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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Uco Bank — not receiving otps to mobile

 Gloogie on Oct 18, 2018
After my old phone was stolen I received a new phone number about a couple weeks ago. My phone number was updated on October 16th 2018. But when I try to use my rupay debit card for online transactions, I receive the window in the photo posted below but I have never received the OTP after numerous tries. The branch won't answer phone calls or respond to emails. When I try to contact the executive branch's email or toll free number always ends up with them telling me to contact my local branch. The UCO bank website won't let me submit a complaint either....
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Uco Bank — online transfer failed but money debited

 VENKI TC on Oct 13, 2018
Dear sir
The amount rs.2112/- trying transfer to hdfc bike insurance, during the process the transaction is failed, but the amount is debited from the savings account. Please rectify the problem and send the back the amount to my account.

A/c no: [protected]
Uco bank
Vdlamuddi branch
Guntur, andhra pradesh

Name: tc venkateswarulu
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Uco Bank — cheque not cleared or amount insufficient cheque not bounced by same branch

 NARENDER BASHTWAN on Oct 12, 2018
I have saving account at your dhamwari uco bank branch. My account no [protected]. Which is in the name of narender kumar s/o late nihal chand
I have got a cheque of rupees 3 lac from account holder [protected] which is in the name of harbant kumar. Many time i have go to bank for cheque clearance but every time there is not sufficient amount in the account of mr harbant kumar account holder. I want to bounce the cheque if amount is not sufficient. But the branch where the said consumer have account is denying to bounce the cheque. Kindly tell me reson to why bank is...
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Uco Bank — not working in a. e. p. s online service till about three weeks

 ARINDA BISWAS on Oct 5, 2018
This is to bring to your kind attention that i have an account at uco bank pandua branch. An aeps service point is situated near my home to withdraw cash.
Please note that in the said aeps service point, all customers withdraw money from all bank from the service point except uco bank.
But in the case of uco bank aeps system shows 'issued bank server down'.
As a result, i am unable to withdraw money from aeps online service point.
So, i, therefore, request you to kindly look into the matter immediately.

Yours sincerely,
Arinda biswas
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Uco Bank — cash withdrawn notification but no actual withdrawal when tired

 Saumya Aggarwal on Oct 5, 2018
When i submit the details for the transaction, there was this familiar sound of cash being withdrawn but no money actually came out. I inserted the right details and expected the money but i never got it. Later another person came up and he got his cash from the same machine. It was most probably the faulty machine. I got the notification that money have been debited. Please resolve asap....
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Uco Bank — fraudulent call from customer care and fraud atm cash withdrawal

 YogyaA on Sep 29, 2018
I want to bring to your notice that I have been a victim of Fraudulent ATM transactions.I hold a savings account in UCO bank since 3years.

On 5th Sept at around 11.22am there were 3 fraudulent cash withdrawals of Rs. 45, 000 using my ATM card details.
However, the ATM card was with me all the time.

I had called up the UCO bank, Mira Road Branch, by using the customer care number mentioned on the google page. While talking to the person on the call, the person kept me on Hold and within few minutes I got 3 SMS of cash debit in 3 ATM transactions. This has happened...
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Uco Bank — home loan, regarding repayment and penal interest

 hosk on Sep 26, 2018
Respected consumer complaints team, .,
I had taken home loan 0n 2014 and the loan disbursement happened in 3 phase, at the time on construction i had not paid the interest properly after that paid some amount, on 29th oct 2015 i had cleared the total EMI and penal interest after that as the Manager was got transferred another manger was in the place and she called me that your penal interest is running i had told how come it have cleared by rest paying 38000 plus on 29th oct 2015 but she told i don't know what happened but the interest is showing in the system and you need to pay 12000/-...
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Uco Bank — money has been deducted from account

 Salim Jamadar on Sep 26, 2018
My account no is [protected] i had paid medical bill at laxmi medical pune for rs. 4758 on 7th sep 2018 it shows that transaction declined but my account has been deducted with rs. 4758
I had logged complaint with bank grievances and my reference no is

Still nothing has been cleared from bank side.

Toll free is a pain to contact even branch is not responding....
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Uco Bank — complain letter for reversal of aeps withdrawal txn. of rs 20,000/-

 Utpal majhi on Sep 20, 2018
Dear Sir

This is for your kind information that I had done an AEPS withdrawal Transaction from a certified Retail counter of Novopay Technology Pvt. Ltd. a BC of RBL Bank on 27th Feb, 2018 for Rs 10000 to withdraw but the said txn. failed in the service provider platform continuously 3 times vide ref. No[protected],[protected],[protected], but Rs 10000 twice from my bank account debited against my three failed txn. but still not reversed in my account . account no [protected]...
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Uco Bank — os no.1757/2008 * f. d. p. no.42/2018.

