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Maharashtra, India
Amway is a big name and a multi-crore industry of the Multi-Level Marketing. it works in a way, u join the company, you sell the products or buy them and get the percentage on the sale. i[censored] want to make more money, just encourage other people or ur friends to join it and get percentage from whatever they sale, so it goes on in a chain-like manner and gives the most benefit to the person who is at the top of the chain. this amway company is US based and has become quite popular in India. but, the products which they sale are very costly, example, a protein powder of AMWAY, containing milk protein, will cost u Rs.1000 for half kg, while a similar protein supplement from top pharmaceutical company is just 250 for half kg and nowadays every pharma company has 'whey' protein which is fastest absorbing protein than milk protein or soya protein. the other supplements of AMWAY like the iron and calcium or antioxidant tabs are also highly priced and they contain very less amount of the iron or calcium really required in deficient conditions. a multivitamin tab of AMWAY costs around 600-700 for one bottle of 60 tabs, while the same combination of vitamins from a routine pharma company is just 60-100 rs for 60 tabs.

AMWAY people recommend iron and calcium supplements to be taken by pregnant women, saying they are very effective in increasing iron and also for the baby, but the fact is: iron supplement of AMWAY contains just 15mg of elemental iron, while the requirement of iron in pregnant women is 60mg per day (AMWAY iron tab = 350 Rs for 60 tabs, and cap.Autrin (wyeth pharmacy) = 60 rs for 60 caps)
Calcium: daily requirement in pregnancy is 500mg elemental calcium, (elemental calcium is the calcium which will be absorbed, it is diffrent that the total calcium content of a tablet) Amway's calcium tab contains 150mg, costs 250-300 rs and Tab.CCM (Glaxo pharma) - more calcium, more better calcium salt, less costly.

the cosmetic products are also not at par with other routine companies, example the AMWAY shampoo costs 300-400 rs (and it is the worst shampoo i have ever used) while the PANTENE shampoo (the best in market) costs just over 200 rs for a big bottle. the shaving cream and the after shave cream, both are very sub-standard and costly.

AMWAY is successful in India because it attracts innocent Indian people who wish to earn more and more money. everyone is selling amway products nowadays, doctors, engineers, teachers, housewives and they get successful in selling the products for few months, but eventually, when the amway products dont show their effects, the sale drops and everything comes to an end.

i want the consumer forum to do something about this MULTI-LEVEL marketing schemes, mainly AMWAY. they sale products which are not only costly, but also not very effective.

it will need more than just one complaint to launch a movement against this multi-crore company, one who agrees with me may post some comments and support this movement

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I heard that Amway is a big name and multi crore industry so i joined this company but now a days i am waching that this is nothing but a simple reaumers. I expected alot from this company but this company dissapointed me..!! As per your AMAGRAAM i have been waching that from last month that you was supose to give offers about some goods and garments(T shirts, watches etc ) on 21 Sep 2010. But by the time i reached there the stock was finished with in half an hour. Now the persons who are my down line booked there order before the offer date and now i am unable to provide them their products and they are telling us that you all are bluffing general public. Now from where i should provide them there goods? I want a serious answer on this matter.

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This post is got to be the silliest thing i've ever read. The vitamin and minerals that you talk about having less of in amway products ( nutrilite products) have a purer content come straight from plant sources and therefore are not chemically produced like most other companies brands. The shampoo, which one? they have a few. Im guessing your talking about Protique 2 in 1, which for me is the best shampoo i've ever used. Personal opion differs on everything although it amazes me how u dont like it especially when they have even better shampoos on offer from Satinique. I use the Hymm shave cream and after shave both of which are lovely on the skin and do the job they are meant to and last for ages so not costly, Amway is quality over quantity, they dont just make products they make the best i have ever seen and i've used alot of products. There Tolsom shave gel has better contents for the skin than Gillette and there products are concentrated which mean more powerfull and last longer. I could go on and on about comparisons between amways products and other high quality products but heres a couple. Artistry Cosmetics in the top 5 Prestige brands in the world although all the blogs i have seen the people all prefer Artistry to all others. Nutrilite number 1 in the world in dietary, vitamin and mineral based products.

Also Amway is not a chain it goes wide aswell as deep and you are in Amway you should know the person at the bottom doesnt necessarily get less money its about the work you put in, the guy at the top could quite easily be making less than the guy at the bottom. If a guy further up the line of sponsorship is getting more money its because he has put the work in to build his business and the guy at the bottom can do the same as he did, there are no limits, everyone starts at the same position, bottom, work and smart thinking is what takes you to a successful place in your Amway business.

If anyone is interested in hearing about this fantastic opportunity or would like to find out about the products feel free to reply to this blog or visit . If that link doesn't work please copy and paste into browser. Thank you for reading
It is general perception that Amway products are costly but reality is they are Value for Money.Most of these products are concentrate and needs to diluted before so 500 ml of a product is equivalent to 2 Litre of other general product available in the market. Same for their skin care product, one bottle of Artistry product runs from 10-11 month while those available in market go for max 3 months so overall cost o[censored]sage is same as general product available in market however their quality is way above any product available in market. All of their product are Organic with no side effects. They do not use any chemical in food supplement or vitamins like all other companies do. For eg: Calcium supplement is directly made from Juice of Spinach. Amway business is built on relationship and they offer 30 days moneyback guarntee which no other company gives in the world.
On business front, it is absolutely wrong that guy on top earns always more than guy on bottom. It is based on effort put in by the person..
I think ur mentality is totally biased or ur any third class product thrown away due to amway quality products. Amway protein powder has 98% absorbency where as any branded protien powder is never absobed more than 35% rest form stone in kidney.Per 100 gm amway protein powder contan 80 gm protein instead of any other maket brand has only 18gm protein in per 100 gm so first make ur knowledge more accurate dear.

Lalan Kumar, Patna
i completely agree with you . Amway should be banned completely in India. Its destroying the lives of people with its false claims.
Amway is not value for money

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