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 Madhur Jain
I saw an advertisement in the newspaper in respect of hair treatment for falling hair, I approached him on 24.06.08 for acquaintance of the said treatment and met studio manager Mr. sanket shah and naina.They have charged me a sum of RS.750 towards consultation charges and issued receipt no.508/2008 dates.24/06/2008 and noted my name, address and cell number. They had informed me that a total amount of Rs.1,20,000 will be charged for laser treatment of falling hair, including products of treatment for a period of six month. They have also assured me that within 3 weeks from starting of treatment , Hair falling will be stopped and new hair will grow. They futher informed me that there will be no side effects absolutely in our treatment and on completion of treatment period of 6 months my further hair will be grown.
Afterwards They started calling on my cell phone for the said treatment and I had informed him that I will not able to afford the said treatment of Rs 1,20,000. However they continued to pursue me on my cell phone and asked me see for certain rebate and installment in the charges of the treatment and even though I were not interested to go for the said treatment.
In the last week of August 2008, they again called me on my cell phone and informed me that there is a golden opportunity for me as our company have reduced the treatment charged from Rs 1,20,000 to Rs 90,000 and this offer is valid for a week only till 1st September 2008 on being informed by them, I went to advanced hair studio on 1.9.2008 and was given to understand and believe that the said laser procedure treatment and products to be used, will be absolutely safe and without any side effects. Replying on their words and assurance, I paid a sum of Rs.10,000 by cash as part payment and company issued invoice No.202/2008 dated.1.09.20080for Rs.90,000 laser procedure (6 months) and their company also issued Receipt no.248/2008 dated.1.9.2008 for Rs.10,000 to me.
Thereafter they asked me to make payment at least 50% of total amount so that my treatment can be started. However I arranged funds and made further payment of Rs.35,000 by credit card on 18th October 2008 and they issued receipt no.347/2008 to that effect. They have also provided me an invoice no.261/2008 dated.18/10/2008 mentioning for particulars of products, which was included in the cost of Rs. 90,000 for a period of six months in the said treatment.
I started laser procedure from 18.10.08 and on very start of treatment, I suffered with the side effects such as burning, giddiness, headache and my hair on the head started falling after 3 weeks , the position was bad to worse and instead of hair grow, there was more and more fall of hair. I complained in their regard to manager and he informed me the effects will come after 3 months and such they changed their earlier version of 3 weeks treatment and told me that the effect will be seen after 3 months.
On the completion of 1 month treatment, they called up on t

On completion of 2 months treatment, I were under unfortunate condition most of hair on head fell very speedy and I were feeling burning, giddiness, headaches, nausea, irritation on eyes and pain in stomach etc.Using banned products and also uning Very harmful chemical products.

