[Resolved]  Anu Solar — REFUSAL FOR REFUND

Address:Bangalore, Karnataka

Dear sirs

i had booked a solar water heater 200 LPD with M/s. Anu solar in bangalore by paying advance amount of Rs.1000.00, but the product requires additional features and the cost towards a syntex tank, MS stand and grill, plumbing items and labour charges etc, is to be borne by me in addition to the equipment cost which works out to be around Rs.40000-00, these things i came to know only after booking. as i was unable to incur such high expenditure, i told the supplier (anu solar) that i do not require the geyser and i am going to cancel the order and asked them to refund the advance amount. Now they are saying that they do not return the amount as per their terms of company. it has caused me agony as this is going to be a illegal accusasion. therefore i am complaining this matter to you.

contact person in anu solar is jagdish ph.no.[protected]

please help me in getting back my money as said above.

Yours faithfully
sreenivasa rao
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Aug 13, 2020
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20 pcs solar water 200lpd. Email: bestelectro.[protected]@gmail.com
Dear sir,

We hav acquired anu solar from shimoga before 8 months . it had lot of leakage problem we
complaing many times but no responce from the dealer...
The dealer did not issue any proof/bill for having purchase & installed solar in our home..
After meeting him personally we came to know that his dealership has been cancled.and now he tells
us to complain to the main branch in banglore. how can we complain or replace with out bill...


thank you,
please contact :[protected] or [protected]

what is the cost of the 200lpd solar water heater

200 LPD Solar Water heater — water leakage

Respected sir,
The invoice no[protected] of the solar water heater has some problem and the water is leaking. We've already complained a week back and no proper response is given. The complaint no is 49630. Kindly provide the service as soon as possible.
Thanks & regards!
I had purchased a solar water heater of Anu solar from madathil agencies branch in calicut Kerala about two months back.A complaint was made to the company that the water temperature was just Luke warm and the out put is hardly 5 to 6 liters.Repeated complaints didnot evoke any response from the dealer and gave some telephonic instruction for me to check the plumbing which was done with the help of a plumber. Still the condition didnot change.My request for sending a technician of the company is not done yet.

This sort of the dealers spoils the name of the company and the news spread by word of mouth very fast.I am also cotemplating to approach the consumer form for the lack of support service.

Kindly instruct the dealer to attend my complaint urgently with out further loss of time.

pradeep kandoth
calicut 673021
cell [protected]
email [protected]@rediffmail.com
hi we r employees of anu solar power pvt ltd. we did not get insentive as well as salary ... so u customer understand the problem of company and plz resolve the problem

anu solars — refund of advance amount

I have purchased 200ltr solar water heater from Anu Solars with an advance amount of 1100 before 6 months but till now they have not refund the amount.
I have bought 200 Ltr Solar Water Heater (ETC type) from Anu Solar. Now, it is working very excellent. The Co. charged me Rs.22, 300 and claimed Rs.9000/- from MNRE as a subsidy. So total cost is Rs.31, 000 approx. The Co's Rep.and Company itself claims that the outer cover of drum is made up of fine quality of Aluminium and powder coated.

Beware friends, it is made up of ordinary Galvanized iron sheet which attracted Magnet. The iron sheet is prone to Rust accumulation. This is clean cheating of both customers also the government. When I sent a query to company, they are not replying. WHO WILL BELL THE CAT?

