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[Resolved]  Canam Consultants - India - Fraud#1/scam — Fraud!!! Scam!!!

Never ever apply for a pr visa through canam consultants. They are the most irresponsible, rather worst consultants i have ever met in my life.

I am a resident of chennai, applied for my pr visa to canada in the end of 2003. They had an office at anna nagar near the chintamani junction, which does not exist anymore. They never had the courtesy to inform that the chennai office will no more be a part of canam group. I had to find it myself once when i had to go to their office to check the status of my application.

Later, i did all my enquiries / correspondance to their chandigarh office. I had shifted my residence in 2005, while i remembered to notify these people first. Though i responsibly submitted the "change of address" letter in time, they did not bother to update their database at that point. Finally, when the canadian high commission had sent the intimation to them, they did not relay it to me in time. It was just when i accidentally called them up that they had realized that the letter was not forwarded to me. By the time i received the letter, it was already late. I rushed and booked for the ielts, for arranging funds to show bank balance, etc. Also, it took some time for the british embassy to declare the results. I did my best to send all the documents in time and also notified them that the delay has been caused because of lapse in communication from their end.

I received a letter from them on june 16, 2009, along with a copy of the letter received from the embassy stating that my application has been rejected since the documents are not submitted. It should be noted that all the documents have been submitted to the consultants in time though they delayed in sending it to me.

Finally, they have no answer when i enquired the reason for not submitting my documents in time. They are also insisting now to send a letter to them instead of calling and asking over phone.

Guys, please do not rely them. They are #1 fraudulent *.

Any suggestions to sue them are welcome.

Thanks for reading this message. Never apply for any of your visa/education needs through canam!!!
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Complaint marked as Resolved 
Canam Consultants customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.
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move on friend, life is to short to worry about trivialities, maybe you were not destined to go... anyways thanks to Canam and their professional services, Canam...U Rock

1219 Visa ( in Delhi falls under the same category. They have shifted their office somewhere in South Ex now. Those MFs are out there to just fleece you of your money. Useless spunk-lees fraud company being run by this fraudster called Saurabh Kumar. If you are dealing with them, rest assured of a painful money losing experience.
Yes I found exactly same issue . Because of their mistake. My Brither in law lost the money and time.
Did you contact the canadian Authorities?
thanx for letting me know mate!! i bumped into your post when i was looking for the address of canam consultants on google.. but after reading your post.. I've changed my mind!! THANK YOU!!!
Kudos to Canam and its professional team in Chandigarh for successfully obtaining permanent residence to Canada in record time for me and my family... Gr8 job Team Canam, keep up the good work and forget such spineless scamsters who put up anonymous fraudulent complaints against you guys... Will be in touch as you were through out my application processing, Thanks again Canam. Gurmit Singh
A complainant who does not even know that the IELTS Tests are conducted in India by either the British Council or IDP - since the person has stated that his results took time to be declared by the British Embassy, does not have access to the requisite funds, admits that he had not been in regular touch with the Chennai office as he would have definitely got to know about its relocation, is most definitely upset because the immigration visa was not granted to him - SO WHAT - not everybody who applies for a visa Immigration/ Student/ Visitor/ Work is granted one... does that mean they stop applying, move on friend, life is to short to worry about trivialities, maybe you were not destined to go... anyways thanks to Canam and their professional services, I am in Canada on a student visa... hope it gets converted to an Immigration Visa. Canam...U Rock

4th Floor, Sakar 7, Nehru Bridge Corner, Ashram Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad[protected].


Canam Office Chandigarh — not delivered the letter

Respected Sir, My cheque sent by CANAM office CHD through your courier dated 25.03.10 but yet i have not recieved. please verify.courier no Z08914588

1219 consultent — not providing services

i havd reged. with 1219 consultent for the canada to provide the chef 's job in canada and paid fee of rs 50000/-.

as per comeetment of 1219 they will be providing a job minimum two months and maximum in eight months "but it is already been 1 year & half year.

if i would to be in touch with the concern person in office ,he don,t pick the phone and some other staff gives answer ! he is not in the office please call another time.

this is mhappning with me. lastthree months

please adviseme what to do!

umesh sharma.

You guys can try this firm, i had a really good experience with them.

Rupinder Kaur
Surprising to see that this fraud company 1219Visa Consultants, run by this cheat Saurabh Kumar, is still running its shop at Kotla (South Extn, New Delhi). Beware folks!
- Amit Singh, New Delhi
1219 cousultants are the fraud group. cheaters and MFs, lost my hard earned money through them, and everything they did is fraud, if someone get saurabh's address in delhi, please post it here as i will teach him a lesson. i have lost big amount of money through that lier. please update if you have any info abt that mf as he ruined my one year hard work...
ohhh my god god will see FROD SOURABH soon. i also lost of mony and my valueabel time just for this . please if some one fine sourabh please comtact me. [protected], [protected]
There are possibilities of loop holes in any processing and the role of consulting agency is to facilitate the same. Eventhought the prime duty of the applicant is to verify eveything with the embassy and other experts.

After all if the client is eligible with all the requirements, then it is matter of time and luck( Some people call it as God's Blessing )

Jose James
The Whole "Team Canam" is [censored]in Fraud . I had sort of issue in chenni...
stfu u , because of them I'm in uk studying in the best university! this guy is a fukn douchebag! TEAM CANAM U GUYS ROCK ! thank u for your excellent services
so donot ever go to canam, apply directly through respective countrys immigration website
Prem ganesh the canam manager in chennai cheated me and he didnot give my money back now now i am strugling for my daily life and i am begging fo rmy food,
Beware of Canam Group FRAUD!!!

