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 bipin_1982 on Nov 25, 2019
This company called me provide some work from home for data entry and asked that its is a simple job but has time limit. Everything went well until the second day one i started the work. For unknown reason, link has been stopped working in which i am working on and even after so much call and complain no one providing solution. Its been three days now and now i am sure they are deliberately trying to delay the work in order to ask me the money which i am accountable to pay in case work will not done in given time which is 10 days. I lost three days now. Please someone look into this because so much ppl are into this and they are frauding to them easily. I sent a mail also and got a revert that problem will resolve within 48 hours but its been over now. I am writting this because i am sure they will fraud me after the time limit.

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Don't Worry.

**Do Not Deposit Any Money To Them** under any circumstances.

It Is a scam.

Whenever you are able to contact them next (Most preferably record their call and right at the beginning of the conversation itself, tell them that the call is being recorded for future reference.), ask them to give you the agreement they made you sign on your phone.

They will not give you the agreement.

Tell them to give you the company details like registration number and registered office address. Ask them for their IDs.. Ask them for any kind of proof that they can give you showing that their company is legitimate and another proof they have hired you for a job in return of money.

Tell them that you are giving them 2 days' time to furnish you the asked details, and that your start time of the job shall be reset to after the asked details have been furnished to you via email.

In the end, tell them that if they are not able to provide legitimate details, and it is found that they have been deliberately wasting your valuable time and intentionally duping you for money, then you will file an FIR against them and proceed with legal action which will result in some jail time for them and compensation for you. Mention that you have their phone numbers and messages and any other little details that you have.
Poujen's reply, Nov 29, 2019
Thank you so much, after reading, I feel relax, because I got a call to pay Rs 10800 for activating my account again.
did you not call the person who offered you the job?
muggu123's reply, Nov 27, 2019
dharam singh sir please send me your number its urgent please because I also got trapped
Ankit Luthra's reply, Nov 27, 2019
dharam sing sir ialso got trapped help me...please provide me your phone number
Yes Dharm. And as expected, he didnt picked up and do not bother to see my messages.
I am also trapped in this... But in my car their legal person called me and told me too deposit 11500 RS in case I have to continue with the job
I don't understand what shall I do
They say that I have to go with legal procedure if I don't deposit the money
Thanks sir... I feel so relaxed after reading your reply... Definitely I will follow these instructions... Thanks again
Sir, I'm too trapped, in my case a legal advocate SMS me through Whatsapp and told me to deposit the money 10500/- to continue the work there or if to not work then 20500/-. The lady advocate I called them and told them what can I do and she said that I have to deposit the money in the bank and also gave me the account details.
Have you verified the account details...?
rgrn's reply, Nov 27, 2019
they gave the details but the name of the company was different (amez info. care)
Sir, I do have the account no, IFSC, BANK and name
I mean... Is it a personal account number or company's account?
rgrn's reply, Nov 27, 2019
Personal account no.
I too got trapped in it and i paid 11500. After that they are asking for 42000.
Mks_25's reply, Nov 27, 2019
But what for now?
Harsha_p1's reply, Nov 27, 2019
They are saying that if account got blocked next time I need to pay 42000. I am sure they will block it purposely from their side
sir pls tell me to want should I do
It is clear now... They are fooling us
I am sorry to say, but paying them was a foolish move.

I have shared earlier that verification of people is what matters. What proof do you have that the lady who called you was an advocate.

Verification of bank account number is not important. Bank account will be valid as only then that account can accept money.

Anyways, as our friend 'rgrn' has already made a payment.. the only option left for you is to get an FIR registered to your nearest police station. Do mention all the details as they happened and do not leave out any single information out in your complaint.

Rest assured that if you are persistent enough in following up the case with police.. you money along with some compensation will be returned to you once the authorities get hold of the fraudsters.
Dharm Sing's reply, Nov 27, 2019
I apologise for the 'rgrn' mention in this one as i misread the thread above.

To 'rgrn' I suggest that do not go through with any kind of payment under any circumstances. It is clearly a fraud.

To Harsh, Please file the FIR in your nearest police station.
I am warning everyone again to be more aware about such things. Such phone calls and WhatsApp messages or email sound very real.. But never get into their trap until you are fully sure about the legitimacy of the people involved and the communication used.
Mks_25's reply, Nov 27, 2019
Thanks a lot sir... Sure I will take care of this in future... But these people should be punished...
If we find more people who got spammed by this, then I can help in busting the fraudsters by gathering evidence and filing filling FIR.
Harsha_p1's reply, Nov 27, 2019
Yes sir, I am the one who got trapped. Yesterday evening I paid them and later they sent one more email stating I f account got blocked next time I need to pay 42000. Intially I am afraid of legal terms which they threatened I paid amount
Ankit Luthra's reply, Nov 27, 2019
sir i also got trapped i paid them 11500 please help me
the same thing happen with me they told me to submit 10500 and giving some legal reference and police warnings but i told them my advocate will talk to you
12th pass 2eyar exprince for data entary
I also got trap and they send one email with all the terms and conditions I am a student where would I arrange 12000 rs for their activation charges..pls suggest they seriously file a case against me...
Dharm Sing's reply, Dec 1, 2019
They will not file any case.
They will just keep threatening.
You must go to the police and report this thing. They will be able to suggest you better and make you understand the kind of fraud you are facing.

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