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Blue Dart Express Customer Care

Blue Dart Express Ltd.

Shalimar Co-Op Housing Society Ltd, Ashram Road
Ahmedabad District
India - 380009
Landmarks:Near Embassy Market

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+91 07 9658 6195

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Mumbai (Airport Vile Parle)
Hotel Avion, Opp. Domestic 1A Terminal, Nehru Road, Vile Parle (East), Location Mumbai - 400057
+91 22 2618 4202
+91 22 2618 3286

Delhi (Delhi Cantt.)
IV - 1/48, Gopinath Bazzar, Delhi Cantontment, New Delhi - 110010
+91 11 2569 9951
+91 11 2569 9952
+91 11 2569 9953
+91 11 2569 9954

Gr. Floor, Uma Hyderabad House, Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad - 500041
+91 40 2331 1919
+91 40 2331 2110
+91 40 2331 2060

Kanak Bldg., Ground Floor, 41, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Opp. Jeevandeep Bldg. Location Kolkata - 700071
Tel: +91 33 2288 1919

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Blue Dart — Order not delivered and the date is being changed every time

 aftabh595 on Dec 8, 2016
Unluckily my parcel was to be delivered through blue dart. It was the worst experience no other service would be as worse as blue dart. My order (waybill no-57910983686) was to be delivered on 3 dec an then it was delayed to 6 dec and now today is 8 dec still no one has attempted delivery and your ridiculous stupid empoloyees are displaying wrong messages like i refused to take. When i am eagerly waiting for my parcel why would i refuse to accept it. Your service is very very poor worst. I have seen its reviews more than95% people complained this only still this is the condition. When you cant work...
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Blue Dart Express — Not received the consignment on time

 Saurabh Basu on Dec 8, 2016
Bitter and very painful experience I have with your company. I have received one SMS from your company that I am supposed to receive my credit card today at 4.15 pm from your Jadavpur branch, Kolkata. Shipment No- AWB33736013846. Way Bill No- 33736013846. The card has been reissued to me as the old card was not functioning. I stay in one of the prominent locality of South Kolkata at Upohar Complex, (Efficiency and Comfort), Flat No- E 603, Plot No- 2052, Chak Garia, Kolkata-700094, Behind Peerless Hospital, Near Kabi Subhash Metro Station. I have requested my wife to stay back Home throughout the...
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Blue Dart Express — Horrible service

 Pratika Upadhyay on Dec 8, 2016
I ordered from eBay. Reference : Awb# 69464368923
The delivery person told me over the phone that he would come to deliver it today 8/11/16 at 12pm. I took the first half of my day off and waited. Blue dart then rescheduled it between 3-6pm. I further waited. In between I called several times to confirm, they said that it would definitely arrive. It's past 6pm and the delivery is not here yet.
I am also raising a formal complaint in consumer rights forum....
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Blue Dart Express — They are not trying to re attempt , simply they are updating status as consignee refused to show identification

 DineshReddy Yellannagari on Dec 8, 2016
Kukatpally Consignee Refusing To Give Necessary Identification 07-Dec-2016 12:00
Kukatpally Shipment Out For Delivery 07-Dec-2016 09:34
Kukatpally Consignee Refusing To Give Necessary Identification 06-Dec-2016 12:46
Kukatpally Shipment Out For Delivery 06-Dec-2016 09:56

waybill no is 42509055595
no one is picking call, office numbers are 040-64621054, 64621053...
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Blue Dart Express — Late delivery and extremely rude employees.

 Anira21 on Dec 8, 2016
This is probably the second time that my document is being shipped through bluedart unfortunately which I never wanted to.
I have tried to track my courier and it was showing as shipment out for delivery but no one contacted me before coming for the delivery why???????
As I am working in a rotational shift, I have tried to cal the person so that I can inform him about the time so that he can deliver the courier but the person was extremely rude and he disconnected the call. When I tried to call again, he rejected the call and switched off his phone.. Why???? If you can't deliver the...
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Blue Dart Express — Every time not deliver on time

 vijku on Dec 8, 2016
I am Vijay Kumar Director Corporate finance Deutsche bank. Every time my area deliver boy give wrong reason for not delivery my courier like house locked, address not located and landmark needed. All these reason are false. He is telling lie.this time again he I see doing same thing. My waybill no 33787739064 dispatched by ICICI bank which is contain very urgent documents but delivery boy not deliver to my address. For this document I will file case against blue dart in court.

Vijay Kumar
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Blue Dart Express — Certificate waybill number - 42921711066

 Jomy Jose Baby on Dec 7, 2016
Please note as per our records, the module-i certificate was despatched on july 12, 2016 through blue dart courier (con no. 42921711066) to bangalore.

My mba certificate was delivered to someone else without my knowledge.
I have sent several emails and called them stating that this wrongly delivered. they dont care to call or resolve the issue.

Hello bluedart customer team,

I got a call 2 days back from bluedart saying that the parcel was delivered to my pg on 16th july and that he would raise a complaint against this, as it was not delivered....
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Blue Dart Express — Regarding of delivery

 Ñïţ Hîň on Dec 7, 2016
When i am present at my home how you people can say that i am not present... With irresponsible why do your company take care of delivering the parcel... If you can't keep up your commitment at the right time why your company drops the message that your parcel will be delivered by so and so time... I just need proper response through your company side... I need to know that person or executive who has been visited our place and told that i was not present at home. Atleast not even call i have received that's my order has been reached my place. Without any information how can your company takes the...
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Blue Dart Express — Courier stolen

 trump on Dec 7, 2016
I had ordered two tanishq earrings through, they had sent the courier through BLUE DART. BLUE DART did not deliver waybill number 69200479784, but has updated the online status . I suspect that he faked my mother's signature .
on cross questioning with blue dart, delivery man is lieing that he has delivered the package ....
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Blue Dart Express — Product not delivered at home

 narender.dgr on Dec 7, 2016
This is regarding to refuse the parcel delivered at home by bahadurgarh branch and the parcel returned back that owner has refuse to take delivery.