Its Diwali and every year this time reminds me of this fraud company Canam ( During this festive season of 2009, I had applied for the Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) through Canam’s office in Andheri, Mumbai. An acquaintance had told me about the Australian immigration and Canam . I decided to take the plunge and made the mistake of not finding out more about the immigration process, and especially so about this company Canam.

When I first visited the office, I met with one consultant, Vasundhara, specializing in Australian and Candian immigration. She explained the process to me and I must say she made a good impression on me with all that “touchwood” talk and I felt they were quite genuine. The next time I visited them with my father and when we asked her some questions, she called in Arvind Falor(their Director) to talk to us saying he was an authority in immigration and has many certifications to this credit. This gay, Arvind is the biggest fraud I have seen. He puts on an act like he is really not interested in getting us to sign up, like he is some government official doing public service. He quickly asked for some of my details and told us that in just about 9-12 months I would be getting the PR visa. He also told us that they had their contacts in Australia who would help me once I am there with accommodation and job search. He also gave us some advice about not changing jobs while waiting for the application approval and being ready to fly in an year’s time. I and my father, being so gullible, fell for the show he had put up. We didn’t realize that this guy Arvind and Vasundhara are just sales people who are experts at understanding their client’s psychology and have perfected the art of earning people’s trust by lying and whatever else it takes to get us to buy their services. They lied to me that they have a MARA Registered agent through whom they file their applications. I thing I must tell you if you are interested in applying for Australia, then do so directly through MARA agents(difficult to find in India, since only Australian citizens can become MARA Registered agents, but still you can get them) and not with agents like Canam who just claim they do it through them and provide a business reason for doing so to earn your trust. You can check for genuine MARA agents on the government website. Once these Canam guys get their payments they are least concerned with the work they got to do. You have to pay half the fees before they begin their process and the remaining half before the actual application is sent in. Once you have paid them half the fees they know for sure that you have fallen for their trap and that the other half will surely come. After you have paid in full, then you get to see their real colours. All that professionalism is gone and now you got to run after them for everything else. You won’t be updated about the progress of your application, not even if the application has been filed on your behalf. During subsequent visits to their office for knowing about my application status, I was usually made to sit at least an hour before I could meet any of them because they would be busy with convincing the new prospects to sign up for their services. Its during such visits I realised that its all a setup, all well planned, each one playing their role to perfection. But by then it was too late.
So what went wrong? Well, after half the fees were paid, then they said it would take 11/2 - 2 years for the visa( Arvind had earlier told us 9-12months max). They applied for my PR saying that we could submit the IELTS score later. The applications are filed from their Chandigarh office. They told me that its important to send in the applications at the earliest(actually they are just concerned about getting that second half of the payment) because it would take up to 9-12 months for the case officer to be assigned to the application during which I could write and submit the IELST score. Then after 7-8 months I got an email from one Satnam Kaur(from Canam Australian Immigration Department) stating that the IELTS score must be submitted within 45 days time failing which the application would be rejected. I told Vasundhara that they had never contacted me earlier and that a months time would not be enough for IELTS preparation, but said these were notices from their Chandigarh offices who would have been informed by DIAC. She even suggested that I join their IELTS course and that their Instructor would especially help me to prepare for the test in a months’ time. I joined their course hoping that the instructor would take some interest with my IELTS study. But the instructor was not even aware of my situation and didn’t take any special interest in my case. Not his fault though, he told me he course usually goes for 3 months. Canam got me in to this situation and made me pay for the course(more earning for them) . But I did manag e to get the score they had asked and Vasundhara said its all good and taken care of now. The two years, Canam sends me the letter from DIAC stating that the application was rejected because the IELTS score had to be submitted at the time of application. It was clearly a mistake on the part of Canam, but they said they had other applications similar to mine which got approved, so its just my bad luck . Yeah sure, was my bad luck that I applied through them. Actually, the rules had changed after June 1, 2009 which had made it mandatory to submit the IELTS score at the time of application. So, before June 2009, one could submit the IELTS score after the application was made but before the case officer was assigned. My application was filed on Oct 2009, so its not DIAC’s fault. I lost the DIAC application fees and the fees paid to Canam. Canam would have been aware of these rule changes, but they were just concerned about getting their fees from me. If they had they told me earlier, then I wouldn’t return to them till I had the score and I may not succeed in getting that score. So, they wanted to make sure they got their money from me and left my application for fate to decide.

I wrote all these in such details so that others who approach Canam for immigration purpose would know what they are getting into. I still read some people praising Canam for their services in different posts. I believe these are these Canam guys posting or someone who was destined to reach the country he hoped for, which he did and still believes that Canam had any part in it. I am sure there are many others for whom they applied after June 2009 without IELTS score and who got rejection for the same reason. In fact, in the IELTS course itself there were three others with whom they had done the same.

We probably cannot get them on the legal front, but its not right that such businesses operate. These are just like those others business outfits duping people by promising them jobs abroad. The difference, businesses like Canam operate legally and can’t be taken to court for such offences. They get you to sign all the papers which free them from every liability. They are playing with peoples careers, but for them its just all about money. For them their job/business is just to get you to part with your hard earned money by playing on your aspirations.
Beware of Canam Group FRAUD!!!

Thank you for these blogs because of seeing these blogs only i got aware and applied through a best consultancy thank you so much .
otherwise i will also be cheated

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