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ICICI PRU Complaints & Reviews

Jan 21, 2021
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Irda — pls remove pan no from irda portal

Respected sir,

My name is Gaurav gupta i have joined...

Nagpur, Maharashtra
Icici pru : is it really health savings benefit: (Whole life benefit), no not
At all ….. It is ‘whole life loot’ from the customers and benefit of icici pru
Not of customers, in which icici credit card; bank’s dedicatedly involved.

Public at large, be careful and do not fall prey to icici prudential or icici credit card:

1) on 10th dec. 2014, i sent email to icici pru for discontinuation of policy no. 15065194 and
No reply has been received.

2) inspite of my request, icici pru debited an amount of rs. 15000 / - from my icici credit card and paid the premium due in feb., 2015, which is absurd against my will / without my intimation.

3) i have taken policy in 2011, at that time, icici pru rep convinced me that i get back my money after continuous payment of five year premiums. I paid the premiums same and no single medical claim has been made with icici pru
For reimbursement since then.

4) again 24th april, 2015, when i written for foreclosure / discontinue / surrender the policy, it is intimated that no payment is eligible under this plan, it contradicts the notion of initial stage while selling the policy and in later
Stages. Public is misled and hidden games being played by icici pru and credit card.

6) public at large is be careful, to black list and do not fall prey to icici pru as well as icici credit card.
Tell all my colleagues, friends, relatives, neighburs to dissociate with icici and their products and duping by icici.

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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


    Noida, Uttar Pradesh
    Few days back i went to ICICI pru office (NOIDA sec 18) to surrender this policy. I was told that this policy cannot be surrendered. To my shock, officers just gave one mugged answer that this is a health plan and has no surrender clause. They even tried comparing it with a normal health insurance and stated that like in health insurance the premium paid is not refunded back. I tried explaining them that health saver is not a traditional health policy but a ULHP where portion of my money goes to purchase units. I should be entitled to withdraw that money. My talks fall into deaf ears. Next I talk to the agent who sold me this policy , guess what his answer was - Sir since you didnt asked about surrender clause I didnt told you. His next idea was to increase the health insurance cover to 10L (even better way to loose money fast).

    The policy surrender clause is a 1-liner that appears at Sec 23, somewhere in the middle of the policy document and very very easy to miss.
    Besides the charges on the 20K premium is just too much (more than 5 percent) even without considering the high PAC. In percentage terms your policy never explained the charges that will be deducted. Your agents and your brochure reports just as Rs 60 pm. On annual basis for 20k premium it itself turns out to be 3.5 percent. Here is why this is a case of mis-selling and looting customer's money:
    1. "Cannot surrender" clause was never explained while selling policy. The clause is 1-liner mentioned in secton 23 of the policy document.this should have been at top cover of policy document.
    2. Considering the charges applied on this policy this policy is definitely for small investors like us. Most of the money just goes as charges. Why ICICI did not explained this clearly while selling the policy.
    3. The health insurance is basic plan with high charges.
    My case is being registered under call-id 56868680. I am just raising this complaint on public forum so that other people can be saved from purchasing this crap policy.
    Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

    ICICI Pru — icici advisers cheated me

    I am Kalpana from Hyderabad.I was asked my Mr. Shanmugam of Chennai Icici pru to take the policy on aug 28th 2008, I said him i dont require the policy, but was given the policy forcibly telling that when I call back to the same number, he will cancel the policy free of charge.I havent received any documents until..I informed him the same and requested to cancel the policy.Whenever I make a call to him to cancel the policy, he has been telling that he put a mail to the department.Until now I havent received any response.And the credit card department is now charging me the money EMI for this month.Whats the solution..?And now when I made a call customer care they have been telling it charges me some pre-look cancellation charges..who will bare the amount?ICICI bank or ICICI pru or Me.The employees are cheating the customeres with their words..I have to put case on the advisor.
    Yes.I too had the same experience and I am in the same situation.Worst part is ICICI is aware of all this and doesnot take any steps to help the customers.Please dont believe any of the calls from ICICI credit card.I have no hopes on ICICI

