Arattukulam — Deviation in the agreed plan.

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 Goutham Lakamsani
I had booked an apartment with Arattukulam developers in one of their project called Royal Castle, the sale agreement has also done the bank approval for this project had also come.
During this process, builder has circulated the detailed layout plan in his broucher and as well as he provided us the BBMP approved plan. But after 4 months i came to know that he is starting his consutruction with an deviation in the approved plan, becuase of that all North facing flats had become South facing though the individual plan of each apartment has not changed fully.
This change has never been informed to me until i found out from other sources, when i demanded to stick to the old plan...he said he cannot do it and if needed he will return back the money paid till now with out any intrest or penality.
Request to kindly help me to understand how can i proceed on this case.

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Dear Lvc c block resident and LVC_Resident . You seems to be investor and agent of Arattkulam. If true feedback comes it will drop your propert price.

But what about our hard earned money?

There is deviation everywhere whether its a car parking, club house, Lifts. There is no water supply at all. Builder did not assess about the water requirement f or 300 flats. WE ARE PAYING FOR TANKERS.

Poor quality construction: Already there are cracks in side building within one year and water is leaking. Are you guys blind ? Cant you see the water leakage in badminton courts, parking places and inside flats?

Arattkulam is minting money and deceiving the middle class segment.

And Arattkulam staff is hostile . Cant even speak properly.

Propert buyers please vist their projects and talk to the residents before investing.
HI. .can you call me on [protected] . my name is vinay
Got similar feedbacks from other customers, is this sorted out? What is the overall feedback on this builder?
I have filed a consumer complaint against Arattukulam Developers (Aratt Group). Summary of the complaint is given below.

Summary of my complaint:
I bought an appartment from Arattukulam Developers in 2006. As per the agreement, the builder should provide possession by March-2008.

Builder has failed to complete the appartment in time and forced me to go for absolute sale deed and I executed the same in Dec-2009. I have made full payment towards the appartment at the time of execution of absolute sale deed. When executing the absolute sale deed, the builder has agreed that he will complete all work in the appartment within 15 days. However, they did not do the same till today.

Appart from the main agreement, I made some additional work in my appartment like marble flooring etc. for Rs.2.25 lac. Without completing the work, the builder cornered me to pay the same and I payed Rs.2.25 lac in March 2010.

I also appointed Aratt Interiors, A sister concern of the builder to do all interior works in my appartment for a total cost of 4.75 lacs. I paid Rs.1.5 lac advance to the interiors.

Now, the builder has neither completed interior work nor completed construction and forcing me to pay remaining 3.25 lac. There are many defective work in the appartment like defective door frames, broken tiles, hollow tiles, broken marbles etc.

After all these, He is not allowing me to get into the appartment by not handing over the keys of the appartment.
I used a duplicate key to get into the appartment and he disconnected water and electricity in the appartment.

Currently the builder is not allowing me to get into the building. The security is blocking me at the gate as per the instructions from the builder. They are thretening me to with draw the case.

Aratt Homes Royal Manor in HSR Layout has completely deviated the agreed sanction plans.
The original brochure and agreement has been completely violated.

Arattukulam builders should not be allowed to do this to innocent buyers.
We are forming a group and getting a stay order for the Royal Manor project.
I also feel that the builder has lost interest and started to give lot of junk things.
Its more than a year since we all have registered by paying the entire amount to the builder.

These are some of the things, which I feel the builder has acted in a way that they shouldn't have and in the process stand to lose their credibility.

1) At first they attached another property (Royal Castle) along with LVC and made amenities common.

2) They removed the separate club house mentioning some reason.
Instead, they tried to build the club house and the associated rooms in the space between the two buildings and in the car park.
Hence the park/garden which was promised in this space was moved on top of this and in this process, they forgot to consider the privacy of the ground floor residents.

3) Since the space for parking was used up for club house, they created those parking spots in the land in front and thus conveniently removed the walking space which was promised earlier.
But they promptly charged for the extra parking spaces created there.

4) The second lift is still not done, after a year of giving the money. The current lift stops working once in a while causing so much trouble, especially to old people living/visiting in these apartments.
Even-though they mentioned two lifts of reputed brand, they were trying to put in a local brand for the second lift.
If they say Johnson lift they cannot make to work, that shows their incapability to work in high rise buildings.
They need to learn how other builders do the lift work, rather than just saying Johnson is not good and trying to put a local brand instead as the remedy .

5) Forget on the amenities, even the parking lot is not ready for some of the residents even after a year.

6) Eventhough they clubbed LVC together with another property and made amenities common, they don't seem to care to give quality materials.
Big example is the kids play area equipments. Another one is the new pool table which is put up now.

The pace at which things are being done is much slower than 'snails pace'.
Earlier the builder was mentioning they they would impose 18% interest on those who were making late payments.
Maybe now they should think how much they owe the residents back, with all these pending works, with interest of 18%.

I hope the builder will wake up and realize that they are also losing their reputation and in this process are killing their own business.
If they have happy customers, they don't need any advertisements and it would really help them in the long run in becoming a premium builder.

