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[Resolved]  Bangalore Traffic Police — Forcible bribe by bangalore traffic police.


I am Nilay Srivastava working for a MNC in bangalore. Today morning 19/12/2009, I parked my vehcile opposite to sunday to monday near Forum in koromangala and went to the UCO bank whihc is next to the forum.
I was not knowing that it was the no parking zone where I parked my bike. When I returned back from the bank, my bike was not there and one person told me that Adugodi traffic police took my bike as it was parked at no parking zone.

I went to the adugodi police station where I found my bike but the sub-inspector in charge was not there so I waited for around an hour. Then he came asked him how much is the fine to release my bike, he told Rs 300. I gave him Rs 300 but when I saw the fine receipt it was mentioned that only Rs 100 as fine.

I asked him why are you taking Rs 200 extra when the fine is Rs 100 only, he bravely replied that it is for us and when I urged a bit he start speaking in kannad which I dont know. And then he replied that every gives this much if you want to make any complain go ahead.

I don't remember exact name of that sub inspector.
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That's right these police persons are always the first to catch the undue advantages of others.
These goons have just started thinking that the person who is from outside karnataka is liable to pay for driving in karnataka. If you try to speak with them they will start in Kannada and say that you should learn kannada and then speak to them.

Really for one it is really nice for being an indian citizen who belongs to different state and contribute to these goon's pocket money. It is really a nice example of our great democracy and bureaucracy.
On 23rd May it was my sister's engagement, we were having a party home with close relatives and friends. We wound up the party by 10:30 pm. Around 11 pm two cops on cheeta came to our place and said we were not allowed to have a get together beyond 8 pm and not supposed to serve liqour to our guest, we told them to take walk and there is no such crappy rule. We asked them to go get the inspector who ever is incharge from the station. They said they have a complaint from neighbours that we were making noise, but all our neighbours were with us till that time. These cops wants us to settle the matter. So we told them to come inside our house...we took them inside and offered to give them some booze. These buggers gleefully cousin went inside picked up a quarter bottle of full rum emptied half of it and walked straight into the loo. He filled it up with his pee and walked out and after a while we gave these buggers the bottle. We were so maha thrilled that we could make these buggers drink piss.

I work at whitefield. I usually travel on whitefield road.On yesterday(29 April 10) I was travelling on way back to my home around 7.00pm.After i crossed the signal the signal light became red at Bhorukha signal. There were few Trafic cops. One of them stopped me & started asking 100rs telling that i broke the signal. I was pissed off as I didnt break the signal though this guy is asking money. When i said neither i broke the signal nor i dhave money. Then he said ' i dont want to see ur documents; Just give me 100rs else give me ur license & collect it at court' By listening that i was stunned thinking what rubbish this guy is talking.
I saw this guy many times taking money from others.(there will be usually 2-3 police standing after/before bhorukha signal). Same guy tried to stopped me few days back when i had all the docs he allowed me to move on.

Can any one please take care of this issue

I have also faced the same experience. I had parked my vehicle in Koramangala, near Greenline travels. There were around 25-30 bikes parked that time. There was no sign of No Parking.

When I came back after 45 mins, my bike was not there. When I asked one shopkeeper, he told me that traffic police people took it to Madiwala police station. I went there and asked them to release the bike. He asked for Rs. 300/-. I gave him Rs. 300/- and got my bike back. When I saw the receipt I saw the fine as Rs. 100/- and Towing Charges as Rs. 100/- (Total Rs. 200/-).

I can't understand the motive of this corruption. Traffic police is looting the common man like anything still no action has been taken.
All states police are the same. No need to blame police of one particular state, because basically all Indians are selfish by birth. Corruption is only one of the aggregate of the selfishness. Further one of the gentlemen writes Bangalore police speak only in Kannada, whats wrong in that... If i go to delhi, buggers they only speak to us in Hindi knowingly people from south don't understand hindi or speak hindi. Hence not need to get in to blame games. every one house has rotten in there backyard

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