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I am reporting a very shameful story of doctors, and for this responsible doctor should immediately be banned from practice, as they are playing with people life, people treat them as a god, but they are worse than a prostitute, as they only seem to interested in making money @ people life. one of my relative is admitted in AIIMS for more than 20 days now, and all relatives from distant apart are residing in delhi, to get this operation completed, and suffering and wasting money and patient life on daily basis, where as doctor only seem to be interested in making money, he is asking for 2 lac rupees and encouragin to let this operation been done in their private clinic, and we don't have that money. Three times we all reach to the hospital as doctor said that operation will be held today, and they kept patient hungry for the entire night and next day patient was given to wore the cloth for the operation and then even if patient had worn the operation dress and was ready for operation, doctor informed that it is cancelled as he can't come today. this is the extreme of the harrassment, to keep patient hungry for many hrs and when it comes to operation, they are refusing to do it, when requesting to the doctor, they clearly ask for money to get treated privately. and this happened three times when patient was worn the dress for operation and doctor refused for operation. Should we call them a doctor or they should be called as prostitute or a killer, who is playing with the patient life. is this the duty of doctor?? if yes then every human being will start to hate such criminals in the form of doctor. but what is the solution for my relative?? ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, is this really worth its meaning.
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I do agree with the behaviour of AIIMS staff and doctors. My uncle is suffering from cancer, 2 months ago they had asked that they will do the operation on 9th April'10, but today when we visited, they refused and rescheduled the operation date after 15 days.

I am lookig forward to do written complaint for this to the seniors of AIIMS with copy to health ministry.

if you have also lodge a complaint then please let me know your experience

I want to make a official complaint for one of the employee working in the ultra sound department.
most unhelpful person, seen at the department with attitude not to work
Providing wrong guidance to patients and family and been very rude
I completely agreed with you people; they have lot's of attitude problem... they pretend that they are doing charity to us because we are not paying to them; but they forget that this is an govt. organization and Govt. is paying good salary to this guy's if they are not satisfied with their earning then let them vacant their respective posts... I must say VERY VERY RUDE...
There is no point pin pointing anyone in India because our government is careless and No politician or Minister takes responsibility to look into minute problems of comman man. Our politicians/Ministers know that Indian people disscuss their problems with each other and are gratified that they have shared their problems and then go back to their working daily schedules. Thats it. The negligence and Carelessness of Government sector is ignored and no one takes responsibility to rectify these problems. When will India grow into a developed nation ? I don't think it will ever become a super power because each and every person has a careless attitude and we can do just nothing about these problems. By just disscussing and getting satisfied with the disscussion doesn't solves our problem. Its high time that we should do something about these issues of our country. If Government cannot do anything it should allow young blood to come forward and take control of nation and its growth.
I am totally agree with you, since I also realize the same.
Yes, i am agree with all these complaints. Except the fact that, i have found a few senior doctors cordial and very helpful. But the problem is, you can not directly come in contact with these doc's. Even a private security guard of AIIMS think himself as Head of dept. I think a few RTI's can give some solutions.But this should be initiated by somebody who is not getting treatment from AIIMS, as otherwise he will not be treated properly.AIIMS has been given many facilities by Indian govt..
my name is gaurav deshwal. i am new zealand resident. its a shame for our country that our government organizations cant even respect the citizen . my uncle narender malik is admitted in neurology department(AIIMS). doctors, nurses do not even have a positive attitude to tell us about how patient is doing. people are so rude there . just like a bunch of . I definitely would like to take action against couple of them but don't know what to do? where to go? PLEASE HELP
My wife admitted in aiims hospital for operation of uterus and family plannung in april 2o1o. but docters caceled two time her operation from operation theater then I reqeated to MS then she got uterus operation and family planning operation in end of may 2010 after 10 days of operation she got heavy bleeding (about 12 hours). she was in last stage of her life I asked about this heavy bleeding . docter said to me " the reason of heavy bleeding is mistake during operation". it is very shameful.after that she was admitted about one month in aiims hospital so patient is unhealthy and not get any compensation about failure of family planning operation till now.please help me what can i do?
I had reaching the two time in morning 6:30 am in AIIMS Hospital Ansari Delhi with wife and my wife have a investigation of blood .
Blood investigation deportment only distribute two hundred's token only in per day but in ques more then 10000 patient daily .
all patient suffering the lot of pain full life and doctor not treating the without the investigation report so I should be suggest AIIMS Deportment to increase the token and provide the all investigating patient token on time .
I had returns the two time without any response and vesting the time because in my ques time stop the distribution of token so my suggestion of AIIMS deportment only for delhi per day reaching the lat of patient in AIIMS for treatment but only some patients take the response of AIIMS and other patient return without any response because time is over of doctor.
Can anyone let me know incase i need to file a complaint against the employees with authoritative nature and goof up that SULAB on thier dresses printed employees do in AIIMS which forum is it. Please help me i want to take action against them.