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Advanced Hair Studio Customer Care's response, Aug 13, 2014
Dear Madhur Jain, thank you for your comment on this website. As you aware that the internet has empowered consumers, allowing them to publicly voice their opinions and concerns, unfortunately we have noticed that a few ex-employee(s) or competitor(s) have abused this practice by their well-planned postings to tarnish the reputation of Advanced Hair Studio for their own gain. However, in order to serve you better we would request you to share your customer receipt/phone number at feedback@advancedhairstudioindia.com for our internal verification. As a practice, if a client has any concern with our procedure(s) or with the results, we encourage them to write an email and we address the problem in satisfactory and timely fashion. So if someone is a genuine client, we request them to get in touch with a Studio Manager of that respective city and also write on the above email ID to discuss the concern. We regret this inconvenience, but you can be assured the feedback will be shared with the appropriate department and team members and we will personally investigate your complaint and keep you updated. Madhur, we recognize the fact that Hair loss is an emotional and a serious problem and we are dealing with an extremely sensitive issue. We do genuinely try to match expectations of each client by performing one or multiple procedures out of the 4 completely different unique/ patented procedures what we have under the same roof. Why AHS has 4 procedures & not 1? The very reason is that each procedure has its own objectives and limitations. So, depending on the procedure, client's comfort zone and budget, we may recommend procedure A, procedure B, procedure C or A+B, but eventually we give them a FULL HEAD OF HAIR. Because we are the ONLY company that has 4 patented procedures under 1 roof – 2 cosmetic & 2 surgical, so we don’t need to misguide our clients. This is provided the client follows the recommended procedure(s), we are then able to achieve highly satisfactory results. Goes without saying that’s the reason we have become World’s LARGEST Company in this segment. We feel proud in saying that we are expanding our network from one city to the other, one state to the other and from one country to the other with MORE THAN 1 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE + 10 000 celebrities as our satisfied clients. The very reason AHS operates and has expanded its network from New Zealand to USA is because we are committed to perform and produce satisfactory results for each client. We request all readers to be aware of such unethical posts online and believe in the world’s largest company.
Advanced Hair Studio Customer Care's response, Feb 13, 2015
Dear Reader, This is to notify you that the above mentioned comments are completely fake and wrongly intended as the sender of this post has already lost the legal case to Advanced Hair Studio and is now exhibiting malign intentions to tarnish company’s reputation or extract unlawful money through such negative post (s) on this website. For the reader’s knowledge, the Mumbai consumer court has already pronounced decision in favor of Advanced Hair Studio under Judgment dated 10/05/2012 against the complaint filed under Complaint No. : 942/2009. The court verdict can even be reproduced for the kind reference of interested readers and the same can be made available to them over their respective email ids on request. Hence, we urge all online readers to be aware of such unethical posts/comments and ignore the same to save themselves from negative and untrue influence. Kindly allow us to transform your personality and guarantee you the best experience with the World’s Largest Hair Replacement and Hair Regrowth Company.
c manikandan's response, Apr 19, 2015
Sir we paid 25000 advance for hair transplant invoice no oo2 I am the 2 nd appointment for Chennai branch but they r not responding
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Hey oll
I jus wanted to know that if AHS is totally fake then why it is offering me a written guarantee for sure results after taking its advance laser therapy..??
Im also planning to go for the same but a bit confused now..

Sify / Sify Mall — Misleading advertisement and Cheating

Sify misleads with false advertisements and promises. I ordered some valentine gifts to be delivered on February 14 (of course!) ... When the order did not reach by 8:30PM on 14th, I had an online chat with one of the customer care rep who told me the order is scheduled to be delivered between 10 to 10:30 PM..Can any one tell me if this makes any sense? Anyway, the order was never delivered until now. Do they ever pickup calls? Do they have 24 hours support system? Well, they say they do.. But when you try to contact them after 10PM it will say all representatives are busy at this, please try again later... Do they think we are ? Since I am in the USA so it is easy for me to try to contact at the hours when it is late night over there in India.. Why do they cheat people by promising something they can not afford to deliver?

I wish I had read this website which is full of complaints against sify services.. I would have never done business with cheaters and lairs... Well, for authenticity here is the copy of my order..
Order Placed: February 10, 2008 | 22:10:00
Order number: s[protected]m
Order Total: Rs.699.00
Payment Type: ICICI - Visa Card
Order Status: Inprocess
Payment Reference: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Authorisation Code: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Status from Bank: Success

12 Valentine Roses And Cake
Free Shipping.
Usually delivered in 1-2 working days 1 699.00 0.00 699

Sub Total:
Shipping & Handling Charges: 0.00
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Grand Total (Rs): 699.00

Marvelous Bealty Hair & Make Up Studio — cheat customers

marvelous beauty parlour cheat customer..they say that they will apply mac ((international brand))product..but when the day come they use cheap local product.which will iritate your skin.they charge 4500 for make up..dont give any reciept..just give a small paper..write your booking on it..cheat innocent customer..
you are extremely right and m totally agreed with you... there is no effect of any treatment.
My sister started losing her hair all of a sudden. She started being quiet. That was very strange as she has always been a social butterfly. We did refer to a couple of professional places but nothing seemed assuring. One of my friends referred Advanced Hair Studio India to me as she was quite well aware of the place. I went to Advanced Hair Studio Delhi, spoke to them and discussed the entire issue. After they spoke with my sister, she already looked satisfied. We went ahead with the laser therapy and within a few months, the texture of her hair improved significantly, the dandruff got cleared and hair growth started. Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.
Just wait for few more months. Your sister will have a shock of her life dear.
I am sharing the summary of my painful experience with Advanced Hair Studio. After a series of hair loss incidences, I finally decided to visit this studio. On the day of consultation, the owner Mr. Sanket showed me such a glorious picture and insisted that I should start the treatment ASAP. After a hefty payment of Rs. 1, 84, 000, I started with my Laser Therapy. The procedure which was suggested for my hair maintaince has got me in the extreme stage of baldness. These people have played with my money, my time and caused mental agony. After being fed up of the baseless assurances by their in house doctor and good for nothing client relations people, I decided to rip off the flashy mask and show people the reality of this studio.

