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Indian Railways — Reservation complaint

 Maneesha Upadhyay on Apr 28, 2017
In urgent need for tickets to travel on 29-04-2017, told to book a ticket for 2 in shram shakti 12451, tatkal tickets were booked within seconds of opening on 28-04-2017. This made the person try to book in premium class who faced problem in payment portal, in desperation also asked another person to try to our dismay both the persons booked the ticket for 2.Now holding two tickets in the same name and paid a total of 5100+4820 which is equivalent to airfare and is pinching me too much. This is all due to the Indian railways online portal harassing people when in dire is not that tickets...
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Indian Railways — Railway crack misbehavior

 ravindera kumar verma on Apr 28, 2017
सेवा मे.
इंडिया रेलवे बोर्ड (उत्तर प्रदेश )
निवेदन है कि मेरा नाम रविन्द्र कुमार वर्मा निवासी वार्ड नंबर २६ कोछाभाँवर (खाती बाबा मंदिर ) कानपुर रोड झाँसी का हूँ मै किसी काम से गोरखपुर गया था और दिनांक-२७/०४/२०१७ वापस आ रहा...
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Indian Railways — Non cooperation and very poor service

 jrframbo on Apr 28, 2017
Dear sir,

I would like to lodge a complaint against the non co-operation and poor service from the vendor narayan yadav in 16339 train, for your information my pnr - 8656956444.
As a senior citizen the kind of treatment we faced during our journey today 28.4.2017 was in bad taste & disrespectful. The vendor who supplies tea doesn't even care what exact quantity he should provide. As per indian railways guidelines it should be 150 ml, but he deliberately provided us less and refused to explain when i asked him why he did that. He even said he will not co-operate and we have...
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Indian Railways — Not reached destination

 vamsiaugeophy on Apr 28, 2017
Sir, one cot is booked from Itarsi station to Vijayawada station on 11/04/2017 in Ganga Kaveri train.The PRR No is 2004393916. The parcel is booked on the Name of my brother is M.Venubabu. Till now many times my brother has gone to Vijayawada railway station, there railway parcel office people are telling cot is not reached Vijayawada station. They are answering irresponsible. Plz help to Us....
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Indian Railways — Harassment to railway passenger

 Mpsbob26 on Apr 28, 2017
I have a MST holder white card number 06935638 and railway pass number in the name of Mahinder Pal Singh from Meerut city junction to Delhi Junction to be expired on 27-04-2017. On Meerut city junction on 27-04-2017 at 7:50 a.m. TT entered in the train number 64560 and asked for my ticket and I showed my MST which was valid upto 27-04-2017. He asked me to pay either rupees 100 otherwise I will throw you outside the train I paid in terror rupees 300 and he gave me a receipt for date 28-04-2017.When I asked him why he put date as 28-04-2017, he threatened me not to argue.
Sir I request you...
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Indian Railways — Shiv ganga late by 4 hrs. Out of total 12 hrs. Journey

 power_cut on Apr 28, 2017
Shivganga train from manduadih to new delhi, running late by 4hrs. While total journey time is about 12hrs. This the now days condition in the summer season, everyday this train is running late but no proactive action being taken. Apart from marketing activities if something has been taken care for improvement then might be result will be positive, if you take this as a reference feedback and do something better....
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Indian Railways — No cleaning & no water

 sudip pandey on Apr 28, 2017
I am traveling by a train called trivandam guwahati express (12507) from howrah. My coach is a1 and seat no is 45. The train is already running late by 5 hours.. There is no water in toilet after bolpur station.. I have been requesting the train staff but no results has come out. Also there is no proper cleaning in ac coaches.. Pls arrange water in next possible station......
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Indian Railways — Refund from railway

 sanjeev tripathi1 on Apr 27, 2017
Till date we have not refund the same in my account

From: "sanjeev tripathi"
Sent: tue, 07 mar 2017 10:08:52
To: "darshan singh"
Subject: fw: regarding refund of ticket pnr no 6138572284

Reminder dt.07.03.2017

From: "sanjeev tripathi"
Sent: mon, 06 mar 2017 10:12:57
To: "darshan singh rawat"
Subject: re: regarding refund of ticket pnr no 6138572284

Dear sir,

We already sent the request letter alongwith original railway ticket through trackon courier vide docket no.1311874585 dt.18.02.2017...
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Indian Railways — Non receipt of books article

 Shailendra12345 on Apr 27, 2017
Respected Sir/Madam,
I have booked an article (motor cycle) from Bhopal to Nimach on 23-04-2017 but even after expiry of almost 05 days, the booked parcel not yet delivered at Nimach station due to which I am facing a number of difficulties. I am continuously going to railway station Nimach twice a day to trace out my booked parcel but receipt of any satisfactory reply or assurance from Railway parcel authorities is awaited so far.
Being a Central Govt employee it is not feasible for me to go again and again at railway station keeping in view of my duty hours.
Please look...
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Indian Railways — Refund not credited

 ngmshah on Apr 27, 2017
Refunded not credited

I have booked a ticket and paid using my debit card, the payment gateway was paytmag. Then it was cancelled because of not confirmation of ticket and its showing refunded but i have not got the money till now. Please have a look below for further info.

