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Respected Sirs,

I Sonu Saini, taken addmission in Chanakya IAS Academy on July 29,2009 for the batch of august 2009. The Academy has taken 30,000Rs. in advance for 8 months. I have attended 3-4 classes and i found no quality in teaching and management. When i complaint to staff regarding the same they misbehaved with me. Therefore i decided not to continue coaching in the same institute.

Since August 24,2009 I have been asking to refund my fees but there is no reply from the authority. I met with founder (Mr. A.K.Mishra) of the academy he said "we do not refund fees taken in advance".

Please help me for Just

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[Jun 11, 2014] Chanakya Ias Academy customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Hi Sonu,

As I think you are victim of misinformation. You should have taken admission after enquiring about the coaching institute. As per rule (formal) no coaching institute refunds money.

I am glad to know that you have been student of Chanakya IAS Academy, but unfortunately our class room experience were totally different. I am highly obliged to Chanakya's teachers and staff members. Teacher's cordial and expert guidance have helped me to secure a job in civil services and staffs were very cooperative (especially Raghuvarji - if you remember him or if he is yet their).

Cheer up friend...
Don't Expect... but Inspect. Your determination will lead to SUCCESS!

Chankya Ias Instituteis one of the biggest fraud and worst IAS coaching institute of India, they charge exorbitant fees from the stutents but in the name of teachingn it does not worth even ruppess 1 and anyone can search in google that Even U.PS.C has made complaint against Chanakya I.A.S academy.
I am also a victim of such mislead information.

I came to know about Chanakya IAS Academy and went to their Ahmedabad Branch to enquire about the course, exam and most important my eligibility for the same.

Their staff Ms. Mala who attends to enquires was there to attend to all my queries and my very first query was regarding my eligibility for this exam as per the age criteria .. ( at present 29yrs and will be 30yrs in April 2013). Ms. Mala reconfirmed to me min. twice that i was eligible for this exam and to top it she also commented that i was not their first such student.

Later I paid the fees and when the classes started, the faculty who came from Delhi to teach us, was discussing about syllabus and at that point he discussed about the age criteria and that is when i came to know through him that as per the age criteria, i was not eligible to appear for the exams. Later when i asked for the refund they refused to pay saying they have a non refundable policy. Same day in front of our faculty i asked Ms. Mala if as per my age criteria was i eligible for the exam and she once again in the faculties presence accepted that i could appear for the exams.Then knowing about what mistake she had made, Ms. Mala informed me, that she had informed the same to the concerned people and would revert back soon. Later when i started doing a followup i found that Ms. Mala was not available in the office (either she is on leave or has left the institution) and while i discussed the same with the other person in the office, they said that the Fees is non refundable. I had tried to meet the centre head who was said to be busy those days (as per Ms. Mala) and so i was not able to meet her. Henceforth, i wrote an email to the center head Ms. S Khan and their director Mr. A. K Mishra but to my surprise none of them reverted back to my email. It is more than 15days and i have not received any reply from their side.

I am shocked to know that i was given a false information and mislead by the institution and in this manner they have cheated me of rs. 50000. Henceforth i wish to go ahead with the consumer forum regarding this complaint...