I befriended few staff working with the studio and tried conversing with the other customers undergoing treatment who were equally unsatisfied. It has taken me a good amount of 3-4 months to collect the below mentioned information. If you are planning to visit them or starting your treatment, this is in your interest.

1. Consultation: All of you must have made several plans to visit AHS for a consultation appointment, many one who has already been for the appointment would agree with the information given by me. The moment you enter the studio you get amazed by the amazing interior of the studio. The well trained manager asks to wait for “some time” which usually goes up to anything from 60 to 80 minutes. In that while, the Front office people screens you from top to bottom about your watch, your mobile phone, brands of your clothes and most importantly the information of the car you drive (either the parking guy or the camera installed outside at the parking).

i. The consultant is basically a sales consultant with monthly targets, they are not Doctors. Not even anywhere close to medical field. They are basically losers from various professions including insurance, retails, banks, house husbands’ etc.
ii. They have crammed the sales pitch word to word. They don’t know anything beyond the pitch. No matter what you are, what your problem is all they know is to sell their product.
iii. They have no standard pricing for the treatment. The same treatment you paid a fortune for would be offered to someone at the one third amounts. The promotional or discounted prices scheme is nothing but a sales trick. So kindly use your own mind.

Beware don’t be lured by the fancy words they say, the celebrities they promote, the promises they give. Everything is a Trap

2. Advanced Laser Therapy: Ok after all the jargons about the various procedures you would be starting with the laser treatment putting your hard earned money into it. Honestly in past 3 years of operations in India AHS has not a single client who is happy about the results. Few if they arrange to gather are basically their own close knit people who are paid to give positive illusion. Few things you should be known before you get yourself into the Trap of AHS:
i. Laser procedure has never been proved effective by the clinical and other health institutions.
ii. Laser and its products are not FDA approved as claimed by the sales staff. It has been passed by FDA but on certain guidelines not maintained by AHS.
iii. The minoxdryl and the serenoa capsules are given to all clients without even knowing the side effects. Kindly Google the side effects for your interest.
iv. The laser products i.e. shampoo, serums, capsules, minoxdryl are not imported but manufactured locally in Gujarat.

3. Strand by Strand Surgical: This one is a complete disaster without any much change in the look.
i. The much applauded Doctors are nothing but jerks that are mincing hefty money making fool of people. Please consult the celebrities whom they claim to have done hair transplant for. That’s nothing but the sales gimmick. The fact is the celebrities are given invitations to enjoy services without any money (still many don’t turn up).
ii. Trust me for this if you have underwent a hair transplant from AHS, you will agree with me and must be feeling looted. One of my close friends working with the organization told me at NO POINT they transplant more than 1500 follicles!!! Now, even if you have paid around 5-7 lakhs you have made a fool of yourself. The same reason they don’t allow any relative to count the follicles.
iii. If you have gone out of budget to pay for their doctors’ trust me the doctor does his job only till the anesthesia does its work. After that he gets busy in his “extra” activities. Rest of the work is done by semi trained doctors team. I was surprised when my friend’s stitches were removed by their office boy!!
iv. It would be a blunder getting hair transplant done by AHS as the same doctors charge rock bottom prices when you get it done by their clinics. http://www.plasticsurgery-india.com/hair_transplantation.htm and http://www.divinecosmeticsurgery.com/aboutus.html you can test by yourself.

4. Strand by Strand Cosmetic: In short they are ordinary wigs bought from local market of Thailand and you can also buy higher quality wigs when you are there. There is no technology nothing is involoved. They are infamous abroad about these malpractices. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/145207-advanced-hair-studio.html many more can be searched online.