    ICICI Prudential — not able to open site

    Dear sir, for the last one week I m trying to open ur site but neither nor is opening. even when i tried to make payments of an offer of India Today book Club thru thye one & only ICICI payment gateway, it goes to a Verified by visa page *& hangs. My offer will soon expire. Do something .
    yah kalpana,

    I too cheated by the icicipru people.
    Actually no need to tthat advisor.
    directly go to icici prudential office(before going check the market status) and if market is good on that day u can cancel that policy before will take 10 mins.
    have u received ur policy docs?
    plz donot belive the icici people.i cheated by icici finance manager in bangalore.
    Dear sir, for the last one week I m trying to open ur site but neither nor is opening. even when i tried to make payments of an offer of India Today book Club thru thye one Do something .
    Dear sir, for the last one week I m trying to open ur site but neither nor is opening. Do something .

    ICICI Prudential Health Insurence — Policy not issued

    I applied for health insurence for my whole family vide application No.HS01268475
    on 15/11/2009 and paid the premium by cheque.I was told that I along with my wife has to under go some medical tests which we got done on 23/11/2009. I got a message from the company on 08/12/2009 that all tests of your wife are clear but you have to go under a TMT test I asked them specially that Please tell me If there are any more requirements They told me that only TMT test of you is required which I got it done on 08/12/2009 .The company promised me to issue the policy by 18/12/2009. when I contacted them on 18/12/2009 they surprised me that now they cannot issue me the policy as my wife has to under go TMT test and for this conduct of them they can issue a apology letter but I told them that when every thing was clear on 08/12/2009 how they can ask me for further tests.Till today they have not issued me my policy. Please help me to get my policy for which i have paid the premium Almost two months earlier.
    Already bond issued. But through that bond Number and policy Number my present status of my amount and other details are not found in your site and i want net work hospital list also. My policy details are given below please verify and send my Email ID
    APPLICATION N0- HS00879714,
    POLICY No[protected]


    Re: Your Annual Unit Statement for Policy 05216720
    >> Dear ICICI Pru Insurance Team,
    >> I am also a working with financial organization and
    >> have a policy with you but when i was visited your Gorakhpur branch for
    >> deposited the primium in the month of NOV 2009 that miss guide me and telll
    >> that your policy was expired and amt was return to your address. Just i want
    >> to know that how dear tell me becoz i am very bussy and don`t have a time
    >> to request you to put a complaine and advice i want to continoue
    >> the same.My name is Firoze Iqbal & contact No is [protected].
    >> Awating for your early reply elso will go for higher authorities(director
    >> & Vice prisendent) or Judicial Court
    >> I want justice and keep policy with ICICI PRU...................
    >> Regards,
    >> Firoze
    Please read point 2 as:
    2. Considering the charges applied on this policy this policy is definitely NOT for small investors like us. Most of the money just goes as charges. Why ICICI did not explained this clearly while selling the policy.
    Dear Mr. Parikh,

    We regret the inconvenience caused. We understand our representative has contacted you and acknowledged your concern.
    Please be assured that the concern highlighted by you is currently being reviewed and we shall keep you posted on the further development of the case.

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
    ICICI team, since you are more in hurry to bury the issue and not provide answers to my questions I have escalated the issue to IRDA & Insurance Ombudsman. I am again repeating that you have NOT provided answer to my asked questions:

    1. Why was "no surrender" clause explained to me while selling the policy nor is highlighted in policy highlights.The surrender clause is 1-liner in section 23 of the policy wordings that is very easy to miss in 10-12 page policy document. Since this clause impact the policy holder directly this clause should have been highlighted/mentioned and communicated very clearly as policy highlight.

    2. Why was the policy charges(as described in the complaint above) not explained clearly while selling the policy. Since one of the charges is fixed for small premiums it increases the expense % (for 20000 pa premium it amounts to 3.5% overall charges turns out to be around 7-8% per annum). Why this was not communicated this clearly while selling the policy.