The system is installed at Baikadi House, Kadiyali School Rd, Kunjibettu Udupi-576102, KA. Ph: [protected]
200 Ltr (ETC type) solar water heater system was bought on 30 Sept 2012 from Anu Solar which is working fine.
Quality: The Company claims the outer cover of Drum is made up of fine quality of Aluminium and powder coated. But it is attracting the Magnet. In-fact, it is made up of ordinary galvanized iron sheet with powder coated. The cost is Rs 31, 000 (Rs 23000 + 9000 subsidy from Govt). For Rs.31, 000, every company offers Stainless steel Drum except Anu Solar. It is a clean cheating of both customer as well as the government. The system is installed at BAIKADI house, Kadiyali school Rd, Kunjibettu, Udupi 576102 at Karnataka. Ph: [protected]
I am having a bad experience with Anu Solar. My dad purchased a 100 LPD Anu Solar geyser some 3 years ago. Every 1 to 2 years, hot water would not come, not sure exactly how my dad rectified it because I was living in and out of Bangalore. This problem recurred recently; I first noticed it around October 2012. Since I live in the 1st floor, it takes some time for the hot water to reach me; only the people on the 2nd floor really benefit from the solar geyser. I called Anu Solar's guy, Murali (phone [protected]) on November 1, 2012, and he told me that I was not getting hot water "because the climate is down." I.e., he is referring to the cloudy season. After a lot of persuasion, he agreed to send a technician. Nineteen days passed, and I called him on November 19. Typically, Murali shows up on the 8th or 15th of every month, but for some reason did not show up on those 2 dates in November. On the 19th, when I called Murali, he said he would send the technician. Two technicians came on the 20th (Umesh and Yadav). They inspected the solar geyser, opened a few pipes, removed a glass tube, and made a call to their office saying that the inlet to the solar tank was blocked (this contradicts with Murali’s “climate is down” theory). They then left. Before leaving, they accidentally cut one of the rubber liners/cups of one of the glass tubes that they had removed and put back. I spoke on the phone to Anu Solar, a guy called Manjunath. He said he would rectify the problem in a couple of days. For the next 5 days, they did not show up. For those 5 days, water would leak through the glass tube where the rubber lining was cut. They had closed the inlet pipe to the solar tank, so water would not enter the tank, but they failed to seal off the outlet pipe of the solar geyser. So for the next 5 days, water would backflow through the solar geyser's outlet pipe, back into the solar geyser tank and leak out through the glass tube where they had cut the rubber lining. For 5 days, I could not pump more than 5 minutes of water at a time. My basement tank was full, so I could not empty that in order to catch Cauvery water. On November 25th, after a lot of persuasion, Anu solar people showed up in an Ace mini-truck. They took away the solar geyser tank; they left the glass tubes and geyser stand behind. They threw some of the rubber liners/cups in a gap (which is about 6 inches wide) between my building and my neighbor's building. Manjunath, on the phone, reassured me that the tank would be repaired in 2 days. Ten days passed. I had called them on the 27th, 28th, 29th... Manjunath kept saying that they were working on fixing the tank. After the tank had been fixed, because of “vehicle unavailability, " they could not transport the repaired tank back to my house. On December 4, they showed up in their Ace mini-truck with the solar tank. This tank wasn't new; it looked scratched and dented on the outside. I got a call from Manjunath saying that I would have to pay Rs. 2400. I informed my dad about this. He called up Anu Solar, and an hour later, I got a call from Mr. Hayat (sounded like “Hayat”) who said that the Rs. 2400 is advance payment for the next 2 years, that I would not have to pay monthly rent/installments of Rs. 130 for the next 2 years, until Dec 2014. I asked him why all these years we'd been paying Rs. 130 monthly, and now we have to pay advance rent/installment, to which he said something like, I was "expected to make an investment, " and he gave some funny reason for this. I am thinking of not paying this amount because I feel that if the solar geyser doesn't work few months down, I would call them, and they would delay, telling me, "climate is down, " "vehicle nonavailability, "and "you are expected to make further investments." Also, i want to point out that when we first got this solar geyser from Anu, the terms were that we paid Rs. 80 each month. They hiked this to Rs. 130 on April 2012. Also, when they opened up the glass tubes, I noticed some material, which the technicians referred to as “salt.” When they showed up on December 4, they still could not get the solar geyser running because o[censored]navailability of rubber liners/cups; the ones they threw between my neighbor’s building and mine, I tried hard to retrieve those with a long wooden stick, but failed. Those rubber cups are still there. If anyone is initiating a law suit against them, I am available to present my evidence. I have experience in consumer courts and know some good legal advisors. Last I heard from Anu Solar is that Murali is no longer working with them.
Hi All,

I too had a bad experience with Anu solar, thest Guys do not provide the goos service. My solar rusting and its installed just few months ago.