5. Flashpoints. Again very cheap versions are available in the market. You might find something with the better quality
I started experiencing Hair Loss from 2006-07, its genetic. I happened to visit Advanced Hair Studio, and fall prey in their trap, they looted Rs. 1, 09, 000 plus taxes from me in lieu of Laser Therapy. They provide you some stupid laser therapy which actually never works, and charge you for Mintop 10% which is easily available at medical stores for some hundred bucks in Indian rupees. They are the greatest cheat one can ever meet. They are the liars. For their FUE and FUT method, they charge you per follicle. Their surgeons Dr. Manoj Khanna and Dr. Amit Gupta are partners in crime and also crook, they transplant only 500-1000 grafts (each graft contain two or, more hair strands) and they charge for 5000 or 6000 strands. For each strand they charge from a range of Rs. 150 to Rs. 75 depending upon your financial status. Yes Financial status, they do look at which car you have come from, which wrist watch you are wearing and which brand you carry as your mobile. Depending upon your status they pitch you the rates per follicle. You would never be able to count how many strands they have transplanted, and they charge you Rs. 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs extra without doing anything. Their CEO is Sanket shah who also claims to have undergone Hair transplantation, which is an out and out lie.
He wears a WIG and to give body to his hair which is on clip, where as he claims that he had done two procedures one hairtranspalnt and other non surgical hair treatment from Advanced Hair Studio. Which is biggest lie.

If you wish contact me at my email id mail2gm@sify.com and I would give you all the contacts of all other customers of Advanced Hair Studio who has been cheated and suffered.

