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Bajaj Finserv Complaints & Reviews

Bajaj Finserv - REFUND EXCESS EMIT OF LOAN AC 4810CD01801272

 nikis on Dec 20, 2014
With reference to my loan account number 4810CD01801272, At the time of payment of installment. i don"t have sufficient balance in my bank account. And due to bank holiday i have deposited my EMI by cash before on day. And i make sure from office that my cheque isn"t sending bank for payment deduction and office staff told me don"t worry. but after deposited advanced payment of EMI by cash still EMI deduct to my account ..Now i m trying to get my payment back but no proper answer i got.. AS per mail conversation they said my refund cheque has been processed on dated 29/11/2014 but today 17/12/2014...
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Bajaj Finserv - an open letter

 arshadalikhanpathan on Dec 19, 2014
Bajaj Finserv User ID: 13524097 I am writing this for the attention of Bajaj Finserv Limited patrons, directors, managers, employees and most importantly the consumers. The past few days since I got an incredible offer from Bajaj Finserv Lending has been very frustrating, unquestionably annoying and logic defying. It’s high time we raise our voice against such unethical behaviors of these big giant companies who are a part of every individual of the country. We see a large number of unsatisfied consumers of which many are helpless as they have better work to do and hence neglect the undoing....
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Bajaj Finserv - Consignment not reached

 Bajajfinserv on Dec 18, 2014
Dear Team, We have couriered the consignment to Trichy branch on 16th ( POD NO T01000046125 ) whereas so far it is not delivered to concern branch, we have tried to contact your local branch office no ( 3218565, 9345336478 ) but there is no response from there, they are not even picking the calls, Pls take appropriate action to up date the consignment status...
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Bajaj Finserv - December month's EMI of 401SAL00405269 not cleared due to invalid account number.

 mukesh117 on Dec 13, 2014
I got mail from bajaj fin that "I would like to inform you that your December month's EMI of your Salaried loan Actt No- 401SAL00405269 has not been cleared from your A/c due to invalid account number. Request you to kindly make the payment of Rs 12298+ 1000 penal towards your EMI at the earliest." My complaint: "You should desist and refrain from unilaterally imposing penalty Rs 1000/-. Did u try to find out the reason, why this EMI bounced on account of wrong ac no., whereas from this a/c ECS is timely deducted since last one year. How can suddenly be ac no be wrong? Moreover, I also...
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Bajaj Finserv - Complaint against Fake account and Fraudulent

 nirudimohan on Dec 12, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings! My name is Mr. Mohan Nirudi an engineer working in Thane. I have been receiving telephone call from (+91 9650475210, +91 9540750976) stating that I have not paid EMI hence issuing arrest warrant. Please note that I have never taken any loan from M/s Bajaj Finance Limited as claimed above. I have got some documents showing that a consumer loan of RS 48, 000/- is sanctioned in the name of Mr. Mohan D Nirudi with my date of birth. But the documents (Address proof, Company Details, family details) produced for this purpose along with the loan application form are fake...
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Bajaj Finserv - Wrong bank updated - Loan #: 4210CD05550969

 Maheswaran R on Dec 11, 2014
Hi, I was issued an EMI card using which I had taken a consumer durable and requested a bank change before the billing and approval of my loan to the representative of Bajaj Finserv at the retailer outlet who collected all the required documents and the new bank's cancelled cheque. After which I had received a mail from Bajaj indicated my bank details has still not changed and remains the same as old. I had to run to the branch and had a discussion with Mr. Gopi at Coimbatore branch who happened to find the Bajaj Finserv rep at the retail outlet had collected all the necessary documents and also...
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Bajaj Finserv - RE: BAJAJ FINSERV WORST SERVICE - Update of SOA - Salaried Personal Loan

 Duraichandar on Dec 11, 2014
Sir, Sub: Update of Statement of account for part payment made - Salaried Personal Loan Ref.:- 1. Salaried Personal Loan account # - 403SPL02204202 2. Transaction no. - BSMP3582819832 3. Date & Time - 06/12/2014 15:43:22 4. Registered Mobile # - 9840051262 Part payment of Rs. 100, 000 made on 6th-December-2014 15:43:22 through ICICI bank debit card transaction till today 11-December-2014 is not reflecting in my Statement of account. I have written many mails to customer care. AND I have visited Bajaj, Anna Salai office many times. Still my issue is not resolved. Acknowledgement...
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Bajaj Finserv - Fraud by looting

 vidyakar34 on Dec 8, 2014
Dear Sir, My name is vidyakar Customer ID no. 12329651 and my contact no.9885251435 and email I'd When you will look into my account I'd you will know. Actually I have purchased products last year and I used to pay emi regularily but I moved to Jaipur as job change and my salary date was on 5th so as your direct debit is on 4th I cudnt pay it as per time. And one of your agents used to come to my home and collect the amount. This has been from last 8months. Now all the emi's has been completed but as I did not pay in time there were charges for Cheque bounces soo that's...
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Bajaj Finserv - i alredy pay the cheque bouce charge and they are not waive of

 gousuddin on Dec 7, 2014
i am bajaj finserv customer of 4/5 durable loan taken and repayment are not panding.lastly i take a camera from that company and the executive is saying me next month emi is represent, but next mont they represent the cheque and cheque is bounce and the representative is collect the cheque bouce charges with loan amout..but they put some 168 rupes out standing.again applied loan they say me your cibil score is less, and i go tho bajaj office and contact them they say me that u have outsatnding amout of 5000 some thing, i asked them why i pay just u checked i pay all loan amout proper way, they tell...
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Bajaj Finserv - personal loan life insurance related [Resolved]