These people are fraud and cheaters.You talk with the residents of Arattkulam. Tke their feedback. Dont invest money here. A road side third rate builder is better than this.
I am planning to buy in Aratt Vivera - the project is scheduled to be completed in 2014.

do you suggest i can invest in Aratt. I read you reviews hence I thought of personally checking.

Do let me know.

I am one of the residents of Lake view county and i am not in agreement with bala alias feedback_matters claiming the builder to be frauds/Cheaters...ridiculous. Issues do come up in any project and reacting in such a manner is unwarranted . I have invested in this property couple of years back and i am sure that i will not get a property at the cost i have paid and the cost appreciation till date is close to 35 % .

Royal castle and LVC in same complex, common amenities are very much part of our agreements and we all have accepted because the cost at which we got is good without affecting the comfort . Speaking about the same as an issue now is not ethical.

As regards to other problems quoted are all less than 1 out of 100 attributes of Value for money appartment and as long as there is an aceptance from builder to fix, such opinions are mere exaggeration. Let us compliment the buider for what went right which is lot more than issues and raise concerns with the builder on the few issues we currently have.

Situation is not that grave that we need to loose hope and use forum to vent .This will misguide/demotivate other friends who have already invested .The decision of me and all occupied resdients staying invseted is also a testimony of what i have written. As suggested by some one above...Please have a dialogue with residents to understand that things are not that alarming.

I disagree with bala on many points. The badminton court in LVC is built according to the plan. So, it's unfair to complain about loss of privacy. There are small deviations in plan such as the club house location. I guess it has made it more accessible.
Regarding the delay of one year, tell me one builder who delivered in promised time. There has been significant appreciation in the property value since you bought it. If you are so pissed off, why don't you just sell it off at a profit and book somewhere else?
Lvc resident
One Humble request to Aarat team about the sales team

every todick and harry can sell real estate in Bangalore and the Buyers will buy an apartment only after making their own good judgement before they make a deal and they will give less importance to what sales people will say. The skill of a sales person in real estate and for an upcoming builder like aarattukulam should be ti ensure after sales service. Here in real estate the after sales service time frame is from the time ehen money is givena dn till the possessio is got adn once the possesion is got thet do not have any job. This is where the sales people are failing. Once the payment is made they behave to enquiries as though they are doinga favor.infact you should ensre to see that customer is not dissatisfied by this luke warm response. Aarratukulam as such is a good builder but im afraid the sales team will make the reputation go for a toss
what about the second lift? is that operational now?
Children's play area is not made of syn. plastic. Also there are PVC pipes through the balcony and utility areas.
have they given the occupation dertificate?
Regarding Adora its a small project and you may feel congested. It hardly has any open space. Please visit the construction site for exact details. Even I'm tyring to find out the if there construction is good.
Whatever Bala told is all correct. I think there are two addresses from builder itself posting on their favor.LVC Resident and LVC C Block resident.
The shuttle court is pathetically buil. The builder does not even care to listen to resident, and they enforce all cheap and quality stuff on residents. Please never get into any contract with this builder.
I have bought Arat Vivera . Please let me know if you get any update
Arattukulam Divyajyothi Lakeview County is where the Project completion will never happen. Almost 17 months after people started moving in, the project is still not complete. Lvc c block resident has pointed out that Badminton court was according to Plan. This is totally incorrect. Request him to upload the Brochure here. It was only in the Builder's Plan of cheating customers. the LVC C block resident should come out to see the water logging in front of C Block when it rains before commenting.( Actually he has to come from Arattukulam Office). Builder is not interested in getting OC and Khata citing stupid reasons... Keep away from Arattukaulam.. there are a shame for Malayalee community in Bangalore.
Aratt is totally a junk builder. Dont let drain your hard earned money this route. Being a flat owner in LVC i am telling, most of the parking lots on first floor is unreachable and builder does not give a damn about the complaints? is this fair.
As right pointed out earlier, club house building totally missing now and parking lots converted into so called club house.Hell lot of problems... They will just cheat you in context of value of money and cheap apartment. Dont fall prey.
I am very sure in few years they will realize how unsatisfied and cheated customers can influence buyers decision in todays socailly connected market. Believe me lot of other cheaper n better alternative available in market.
I have booked apartment in Arrat royal manor in HSR layout. Looking at the construction i dont think all the specified amenities in the broucher will be provided. Pls let me know if you have any updated on the same.
I see most of the people dont express their opinion about the poor quality of Arattkulam for the following reasons.

1) They fear that their property rate might come down becuase of poor quality issues.

I appeal propert buyers to verify their various projects in HSR and Singasandra and talk to the residents. Deviation everywhere from the orignal plan, poor quality construction( walls getting cracks with in one year), water leaking, Poor quality of windows frames not able to sustain high wind pressure, Worst parking slots provided, you cant manouevure your car !!!, No water supply supply !!! water is provided through tankers !!!,

2) There are few property owners who gor the property in cheap rates and are investors in Arattkulam and so they are pro-builder. They always say ARATTKULAM is best. Beware of such agents/touts of builders.

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