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[Resolved]  Amay Home Services Ltd. , Jaipur — Builder Rohit Suri absconding , all his check is bounced

Rohit Suri of Amay home Services, jaipur , Corp. office at
unit no. 22-26/35-38, 3rd floor, orbit mall,Arcade International , Ajmer Road
Jaipur-30 2006.
We have booked 2 falts which we have payed 10% rest was loan from idbi bank ,
Rohit Suri was supposed to pay the intrest emi to the bank until the possession
which he has not down for past 6 months .
We have also invested in the scheme in which he was supposed to give us
50% extra on the amount which we have invested after 6 months of which he
payed us the checks which bounced several times.
Even after contacting him he reassured that he has been in contact with some
person of Mumbai of which he is going to be the partner with , after that he
is going to normalise all the things .
But now we are trying to contact all his number without any success , we have
come to know that he is absconding .
Mohit Sabharwal & Neelam Sabharwal.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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dear valued customer,

you can reach us at the mail

amay group
Rohit suri has ran away from Jaipur with the investor's monies. Now only a court order can recover the investors' money by auctioning all his properties. only those who have filed the case against him would be able to recover the investment sum.Rohit suri has a history of doing such things and the investors should have first checked his background before investing in his schemes.
i also invested in this company and was contacted by vikas yadav of jaipur. he also took 5000 rupees from me and many others for legal expenses. he is not responding now, please be aware of this person and dont believe him
CMD Communication
From The Desk of Mr. Rohit Suri

