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Tata Sky Customer Care

Tata Sky Ltd.

3rd floor, C-1, Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg
Mumbai City District
India - 400025
Landmarks:Bombay Dyeing

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 500 6633
[except MTNL]

Additional info
Andhra Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 4600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 0700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3401 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1001 2524

Postpaid +91 92 270 00121
Prepaid +91 92 2701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 5400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 5401 2524

Himachal Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 1800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1801 2524

Jammu & Kashmir
Postpaid +91 92 0500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4301 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3100 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3101 2524

Madhya Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 2900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2001 2524

North East
Postpaid +91 92 0600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3801 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1401 2524

Tamil Nadu
Postpaid +91 92 4400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4001 2524

Uttar Pradesh East
Postpaid +91 92 3500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3501 2524

Uttar Pradesh West
Postpaid +91 92 1900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1901 2524

West Bengal
Postpaid +91 92 3300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3301 2524

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Tata Sky — Trying to abstract money by making fool in new connection of 25 days

 Adv. Mukesh Sharma on Dec 8, 2016
I, Mukesh Sharma, Mob : 8976663004, bearing subscriber ID : 1210659023
have taken the new TATA Sky connection from Comparedth.

That since the beginning there was a problem in signal for few channels like 313 Sony Max which is nothing but a signal problem.

We can watch channel sometimes and some times black screen appears.

On 07/12/2016 I have given a complaint to TATA SKY but they are just trying to abstract the money and demanding 200 Rupees.

I have installed the new connection and it is still under warranty and if there is any...
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Tata Sky — Unauthorised deactivation after payment of annual subscription

 Padmalatha Suresh on Dec 8, 2016
Subscriber id 1019731429. Paid Rs 9370 towards annual subscription on December 1. Account deactivated on dec 3 saying payment not reached the company. Paid through credit card. My account was debited immediately. In spite of several phone calls and emails no satisfactory response as to what happened to my money. Indifferent and callous attitude to my complaint. Kindly resolve immediately. Transaction id TY1612010078799270. Expect an immediate response...
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Tata Sky — I want to know the subscriber id and mobile number

 kannanvj on Dec 8, 2016
Sir, i buy and old set top box from neighbour because he shifting his house so I cannot know subscribe id and mobile number so kindly give the subscriber id for recharge...
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Tata Sky — Defective HD SET TOP BOX

 raichaudhuri2017 on Dec 7, 2016
The Customer Care

Sub: Defective HD Set Top Box of TATA SKY bearing customer ID: 1106142399
The undersigned would bring to your notice that I am an Customer residing at 24, Ramlal Bazar Road, Haltu, Kasba, Kol- 78, the said connection is with HD facilities and yearly premium (recharge) of Rs. 8000/- . This is to mention that I am using this HD service from the year 2013, the concerned HD Set Top Box was defective on the month of December 2015 and the same was changed on 18.01.16 without any charges.

The same...
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Tata Sky — Id 1027730272 my Tata Sky set of using tata sky technician

 sunilrathi501 on Dec 7, 2016
Tatasky id 1027730272
LAST ten days back request for upgrade set of box hd Tata Sky technician come upgrade but he not handover My new set of box tell technician I will give tommaro
I am waiting last 10days daily COMPLAINTS Tata Sky services center
But no one re come with set of box
My set of box USING some one but I am paying charge balance CUTTING daily I have no services LAST 10DAYS
Tata Sky COMPLAINTS NO TJ7KN8k other no. TITWXG8
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Tata Sky — Change my mobile number i lost my old RMN

 Pâwăñ Ķûmāř on Dec 5, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam

My Name is suyog manohar shinde.and My Tata Sky ID No. 1145574891

I have a complane that I have lost my old mobile no.8103668156

In future my process in your company with my new mobile no.9425556060. and in future you contract me my new no. ( 9425556060 ).

So please you update my new mobile no.in your siystem.


Regard !!
K.janak kumar
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Tata Sky — Set top box not showing signal

 k@k@ on Dec 5, 2016
After talking with the employee named arajit for about 18mins and 15secs there was no solution provided by the employee of tata sky set top box. To each and every question raised he had only one answer maaf kijiye is issue ke related mere paas koi information nahi hai. Atleast in 18 mins this line was repeated 19 times.he gave us some instruction to make a set up again, by doing the instruction the tv got hanged up and after that he told that a technician will visit at your place and you will be charged @200/- and parts also if nay...
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Tata Sky — Unauthorized debit amount

 rafik07khan on Dec 5, 2016
I have purchased new dth box of tata sky one month ago. and it is under one year warranty. in this warranty period services free, if any part or some item replaced that will be charged. as on 2/12/2016 some channels are working, then i register the complain. The technician come next day, and his find some disc position and loose contact. After correction the problem solved. but next they cut 200 /- Rs as a service charge. i call back first they say by mistake this happen after that they say the amount cut because of replacing connector but actually this not happen. after that my balance my set box...
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Tata Sky — Cheats is not the words

