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Manas Hosting — Cheating on web hosting

 KK nayak_SSPL on Apr 1, 2016
Cheating on web hosting
Manas Hosting is a fraud company. they never deliver anything what they promise. all the staffs are expert in making you fool and loot your money. they don't have any accounting or file system. for every complaint they will ask for the payment proof. i doubt, they pay tax or not. always they will show some carrot to renew the package for multiple years but never ever they will deliver that. at times either they will not give the invoice or will take plea that we have adjusted the money in some migration and all. in a year at least you get ready to face 2 months down...
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Manas Hosting — Cheating the Customers in hosting package

 rakirobiotech on Sep 9, 2015
I have 10 domain with manashosting and they do not work for atleast 20 day in a month. Thy have no support facility and if you try calling them they shall tell you to buy new hsoting package. These are big cheats please do not buy any services from MANASHOSTING...
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Manas Hosting — Not giving my domain to transfer to another hosting company

 pawan chhajer on Sep 7, 2015
I registered my domain and hosting with this worst company . Hosting for 15year and every year domain. Service of this company is very worst so I requested them to transfer my domain. At that time they forcing me to pay 2400 rs and then they will give me transfer information. and they harresed me for that . And now My domain expired then they didnt even informed me that my domain is going to be expired. and now its expired then i contected with them to renew my account now they gain asking me to pay 2000 rs for the renewal but the standard changes are only 700 rs but they are forcing me to pay 2000...
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Manas Hosting — Manas hosting biggest cheater

 prajakta_p86 on Jul 3, 2015
Last year I purchased windows hosting plan from Manas hosting for 15yrs by paying 50000.At that time they confirmed me no other charges are needed throughout 15 yrs. Now 3 days back they have stopped all of my websites. When I raised ticket for this. I got reply that I need to pay server upgradation charges. What a fraud company. Again I agreed to pay 1200 for one year to get all of my backups but again they replied I need to pay 2200 for one year. I rejected their offer and asked to just give me all of my backups now they are forcing me to pay charges for 1 year then only they will give me. My...
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Manas Hosting — Worst Hosting Service Provider

 Kashmir eServices on May 29, 2015
I opted for a reseller pack form these monsters. Initially they said the account would be functional in 24 hours, but 24 hours they ment 24 working hours, means 3 days. For which I couldn't manage a downtime of 03 days. Then after almost 05 days the account got activated, but on different platform, I was assured of Multi Platform, but provided with Windows. Which didn't suited my requirements. Finally, I thought to move out & asked for refunds, after 1000's of phone calls, and 100's of mails, they aggred to do refunds. And since last Nov 2013 I am waiting for the same. I have been calling them...
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Manas Hosting — cheat manashosting. very worst response

 Prabakaran murugesan on Dec 17, 2014
I have purchased one reseller hosting from manashosting on September month. They provided a link for control panel . later it is not working . I have rised ticket. I got new link : That new link also not working. Again i rised a ticket to solve this. The technical team asking "just 30 min" time to resolve the issue for 6 days. They have 144 hours for 30 mins. very bad service from manshosting. Till the issues remaining unsolved...
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Manas Hosting — Wrong information on the website for the vps plan.

 Zeeshan Mohammad on Aug 12, 2014
I bought a vps plan from the manas hosting in OCT 2013. I have paid full amount in advance to get the hosting packages so that i can host my website. After payment and all i did not receive the vps from them. After a heated discussion with the sales team i got the VPS. Not the actual problem, The plan shared at the time of payment and the VPS configuration are totally different . When i asked about this the sales lady says i bought only that plan. I bought the plan for 10 GB VPS + 1 GB ram for 2 Years. At the time a got the this worst vps i already lost my business. When i asked for the refund...
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Manas Hosting — Illegal and Unethical practices. Spamming from different email ids

 Hardeept on Jul 28, 2014
I am receiving more than 30 emails per day from different email ids but all the emails ids have same phone number to contact which belongs to Manas Hosting. All the emails are about web hosting and the contact person names are Bob, robber, Louis and so on. In India email spamming is illegal so this company is openly engaging in illegal practice and having guts to say that they wont remove the email id from their record. I never gave them any fucking id. Most disgusting company with no manners whatsoever. If God asked me for one wish it would have been the destruction of this company to the grave....
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Manas Hosting — Manas Hosting webspace very fraud & cheating company

 saransupa on Jun 2, 2014
Hello everyone Manashosting Web Hosting company is very very fraud & cheating company Don't buy any package from the Manashosting. Worst Customer Support, Billing Support & Tech Support, I purchased Multi-Platform Reseller Package (14/07/2012 - 13/07/2015) + 1 year hosting free (Unlimited Web space & Domains) 4 year package before 2 years passed they blocked my Hosting Control Panel harassing me Saying that they need my id & address proofs. After I provided all documents they demanded for Rs.5000 Extra for migration & get Platinum-Reseller package. Even I was surprised...
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Manas Hosting — Manas Hosting - a big fraud.

