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Tata Sky Complaints & Reviews

Tata Sky - Network issue Persist again and agian

 sharma_ashish123 on Jan 30, 2015
hi, self Ashish Sharma, contact no. 9922008293, have lodged complain many of times but issue for network still persist, its almost one week time that am facing this problem and no one till ate has able to fix the issue... Please confirm when we will have resolution on the same......
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Tata Sky - Wrong id showing on screen.

 Abhijit Hiremath on Jan 30, 2015
My Tata sky Subscriber name is Anuradha Abhijit Hiremath having id no is 1039168487.On 28.01.15 at around 2 p.m. I was recharged my account which shows the id on screen 1058080787. Already I talk with so many Representatives of your service center but i do not got any solution by your end. Currently My T.V.Screen showing the new id 1114541210 which is again not mine. Your Representative told me that its system fault by your side.They also told me to go to the shop and revert back the recharge but the shopkeeper has no any idea about that, he also spoke with your people but no any solution will...
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Tata Sky - Improper way of recharge and wrong billing

 JagdishK on Jan 29, 2015
My TATAsky Customer ID is 1015552415. I had recharged Rs.5000 in Nov.2014. I had annual subscription paid uto dec2014. for the Base Pack Supreme sports kid(Rs.3650) and MultiTV HD pack+English News+Active music. I called up TATASKY on 16th Dec.2014 to change my package to Dhamaal Mix(Rs.2560) and withdraw my MultiTV and HD TV connection while keeping the add on package intact. The person on the other side confirmed the same.But on the same day they disconnected the HDTV while the other packages with mutitv connection intact. They went on deducting for supreme sports and MultiTV ad HDTV, Again when...
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Tata Sky - Unwanted package add in my account

 Rajesh08041984 on Jan 29, 2015
Dear Sir, Myself Abhaykant jha and i have your tata sky set top box since last 9 years. My subscription i.d. 1009384098. I have received 5 or 6 times unwanted call from some unknown numbers. Each time your representative some new offers and that will be added in your account, free of cost for one month and charges applicable after one month, but all of these things are lie. Latest case is that, on dated 29.01.2015 i have received a call at 13:32 by you number is +911409340486. From that call say me we have a offer for you and matter about channel no. 601 is added in your account free of cost...
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Tata Sky - Transfer of registration & channel packages

 rajesh bbhardwaj on Jan 29, 2015
dear sir,
my friend transfer from khanna to Bangalore . and he gave me his tata sky connection . we put a request to tatasky regarding id transfer to my name with proper documents . but still it is pending after many follow ups . second i want to change my base channel packages but not changed after 15 days.

pl help me.


dr. rajesh bhardwaj
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Tata Sky - Unauthorised acivation of Active Game pack

 santosh_75 on Jan 28, 2015
In my account 1099533018 Active Game pack was added without my confirmation today 28 Jan 2015. The person named PRATIK at helpline informed that a Tatasky rep named SAGAR has called me and taken confirmation. This is false allegation as no one had called me. TATA SKY is generating money by unauthorised activation of services. When I asked to deactivate he said that it has one month lockin period. This is not good and another form of GOONDA RAJ. VERY MUCH DISSATISFIED TATA GROUP NOT EXPECTED. TAKE ACTION AND STOP THIS PRACTICE. Santosh...
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Tata Sky - not receiving signals for last three days.

 pkjain39 on Jan 28, 2015
my work order no GGHHOR4 is pending for last three days. no one is listening and sending any one to resolve my problem. i m sorry to say i had already faced this problem earlier too. for this i m unable to continue this service again. plz look in to the matter. thanks...
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Tata Sky - no regional channels

 Sid Alva on Jan 27, 2015
This is to bring to your notice that at the time of buying Tata Sky D2H vendor gave a pamplet showing at Rs. 230/- you'll get all regional channel e.g marathi, guajarti, bangla, oria etc. to watch, but now not a single regional channel is coming....
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Tata Sky - against setup box

 pratap sarkar on Jan 27, 2015
There is a major problem in setup box last one month and we are not getting service last few days .we have already try to get a setup box by agent but they have told that you have primerly file a complain to tata sky online site their after they will gide us regarding your problem . We need a new setup box what ever charge we will pay for that . Try to give help us as soon as posible....
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Tata Sky - lack of support in tata sky service

 roleemathur on Jan 24, 2015
Dear Sir, We are trying to contact customer care but we cant! We got a message from the customer care that we had activated "Active Fun Learn" service but we didnt activated any of the service pack of this type!! Please Contact us at :- 9415502592...
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Tata Sky - Complaint against set top box service

 ranjeet Delhi on Jan 23, 2015
I am Ranjeet Kumar my ID is 1105614703. I am extremely shocked with your service. I have changed my set top box in the month of July with additional charge of 500+150rs Which was
1. In extreme bad condition and used.
2. Was not in proper working condition.
3. With in 2 days it stopped working i complain for it and was changed but the second one was also in bad condition and within 10-15 days problem arised.
Since that time I stopped recharging and watching you tata sky but finally I want to ask did you change my set top box for just 27 days is this your service. And why...
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Tata Sky - De-activated my recorded content on the HD box...

