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The Registrar(Evaluation) 

Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama”
Belgaum: 590018
Karnataka, India.
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Visvesvaraya Technological University Complaints & Reviews

vtu university - I have not received results which I had written in December 2013 till now.

 mahindrareddy on Mar 20, 2014
I have written my exams in the December 2013 but they are not giving my results. My usn no 1BT03EC060 of Visvesvaraya Technological University of B T L Institute of Technology and Management. They tell that I have completed 10 years so they will not give results. I asked them then why they collected fee and gave hall ticket. First I met Register he didn't help me nor he told to help he made me not to get the result. When I went to meet Register of Evaluation that day they told me to meet Special Officer named Dishuk he didn't even see my letter he told get out. Is this the type of person VTU employees....
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VTU - Mtech Admission

 Vinaya James on Mar 20, 2014
Sir, My Name is vinaya James. I have completed MCA and have 4 year working experience in an MNC as software engineer. I wish to continue my studies so decided to join in Mtech program In bangalore VTU is the main university which provide Mtech for working professionals. I have contacted them for admission, but they refused by saying as per VTU rules and regulations MCA people are not eligible for Mtech. In India all universities including IIT's are ready to take MCA people under Mtech program why this university is not ready. Please have a look into this issue. Thanks, Vinaya James...
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VTU - eating students money in the name revaluation.

 vtusucks on Jan 31, 2014
I don't understand what kind was cheap university is this. Every sem they correct "SO PERFECTLY" that we students have to apply for revaluation. And even if we don't require photocopy we are forced to take so that they can make freaking 500 rupees per subject just send a mail. Then we apply for revaluation by again paying 400 more per subjects and then even almost 24 marks more money isnot refunded. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE.. we have to pay this goddamm university to get marks we deseve . VTU SUCKS...
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VTU - about result

 Muthu Raj on Jan 23, 2014
respected sir we the student of 1st sem BE -2013 batch some of us not getting our results yet we are tiered of waiting please do something about this quickly. even announcing all the results of 1st sem we are not getting our results nobody answering for this act . we want the answers impliedly...
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VTU - less marks

 Rahul Sb on Sep 19, 2013
hello sir/mam my name is rahul im from gulbarga i have mom subject back got 25 marks i have put for revaluation as well as photocopy in photocopy minimum 10-12marks are to be added but not even single marks are added in revaluation so please help me contac1t no 9902346359...
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VTU - change of branch

 Nandakishor.vennela on Aug 31, 2013
Respected sir, As i have applied for change of branch and my usn no: 1NH12EE729 .the fact is i came to know that i can't change my branch because i am second shift which was known to me after two days after applying . I have applied change of branch from electrical to automobile so please help me in changeing my branch are else my currier will be rueined.kindly help me with this. Thanking YOU...
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VTU - IV sem MBA results not published

 jithinraj on Aug 1, 2013
My fourth sem MBA results are not showing. I got all the other sem results properly and i has no dues so far. The result is showing as "Result is not yet available for this university seat number or it mght not be a valid university seat number". I am the only MBA student in my college. Even my juniors results are published and still not yet mine. Is there any way to know my result unofficially through vtu? Please tell me a way to solve this problem....
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Visvesvaraya Technological University - neglection in revaluation of BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGG. paper

 BR1E2490 on Apr 1, 2013
USN no: 1NH12IS102
Subject Applied for Revaluation:BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

I applied for photocopy of answer sheet & revaluation of above subject so that my marks could increase as i was having full confidence that there is a totalling mistake as well as i have done answers of some questions correctly, but VTU didn't increase a single marks ,also they are charging heavy fees for revaluation i.e Rs425/- and that too for their...
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VTU - attendance

 raffelsia on Mar 29, 2013
A lecturer in my college (VTU affiliated) has a personal grudge against me and marks me absent for every class i attend! how do i respond and where can i complain against her? I don't want a year back....
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VTU - amendments in educations

 Milan Mehta on Jan 2, 2013
I want to attract the attention of VTU authorities on certain personal
viewpoints as follows ;
1) We expect good from the students, a natural one but do we scrutinize
the quality of teaching afforded to them on a periodical format that too
under the new foreign based books which most of the teachers did not go
through in their studentship.
2)As it stands from my above notion, if the treatment of the syllabus
materials seems inadequate then the evaluation scheme ought to be modest
& moderate so that the students motto do...
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VTU - regarding wrong revaluation of exam july 2012

 chinni puttu on Sep 16, 2012
Respected Sir/Madam,
As you know that you are not providing us the photocopy of Exam booklet if we apply for Revaluation in
due to this all the eligible students are facing lots and lots of problem. one of my friend is suffering a lot due to this problem.
To be frank the revaluation is not done properly and we dont have proper proof to show this as you are not providing us with photo copies though we are paying 3000 for revaluation. seriously many genuine students lives will be spoiled due to this.... we are not insisting you to give marks....thats for sure....
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VTU - Carry over system

 Dada Peer1 on Sep 12, 2012
Hi Team,

I would like to registrar a complain on VTU universities on carry over system, when no otheer universities has theis rules theen why only VTU follows thee different rules in carry over system.