At the outset, I extend my heartiest greetings to all our valued customers and supporters. As you all know that your trusted company Amay Home Services Ltd. Which is part of the group actively working in the field of real estate and other businesses has been in adverse light for some time now and I feel that I should offer some clarification regarding the health of the group at this anxious time.
This company’s first project - My Liberty Homes situated at Jaisingpura was launched in Oct ’07. Construction at this project was running on double pace and about 65% completion was achieved in a short span of 14 months. Another project at Jagatpura is about 15% complete. Completion status as has been certified by our Architect & Contractor Mr. Neeraj Singh of M/s M.M. Constructions. For the past 10 months the construction is on a slight slow pace but we are planning to deliver the projects in stipulated time frame of 3 to 3.5 years which is common yard scale of builder’s mass housing projects.
Current situation was chartered with an event in October 2008, when the then GM - Real Estate & Operations, conceived and formulated a flat booking scheme at Jaisinghpura, Ajmer Road, Jaipur and rigorously drove the sales team for actively propagating the scheme and overachieve the sales targets. This booking scheme offered two options to the customers to choose from. The customer could have opted to retain the booking by entering the normal payment schedule or to exit the booking on an assured appreciation of Rs. 35/- psf after a time lapse of four months with atleast 20 days prior intimation to the principals.
This nominal appreciation was misconstrued and ill fitted the allegations of principal growing to 1.5 times in a span of 4 months by the complainants. Meanwhile the company shifted its base to Ajmer Road in a bigger office consolidating all its functions and bringing all the businesses under one roof. This was properly communicated to the customer base by personalized letters and tele calling.
In subsequent months the global meltdown had its own disastrous effects which coincided with the electoral code of conduct, effecting the mobilization of the flat sales which further affected the plan of repayments to the customers opting for the exit option. This was intimated to all customers in writing by timely communications detailing the ongoing status and the future course of repayments.
However, playing in the team spirit, the young organization was able to repay back about 5.25 crore rupees to the waiting customers in the face of all adversities.
In the month of Feb 09, Mr. Vikas Yadav took out close to 70 lacs of appreciated amount belonging to a set of his own customers. This was the time when Mr. Yadav stopped actively being involved in day to day operations and deceived the undersigned to believe that he can mobilize a huge quantum of funding to a tune of 100 Cr on arrangement of processing charges amounting to Rs. One crore. Relying and believing on one of my trusted persons, We did arrange for the asked amount but ironically this funding never saw the light of the day which is 9 months till now and the situation got grimmer day by day. With the conscious decision of cost cutting, the office was once again shifted to a smaller premise at Vaishali Nagar under clear intimation to all the customers.
Organization’s entire team stood together with the undersigned in planning and executing the tough phase of liquidity crunch and kept updating the customers about the Funding which was in process through Mr.Vikas Yadav, Mr Amardeep Kataria and Mr Vijay Khanna and later about the Joint Venture proposal. In the meantime a lot of complaints kept flowing out to Police Stations and the finding of the investigators clearly saw that the company had been paying the dues albeit delayed but has full intentions of repaying the amount back to the customers. Understandably, as many of you have also pointed out, if the company was planning to run away, then they would have done that soon after collecting the money from the investors in Nov ‘08.
Meanwhile, when Mr.Vikas Yadav, Mr Amardeep Kataria and Mr Vijay Khanna were not able to get the funding done and it was being delayed day by day, we pressurized them to repay back the processing fee given by us enabling us to repay our customers back. They then, to derail us from the main course, gathered a set of customers and Mr Vikas Yadav took them to the Police station after instigating them and filed a collective complaint against the company. I am also pasting below the sms communication with Mr. Vikas Yadav and associates which will give all of you an insight of this entire proceedings.
I wish to inform you all that your company has already negotiated with the joint venture partners which is on the stage of document completion and this would ease off the payments and all other dues of the company. We request all our stake holders to extend their cooperation and stay with us for arriving at an amicable result pretty soon. Moreover the company has sufficient landbank to cover all liabilities in the case of any eventuality. I assure all of you that your money is safe and sound and I would not give you any reason to worry on your investment front with us. Please join me and support us for not letting one persons misgivings be replicated in masses for creating and escalating worries.
Sender Date & Time SMS Content
Rohit Suri 19-Nov 7.04pm any news on khanna and mail
Rohit Suri 13-Jul 1.38Pm Bhai kuch news
Vikas Yadav 8 nov 7.14pm Sir i need farje salari slip of AHS … 3 months … Take away 54k … Please appoint someone 4 the job .. Need b4 10.30am …
Rohit Suri 25-aug 1.19pm Development ? Khanna sahib funding case
Rohit Suri 18-aug 4.20pm Development ? Khanna sahib funding case
Vikas Yadav 17-sept 9.40pm Sir stand plan is activated … Things r positive … Hope 4 d surface on Monday … 1st plan also not dead yet … Yrs faithfully
Vikas Yadav 7-sept 5.48pm Sir spoken to khanna ji for fulfillment of paperwork pendency …. He was busy … He will call back for giving the details.
Vikas Yadav 6-sept 9.36pm Sir money will b refuned between 9th to 11th… That’s a promice …
Rohit Suri 2-sept 6.10pm Any confirmation from khanna ji for the refund ?????
Rohit Suri 31-aug 8.39pm Let us get the money back now.No more dates and time pls.
Vikas Yadav 28-aug 1.06pm Sir, checked SBI 12.30 no news.please take pains &get it done asap if not done by now
Rohit Suri What i[censored] fail payback on Wednesday
Rohit Suri 21-aug 7.32pm Vikas aaj ka situation.. Cm wt may tha.
Vikas Yadav 21-aug 7.04pm Sir I was sms ing u, but received yr sms same time ……… Things not working …..
Rohit Suri 21-aug 4.51pm Pls c him at 5 and pls support
Rohit Suri 21-aug 4.23pm Vikas any devp any amt pls.
Rohit Suri 21-aug 3.20pm Vikas pls jor laga yaar.
Vikas Yadav 21-aug 2.51pm Meeting held yesterday, all Positive/ under control . Khana saab Recd call from banglore person. He is going back bang. Today. All papers/ POA exchange
Vikas Yadav 21-aug 2.52pm d and assuring that our case/pending case will be solved/money disbursement will be within this month.
Rohit Suri 21-aug 10.20am Chaloo acchi baat hai
Vikas Yadav No news still. …. Sms By tinku bhiya
Vikas Yadav 21-aug 10.01am 2day Meeting in bombay … Team is on toes … Well get news in 2nd half …
Vikas Yadav 3-aug 1.22pm safe with mr khana ji. Or it's some one .ucking luck which is delaying.
Vikas Yadav 3-aug 1.22pm yed. Which v hv explained to mr vikas ji/you. I[censored] trust on us/ur own people. Then it may come any day otherwisw it is never coming. Ur 85lacs is 100%
Vikas Yadav 3-aug 1.21pm bhaiya your fund is (already being approved by funder, remember I am saying 100%) lying there 4 induction; Only coz of changes in DG, it has been dela
Vikas Yadav 30- jul 6.08pm Sir, 4 sure 200%we will b funded due to some changes in RBI ay Dy gov level… Our funds were on hold . It is likely to get resolve 2morrw. Pls send 22k
Vikas Yadav 30-jul 8.43am Sir we left 4 delhi …. Yesterday No one came with 22 k
Vikas Yadav 28-jul 10.13am Usha ji in bombay …. We have to check acc … If funds doesn’t come by 1pm then bombay guys will talk to usha ji in bombay itself….
Vikas Yadav 27-jul 11.57pm Sir no message 4m khanna ji or bombay guys … Likely 2 have clear picture at about 8.30 because khanna ji call tinku b….if required 2 go delhi I will leave.
Vikas Yadav 20-jul 3.38pm Sir pls hold yr self … Give me 5 min .. Let me take the latest up dates.
Rohit Suri 20-jul 3.34pm Vikas I am in deep trouble now. Bhai unable to keep everyone cool. Lands arre getting off me now. Pls help.
Vikas Yadav 17 jul 10.07pm Tinku bhiya will go sir
Vikas Yadav Sir, papers not signed today …. Heard, it will be done on wednesday, but efforts r on for Monday.. Still more to hear late ngt.. Khanna ji on dinner RBI guys
Vikas Yadav 17 Jul 2.17 pm Sir, seen the papers my self … Clearly stating disburse the fund in favor of amay home ser ltd .. For the low cost housing projects …. Pls don’t tell any 1
Rohit Suri 17-jul 1.06PM Thnx vikas. God bless.
Vikas Yadav 17-jul 12.59Pm On d way 2 RBI
Vikas Yadav 16- Jul 3.21 pm Sir i am trying to grab the papers or some proof 4 same, 4 that we have stay back
Vikas Yadav 17-jul 8.10pm on the way back
Vikas Yadav 20-jul 4.57pm Sir tinku bhiya is exc call 4m khanna ji in 30min
Vikas Yadav 21-aug 4.34pm he is busy called to c at 5
Rohit Suri 21-aug 9.02pm bhai iska matlab very imp tha
Vikas Yadav 2-sept 6.20pm not so far will let u know as have pateice!!!