Transaction id : 100000816095568
Refund id : 100000155586234
Refunded date : 24-apr-2017

Whenever i check my refund status, it shows refunded to bank, but it shows bank name as paytmag....
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Indian Railways — AC rail coach on train no 16527 date 25-04-2017

 Sooraj54 on Apr 26, 2017
Date 25-04-2017. Train no 16527 from ypr to kannur. Pnr no 4429610025. Coach no 99144-b2 and bert no 55
I took the above train to kannur and at about 10pm i found my entire blanket was wet and on investigation found that due to rain water was leasking through the sealed window. This was noticed on all side berth.
This was brought to the notice of the coach tt who arranged for fresh set of blankets. Fortunately the rain stopped and i could sleep after 11.0pm.
I wonder how this lapse could occur in a c coach inspite of paying higher charge. Its very well known that coaches for...
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Indian Railways — Regarding TT

 Hissie on Apr 26, 2017
I himanshi agrawal provided travelling ticket examiner my e ticket for pnr no 6300389871 from chhindwara to delhi...
He told me my name is not showing in his chart... I showed him my id along with my eticket too... He started giving me different norms... But i declined as i was having my eticket... So he made me get down from train at parasia n saying eticket is not a valid.. I want refund against my ticket as i didn't travel n strict action against travelling ticket examiner......
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Indian Railways — Complaint against ticket examiner for misbehaving with ladies

 Ritesh@211 on Apr 26, 2017
I smt b. Rai wife of sub. Rajmani rai (Army) was travelling in kafiyat express on 25th april from delhi to azamgarh. Mr pradeep singh coach attendant of b1 coach ac3. He unnecessarily demanded 600 rupees against seat provided ticket pnr no.2809060097.
My ticket was in waiting list (Status w/l 1 and 2). After this i was been shifted to sleeper class. Mr. Pradeep singh coach attendant in b1 coach ac3 told me to providing seat in ac3 in place of sleeper class... After crossing many stations, he has shown disregard and compelled to me seat under the seat of coach attendant. He has taken 600 rupees...
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Indian Railways — Train delayed I'm on the way

 Ashwani Tekchandani Ashu on Apr 25, 2017
This happened on 25thst April 2017 when I had to return from rajkot to ajmer. My train jaipur okha Express(19573) was scheduled at 11:55 pm hrs. But it got delayed by 25min. and was expected to arrive at ajmer station at 15:25Hrs. the train got delayed more and more and arrived the station at 1:30 pm on rawdi, our journey started at 12:20 AM. Generally when a train is late it picks up speed and tries to lessen the delay. But this train got delayed and delayed and it became approx 3-4hrs delayed. Despite of reaching Ajmer in the noon, we reach at evening. There is no water in bathroom.its too hot...
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Indian Railways — Train not running in scheduled time every day

 AsansolSudip on Apr 25, 2017
Train no. 12342 agniveena superfast is not running in schedule and it is a regular practice. It is starting from asansol at 05:30 am daily and reaches howrah daily to near about 1 hr to 2 hr late by 09:30 am to 10:30 am. If this practice will go for long run then we, who are traveling frequently will be in great problem. Though we have reported the same to asansol division but no step has been taken from their end. Sir we are working in a private sector and require to attend the office in time, due to delay by railway we are reaching office late daily. Please look into this matter with importance....
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Indian Railways — Fraud by the railways

My name is trideep chakrabortty i am from andal west bengal on 23.04.2017 i made a train reservation for katpadi on train number 12867 which is known as hwh pdy express weekly as it was on 22:30 pm at night from howrah south station. Therefore i boarded on 22388 black diamond express from andal as it was on 18:02pm and was supposed to reach howrah on 21:20pm. Its a shame for the indian railways that the train reached howrah at 00:15 am midnight and my train went away on its perfect time i called the howrah inquiry 5 times but i didn't got any help from them. After reaching howrah i...
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Indian Railways — Ticket cancellation

 vivek15887 on Apr 23, 2017
I have booked a ticket from railway counter (Pnr : 6200682632).
I tried to cancel using 139 and also tried online facility to cancel the ticket, but the reason shown is "mobile number not exist against the inputted pnr".

I have mentioned my mobie number in the registration slip at counter still hope the ticket officer at the counter have not entered the mobile number.

Now the scene is i am unable to cancel the ticket using 139 and online available facilities.

Kindly help in this regards...
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Indian Railways — Non receipt of motorcycle booked from Nasik to new jalpaiguri

 Jakariya md on Apr 23, 2017
I have booked my motorbike from Nasik rly station to new jalpaiguri on 06 Apr 17. But stil in rly website my bike is still not loaded from Nasik but bike is not available there. And on 23 Apr 17 I personally go and check at njp rly station but still I ve not received my bike. Pl help me to get the same as early as possible as I'm in need of it at utmost. PRR no. 4000542479 Thanking you....
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Indian Railways — Trains are running late between agra and kharagpur division

 bodhisatya2007 on Apr 23, 2017
From last couple of months 12886 Aranyak Express is running late by 50 minutes to 1 hour and 12884 Rupasi Bangla Express is also running late by 30 minutes to 45 minutes. While we are checking at the app like erail or indian rail or other websites authorized by Indian Railway they were reporting that trains are running right time. Please look into the matter. Time has come to check whether the particular authority is reporting correctly or just they mere check the authenticity of the report....
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Indian Railways — Tickets reservation

 Srikumar Sahoo on Apr 22, 2017
Sir i am a cancer patient. My pnr number is 6663878088. I book my ticket on jan 20. But ticket is not conform. Journey date 23/04/17 on2.10am. Sir please conform my ticket. And get necessary acton. Sir the system is so poor. Please action in this matter. Cancer patients very painful. Please journey is comfortable. Please don't late. Action please. Thank you....
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