    3. Was customer properly educated about the pros/cons of the policy while selling the policy.

    4. Since neither the policy is performing well in terms of protecting my monry (80000 investment reduced to 55000) neither the policy can be surrendered what alternatives does customer has.

    You can keep replying randomly and keep closing the issue I will keep on trying till someone is serious from your end and understands my concern.
    Dear Mr, Parikh,

    We wish to inform you that the concern highlighted by you has been reviewed. Accordingly, a communication has been sent to your registered email address with the details of the resolution offered.

    In case of any further clarification, please contact us on our Customer Care number[protected] or write to us at [protected]

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

    PN NO.


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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      Bengaluru, Karnataka
      I visited the Seshadripuram Branch on 29.09.2011 to surrender my Home Assurance Policy, the lady in the counter Ms. Nair gave the application and asked to sumit copy of the ID proof and cancelled chque along with the appn. As I had not carried the same, I checked with her whether I can send the application with all the enclosures through some one which she okayed. This morning 30.09.2011 I sent the payout request along with my person, which she refused to accept and insisted the policy holder to come. Kudos to ICICI ......... I had bad experiences with ICICI Bank and now with insurance............ I have only connection with ICICI with my credit card (stopped using from some time) which now I will surrender and sever with ICICI in toto.

      S S RAO

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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Ajmer, Rajasthan
        Dear Sir / Madam,

        today I had recieved a phone call to my mobile no. [protected] from Icici pru Jaipur office tel .no. [protected] at 2.40 pm . The person name I could not remember correctly ,but I think his name was avinash told me about the icici pru assuerd result schemes but after his clerification I refused him that I am not intrested in such schemes and disconnected the phone . but after few seconds he recall me and abuse me a lot and disconnected the telephone . So I request you to kindly take a strong step against that person who is responsible for this.
        Awaiting for you reply also.
        Abdul Salam Sheikh
        mob. no. [protected]

        Phone call — Misbehaving call


        I am getting calls from [protected] since last night (around 12:30 AM) and person is misbehaving.

        Can someone help me to block this number and also same person not calling from any other number.

        My Phone number is [protected]

        Pradeep Bansal

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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


          Gurgaon, Haryana
          ICICI Prudential

          I am very disappointed, sad and frighten by the way ICICI Prudential’s ethics and procedures at work. I have 1 policy i.e.Policy no. 07184981 with the name of my mother Mrs Munni Devi running with you.
          I have submitted the last year premium Rs. 20000- in the feb 2010. But after checking the receipt for the same I found that it is transferred to any other account not in my account. I contacted to the branch manager regarding this and he assure me to solve this within 1 week but its September, almost 7 months gone and still didn't get any satisfactory answer from them. They always said the same thing that we are working on it and will get back to you soon. I requested you kindly have a look on this issue.

          Jitendra Kumar Gupta
          Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


            Siddipet, Telangana
            Pl. refer to my Policy No.13365849, effective 31st Jan.2010, yrly premium Rs.50,000/- (Rs.fifty thousand only). In spite of several reminders to your Hyderabad representatives, Mr.Kishore, Mobile:[protected], Mr.Sudhir, Sr.Manager, Mobile [protected], the policy document hasn't been arranged to be delivered to me as yet. Pl. do something URGENTLY in the matter.
            Aside from this, I wish to inform you that my request for Health Policy hasn't been considered favourably on medical grounds, I'm told. Based on the advice of Mr,Kishote, I paid Rs.100/- accompanied by an application for having a copy of the medical reports, incl. TMT report of Elbit Labs, Hyderabad. After sometime, copies of the reports, EXCEPT TMT report, were sent by your Mumbai Office. Despite several requests to your Hyderabad representatives for sending me the copy of the TMT report, nothing has been done for over three weeks, although Mr.Sudhir keeps promising action in the matter. I need the copy of the TMT report to consult a super specialist for treatment, if necessary. Pl. therefore initiate IMMEDIATE aaction in this regard.
            Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020

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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment
              Delhi, Delhi
              I ask 3 thinks
              1) How much Amount i have deposit to icicipur. Reply they do not have such details and not provide...