 Amit_Bangalore on Mar 18, 2014
I transfered my two domains under manashosting in month of october 2013. Since first week of march, 2014 - there was a downtime started for my sites. I thought it could be any technical issue. When i called them regarding this problem they told - there were some control panel upgradation happened in month of January and as i have not acted that time - so i need to pay 3000/- extra to activate my domains. What a nonsense company this Manashosting. They are just simply doing cheating business to all their customers. A BIG FRAUD....
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Manas Hosting — Extra charges, Website down all the time, No proper response, Waste of money

 nagac85 on Mar 17, 2014
I initially paid Rs.8696.66 for 5 years on April 2013. In the last few months, I have faced a lot of downtime and my website was never up and I had to call them, raise tickets, email them, but I never had got a proper response. Every time I raise a ticket, they ask my credentials for the Control panel, Billing portal, Customer ID, IPIN, my bank details, etc.. I am just fed up with this service. Now, they said I need to pay some migration fee (for what is it for?) They already committed Rs.8696.66 for 5 years and now they demand money (or else they would just not help any further). I got...
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Manas Hosting — not providing the service required, threatening, using vulgar language

 Ananthasuri on Dec 3, 2013
Hello sir,
This is S.V.Suryanarayana from Hyderabad. Our domain got registered with Manas Hosting Services, Bangalore. Our website is down since 12 days, and we keep on sending the requests in the format they asked. Our problem is not solved yet, in spite of calling them frequently, they turned a deaf year to what we say, and keep on threatening us, blaming us using vulgar language, instead of providing us the required service. Sir, they caused unbearable mental agony to me by talking like this, when I asked for the service which I am supposed to get.
Sir, I am requesting you to...
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Bad Hosting Services By Manas Hosting Company — Bad Hosting Services

 Jayesh Prajapati Seo Master on May 28, 2013
This is Jayesh Prajpaati. i complain against Manas Hosting compnay. My site is not working last 10 days. when i call his technical team than give me any solution. just give 24 hours, 24 hours not any proper answers.

This company cheating with us. Mans Hosting Company is not providing Good Services. any one help us from this company departments.

pls check today i have chat with technical Department. what the give me answer.

09:44Tech Team 23: Welcome to Technical Department, Manashosting. how may I assist you today?
09:45jayesh prajapati:...
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Manas Hosting — Manas Hosting taking money and not giving services

 Nimish N Bhatt on Mar 25, 2013
I am a resident of Gujarat, I had given order of website designing to Manas Hosting, for which i had given advance payment to them. It has been more than 20 days and i am never been approached from their end. Now i feel cheated, I have asked for the refund of my amount but their reply, "we don't have such procedure in our company". I searched on the web and found that this company has a whole bunch of unsatisfied and unheard clients. I think this company has made its mind to cheat its clients. In coming days, I am going to send a notice to this company through Consumer Court....
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Manas Hosting — Manas Hosting Cheated me

 ajayg1975 on Feb 26, 2013
I did purchased the unlimited hosting from manas-hosting for three years in 2011 and also did purchased domain ,with the help of manashosting on 15/06/2012 for two years and given payment in advance.(,i am the owner and i have ownership proof,paid invoices of my domain)

Around three months ago,my domain got virus,i don't know how, May be because of their hosting.and manashosting taken all the access of control panel and ftp(changed the usernames and passwords) i did raised a ticket to their technical team although they trying to help they just say scan your files and talk to...
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Manas Hosting - Domain Reselling — Manas HOSting Fraud

 ace.kumar on Nov 9, 2012

I have purchased domain www.********.com from manas hosting on 25th Aug 2012 for a year. I got confirmation from about my purcahse and my card has been charged.

I was surprised, when I checked on that domain is still avaialable for sale. I contacted number of times but didnt received any response. After month of chasing them I didnt received any response and today I found that the the domain is registered by someone else.

Due to this I have suffered severe loss in my business plan. Can anyone...
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Manas Hosting India — SCAM

 Vishal Shetty on Nov 5, 2012
Hello my name is Vishal Shetty,

This is to tell all people that do not purchase any product from
It is really a scam company.

On 3rd of November they had a good plan of Rupees 99 for first 3 months of unlimited linux or windows hosting..(offer was for 1 day only)

As this plan was the best and cheapest plan ever in india, i decided to purchase their plan, not only plan was cheaper but they were offering various free products with it..

Following are the free products they offered me via email..
" Grand...
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Manas Hosting — complaint

 Aditya009 on Sep 16, 2012
I have unlimited Web Hosting but they are stopped my all website with this mail.

Dear customer,

Its been over a couple of weeks that we sent a mail intimating you of
misusing the package and you confirmed that you would upgrade the package
to a reseller package, however we have to received any updates on the same
so far.

Kindly provide us with the update else kindly clear the outstanding amount
that you have. Your total outstanding amounts to Rs:431920 with immediate

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Manas Hosting — Pathetic and unethical means of business

 kteck on Aug 11, 2012
Hi all,

Please be careful about the service being rendered by Manas Hosting. This is such an irresponsible company with a bunch of fakers who are really good in misleading you and taking your money. I was given wrong information about a product and its services and I spend 4,000 INR for it, now I applied for cancellation and they are just asking me to send by post the form which they provided from their website, but the address to which I was supposed to send was found not valid and my post returned.

Now when I ask them to provide the postal address they just keep on...
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Manas Hosting — manashosting big fraud

 Graphic on Jul 7, 2012
Manas hosting, has for all domain booking taken advance payment, for last three years.
Now they have put a credit note in our domain panel account, that since their software made a mistake, and put the cost of domain less, for last 3 years, and they captured the mistake now, we have to give them more money, for purchases we have been doing for last 3 years.

What a nice way of making money. First they got customers, that we give you domain at so and so rate, and they take advance for all purchases, and now they are making money, that by mistake we gave you wrong rate for so...
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