Advanced Hair Studio – Review
I am a 26 year old. My family has a history of genetic hair loss. Loosing hair at such an early stage, I decided to look for anti-baldness treatments and finally underwent a surgery at Advanced Hair Studio Clinic in New Delhi. My experience which was not good at all is explained in detail below. I would request all of you who are considering similar treatment to read this and feel free to talk me @ plus nine one - nine nine five eight eight nine one six eight one before making a decision.
First Visit
I went to visit Advanced Hair studio for a solution to my problem of balding. I was impressed to see the great interiors and nice decor. It looked like a very friendly and amicable place. I met with Sanket with my parents. Sanket started with his rehersed sales pitch. He looked at my hair and said my requirement was for about 6, 000 follicles after which I could have a full head with bounce, volume and shine. He suggested that I take a laser therapy with a 1 operation and that should solve my problem. There were two doctors on their panel who them suggested. One charged Rs 70 per follicle and other Rs 130. However, if I decided by the end of the month there could be a discount of Rs 20 on this. Overall, he gave solid sales pitch to convince that this would be the best place. He showed the contacts and photographs of all the celebrities they had treated including the personal phone numbers of a few he had. However, now I realize in the hindsight there were few details he never gave:
• The full name of the doctor and his credentials
• There was no opportunity to meet the surgeon personally
• There was no mention of what kind of therapy each one of their brand ambassadors had undergone. Even minor treatments were projected full hair gain
• There were no patient references given
• There was great attempt to keep the patient from not talking to the doctor
Plus I was promised:
• I could return to work next from surgery
• It would be a painless affair
• I would not need to take any precautions and life would be back to normal after 24 hours.
There was a great force in booking the operation date as soon as possible to get the best rates.
Next Day on Call
We discussed internally and came to the conclusion and we wanted to see the results the laser therapy before undergoing surgery. Sanket called up and we conveyed out decision. On hearing this, he completed changed his words. He said that I MUST go for surgery and not for the laser treatment as it would not yield good results in my case. He backtracked on his initial pitch. But based on his recommendation of 6, 000 hair follicles I decided to undergo one surgery of 3, 000 grafts in 1 sitting and evaluate the results. Now, here is where the mess starts.
On the Operation Day
The doctor came in. He was not even aware of who the patient was. He had not looked at the pictures. There was no photographs he was shown. He was also quite disinterested in overall what was communicated. There was major gap in what was told to him and what was promised to him. Apparently, he was told I would be given 4, 500 grafts and 3, 000. This meant our surgery costs escalated by 50% or 75, 000 without even any prior information. He told me that there was NO USE OF GOING FOR 3, 000 follicles. He marked on my head showing how much 3, 000 follicles would cover. On the day of the surgery this misinformation campaign was happening and we were told that if we do not go through with the surgery today I would have to forfeit my deposit of Rs 50, 000. We were angry and frustrated. More than anything doctor told me to get a good hair cover I need 15, 000 follicles over 4 sittings. This was completely contrary to what Sanket had informed me about 6, 000 follicles over 2 sittings. There was no sync in what the doctor was saying and what was promised and that too 15 minutes before the start of the procedure. Plus, I was extremely unhappy with the amount of cover that even 4, 500 follicles would give me. I am apprehensive that I might not as good as I do right now and might have to undergo a second round only to overcome the patchy work of the 1st sitting and hence shelling out so much money.
I was now realizing the real truth behind the glamorous looks of studio and the real filth inside and how they mislead their patients at the last moment. The advanced hair studio people were really upset with the doctor for letting me know about the 15, 000 follicles.
But I decided to go for the surgery only because I had made up my mind and I did not want to loose the money that I had deposited and all the arrangements that have been made. Surgery lasted 6 hours and only overseen by doctors. He gave the local anesthesia and part of it while most of it was handled by him which from the looks of it did not look like a team of doctors, but more like a team of semi-trained nurses. Doctor would continuously take phone calls in the middle of the procedure and also walked out several times for upto 30 minutes to meet clients and people. After having spent so much money, I expected him to at least be fully attentive at the time of surgery.
Also, I realized that the Doctor practised at several different places and in fact I could have had the same procedure done by the same doctor at much cheaper rates at the other places he practices. I was paying a great premium without getting any extra service, but only misinformation.
Also, I had no way of ensuring that the doctor really gave me 4, 500 grafts or less. I could have been 3, 000 and I would have no way to know.
Now, here is the second big whammy. Post the surgery, I was informed:
• I needed to ear a head cap and aband for the next 72 hours
• I had an injured head so could not go out
• I was put on heavy anti-biotics and sedatives.
• I could only work from home for the next few days
• Based on the transplanted hair might have to wear a cap for next 6 months -12 months because the patchy transplant.
• I should not do any kind of gymming, running and workouts for the 3 weeks
• I should not anything thats makes me sweat
• I should stay away from alcohol and smoking
• I should keep my head as much away from pollution, dust and heat
All this meant that:
• I could not attend to some very important official meetings and presentations where I needed to go
• There were major lifestyle changes I was not informed about
I was not informed any of this before I underwent the procedure. Plus, there is always such a huge disconnect between what the doctor says and what the studio promises that I am agast, angry and disappointed.
• I was prepared for 3, 000 follicles but was forced to undergo 4, 500 follicles in extremely coercive environment
• Doctor and Clinic never speak the same language
• I was misinformed about my requirement: 15, 000 against 6, 000
• I was misinformed about the post surgical precautions
• I will not recommend going to Advanced Hair Studio to anyone because they will give you a great sales pitch and convince you, but truth will come as come to the day of surgery
• I am still extremely unhappy and sceptical about the results I will get after the first round
For people who are planning to undergo such a procedure, here is my advice:
• Do not go on the swanky interiors and great sales talk: Always talk to the doctor who will perform the procedure
• Be clear on the requirements
• Talk to other patients to see if you are prepared for it
• It is a big decision which will require you to alter your lifestyle, so be prepared
I agree Advanced Hair Studio is nothing but a gang of crooks. They will trap you and engulf your hard earned money. They are sharks, BEWARE
hi dear madhur...a small Question...u visited dem in delhi in 2008 though they claim to hv opened this clinic in pamposh enclave 2yrs bk i.e 2010 roughly...
plz reply as i m plannin to undergo treatment n cnt make up my mind...thnx
Dear Users,

Please understand, AHS is legally World's Largest! You cannot be World's Largest company if you are not producing results and not making your clients happy. But for that Ladies & Gentlemen, You Have to Place Your TRUST in US !!!

We have started our business 5 years back and today we are planning to start in other mega cities in India, so please sit back and think again. If we were not good, we would not open Delhi after Mumbai, Bangalore after Delhi, Ahmedabad after Bangalore and in May of this year – Chennai.

Why others are not able to do what we do in terms of hair replacement?

