec 17, 2015
Hi, I made a payment of 250 each twice on 14-12-2015, as part of bill payment via SBT internet banking. The payment failed twice as per the asianet website, however money was deducted from the account both times. Till now, i din't receive any refund for this amount (Rs 500). Could you please look into this issue.. The two transaction ids are - 192180254IG0BDMQZP4 and 192179724IG0BDMQUT8...
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Asianet — Non payment of balance remaining on termination of connection in the middle of bill period

 Lazar George on Dec 16, 2015
TR, 15624 Bill amount Rs.6508/ paid for the period, 29_12_14 to 28_03_16 The facility was terminated w.e.f 30_05_15. You are to pay me the balance due for the remaining period of the bill.. I have not received the payment so far in spite of requests....
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Asianet — Asianet setup box complaint (Customer id : gh171825)

 sajincj on Dec 15, 2015
Hi Myself Krishnankutty from Poklayi, Thrissur district, Kerala. Asianet Setup box Customer ID : GH171825 My Asiant setup box is not working from 29th November 2015. I already raised complaint two times in ACV kodungallur office directly. One week back one technician came to my home then checked issue and informed he will come lately and fix issue. Still we are waiting for a technician to fix this issue. I send a mail to ACV regarding this issue in 14th december 2015. I didnt get any response for this mail. So please consider this as a personal complaint and do immediate...
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Asianet — Serial in asianet plus (Mounam sammadham)

 cutypink on Dec 7, 2015
We continuously watch the serial but one thing we cannot bear is songs being played in Malayalam (especially when the functions happen in the serial, converting Hindi to Malayalam). It is really really horrible and meaningless. Please play the songs in Hindi only.Request you to take into consideration....
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Asianet — Asianet set top box, cable

 Saju1111 on Dec 5, 2015
[Sub Code:DF92000820]:Dear subscriber, Your complaint has been resolved as per our records.Call Customer Care for further support. Your Ticket No :WC15119. The above shown is the sms received by me. This is the easiest way for cheating asianet by the employees. As nothing been done to address my complaint but simply sending an sms. Will you be able to take this up?...
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Asianet — Poor after sale service.

 Thomas Joseph Thayil on Dec 2, 2015
Request for Installation of Induction Node so the Broad Band and Cable T V connections are connected through the Fibre Optic Cable installed. This request has been made both by Email and Telephone calls several times since the Instillation of the Broad Band Connection in Januarary 2015...
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