 Jeroo Oomrigar on Dec 5, 2016
Even though I know my complaint is not going to get resolved I will still put forward my grievance. I had recharged my Tata sky account last in April for 320 rupees but could not view for the entire month. I must have called umpteen number of times to Tata Sky asking them why I was not able to view my television program. They said now only 2 days left and you will hav to recharge again. So instead of recharging I stopped taking Tata sky. They are v good in following up for recharge n offers but not attending to customers. Few days ago I received so many calls from Tata sky to give them one more...
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Tata Sky — Fake coupons issued

 shrey106 on Dec 5, 2016
Tata Sky is issuing fake coupons on recharging of account. I got cheated with fake Jabong coupons. It is a nexus of these corporate houses. We didn't even ask for coupons. Tata Sky themselves giving them but fake.
Also on submission of complaint and screen shot to customer service website the company is making vague calls abd denying submission of screenshot of fake coupons.
I was happy with the service but due to this coupon fraud might change my DTH service provider.
Please take stringent action against Tata Sky and all its coupon partners....
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Satellite, Cable DTH TV

Tata Sky — Validity is about 10 months instead of 1 year

 bajpayee on Dec 2, 2016
My package was due for renewal on 3.12.16.I got many sms & emails for depositing RS 4565/ to renew for 1 year to get benifit of 1 months charges.Then I called cust.care. They explained that 1yr charges will be 4980@415/whereas I am being asked to deposit Rs4565 after discount of 1 month.I have made payment of Rs4565/.After this the next due date is being shown 29.10.17 instead of 3.12.17.I fail to understand the reason....
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Tata Sky — Bad Services

 archana bhave on Dec 1, 2016
My Customer id is 1100579018, CH no: 117 to CH no 149 have lot of disturbance so I raised complaint in help line number. As per discussion with customer executive they will charge Rs 200 for visiting. I agreed with this cost and next day technician has suggest to replace temporary set top box to find solution of issue. Same day they deducted 200 rupees with out solve the issue. Next day I called in help center for this deducting amount they told me this is our procedure. I told that lady first you have to resolve my issue and after that you can deducted amount from our account. She talk So I raise...
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Tata Sky — Request for rmn change

 ashish kumartyalon on Dec 1, 2016
Dear sir/madam

My name is ashish ghosh. and my tata sky id no.1017917996 and settop box no is 5293727867146444.

In future my process in your company with my new mobile no.9811457337. and in future you contract me my new no. (9811457337).

So please you update my new mobile no.in your siystem.


Ashish ghosh
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Tata Sky — False information about dth recharge offers( Dhamaal mix pack)

 vinit2611 on Nov 30, 2016
Tata sky id: 1083231728
register mobile no.9275959058
Complain No: TDNEY7K
As i want to restart Tata sky dth service after feburary 2016. I used to get N no.s of offer from customer care. In that one of the offer was for whole 1 year about my favorite Dhamaal Mix given on 28/11/16 when i asked about any for the whole 1 year. which they offered me in 1520 rs for the 1 year. then customer care requested me to give confirmation call about package activation to customer care after completing the recharge process.Which i did recharge on 29/11/16 around 3.pm to 4.00pm of rupees1550.
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Tata Sky — Deactivation of smart active manager channel

 wangtop thinra on Nov 30, 2016
Channel named smart active manager has been activate in my tata sky set of box bearing id. No.1097353344 yesterday without my consent. And i came to know through message that i will be charged ₹10 per day for that perticular package which i never subscribe. I m a poor farmer, how can pay pay such huge bill. So plse kindly de activated the said smart active manager channel immediately and intimate me through my rmn 9402851116. I don't have email id....
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Tata Sky — Non received of tata sky recharge amount

 ukb290365 on Nov 29, 2016
Sir, I have recharge of Rs.270/- for Tatasky ID No. 1041477157 on 18th August 2016 through Paytm. The said amount debited from my SBI a/c vide transaction ID No.105090461476IG0CNWVOL5 TRANSFER TO INB One97 Communications Limi, but the said transaction has not been successful due to error of internet connection nor said amount refunded in my a/c or paytm wallet till date. In view of the above, you are requested the said amount may please be refunded in my paytm wallet at the earliest.
I am also disappointed for such type of recovery....
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Tata Sky — My Monthly Pack

 Alexmawi on Nov 28, 2016
Dear Team,
I had subscribed Tata sky since 3yrs back. Now i have a problem with my Pack. Before i used to recharge for Rs 420/- but from two months back my pack was finished within 25 days which was really a surprise for me. when spoken to customer care they told me fees are gone up.. than i said ok let me recharge for fees gone up price than i paid Rs 500 for one month. Again today before one month my Tata sky was again deactivated on 27th Nov 2016 before one month. Could you very quickly get back to me and Explain why???

I also had seen many new added channels which i really...
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Tata Sky — Poor behaviour

 Chetali Bansal on Nov 28, 2016
The tata sky set up box was bought under my uncle`s name Mr Dinesh Sharma. We had their old model(Tata sky HD Plus) which has recording facilities after a year or some months the set up box had a minor problem. the technician came he took our set up box and replace it with used and damaged good set up box while insuring us that when our set up box will be repaired they will replace it. which never happens instead they cut 500 rupees from our account for that set up box. which has only one month guarantee, after a month the box started to cause problem they again replace it and took 500 rupees this...
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Tata Sky — Activation without permission

 Prem singh Tak on Nov 28, 2016
I hate this Dance studio active my account without my permission....
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Tata Sky — Recharge but not receive payment at tata sky

 pragnesh1411 on Nov 28, 2016
My id no 1055453888
I have recharge 26-11-2016 rs-285 but not receive at tata sky
And retail ask recharge success i balance deduct..
Resolve my complain urgent other wise further action...
Cont no -9726504586, 9426559891...
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