Now, lets talk about the procedures. Why AHS has 4 procedures & not 1? The very reason is that each procedure has its own objectives and limitations. So, depending on the procedure, client's comfort zone and budget, we may recommend procedure A, procedure B, procedure C or A+B, but eventually we give them a FULL HEAD OF HAIR.

Because we are the ONLY company that has 4 patented procedures under 1 roof – 2 cosmetic & 2 surgical, so we don’t need to misguide our clients.

People also try comparing us with others, but without understanding that watch is a watch but there is a difference between Sonata & Cartier!

If you want we can prove that we are Cartier of the hair replacement industry!

Now, we as a company are aware that hair is extremely subjective area. Every individual has his own perception of how their hair should be and we do our best to understand and achieve that, but sometimes clients

A - expectations & comfort zone are not matching
B - budget doesn’t match with the expectations,

Yes, we are in the serious business of dealing with hair, so if we say we are able to make 100/100 clients happy – that is a lie, BUT yes, WE ARE ABLE TO MAKE 90/100 HAPPY, so it is just justifiable and honest to say that we're doing a good job!!

And if we weren’t keeping our clients happy, we would not perform procedures on MORE THAN 1 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE + 10 000 celebrities!!!

Think about that…SO Please feel free to contact us on feedback@advancedhairstudioindia.com in order for us to help you better!!
I've been coming here for 6 months and pretty much satisfied with the procedure and services provided. There is some thinning of the hair in the skin, specially the density from the front, but I have been advised to maintain it for another 3 months. Overall: sastisfied with what I've paid for.

Ankit Tyagi, Gurgaon
I am glad I started my treatment here, as I have an extremely oily scalp and scanty hair, I need care to be taken, so do most of us. It’s a boom that this kind of a studio and treatment on a scale such as this is available to us in India. Now, where one is sure that ones hair is in reliable and good hands.

Over a period of time you see good results too. What more!! Taking no more risks.

Nothing comes cheap, specially when it comes crucial decisions such as this. Additionally it gives you value for money in the long run.
Retaining your natural beauty.

Ms Nagma, Bollywood Actor
Nihan Mehta
“The transplant was done on 14th Jan 2011. I am happy with the transplant and the staff over here also they are good in support and give the treatment properly.
In all everything is good and I am happy. Me just waiting for my result of the hair growth.”
“I have found the working of AHS as very professional and helpful. Most of my appointments and laser treatments have been taken care of by Shaista who I find as very cordial and polite.
The treatment including the products seem to be working right now. I hope that by the time I finish the course in the next 2 months I leave AHS as a very satisfied customer.”
“I got very nice treatment. Staff is very good & cooperative. I am very satisfied and recommended your institution name to my other friend. It is very excellent.”
So far so good. Have experienced a thickening and hope the process continues to deliver results. Very happy with the policies and professional staff
The results were definitely positive. I only hope that the growth remains the same once the laser sessions are over. I would definitely recommend the programme to many friends and relatives.

Must compliment to all the staff for being courteos and hospitable throughout the ten months.

Wishing the entire team many more success in the coming future!!!

Avinash Sathyakumar, Bangalore
I was seriously considering visiting this place but thanks guys for showing us the true side of AHS. I feel very sorry that you had to go through so much mental agony, even after paying over 1 lakh for their services. I will probably need to find another good trichologist in bangalore who can really diagnose the condition and not simply give false hopes...

All the comments of the people supporting AHS look fake.. As they are just giving one liners like "I was having hair loss, I went to AHS, now hair loss stopped, Thanks AHS!"... We aren't fools and we can see through your lies. But the comments of madhur.jain, anuj.grover and sanjaykumar are indepth and they are backing their points with valid proof...

Hair loss in itself is a traumatic thing for any male to go through, and when you guys give false hopes and charge a premium amount and not provide any results, It just creates more agony for the people suffering from hair loss. I hope that other people get aware of this fraud company too...
“I have been coming here for over a year now. I was very skeptical initially as I had tried a variety of treatments to no effect. But with time, I have noticed a distinct improvement in my hair.

The people here are really great, and I would definitely suggest the Advanced Hair Studio to anyone who is suffering from hair loss.

Thank you all so much!”

Anjali Sachin Tendulkar

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