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Indian Railways — Unreserved passengers boarding into reservation compartments

 lakshman ramya on Jan 23, 2017
Dear Sir/Ma'am

Thank you to Railways for making our travel safe and secure. As of now we are traveling in LTT TO VSKP train.

I would like to lodge a complaint regarding the unreserved passengers getting into reservation compartments and waking up aged passengers and sitting in their seats.Making nuisense in the compartment and no cleanliness is a major problem which every reserved passenger is facing from past few years because of these unreserved passengers.This is not the first message from passengers like us. Every time some one lodges complains about this and the...
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Indian Railways — Complain against extremly rude and arrogant behaviour of attendent mr. Manoj Chaurasia in train no 12925 coach no B5

 ritesh_shukla2000 on Jan 23, 2017
Dear sir

I am a passenger at train no 12925 B5 Coach seat no 54.
We are traveling to Chandigarh.Having one senior citizen sitting at seat no 49 B5 coach .when we asked attendent Mr. Manoj Chaurasia for the blanket pillow bedding he was so rude and arrogant and bluntly said "do hath hai wait karna hai toh karo pehle baroda jane walo ko dunga" . And we asked for blanket only that to after borivali station. After 3rd station from starting point. And we asked that atleast u can keep blanket as we board from starting station. So he said bar bar ek kaam ni kar sakte ek sath duga....
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Indian Railways — Parcel not receive

 Samiur Rahman on Jan 21, 2017
I have booked 01 hardware goods from New Delhi to Ranchi in Rajdhani Express on Dated 13.01.2017 which PRR No. 2003827287 and same will loaded in Rajdhani Express on dated 14.01.2017 but not reached at destination as on line status and Parcel officer statement.
Now that is our most important material but we are suffering.
Now requested please help us for immediate delivery.
Thanks & Regards
S Rahman
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Indian Railways — Tdr proccesing

 ajaybihiya on Jan 21, 2017
Name-ajay kumar
train no- 13484
pnr no-2554792301
transaction id - 100000700979921
tdr registration - 202170104570
tdr reason - train late than three hours late passenger not travelld.
Cancellation id - 100000137574947
date of jourey -09/01/2017
tdr filling date - 10/01/2017. 06:17:28 time.
Total fair-195.
How day return my money.
Add-bihiya gaow.Dis-bhojpur. State-bihar.Pin 802152.
M0bile n0-9852857834....
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Indian Railways — IRCTC Refund Amount not credited in bank account

 vvphani on Jan 19, 2017

I have Cancelled the Train Tickets and amount not yet credited in to my bank account. I have lodged a Complaint with IRCTC, for which I have received only Ticket No:4848830 but no proper response or resolution. now its been more than a month now and Still I am yet to received the amount in my bank
Below the PNR details and amount to be received
PNR No : 4326987852 - Rs910
PNR No: 4226464884 - Rs 764
PNR No: 4846348197 - Rs 910

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Indian Railways — No Security in Handicapped Coach

 Hemaw on Jan 19, 2017
This is to complaint about I am a pregnant lady travel every day in Handicapped Coach from Dahisar to Malad.

Sad to inform you that there is no security while traveling in Handicapped Coach, as we found many non Handicapped people gets in & create crowd & coach gets congested .

It is very difficult to travel in Handicapped Coach being pregnant or even to handicapped persons, since there is no Constable allocated in any of the Handicapped Coach.

Its a request to pass on the complaint to concern authority to take necessary action asap or there might chance...
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Indian Railways — Refund charges for unconfirmed ticket by irctc website

 madav66 on Jan 18, 2017
It is very painful and unjustified way of deducting the charges even incase of unconfirmed tickets. If the traveler has himself cancelled the ticket in such case only charges can be levied. Whereas irctc is unable to provide me the confirmed ticket, the refund should be 100% of amount paid without deducting the charges. Request to consider this and adopt in future. Refund details are given below :
1 100000705119990 17-Jan-2017 100000139023898 CANCELLED 355.0 295.0 CITI REFUNDED 18-Jan-2017

Request to refund of Rs.60 which was deducted.
Thanking you...
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Indian Railways — Regarding refund of tdr

 Jadhaogm on Jan 18, 2017
Respected Sir,
I have canceled ticket to which i got tdr .i sent it to postal address of zonal railway south central as required and mentioned by them .but i didn't get any response from them since many days .details are mentioned followed pnr 4745137691.train no 12769, travel date 14-11-2016, cancellation date 12-11-2016
TDR receipt no 142018.
please Help me....
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Indian Railways — Untidy, unclean, poor quality ladder and handles

 Girija spouse on Jan 17, 2017
Along with my wife, I traveled from Madurai to Chennai in 1A class in 12638 Pandian Express with PNR 453-5673872 on 29th December 2016 (in D if I am right). I was shocked that not only toilets but cabin also were found unclean and untidy. 2) Moreover, the ladder to climb to upper berth was found improperly positioned and was uncomfortable. In addition, I found that the handles were feeble with poor quality material. There were no conspicuous markings to indicate the warning chain to stop the train in emergencies.
2) Due to the foregoing and also based on my previous experiences, I got the...
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Indian Railways — Theft Case

 Chirag Shetty on Jan 13, 2017
Please note that i have lost my Red colored luggage bag containing cash & clothes while travelling in Manglore express. I think i have lost the bag at madgaon railway stop. I have written my number 8698887353 in the bag.
I have lost my money which was earned by me from legal & ethical source and have paid appropriate Tax on it in the bag.