Head of Nephrology in AIIMS (year 2005) performed an operation on my grandmother to install a stent in her lower arm to facilitate dialysis. The following day however this stent came off, and as it was connected to my grandmother's arteries, she started bleeding profusely. When we called the doctor in panic, he did not offer any advice on how to try and atop bleeding but asked us to get her to the hospital. This was so difficult. But by the time we reached the hospital she was already in very bad shape, had lost a lot of blood because of which she went into a coma and never recovered. Gross medical negligence.
My child is 2 months only.he has no uvula and treatment was going last one month .I went to AIIM Monday(01-Dec-14) where Asst. of Dr. M. Bajpai behaved rudely with me and my wife(they said:-chalve, yha se bhar ja kar baith ja, I said:- App Aiims me ho to app ko patient se tamij se baat karni chahiye).There were three members M Bajpai and two assist-end after that they have totally denied for treatment of my child.
I want to know that Treatment can not be done without penny and source.If it is possible so please revert on my updated mail id and phone.

We are Indian so it doesn't matter I am poor, rich without reference.
MAIL [email protected]
Ph no-[protected]
Hi, very upset from the behaviour of the Nurses and Doctors of AIIMS, My father in-law had a open heart surgery and was unable to have motion regularly, till the time he was in private ward they gave medicine but when we were discharged no information was given to us about any medicine and on calling the operators they responded very badly and did not even bother to pick up the phone(call 20 times and once the phone was picked), they think that Gov. Office is a place to rest and merry make, sitting at such a place they should take responsibility and understand the problem of general people and at least do the duty and justify the payment given to you, we do not demand free service, in fact we call you and the bill is bared by us, hoping that picking up calls is not chargeable for you. Please any one do something to improve the service and maintain the standard of the Hospital
I personally feel that at aiims the doctors nurses security guards and all staff seems to be anti public. There is lot of load due to patients but they have to be handled carefully n politely as profession demands.aiims they say top institute but I think they are specialists only for VIP s. one of my close relative who was stable for 10 days after brain hemmarrage died soon after thier operation. What a disgrace to top institute.if they can not treat patient then why did they operate. They even charged 40000/ for it.what govt hospital.i doubt if they are good. I think they educate new doctors at the cost of life. This case looks like it.
I had consulted in a private hospital regarding lumps i have developed . The sonography and ultrasound i had undergone privately shows it can be a probable case of cancer, Concerned i went to AIIMS with all my reports(as its top institute and i have family history of cancer) . The doctor examined me and without looking at the reports asked me to undergo same tests from AIIMS the date of which is scheduled 6 months later. Is it not sheer negligence that despite being a probable case of cancer, where the early treatment can really save my life they are asking me to wait for 6 months just for the test that i have already undergone. i am just 25 and have all the life and career infront of me. This recklessness and negligence can cost me much more than the apathetic staff can ever fathom.
AIIMS IRCH Bad Services ...My Home in Tripura ...I 4 Months Later No Treatment ...Frirst Stage Registraing Complain... th Stage treatment start.
Well AIIMS is a joke over treatment .. If you are alone patient still you are required to run whole day from counter 30 to 28B to 16 to a doctor's cabin in a long queue (standing for 4 hours) Still you need to form a line behind old patients to get that doctors (another 1 hour standing ritual). They will check you and prescribe a test to room no 49 to whatever required. Now you should be relieved .. Hell no ! They will put a date for your test ... Hahaha ... Today's prescription of doctor for a test will be on other day ( mostly more than 1 week ).
That is a comment as frustrated patient.
Now, as a wise citizen of India
I think that with such a large amount of 10000 patients per day government cannot improve it's quality .. No way !!
It's better to have more AIIMS level hospital (with large patient input limit) and of course more well behaved doctors with security guards !! Hope for a better INDIA
I have sphenoid sinisitius since last 6month already try nasal drops, antibiotics, steroids but aims department again you go for nasal drops next 6month As in llrm hospital Meerut said only aiims do this operation but aiims ent doctors said this is our procedure .why why why I helped very much to make kejriwal government in delhi but they are all cheaters
I was there for my mom treatment and trust me from the security guard to the nurse and nurses to the doctor all are so rude and behave so badly . The condition of the emergency is very bad, what is the point of calling it emergency when no one is there to attend it immediately. People have to be in queue and someone have to go and beg the nurses or the doctor to come and see their patient. They should respect other too every profession is respected, being there at the hospital doesnt mean that we have got nothing to do in life. But yes nothing gonna change for sure . I saw a big banner where it was written "AIIMS badal raha hai " kya badal raha hai ? you make people run from one counter to another and than you have a server failure IT have boomed like anything why dont you take the help of technology if you cant manage it.

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