The same was Informed to Zonel Head Mr Akash also on 6 Dec 2016 by telephonic, he has also ensured me that he will be call me back in 10 minutes but till time no communication received from Mr Akash also.
Request to take an appropriate action and a copy of action taken may be informed.
AWB No -42502177605 dt 29 Nov 2016...
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Blue Dart Express — Staff member

 Kuru lucy on Dec 7, 2016
They don't know how to talk with customers... They are very irresponsible n rude to customers ... They are making their own rule can't keep the package for 1 day also.. please take action against on them try to take serious against customer... Thanking you n I wish we will get positive action against on it... We are having lots of problem especially with the staff member.. kindly ask them to communicate with kind n good manners with the customer.. Thanking you...
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Blue Dart Express — Delivery boy refuse to take 100 Rs note and take back the parcel

 Alhasnain Travels on Dec 7, 2016
Dear sir
My parcel from with the AWB number59554592414, On Tuesday the courier boy came to deliver the parcel, as it was a COD when I gave him two 100 rupees note he refused to accept and said I wont take these old note as the 100 Rs notes were a legal tender he should have accepted it.Then he took back the parcel .Plz take a look in this matter how dare he refused the legal plz send me my parcel and don't send it back to sender plz...
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Blue Dart Express — Reg late delivery of courier

 Amarjeet bahri on Dec 6, 2016
My awb is 39921703614 booked on 30 nov to be delivered on 1st dec16 i have bkd in express delivery paying 690 rs for one kg but no one deliver the other day i made 100 times calls to them then they deliver courier of visa docs on 3rd day evening atound 7 pm which defeats my aim.pls refund my courier chgs as u have not fulfilled express couier service my name is amarjeet id pls refund urgently...
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Blue Dart Express — Delivery time not confirmed from complainant before courier delivery

 mdcheema on Dec 6, 2016
A bluedart courier was awaited between 7-10 December 2016. It was delivered on 6th itself which is appreciated but timings of delivery were not checked and confirmed with the complainant. The delivery person arrived at home and then called up when I was not at home and even could not reach soon. He also could not reach and deliver at any alternative location. No one else was at home too and I had to find up someone else in neighborhood to receive it then.

It is suggested that a call in advance would be highly useful to both the parties saving upon the resources and time. Generally,...
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Blue Dart Express — Red Tape Shoes

 rangtan on Dec 5, 2016
I believe the below statement says it all. I am very unhappy with the Blue dart services. i placed my shoes order almost 3 weeks ago and still havent received it. its been a week that my shoes are kept with blue dart and thers no action on it.

please call me tomorrow and have the shoes delivered.

Thanks Ajeet Singh

cation Details Date Time *
Waybill No : 59553639110
Ggn E-Tail Deliveries Need Department Name/Extention Number 05-Dec-2016 16:38
Ggn E-Tail Deliveries Shipment Out For Delivery 05-Dec-2016 09:50
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Blue Dart Express — Mi mobile redmi 3s prime

 Manish Gosar on Dec 5, 2016
On my mail status there seem that i am not available but your boy came and meet me .
but u said not available.

its very wrong
-i orderd at 30-11-2016
-your boy came to me at 03-12-2016
-and at 2pm i call him and said him to get change of rs 400 he said ok
-but he came at me and said i forgot about change.
-he said i will come next day and he will not come
-and in your mail u said i am not avalable....
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Blue Dart Express — Courier not on time (Blue Dart)

 Jagan Devraj on Dec 5, 2016
Hi Concerned
This is to bring to your notice that i had a courier from one of the banks and when i called the customer care at 12:50 the information was it will be delivered by today at 3:20 PM and again i call them at 3:45 PM they informed me that it will get delivered by today with in 6:00 PM and when i am calling them at 6:20 PM they are informing that today its already time so it will get delivered only by tomorrow. and they informed me that the person has reached the location and was unable to contact me.. For your information no one had come to my place or even called me on this regards..
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Blue Dart Express — Customer care assured delivery 4 times but not delivered.

 Natasha Perry Thomas on Dec 5, 2016
Airway bill number: 42501794926
Twice the shipment came in when i was not at home. After that 4 times i called up customer care and they assured the shipment will be delivered on the said day and hence i stayed at home. All the four times it has not yet been delivered. This is getting frustrating now. The first executive i spoke to...i do not remember the name. The other 3 i spoke to were Shubhangi, Radhika and Alisha. All of them promised that the shipment will be delivered. Radhika on the 3rd of dec confirmed that the shipment is out for delivery. I was hence at home. Just an hours after...
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Blue Dart Express — Poor Delivery Service Process

 Chandrachur Hazra on Dec 5, 2016
I was expecting my Amex Card delivery through Blue Dart today(Waybill No : 33794566315 Reference No : 1555574-00000200 ). I came to know from customer care that it attempted delivery but returned back due to restricted entry in the office premises. I was outside the premises during that time, but didn't see any of the bluedart executives. Don't know how BlueDart works. This should at least call me to my contacts. This is a bit awkward and like knocking my door without ringing the doorbell. Strange and poor service from Blue Dart....
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Blue Dart Express — Very Worst

 Mariappan S on Dec 3, 2016
No body response to me, I call to Customer care today only 10 Times. Today out delivery. But still not received my Consignment.

I am call to Customer care today she tell today confirmed delivery. I am waiting for long time but still not dispatch.

I am working and my wife also working. So noboday in my home, I am take leave today afternoon also . But very poor communication in Blue Dart....
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