I Request the concerned department to kindly co-operate with me as i extend full support...
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Indian Railways — Non working AC in coach no B2 of train no 13397

 hgopalgarg on Jan 12, 2017
Dear sir
It is to inform that on attendent is available in coach no B2 of train no 12397
And this is AC 3 coach but AC is not working in coach therefore all passengers suffered in cold of January in full night
Small children, old people and other are very bad condition no other option to journey with cold
You are hereby requested to take punishable action on staff on duty in this coach and returned fare all the passenger s with compensation
We have also complaints on Guard room bearing no 004on12-01-2017
Regards H G Garg seat no 65, 68 PNRno 655 9975876...
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Indian Railways — TDR claim rejected wrongly

 Shwetabh Sushil on Jan 10, 2017
PNR Number - 2125449149
Cancellation ID - 100000131305247

As per TDR rules, TDR has to be filed within 3 hours of departure of train.

I had to travel from SC to SBC on 4th Dec 2016 by train no. 22692. The train was running more that seven hours late because of which I had to take a bus and cancel my train journey.

The trains scheduled time was 4th Dec 18:50 hrs and as per your timestamp TDR was filed at 4th Dec 18:13 hrs which is within 30 mins of the scheduled departure.

However, the TDR has been rejected saying 'Invalid TDR Timestmap...
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Indian Railways — Despite of having MST (Monthly service ticket) taken penalty by a Ticket Examiner

 Eswarsai75 on Jan 9, 2017
Dear Sir,

My name is Nageswara rao holding MST its number E44433263 From Srikakulam to Visakhapatnam, Im travelling on Visakha Express on January 9th, 2017, he (Ticket examiner) was abusing despite of having MST, also he took fine Rs.50 as penalty, its not matter of Rs.50, its matter he was abused, his name was Mr. Visweswara Rao, belongs to Vizianagaram station, so please take a proper action, so that this kind of situation doesn't take place again with one else...
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Indian Railways — Non working of ATVM and automatic recharge mach

 vpmani on Jan 8, 2017
Kanjurmarg station it is found that for the last six months ATVM and newly installed recharge machine is out of function hence hardship is metted on commuters who have smart card even after sufficient balance in the same one has to shell out cash for tickets. it is also noticed that out of the 7 ATVM installed at any given time only one is operational that too operated by persons autorised by u. hope action is initiated at the earliest....
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Indian Railways — Railway ticket booking

 sandeepsonu1290 on Jan 7, 2017
Sir i have booked two tickets from delhi to ahemdabad tickets has not booked but money has debited from my account bank said that contact to railway money is debited 4340 on 27/12/2016 on time 13:26:59
My account number is-50100114344518 hdfc account
My mobile number-9927765095
Sir i want to refund my money in my account as soon as possible...
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Indian Railways — Booking ticket distribution/houlting time

 sevak patel on Jan 6, 2017
Dear sir/madam

I Sevak ram patel complaining for 12070 jansabdi express which runs from raigarh to gondia .
my issue is that at raipur station passengers are not getting enough time for getting in/ getting out from the train it create lots of problem to both passenger to whom it's destination n same for boarding passanger.

it's my humble request to indian railway please exceed houlting time or distribute passenger equally on all coachs.

Thank you...
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Western Railway — Smart Card Problems - Mumbai Suburban

 C walkar on Jan 6, 2017
Dear Sir

There are problems with the Smart Ticket card and Ticket vending machine

My card (WR 1234935 )stopped working on the
card machine. After a few days now, I get message that my card validity is over

Why the card validity should be over?
If for some reason there is validity for the card, it should be replaced/ validity extended free of cost since for getting the card also, I had paid Rs 100/-

There is Rs 30/- charge available on card

Please look into and arrange to replace / re validate my card...
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Indian Railways — Very minor mistake in changing gender of tatkal ticket but tt took excess fare charge 850 rupees in jaleswar stn

 prabir jana on Jan 6, 2017
My pnr no 6663041934. From jaleswar to secunderbad. I booked eticket of tatkal .And i make a very minor mistake when i booked my ticket in gender.But at the time of travelling tt charged excess fare with 850. I have all identity proof to support my ownership except gender.Other data as name, age are correct so raiway authority will take extra charge after proving myself as a valid passanger. And when i caught this mistake after booking recently i mailed your customer care email which no #4763448.But they did not respond so far even journey is ahead of finish.I attached axcess fare ticket copy issued...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Railways — Trains showing as suspended when checking in on Jan 5, 2017
I booked tickets with PNRs : 2806451189, 2225694396, 4426595237 & 2553876136.
Put of these when I checked the train status of three trains, the website is showing TRAIN SUSPENDED: DBA ADMINISTRATIVE.

Three train Nos. are 19806- dated 23/2/17, 12708- dated 24/2/17 & 12413- dated 18/3/17

Can you explain why these trains are shown as suspended. And if they are suspended what will happen of my tickets?...
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Indian Railways — Berth Allocaion

 Mitesh Saini on Jan 5, 2017
A the time of booking of railway tickets from delhi to Varnasi in Garib rath( train no 22408 ) using "irctc" website, there was no option of mentioning "side middle berth" as a preference. But after making payment, I was allotted "Side Middle" berth.
May be some fault with their web application. But this is unjust as I have to cancelled the tickets and have to re book in some other train.
Please the consider the matter seriously as such arbitrary action creates inconvenience and mental tension....
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