Humbly Yours,
Rohit Suri
Amay Group of Companies
I have also booked one flat and payed eight lakhs to builder. Now, construction work is stalled for long time. Whenever I call them they say construction will commence this month but nothing is working out it seems. Let all consumers make a forum and address this problem jointly to get our money back or getting this project to completion. send me mail if anyone has any info on status of any such joint forums already formed so that we can also join.
Thank you Mr. Suri for you clarification. We wish you all the best and expect to get our money back at the earliest. Vikas Yadav seems to an evil person in this episode.
I agree with you but then our remaining money has to come back. No harm in waiting for another one month
Rohit wish you all the best and expect to get our money back at the earliest and hope soon all things will be normal...
Rohit Suri, we as investors want our money back and hold no personal enemity against you. If you promise to give our money back then it is more that welcome to all o[censored]s. You just tell us how long will it take to give us our money back? and then honor that commitment

I don't think he is going to refund the money... as this post based on one of his employee (Amardeep -Sr. Officer) posted. Mr. Rohit Suri Done these type of fraud in Jammu Kashmir... and still he is not giving any contact number... so we can talk to any person..

He is just trying to stop posting.. and making healthy environment.. but it's really... unbelivable .

He want to stop he is doing this.

If anybody got call from Rohit Suri.. and got some money.. please clear

We have to take action against him go through the CBI and Crime Branch.. This is only the hope getting money..
Dear Person Above my Post "Victim",
Firstly I think you are not a genuine investor, You have not listed your name and trying to create confusion here. JUST STOP THIS. If you are a real investor post your Name and your Phone number and I shall call you. I am a real investor and have more than 7 lacs with them in my liberty homes 2 bhk house. We all people are wanting things to be sorted out in a simple manner and not where we get entangled in some sort of a suituation that it takes us many more years to get out from.

Dear Mr. Suri,
Please continue your efforts and get the things straight as soon as possible.

Jagan Kochhar
Bravo Mr. Kochhar, I acknowledge and appreciate the kinda courage you have shown in quashing the seemingly fictitious post. I repeat that there is a group of people who are trying to vandalize our revival attempts by creating unrest amongst the people like you. By the grace of GOD, I'm totally sure now that my proud investors by and large are with me and I shall honour my role pretty soon. May god bless all...

Humbly yours
Rohit Suri
Dear All,

I understand & care for the impatience which is getting crept and is spreading slowly. However, pls understand that the delicate nature of current situation would prevent us from discharging our regular office duties. Please be rest assured that soon the communication would reach you regarding your monies.

Rohit Suri
best wishes to you.
Hello Friend,

Yeh sala suri bahut madar chod hai muh ka sweet ban raha hai aur just killing the time. He invests lot of money from out of jaipur and enjoying hum logo ko goli de raha hai. He is not professional business man ! he is number 1 fraud now he making all the stories we request all o[censored] to search this man and hang up till death in jaipur main road choraha.
Hello Mr. suri,
Apka ye soon kab khatam hoga ek saal se soon he chal raha he. clarification deye huey bhe 20 days ho gaye he. SOON sun sun ke kan pak gaye he. Give us date not soon undefined word.
Hi All ! Any update on today's customer meet held at Jaipur ... pl. circulate course of action so that each one o[censored]s can contribute towards an early resolution of the same.

Pl. suggest if any joint legal course of action has been suggested many o[censored]s are located out of jaipur


Vishal Sharma
Rohit is absconding since last 1 month. I request you all not to hope anything positive in this front. Rohit is a bluffmaster. Next week CNC awaaj is coming to Jaipur & this property scandal will be covered in news.
We can together sue criminal case against Rohit.

MK( victim)
There is one more thing which i want to discuss.
He is yet to be declared A B S C O N D I N G by police.

I f police is not declaring him as absconding then can u guess the reason for it???????????????????????????????????????
Guys, another new... HDFC recovery staff had started calling all customer s who had taken loan. As we all know that as per the tri parti agreement, builder has to pay PRE EMI interest; I request everybody to not pay anything to bank.


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