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[Resolved]  Bigtec Consulting Pvt Limited — Not clearing Salary Dues and ill treatment of employees


BIGTEC CONSULTING has duped many of its employees by not paying the dues.
There is a backlog of more than a year and has to clear dues which amount to Millions of rupees.
They are also misutilising the Govt. grants in the name of research. They have used the grant money but not paid its employes They have also lost the tie up with SAP India on selling licenses based on their malpractices but they still claim that on their website.
We are not sure how many overseas companis will fall into the great trap
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I totally agree on this.
Bigtec Consulting has lot of dues to be cleared. The President and vice president of the company are forcing people who quit Bigtec to sign an undertaking that all their dues are cleared without paying the dues else the employee is threatened with statements like:
1. Relieving letter is will not be issued
2. When an inquiry or verification is done a negative comment are given by Bigtec.
3. Terminating the employee.
I myself is a victim of this.

They are also misusing SAP for their internal operations and also train their employees on the databases of Clients / Customers. SAP Course material is also misused, copied and conduct courses on SAP Illegally.
1. The Management of Bigtec have been cheating the SAP Authorities for years now, without procuring the Liscenses and communicating to the Customers that they are SAP Partners. They never were partners of SAP and there is conclusive evidence for the same.

2.The Company is also illegally using the SAP Systems and Logins of their Customers to run their own Business on SAP. The poor Customers are unaware of this practice as they are being Supported by Bigtec and dont have their own IT Team.

3. The ex-employees who have been instrumental in growing Bigtec to what it is today have been insulted and humiliated when they ask for their dues which on an average is more than a lakh.

These are just some of the many atrocities committed by the Management of which most o[censored]s ex employees have seen it in practice.
Bigtec Consulting Services has been doing all this for Quite sometime now and its a Pity and shame for the company the all the ex Employees have to go through this.
Bigtec Consulting Services has been doing all this for Quite sometime now and its a Pity and shame for the company that all the ex Employees have to go through this.

Bigtec Consulting Services has been misutilizing all the hard earned money of the ex employees for its own selfish motives as all the money has gone unaccounted for, I believe and looks like a lot of manipulation has happened as we can see a whole bunch of new companies have cropped up...again by the same management...Just wishing and hoping that the current employees of all these companies donot get cheated the way we all have been...

Just hoping that all such BLADE Companies get the right treatment and JUSTICE done...!
THey say that they haveon office at middlesex and houston it is nothing there, It is gimmick

it is the company

they say that have very good infrastructure, nothing is there, they pretend to have a lot of infrastructure infront of the client

only infrastructure they had is the good manpower which they lost for not paying them the salaries

now it is the sinking ship, they have lost all the customer

people please beware of the people and their sales man they are the cheats and frauds

please beware of their VP (Mr Ravish)

GM KIni his common name is dick head
Cheaters of SAP Industry

Cheating Partner

SAP has to cancel the licences to them

Bigtec uses the cheated version of SAP,

Beware of this company
Hi Rahul

Whatever is the problem being professionals use good language to communicate.
You should not use filthy and abusive language, using names that too Kini in particular.

Yes, Bigtec has issues in clearing dues and getting salary is a challenge but talk it out.

If you have any concerns and problems put those in a decent way and this portal is not to be used in an abusive way. Have this corrected.
...i am also X-Employee of bigtec. this compnay's name should be BIGDICK not bigtec.

I am really frustrated like you people, that is why we are writing in to this forum. But do not know what we are going to get from this. Rather i request everyone to come together and let us talk to bigtec management face to face as a group not individually.
Bigtecemployee really very good comments,

if not a person their age deserves respect, and we should have control on our language while we speak to a elder person.

Is this the culture that our parents tought us, dont tell that all o[censored]s are not educated and well behaived with such a comments.

If any issues speak out to the concerned person and sort it out, before that we need to have control on the language that is been used.

We are in a civilised society i hope guys lets not forget the basics thigs and not go be to KGs at this age for learning culture.

Once again kudoos to Bigtec Employee.
I would like to strongly disagree with the comments of bigtec employee and bigtec 7. Those who have worked day and night, sacrificed family life by statying away from bangalore during the recession time bigtec has not only paid salary for that period, not even recogonized those guys. The so called bigtec Management (jokers) gave promotions and pay hike to guys those who were sitting in the office and carried bucket to the top management and enjoyed all the benefits during the recesssion. Do you know few guys have been paid even during the recession and not having any dues till today?. By doing ill treatement to other employees and indlulging in favouritism, do you think the top management will excel in their life . At least the prostitutes will provide pleasure for the money they are taking. But Bigtec has cheated after sucking the blood from their employees. Tit for tat will not solve the issue. There is no need to write comments like bigtec employee and needless apprecialtion by bigtec 7 after Vinbig comments.Better stop it by using abusive language otherwise so many other things will come out.
Mr. "BIGTEC7" you must be licking of Ravish, so reworded good hike and promotion during recession also without doing anything at office. Those who afraid of sacking during recession are those at office on bench and best example is you.