I suggest everyone not to opt ANU junk solar system. While we construting our house, marketing guys behind us like beggers, forcing us to go for ANU junk solar.. It worked fine for 6 months, later I can see lot of issues with it.
big cheats.. to customers, to employees.. please beware while dealing with this Fraud company
You may escalate your grievance by sending an email to the company's M.D. on [protected]@anusolar.com or contact his secretary Jennifer on[protected].

I am having a big problem with these guys... They did wrong installation and now asking for 9000rs extra to modify the same.
Is anyone filing a law suit against these people?

I want to expose another face of Anusolar. They recruited lot of Business Development Managers and other sales executives by promising lot of things to them. Within the probationary period of 6 months, they are asked to leave the company, as company could not produce and sell quality products at competitive price. During the period they withhold at least 20% salary each month and finally, last months salary was also swallowed by this MD. They do not attend phone calls nor reply to emails nor allow the ex-employees to enter in to their office.
This company can not survive for long time with this type of business ethics
hello friends

i have taken one 150 and 200 lpd systems of anu solar for our two homes and it was good relation with the compny
till there were no service issue but ones i regeistered a compliant in there office about water not getting heat
then my worst exeprience get started with anu solar i use to call them at their bangalore office againg and again
about my complaint but the ans was he soon come but now no one has visited to my complaint so frinds please
please dont buy anu solar and tell all u r friends also
We find here so many complaints on Anusolar on their inferior quality and services. But, has anything improved after this complaints?
Whether any responsible person at Anysolar see these complaints at all?
If there is no response, what is the use of posting these complaints?
Who will take action against Anusolar?
If Anusolar is a genuine company, they should give explanation, corrective action plan and other feedbacks.
Can ISO 9000 take action against them since customer satisfaction point is ZERO.

Or we have to leave it to God to punish Anysolar!
Its more than a year, i have not received the team to do servicing till date, the contact info provided does not work at all, how to reach you guys? Mohan
Mr. Sreenivas rao
This is to inform you that,
1. Supplier should submit the quotation indicating all parts which are going to fix on unit.
2.They should take your approval for the product going to supply.
3. you must pay advance towords the supply
4. iam not sure how they collected just Rs 1000/ for the worth Rs40, 000.00
5. you proparley read the terms in case of cansalation of order
6 No doubt you should get 75% of the advance paid
7. if you have documents you can lodge on consumer court
8. you will get reply and money in 15days
Anu Solar, sounds to be a fraud Company. I had purchased a 200 Ltrs system on a iHOT scheme with a monthly rental of Rs.130/- during 2009. Later in 2012, the company insisted me to pay Rs.260/- as they had revised their tariff. This was shocking though but i without any choice, i agreed to pay and continued to pay till date(14.06.2014).

The solar tank has started leaking and when i complained to the Service dept, an Service technician visits after 15 days. Upon his investigation, he opined that the Tank had to be replaced. According the contract with the Company, iHOT scheme is a use and pay Scheme wherein we have to pay a refundable deposit of Rs.3500/- and pay the rental for 20years and you own the system after 20yrs. During the 20yrears period the Company shall maintain/repair/replace the system FREE OF COSTincase of any problem.

But when i complained about the leakage, Mr HAYAT(Service HEAD) demanded a sum of Rs.6400/-towards advance rental for 2years, the tank shall be replaced only if i pay this amount. This was mere cheating and fraudulent act.

Hence, i asked them to cancell the contract and lift the system against refund of my deposit paid, the Company says that the refundable deposit cannot be paid back as it is adjusted towards transport charges.

So, i request one and all, to please think hundred times before you opt for ANU SOLAR.

For me its NO and NEVER to ANU SOLAR.

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