This is stopping thee career of students for one year and more, Our request is please have common rule for all the university VTU is not special body... theat is also part of Indian education board.

Please request you have look into theis issue as soon as possible.

Dada Peer
+91 9916520241...
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vtu university - about the carry-over system of VTU

 vivek555akon on Sep 10, 2012
Sir.. I am studying in VTU University Belguam, who have more then four subjects they are not eligible to higher class`s, this system is no where else in India..Previous rule of the university was not to give eligibility for the students who fail in more than 4 subjects in a year..,Karnataka HC has announced that university should conduct supplementary exams only for 1st and 2nd semester students who have failed in more than 4 subjects, but the high court announced that its not applicable for the students of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester.. We want this rule to be applicable for all the students...
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VTU - Extension of course completion period for V.T.U (KARNATAKA) of the scheme 2006.

 avinash.a.m. on Aug 22, 2012
We the student of V.T.U Belgaum-2006 batch, have 8 years for course completion. Other wise we will be awarded with 'Not Fit For Technical Course"(NFTC). Most of us have alredy spent six or seven years of our golden period of life in VTU, and now we are said to be NFTC.
Reason of NFTC are;
Not passed in one subject of IInd sem
One lab back
Due some 5-10 marks or one subject ,
the whole carrier is going to be ruined, just because of limited period of 8 years to complete the coures.

However we would like to bring this...
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vtu university - Height of pressure and torcher

 sanjit.s on Jun 4, 2012
Hi.. i am a student under vtu university and doing my Btech. i have faced many many problem in my collage life, but the main factor killing me is the internal mark in microprocessor subject . Their was a lady teacher in our collage who gave me 1 as internal mark and for which i have been detain as year back for last 2 years . that teacher could have given more marks as i deserved and wrote correct ! before i could complain the teacher left the collage so their was no case of complain more ever our principal is an dumass , when i went to the principal he told he will look into the matter but it...
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VTU - Revaluation result not published

 jerin2789 on May 7, 2012
I , Jerin John K, bearing USN 1NH09CS035 am a 6the sem student in New Horizon College belonging to VTU university. My 5the sem result was announced as fail in 1 subject. I had applied for revaluation and photocopy for 1000rs approx but till today haven't received my result and its been 2 weeks since thee revaluation results were published. not even thee photocopy of my answer sheet. I would like theem to please reevaluate my answer sheet at thee earliest since its crucial for my future....
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VTU - Discrepancy in Result of July-2011 Examination

 Bheemappa Bandikeri on Jan 9, 2012

The Registrar(Evaluation)
Visvesvaraya Technological University
"Jnana Sangama"
Machhe Belgaum: 590 018
Tele: 0831-2498136
Fax: 0831-2405461

e-mail :



BMS Evening College of Engineering

Basavanagudi, Bangalore

*USN : 1BE06ME410*

Respected Sir,

I was regular student of *VI -SEM Mechanical
Engineering for the period...
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VTU - Return of Marks card

 Lost to VTU on Oct 21, 2011

Why can't we get our marks cards (SSLC and PUC) back after failing to complete the engineering course in the time stipulated by VTU?

Why should we pay the final year fees? Please either return our marks cards so that we can pursue other interests or extend the duration to complete the course.

It's turning out to be a nightmare to get our marks card back...
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VTU - Regrading PDC

 amareshk on Sep 27, 2011
name -amaresh k,
vtuno - 3pd06is042,
branch - is
batch - 2006
passout -2010
college - Poojya dooddppa appa college of engg..

Sir, i did not got my provisional degree certificate. please help me sir....
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Visvesvaraya Technological University - Regarding Degree certificate

 bharathhs27 on Sep 26, 2011
Dear sir...

I'm a graduate student of VTU passed out in 2010 with the university seat no 1GS05EC006. But i have not recied my dgree certificate. when asked to VTU about this. They telling that they have not received the application and we need to resubmit it again and we need to re pay the concerned fees. but we paid the convocation fees in 2009 ony. I'm able to send the acknowledgement and DD xerox of fees paid from college to VTU. But still VTU is totally not responding. Pls help the regarding. My no is 9902360690...
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