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Lifecell International — Unethical practices by Lifecell

 Anil Shenoy on Sep 23, 2016
Please do not believe the false marketing gimmicks by Life cell. They commit a lot of false promises to seal the deal and once the samples are collected, they care a damn about you and often accuse you of wrong understanding their offers. In my case I was promised free baby blood and urine test to detect disorders, once the collection was done, they went back on their commitments and asked for additional money to do the same. During this discussion neither are they courteous. Unfortunately you cannot do much as you most precious item is already with them and the money of coarse. Avoid life cell,...
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Lifecell International — Not provided service

 Nandini_28 on Sep 1, 2016
Im from agra called life cell representative (mr prashant jain)but his service is not good...he didnt satisified me at all.after 2 or 3 call, he came gave me presentation but didnt solve my query also he said tht aggrement papers and cd is delivered in my address but he didnt call me nd im not getting any papers nd cd.he is not well comunicatior with customer.starting service is this type so how can i trust in ur company...
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Lifecell International — Payment

 rjatav on Aug 20, 2016
Life cell is a complete fraud company. There only objective is to lie / cheat / play with emotions of parent.

During last 5 year of my relationship with them. They totally harassed me.

In my contract it was clearly written i have to pay 3250 rs for 24 month.

But now they are asking to pay me 81000/- threatening me to suspension of contract.

I am also not able to find my crm no on there website.

They send me storage after 1000 call / email after 2 year....
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Lifecell International — Enquiry

 Gaurav Marampalli on Aug 1, 2016
Hello everyone, i am bit confused here:

As taking samples is not the big deal, for now i am thinking to go with cordlife, and also thinking to have a demo with life cell, but at the time of presentation cordlife told me that; there are 2 things that life cell is not doing

1) at the time of use of stem cells/ umbilical cord: they (Lifecell) are testing it by themselves (And claiming that the sample is good to use or not), while cordlife is passing the sample to the concerned doctor (Our doctor) and then doctor will test that sample and will judge that it is good to use...
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Lifecell International Private Limited — Pf money not received

 dasarnab on Jul 28, 2016
Pf forms gets submitted twice in head office (Lifecell centre, 26, vandalur - kelabakkam, keelakottaiyur, chennai - 600048), 1st form i have submitted on 4.03.2016 and due to hr officer's negligence i had to submit the form 2nd time on 12.07.2016. I wanted to withdraw my pf money as i have already mentioned in the form and i have attached my cancelled cheque, account no and other required details. During the time of form submission on 4.03.2016 they said money will be credited within 3 months but i did not received any amount and 2nd time when i have submitted the form on 12.07.2016, hr said money...
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Lifecell International — Not receiving any services for what i paid

 Upvansh Mehta on Jul 26, 2016
I subscribed for services with lifecell for preserving the umbilical cord of my son in nov'15.

I've been sending them emails and calling them to know about the reports of the same, as i've not received any information for the same.

I sent them various emails and i always get the reply that they will send me the soft copy within 48 hours and also would receive the hard copy within a week. Till now i've received no confirmation from them.

Now i'm tired of following up....
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Lifecell International — My baby's cord contaminated. Lifecell highly irresponsible. on Jul 23, 2016
Hi all,
I am registered user of lifecell.
My crm no is 160004200086.
Today i just got call from lifecell, that cord sample contaminated n it was very first communication made from lifecell after collections of cord samplearround.
They taken more than one and half month when i did complaint regarding why i have not received any further information from lifecell after collecting my baby's cord sample from hospital.
It is very disappointment for me. Who are responsible for this?
Its worst experience with lifecell.
I will never now recommend lifecell...
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Lifecell International — Regarding my gift voucher

 velupulaa on Jul 23, 2016
I am a registered customer in life cell, for preservation of my baby umbilical cord in may month they assured me that, the company will provide free gift of worth rs:2000 during registration, but still now i dint received my gift from lifecell, before registration the service is good but am not satisfied with lifecell service my crm no: 160007100227...
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Lifecell International — Sample contamination & refund

 Ankur Jha on Jul 3, 2016
After about a month of the birth of my baby, they say the sample is contaminated.
They asked for a written consent to discard the sample or cryopreserve but the use of the same is not guaranteed in future due to contamination.
I opted for discard and refund but to my surprise, the Co. Refunded only 11000 INR while I paid the complete amount of around 45000 with their foolish offers.
It is very disappointing and the Company cannot be trusted....
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Lifecell International — I have not get any documents or bond from the company.