 Shiva swamy on Sep 17, 2018
Iam a tenant to building no.158, 4th 'b' main road, basaveshwara nagar, bangalore-560079. My building owner name is shri. Murali raghava. He has taken a loan from your 3rd block, jayangar branch. His case no. Is o. S. No.1757/2008 & f. D. P. No. Is 42/2018. I gad paid an amount of rs.12.00 lakhs to hi, on lease agreement. Please let me know what is the latest status about this case and please mail me. My e-mail id is shivaswamy1951@gmail.com....
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Uco Bank — atm card

 KULDEEP shar on Sep 7, 2018
I had got replacement of chip card in place of old debit card. So my cars has been blocked due to this i am facing lot of problem related to money. I also visited my home branch but they only ignored me and simply says to wait. About six months passed but i have not get chip card. So please... Help me. Otherwise i will have to open new account in other bank expect uco....
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Uco Bank — bad service in begunia uco branch

 Manoj Subudhi on Sep 7, 2018
I am sanjukta senapati from kushapalla, po-begunia

I am interested for opening a new savings account in my nearest uco bank begunia branch.so I am submitting all my proper document in begunia branch.but since last 2 month my application is still pending in branch since last 2 months.i also visited many times but their staff debasmita sahoo, and also bank manager of begunia uco Branch bad behavior dissatisfied for their behavior.if no service will provide so why they open a branch.It is very serious issues.i am going to complaint in all sites, regional head and zonal head...
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Uco Bank — non receipt of revised gratuity and commutation amount

 Shyamdutt on Aug 29, 2018
Bank hq `n` area behlana chandigarh. I have received revised ppo number[protected] from pcda pension allahabad on 05 jul 2018.

2. As per ibid ppo revised gratuty and commution amount has to credited in my account but it has not been received so far

3. I am enclosing copy of revised ppo. My uco bank account number is [protected] and old ppo no s/11282/2016.

4. You are kindly requested to credit my dues at the earliest....
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Uco Bank — loan fraud sir I am poor person

 Pundalik. R G on Aug 13, 2018
Dear sir,

Please support me sir i will very poor person

I am seeing the loan on onliane that time one bank person called me dbs bank international and suntrust financial group pvt limited

This will call and asking the my documents i will give my all documents. Next day called and told your eligeble for 250000 rupees this gay u will pay : 7000 rupees. Transfer the money in your account. I will pay this amount.

Next day agen called this gay 19999 rupees pay than your loan transfer to your account.
Otherwise its lose the money. I...
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Uco Bank — did not get the refund

 gh bh on Aug 13, 2018
I did an online purchase from amazon. India on 07th aug but my order was never shipped hence amazon told that my refund has been appoved. They provided me with reference number[protected] but i stil did not get the refund. I called to ucobank customer service but no response and its been eight days now and stil no refund. Please take notice of this and refund me at the earliest....
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Uco Bank — fraud transaction by atm at birlapur home branch (ucba0000306)

 abiswas_cablenet on Aug 12, 2018
A/c no.030xxxxxxx9445 of ashis biswas&madhumita biswas, s/bac (Eors) type on 01/03/2018, rs.6000 was withdrawn by me from atm id va030602 and i came to home with a balance of rs.597.23. After few minutes two sms alert forwarded to my mobile having two fraud transaction of rs.515.00&rs.72.00. The details are given below for your kind perusal.
Date:01/03/2018, particulars:prcr/[protected]/01, withdrawals:515.00 date:01/03/2018, particulars:prcr/[protected]/01, withdrawals:72.00. These two fraud transaction were made in favour of fcc e-payment mumbai & my a/c balance lead to an amount of rs.10.23....
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Uco Bank — fraud transaction by atm at birlapur home branch

 abiswas_cablenet on Aug 5, 2018
On 01/03/2018 rs.6000 was withdrawn by me at uco bank home branch by atm, atm id vao30602. After the transaction i came to home with a balance of rs. 597.23. After few minutes two fraud transaction alerted me by sms, when i taking my lunch. The details of transactions are given below for your kind perusal. Date particulars withdrawals balances authority 01/03/2018 cwdr/[protected]/01 6000.00 597.23 uco bank 01/03/2018 prcr/[protected]/01 515.00 82.23 fcc e -
Mumbai 01/03/2018 prcr/[protected]/01 72.00 10.23 fcc e -
Mumbai 1. I have no net-banking.2....
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Uco Bank — education loan not changing to npa

 uknayak1 on Aug 4, 2018
I have taken education loan uco bank soro, odisha on 2006 for the period of 2006 to 2009.
I got job on 2013. My loan account is still running as performing asset. If my loan account converts to npa, i can go ahead for final settlement and payback the loan. 2009 to 2018, after 9 years, how can a loan account running as pa, why not convert to npa.

Account no. 0371xxxxxx1927

My mb:- [protected]...
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Uco Bank — misbehavior with disabled person from uco bank employee

 Chhotmal on Aug 3, 2018
Respected sir
With reference to subject cited above i am going to recieve new atm pin at 2:15. I asked to counterperson to give my atm pin she asked to write application for pin. I write the application and give to counterperson she say wait i will give you than the a employee of bank say it's lunch time wait for half an hour. I argue why should i wait for half an hour you should complete your hand work and than go for lunch. Employee say it's my decision i will not givebefore 3 pm now go and do what you want.
This not good behaviour with disable person. So please do any necessary...
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Uco Bank — refund issue

 Rikhil on Aug 3, 2018
Sir, my account in your nadiad branch. I have paid 50000/- in your debit card
To air india locate in ahmedabad dated 12/6/18 for london ticket.
But i cancelled ticket dated 25/6/18 so air india refund me 45009/- crash my debit card of his bank hdfc dated 6/7/18. But till date i not received my refund in my account. My account no is [protected]
My refund no - a[protected], invoice no - 000538, batch no - 003836 in hdfc receipt.

So, please tell me where my refund credit in my account....
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