 vmadugolkar on Dec 4, 2014
I have taken personal loan from Bajaj finserv for 6L they told me that processing fee will be 4 per on total loan amount. But they have never clarify anything related to life insurance and when i have contacted support they inform me its mandatory. So they have process my loan with outstanding amount as 630000. And my total processing fee ad life insurance is around 50000 thouand which is huge amount. Bajaj finsev is thinking by cheating people they wil do good business forgetting that they will never get business in furtur. And now its online world of internet i hope lakhs of customers will read...
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Bajaj Finserv - cancel the personal loan

 padma_pi on Dec 4, 2014
Respected Sir, I applied the personal loan 2.12.14.I got the approval message on 3.12.14.Now i don't want that loan.So Please cancel the loan . my application number is sf 19228527. thank you. Please cancel as early as possible.I couldn't repay the amount,...
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Bajaj Finserv - EMI Card-Saurabh Malik

 Saurabhmalik on Dec 1, 2014
Hi, i was using bajaj finserve EMI card and noticed that it has been misplaced. i sent an email to Bajaj finserve on 17th November to send me new card and contact me asap as i am not able to speak to customer care executive after numereous attempts. i got a revert on 18th November on address confirmation and same was confirmed to them same day. on 20th November i got confirmation that my new card has been dispatched and same shall be received in 7 to 10 working days. When i again requested for dispatch details i got the confirmation on 28th nov that new card have been issued on 20th...
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Bajaj Finserv - Cibil score

 Rajaaa. on Nov 28, 2014
Not satisfied with your company.I have purchased LED on sharptronics on july 30 and CD account number is 4030CD04841681.
Till sep mid i didn't heard anything from you company about the loan details.then i called customer care and requested to create account and later they have created account with auto debit starting from 2nd oct.on first EMI itself you didn't take the EMI.then voluntarely i have visited the shop where i have purchased the TV and asked the reason and came to know that 1st emi is not debited for any customer due to dasara holidays. but i have maintained my savings...
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Bajaj Finserv - insurance

 reshmagade on Nov 28, 2014
hello sir / madam i have also pay the EMI for LED or Refrijtor with insurance but i can't pay the insurance payment and i am also submitted the cancellation form for insurance previous 3 months that's why it will be not to be done and your agent also not receiving my call....
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Bajaj Finserv - ECS Mandate rejected

 sanjayt_70 on Nov 27, 2014
This is wrt Loan #4050CD06162716. Received a SMS from DM-BAJAJF on 26/11/2014 stating :

ECS mandate has been rejected by your bank. Pls submit a fresh mandate form
and cancelled chq to our branch to regularize future EMI's to avoid any
CIBIL impact.

The product purchased was a Lenovo Laptop from Croma at Phoenix Mills compound.

Have made many calls from Registered Mobile No. to find out the reason as to why has the ECS mandate been rejected.
But there have been no clear answers.
Bajaj Finserv Call centre,...
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Bajaj Finserv - Status updation

 4628243 on Nov 24, 2014
Hello Bajaj, rameez here I am a customer ofBajaj and I had purchased refrigerator and washing machine in February 2014.There are few check bounce’s in my account and I had cleared all the EMI’s andbounce charges. Please let me know when the data will be updated and am Ieligible to take further products from Bajaj Finserve. Bajaj account no’s : 4000CD01904661 4000CD01906476...
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Bajaj Finserv - Misbehaviour of representative

 prassannab on Nov 22, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam, Im writing this mail with broken heart where your representative Mr Barani working at reliance store mylapore insulted me and suspected my trustworthy. On 02-11-2014 I purchased a TV at reliance store with EMI option and Mr Barani assisted with this. I was not impressed at first place itself coz, before billing only credit card xerox and address proof is more than enough to purchase TV with EMI. After billing he asked for credit card bank documents and when I produced it, he then said " sir, this not required and only bank statements is required ". I gave those details...
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Bajaj Finserv - Request for correction CIBIL report

 sonashubh on Nov 19, 2014
To The Bajaj finserv lending Bajaj finance limited Dear Sir, With due respect I beg to state that I had taken a consumer loan in 2006 ( Loan a/c no. 498014650 ). I was paid my EMI on time through my savings bank account. But due to some problem I had to closed my bank a/c on the advice of my lawyer. But before closing my bank a/c I had duly informed your office and agreed to pay my EMI in cash to your collection agent. But your collection agent never came on time and I have paid fines for late payment charges. When I refused to pay the fines because of your fault and I was not liable to...
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Bajaj Finserv - ECS MANDATE FORM NOT RECIEVED ERROR - 4000CD03531706

 shiva.lss on Nov 10, 2014
i have a worst experience with bajaj finserv - i have two consumer durable loans with bajaj finserv, and for both deduction is happening from my IDBI account for the month of AUG 2014 deduction happened fairly from my account but in the month of SEP 2014 it was not deducted due to error "ECS MANDATE FORM NOT RECEIVED". One of executive visiting to my home and my watchman stopped as unauthorised and told they are from bajaj ( i thought they were from insurance, i said ignore ) In next couple of days i got a call from one of their executed and spoke with me in a very rude manner - i raised...
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Bajaj Finserv - deduction of emi after foreclose of consumer durable loan

 sonali88 on Nov 5, 2014
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