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[Resolved]  Bangalore Traffic Police — Notice for Traffic Violations

I got notice[protected] that I have voilated traffic rules on 14th feb, 13:45 hrs. I really do not understand how the Bangalore traffice police has arrived to my car number. On 14th feb, 13:45 hrs, I was in office and till date I have not taken my car near to the place where I have supposedly voiolated traffice rules. Do traffic police departmant have any proof that the car which voilated the traffic rules was mine? Or do they just randomly pick up some number and start sending notices? They should stop troubling innocents and send notices to the culprits.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I received a notice from Bangalore city Traffic Police stating I made an offence of riding without helmet on 22- Feb 2013 near Siddappa Reddy junction at 0806 Hrs. But I have never visited that place on that particular time and day. On that particular day and at that time my bike( KA01EX7828 )was parked at home and i was also at home. Earlier also I had received a notice for parking at non-parking area near Mother Theresa Circle which i had not parked. But I had paid the fine. I suspect there is some one who is using registration no. of my bike

Police — Traffic violation

I am from Mangalore, India. I was wrongly charged today of a traffic violation to which I did not commit. and its only cause the person who came and hit me on a motorcycle was a cop. And he belonged to the police department. I had no choice but to apologies and pay a fine for reckless driving :( . Although I was abused verbally and taken o the traffic police station. I have completely lost faith in the system, Democracy now is for . Is there a day when all this is going to change???
I have the same issue. Got a parking violation for 17th May at a time and place where I just wasn't there! The notice in the mail directs you to a website that is supposed to have proof of the violation but I can't seem to find anything on the site which will show me such proof. Naresh
Even I got a ticket for traffic violation on 21st December for a place where I have never been. I can even prove that I was not at that place on that day. However I dont know whom I can approach and show this. Suraj
Its the same case with me too. Can someone tell me whom do we approach to resolve such matters.
I have received a ticket for traffic violation on 27 Jan '12 near Naga Circle for parking near traffic light or pedestrian cross at 0230 hrs for my 02 wheeler. For proof I logged on to the web site given. Same violation is displayed. No photographic proof for the same. I have no reason to be at midnight near Naga Circle. I can prove I was sleeping in bed.
I had received another ticket for not wearing helmet on 08 Jun '11 at 1230 hrs near Ulsoor Police station circle. I was not in Bangalore & no one else can use my 02 wheeler. My wife goes to Office by car. My mother is 80 yrs old to ride a scooter. There is no proof available on the web site. Srinivas
I have received a ticket[protected] for my 2 wheeler for parking near traffic light or pedestrian cross at Naga Circle, Shivajinagar on 27 Jan '12 at 0231 hrs. For proof I have logged on to the web site mentioned. Same violation is mentioned. No photographic proof. Moreover, I have no reason to Park my 02 wheeler near traffic light or pedestrian cross at 0231 hrs (midnight/early morning). I have proof I was very much sleeping in my bed. If it is 1430 hrs, 27 Jan '12 is Friday, I was very much at my Office which is at Malleshwaram. I have no reason to be near Naga Circle. There is no photographic evidence available. Guess someone committs the offence, human error, the number noted is wrong. Why should I be penalised? Srinivas.
This is Regarding Two Wheelers & Autos Encroaching all over on the Malleshwaram 7th Cross, 8th Cross, 9 th Cross & Regularly Blocking Four Wheeler Traffic Regularly here. The Traffic Police has completely Failed to Book Two Wheelers and Autorickshaws Parking all over on these 3 Cross, 7th, 8th & 9th Cross. Added to this there is Regular Pedestrian Nuisance here. I Request the Bangalore Traffic Police to Book Two Wheelers and Autorickshaws parked all around here in all these roads that are Regularly Blocking Four Wheeler Traffic.
I have the same issue. Got a parking violation for 15th nov 2012 at a time and place where I just wasn't there! The notice in the mail directs you to a website that is supposed to have proof of the violation but I can't seem to find anything on the site which will show me such proof. NANDAN
Dear Sir,

Please book the Veh no. KA05 P 3516 (a old Maruthi 800 Dark Blue Car) on 11th Dec 2012 at 4:31 PM for traffic violation, "RASH DRIVING" "NEGLIGENCE"; "OVER SPEED"; and "SIGNAL JUMPING" in Murphy Town opp to Kensington Gardens Apartments.

For further reference and proof please verify the camera footage of the Camera installed at the traffic island in front of Kensington Gardens Apartments.
driving without helmet in hebbal on 29th Jan-2013, This notice is not true, on the same day i was in office, which is in after ITPL. and i got all the proofs for this. But how can they send notice without any proofs .

Notice number :- 7195025
I got notice that parking at no-parking at kaggadaspura railway gate on 16th feb 5:55 PM. I was not there on that saturday.
Even it is very wonder that why should i park at railway gate.
notice no - 7281492.

How to ask for proof to traffic police ?
I am facing the same problem, I have received the notice which says I have voilated the rules n proof can be checked on website but on website there is no such proof n infact nothing as such is displayed. Humble request to all the traffic police that you should catch hold of culprits and not innocents. other day I was fined for violating rules but when the same violation was committed by others, they were not fined, just bcos they requested and bribed with little money, they were sent back. This is not fair. RULE IS A RULE EVEN FOR A FOOL, EVERY ONE IS EQUAL FOR LAW.
I have received a notice no.9562748 dot. July 15th 2014 that I have violated traffic rules on July 14th 2014.I was in the US from June 3rd 2014, and returned to India only on the early morning of 21st July 2014.The battery of both my cars including the car in question were disconnected and the car was in the garage under lock and key.Only my sister 72 years of age was in my residence as a caretaker of the house and she does not know to drive.
The notice says that "for proof log on to But I cannot find the poof or photo of the car in question in the website.The telephone no of the traffic warden ie 22942923 is not responding to the calls made.this is certainly a mockery of the whole set up. Can anyone from the traffic police department guide me- thanks
what worst can happen if I don't pay the fine?

Received notice from traffic police which is totally a fake violation charges on me.
I have been issued with 2 tickets for the 2 wheeler KA01HD3191 (on[protected] at 8.15 am and[protected] at 8.22 am) for violation of parking on zebra crossing at Adugodi Junction.. Please note that there is no zebra crossing painting at the Adugodi Junction and police need to define the zebra crossing properly. citizens of bangalore are good enough to pay traffic fines and hence the police is getting huge income. The same rule does not apply to Gov Vehicles and Yellow Board cabs.

yesterday traffic police have taken away my vehicle near 4th phase, yelahanka, bangalore for wrong parking. first of all there was no board displaying no parking area., over and above they have charged exorbident fee of Rs.766/-. the receipt for the same was given (no.B/36/1847/6238 dtd 11.12.17) in which the details mentioned as wrong parking Rs.100/-, Rs.325/- for private charges and Rs.325/- for towing charges and Rs.16 tax. there were lot of fruit vendors parking their vehicles causing lot of traffic. they are not addressing that issues. there were lot of four wheelers too. they did not target that. also, i am very upset with the rude behaviour of the traffic police who says when enquired "why did you vote for Siddaramaia". because of this exorbident charges people for forced to bribe the policemen.

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