 shibu kumar mahato on Jun 30, 2016
I have purchased service from Lifecell International on August of 2015 . My crm no. is 150009500893. They collected the umbilical cord on 5th of September 2015. After that I have called the costumer care no. 1800 419 5555 so many times for the bond papers . Every time they says you will get it in a week but even after 10 months I have not received any type of documents from the company....
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Lifecell International — Screening test

 vanji on Jun 24, 2016
I Paid Rs.6000 for the complete screening test for my baby. But it has been almost more than 10 days since i had baby but life cell never collected sample.
I informed them the next hour i had my baby. The customer care guy asked me to call a paramedic after 48 hours. I have to tell him that i am really busy as my wife has undergone c section and we have no one to take care of her but me. he promised to send paramedic after 48 hours. Then after 2 days no one came up. Then again have to call Lifecell and again it was left to me to coordinate with lifecell and that PARAMEDIC. I clearly told...
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Lifecell International — Pathetic.. Can't trust them at all

 ankit_blore on May 31, 2016
Can't trust lifecell at all. My wife delivery is in july. Today i received email and sms from lifecell stating sample has been collected. I called them to inquire on the same; they told me delivery was done on may 29th. Wow; they assigned someone else sample against our records. How will they manage the sample for 21yrs or lifetime; when they can not even assign right sample against right contact. I can't trust them for anything now.. Pathetic... Please be aware about such carelessness.. I was told it is a small error from back-end.....
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Lifecell International — Feeding pillow which need to be provided free

 agastyanaidu on May 29, 2016
As per lifecell baby feeding pillow worth rs. 2000 should be provided for free, but till date they don't have the stock's in place in local mahindra babyoye stores.

If customers are supposed to take that online for extra cost for shipping, why that was told that pillow is free, inspite they would have told we need to pay the amount which is mandatory.

Till date we had all the promises made by lifecell are wrong & also we don't have no idea how the thing work when calling for collecting the sample.??

My crm no - 160009500388
Ticket no. Csms160514kzy
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Lifecell International — Worst services

 Rana Mahato on May 27, 2016

Unfortunatly i do not received any communicate further!!

Worst company having and worst serviess.


Rana mahato

M :- +919830373539

On thu, apr 28, 2016 at 5:35 pm, rana mahato wrote:


Please note, i have made the payment as per today's correspondences. Please return back bounce cheque copy at my residence. Make ensure do not charge any penalty charges later on. Please send me total payment clarence certificate also.

Dear arpita mahato,...
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Lifecell International — Refund amount

 monojit_3 on May 18, 2016
I have opted for lifecell umbilical cord blood & umbilical cord tissue storage for dual site (Crm no:160008600016). But unfortunately, the cord blood stem cells couldn't be preserved. I have financed the payment through bajaj finance amounting rs.40, 739 (As there was a discount of 5000 through bajaj finance, arranged by life cell only) out of which i paid rs. 8, 749 during initial payment. Since the cord blood stem cells were rejected, the revised invoice amount is rs.10, 249. Also, i had to pay 2 emis (Rs.2806 each).In spite of contacting lifecell many times since the past 2 months, nobody responds...
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Lifecell International — No Refund after sample contamination

 vins.vins on Apr 22, 2016
They informed me in the month of January 2016 that the stem cell sample is contaminated and if we wish to preserve or discard. We have informed to discard as there is no guarantee of the contaminated sample to be recovered in future. We have paid 17990/- while booking, and when asked for refund due to contamination and discard, they said only 3500/- will be refunded. Its been more than 2 months since they said 3500/- will be refunded in my bank account and even after following up in several mails/calls, they sometimes say it is refunded w/ ref 160209001KE5. When I said there is no refund they asked...
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Lifecell International — Stem cell storage

 Rohit Gugale on Mar 15, 2016
My agreement copy which clearly states that the total amount to be paid is 48749 for 21 years out of which the following payments have been already made.

5749 was paid via cheque on 15th jan 2014.
18000 were paid via ECS in 2014 from March 2014 to Aug 2014 in 6 installments of 3000 rs each.
3500 was paid 24th April 2015.

So, 27249 have been already paid to you.

The balance is 21, 500.

Your associates have been calling me to either make 3500 for single year storage or 25000 for one time storage. I dont understand why you have...
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Lifecell International — All money deposited & now they say after one year that i have to pay rs.5000 as re enrollment charge

 rajeevsingh1407 on Feb 12, 2016

I took lifecell last year in Jan'15. I had paid the intial amount thorugh cheque & opted for EMI facility. My Feb'15 money they have not deducted saying that there was a problem in my ECS but once I shouted it automatically happened and from amrch'15 ECS automatically happened. I paid the Feb month money through online to LIFECELL for which I got recipts.

I gave rs. 25000/. PDC also for 5 Jan'16 in Dec 2014 (at the time of enrollment) which they have not yet deposited.

Last week I got a call from Lifecell saying that my enrollment is inactive...
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Lifecell International — Customer support

 k...shah on Feb 5, 2016
Horrible customer service. No one turns up even for demo. N the customer care ppl don't know who is suppose to come. N the person who was to come never turned up. N the person who I spoke for making appt. Was always busy n did not even call back...
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Lifecell International — Complaint against kuldeep in lifecell gurgaon office

 Nakul Thakran on Dec 27, 2015

There is a employee of LifeCell by the name Kuldeep in Gurgaon office. He called me up with routine follow up call. When I told him I have gone ahead with CryoBank and paid them all the money he started justifying that I should not go ahead with CryoBank thats when I told him not to please say anything because I have paid all the money which is non returnable. I did my home work and went ahead with what I found out to be the best. Why should Kuldeep have so much of problem if I have gone ahead with CryoBank? You are a sales person and your were behaving...
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