You rightly said bigtec is the temple / haven for you because you can survive only licking ravish . And you must be afraid of coming out of bigtec because your fake experience. You are afraid of background verification in good companies. So, be there and lick of Ravish.

Long live bigtec (BIGDICK) !!!
We were billing to bigtec till the end of our working day in bigtec and why should we compromise the salary.

Why bigtec is not clearing settlement amount???? We were suffering while working with bigtec from the late payment and now also harassing by not clearing the settlement amount. (Last Three months salary bigtec and expenses incurred while working in client place)...from the past one year i am waiting !!!
I totally agree with Mr.Antony, eventhough we were billing to bigtec till the end of our working day, we didn't get our salary but employees who are sitting and enjoying everything without doing anything (coming to office by 10 and leaving by 4.30) got more benifits than us.

For example there are two ladies who have not even gone to single project in their bigtec career but still they got promotions like Senior and team lead with an apprisal of 3 times to our apprisal (during recession time). All these happened becaue they are very very close to Mr.Pritham and Mr.Balaji. In there perception those two ladies are extraordinary eventhough they are worth for nothing.

If bigtec would have taken decision to sack the employees at the recession time then these two ladies might be in first (from whom no billing to company) but not the employees who are generating billing to company.

While relieving also they have troubled the employees who has worked hard in the company. But in case of these ladies they are relieving without giving any trouble. That is the greatness of BIGTEC, i think it will be correct if i tell greatness of Mr.Ravish and his follower Mr.Pritham.
Myself too agree with the above said comments, non payment of Salaries, Expenses. I am here to add one more.They have collected Rs one LAkh while we join, with the promise of returning it after two years(Bond Period), They dont give any proper response if asked about it, instead they give lame excuses or harass during releaving.

still many have 3 months of salary and 3 months expenses pending which amounts more than a lakh
Dear All,
This is getting uglier by the day. Please do not involve in mudslinging and using slang language.
Bigtec will surely understand their misdeeds and mishandling of the whole company.
Dear Mr. Bigtecemployee.
The language that u have used is utterly HOPELESS to say the least. I[censored] have the GUTS post ur comments using ur "REAL NAME". Don't use anonymous names like bigtecemployee. U think u can write whatever u want and people will never know who u r. Don't be in that assumption. You have taken the whole thing to an intolerable level by abusing Rahul's father. I don't know what will happen to u if rahul finds out who u r.
And coming to the Complaint here, even i have dues pending from bigtec and have mailed them 3-4 times and have got no replies. I expected at least a single line reply from them saying we are working on it. But no.
I will keep on trying like all o[censored]. After all it is our HARD EARNED MONEY.
Hi Guys,
I got March Month Salary.
Ha ha ha haa ha ha ha . . . . .
Real fun is on. Nice comments . At least now the top jooookers should realize & meet their commitments. They think that they r like Narayanamoorthy & his team. Difficult times ahead for them. Let them be prepared for anything. All the best Bictec.
Guys stop fighting like street dogs. we are consultants, not dirty politicians to abuse each other or organization. its getting very ugly day by day. lets remember we are in a civilized society. lets on act like street dogs barking for everybody who walks on street. im sure all o[censored]s are aware of what happens to street dogs when they are taken away and treated to keep queit. lets hope this does not happens for consultants.

By expressing your frustruations in these forums, you wont acheive anything except spoiling your time and brains. if have so much time, utlize it for SAP rather than abusing each other. Remember one thing by abusing the bigtec publicly you are also spoiling the morale and motivation of your friends who are still with bigtec. im sure those who have quit bigtec have moved on for better salary and increment than your friends still in bigtec. we at bigtec are happy for you, please have courtesy to think about us before abusing the organization.

few things if you are not aware, bigtec management has started to clear backlog one by one. how many of you have guts to write here in this forum that your backlog is been cleared, nobody is it?.have patience guys. those who quit and enjoying big salaries, i would like to remind that if your backlog has to be cleared then it will be current employees who are working hard to earn revenue to clear all your dues. if all you keep abusing like its not good for all o[censored]s. bigtec is not run my mining owner janardhan reddy, to clear all dues in one shot. have patience guys, you will get your money. all o[censored]s have dues.

we all have names, stop using dummy and fake names to post a comment. anybody has a problem to express, use your real name. you need guts to do that. those who are insecure and cowards use to dummy names. especially one who used pritams name to post a comment, stop doing that. you will feel guilty abt it later. guys lets control out frustruation. nobody wants lick anybodys . all o[censored]s have our own to scratch enough. please stop blaming or abusing any indiviuals.

finally last thing, Bigtec doesnt need you (ex employees), but all o[censored]s need bigtec for reference for past experience. its easy for bigtec to screw for those ex employee whom they suspect for these nonsense stuffs. anyways i have written what i thought is good for all o[censored]s. if you guys still have a problem [censored] yourself. even god cant help you.

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