 Rosaline Perinchery on Jan 23, 2015
Tatasky does not allow me to watch recorded content on my HD box that I have fully paid for even though there is a minimal balance of Rs. 10.69 and is pending a recharge shortly. In fact, this is pure bullying and is very very upsetting for me. I am sure there will be hundreds of people like me who are unable to view Tatasky HD box after we paid for buying the box and having it installed at our home. When I called up, they said that the connection is inactive, hence I need to recharge. I bought the box, paid for the recorded content already... then why should I recharge to view recorded...
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Tata Sky - Tata sky fleecing customers

 Krish404 on Jan 23, 2015
My subscriber ID - 1011633698

I refer to my abv Subscriber ID and wish to state that Iam highly disappointed and shocked to receive the below 2 SMS on my registered Mobile nbr today.

1st SMS - Request completed for Semi Annual Grand Sports, Rs2550, valid until 27Apr15. Current a/c bal Rs1571.37 Due date 13Apr15.
Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

2nd SMS - Pack request completed. Current a/c bal Rs 979.16. Due date 25Mar15. New monthly charges Rs 200. If unable to view channels, power on your box & SMS SR to 56633 Sent on my BlackBerry®...
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Tata Sky - Connection

 pretty.singh@idbi.co.in on Jan 22, 2015
Hi, My subscriber ID is 1080918004 in the name of Mr. Jaitesh Sharma. We have just shifted our flat in silver oaks apartment dlf phase 1, Gurgaon. On installation of the TV, the person had come to attend the complaint of TV not getting signals due to which the connection was not working. Now this house has a very old Dish for Tata Sky installed in which the camera has gone bad as told by the service agent from TATA Sky. I told him that on taking my personnel connection I was not given the dish stating that the said society has the mother dish and doesnt require a dish. In case I move somewhere where...
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Tata Sky - zeetos rewards scheme

 KPrasad on Jan 22, 2015
Hi I want to register this complaint on the poor quality of service by tatasky. My son exchanged ~7000+ zeetos in Oct'2014 and after long wait and multiple followups, in December 1st week, we were told that the selected gift could not be sent. Then the points were refunded. Without loosing hopes, my son again exchanged 9000+ points for another gift on 6th Dec. Now it is more than 1.5 months and no positive developments this time also. Whenever I call the TATASKY helpdesk, the useless guys give a 1week time line to give call back. Today I spoke to their supervisor who promised to update me...
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Tata Sky - Seeking New Tata Sky Connection

 karan1908 on Jan 22, 2015
I have called many times at Tata Sky Customer Care to get additional Tata Sky Connection for my other TV but nobody has come for installation. My existing Tat Sky Connection details are as follow: Subscriber ID: 1097187023 Called Customer Care from No.: 9818867053...
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Tata Sky - Change My Monthly Pack

 tatasky on Jan 21, 2015
Hi I want to change from my pack to base pack and I want take Rs.210/ monthly pack. I do not want take 320 or 415 monthly pack and i am calling to 18602086633 (call rate 1 rs per min) called twice for alomost 12-15 min today but unsuccess for subs id 1098024159. So now tata sky is not like that ..tata sky laga dala to life jhinga lala... very costly customer care with less responsive. Thanks......
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Tata Sky - Termination of the connection

 Kalra kanchan on Jan 20, 2015
We had sent a message to Tatasky customer care on 6th Dec that we are out of station since September 2014 end and not likely to return till Feb/march 2015. We wished to terminate our Tata Sky connection. I just got an autorespose that our person will contact you. Even after so many reminders, no one has contacted me or given me a satisfactory answer. I am really disappointed with the customer care service provided with such a well known company. Hope to get some response now. S.C. Kalra, A-1, Aditya Complex, Thaltej, Ahmedabad. My registered mobile no. is 09428124700...
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Tata Sky - Levying charges by their own and deactivating the connection

 ca amit kumar rai on Jan 20, 2015
Dear Sir / Madam, This is regarding my complaint no. 135676212627 dated 19.1.15 and 135700121832 dated 21.1.15 with Tatasky Customer Care. Let me now summarize my concerns. I have taken Tatasky connection on 25th December 2013 and activated an annual dhamal mix package on 25th January 2014 for a period of 1 year which is going to expire on 24th January 2015. Last month i.e. 25th December 2014, I have taken another multi-connection for my secondary TV against which I have paid Rs. 1, 800/- for set top box and Rs. 200/- for one month subscription charges which is valid till 24th January...
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Tata Sky - Local service provider's unsatisfactory service

 Avinash Choudhari on Jan 20, 2015
My ID is 1026562403. Location : Dombivali, Maharashtra I requested for relocation of my dish antenna at my new address through helpline on 07/01/2015. On the same day the technician of local service provider connected my TV on somebody else's subscriber cable with a promise to come back in 2 days to fix my dish.He also collected Rs. 200 fee. Since then Inspite of my daily follow up with technician and local service provider office and their daily promise of sending technician, no one has turned up. till today ( very bad service ) . Meanwhile the other subscriber has objection on such unauthorized...
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