I took admission in this coaching but cursing my self that i wasted my money in this, actually i was influenced by their promotion propaganda and was caught in their trap. The main aim of this coaching is to extract money from the pocket of innocent(those who don't have any knowledge about coaching) and the moment i started my classes with them their reality was unveiled. They have the most pathetic teachers of all time and some of the teachers over their who wanted to sincerely teach the students were thrown out (Mr. mohanty - a renowned name in the coaching of public administration was a faculty over their but what happened with him is history) I was surprised when i came to know by the so called teacher Mr. manoj agarwal(A THAG HIMSELF running DESTINY IAS DUKAAN IN MUKHARJEE NAGAR ABOVE "THE STUDY "coaching) himself that the management is not concerned about the future of students they gave us a fix target in which we have to "finish" whole syllabus now the onus is on students that they have to cover all the things whether they understand it or not.last request PLEASE DON'T MAKE YOUR PERCEPTION ON "ADVERTISEMENT STRATEGY" OF CHANAKYA IAS ACADEMY BECAUSE THIS IS THE ONLY THING IN WHICH THEY ARE AHEAD OF ANYONE ELSE AND A K MISHRA(owner) WHOSE PHOTOGRAPH YOU WILL FIND ON MOST OF THE LEADING MAGAZINE IS FRAUD OF ALL TIMES instead of wasting money their buy some good books and make notes by yourself
i dont know about past but i am currently studying in Chanakya ias academy and they are providing a quality education and i am fully satisfied with the faculties and the way they are teaching is very unfortunate that you have faced these problems but my experience in chanakya ias academy is great and Mishra Sir is the most helpful person one can ever find in preparation for UPSC.
Hello to all
I have filed a consumer court case against A.K Mishra, Director Chankaya IAS Academy for the same issues at Consumer court, Sheikh sarai, New Delhi. If you want justice and a refund of your money, please dont hesitate and file your complaint immediately. The courts are very supportive and will definitely help you in gettng your money back form these fake institutes

I've decided Sociology as my optional(IAS-2014) and i wanted to know whether it can be done by self-studying or should I go for coaching.
Since I'm staying in Mukherjee Nagar, it would be helpful if you could suggest one near to it.
This academy has hired the best of the faculty members available today and provides quality and updated study material based on the revised syllabus.A good modern infrastructure with library is available and most importantly SuccessGuru AK Mishra sir is always there to help and guide you.thank you for Guiding us
plz guide me the best coaching center for ias exams dis yr..
reply soon..
Please guide me friends... I want to go for IAS but don't know anything about any coaching centre... please help me please
Everyone here is saying the correct thing...chanakya is the f***ng worst institute ever...i have done my gs frome some other institute and decided to do the subject coaching from chanakya...let me tell u in detail how it is the worst f***ing institute...
1... management...
Really management...rude people with overlapping classes and pathetic specific batch starting...they squees u in any class in the moddle of any batch ( subject coaching )
2... Pathetic time culture...
Even govt. Offices are a 1000 times more efficient than chanakya institute...the teachers are always 30 min 8 a.m. Class starts at 8:30- 9:00
3... Holiday culture..
They give you holiday every 3rd other coaching institute has a holiday culture... "Holiday" means a holy day...and when u prepare for ias...the only thing holy for u is to study...they have weekends off and holidays for every f***ing festival...itni holidays to school mein bhi ni hoti thi...
4...Mishra... Let me tell u my opinion about him...i attended his supposidly inspiration lecture at the start...he is a f***ing money making who has an extreme sense of superiority complex...with no dedication whatsoever to teach/run an institute...he is only there to make f***ing money even if it is just by cheating people as mentioned in the above comments...
...every coaching institute ows a lot of its success to the director ...and if u look at the top coaching institutes...all their directoes are amazing dedicated teachers...
I still remember a director of another institute saying " i always wanted to be a teacher and i am still trying to be one "...this humility is what makes u successful...
...and he f***ing calls himself the chanakya guru...
..p.s. Heard he is contesting elections to ake more money...
Lastly...the only reason i studied the subject there was because the political science teacher there is great...
That is the only pro point i see in that institute...
If anyone cares even a bit about his/her ias ddream...then pls do not waste ur money by joining this idiotic coaching institute.
P.p.s. No hard feelings toqarda a
Please take my advice and never join this institute
i repeat very BAD institute THUGS please be aware and go somewhere else
I was influences by theri promotion propaganda NOTHING else is there in this institute
only EXTRACTING money is the main AIM of this FIRM
When i started the classed then the truth was unveiled and which is bad
please be aware and save your own money ...
Promotion is other thing and after Promotion how many things are done according to the promises given at the time of promotion that what makes the difference
the above line can tell the truth of this institute
negative never join... waste of money
Beware of this institute only money making mind and money making firm
parents please be careful that you never give your hard earned money to this institute very bad experience
students please be careful please join any other organization. but not this
please read and understand

Dear chanakya institute
I am from Ahmadabad and I contacted your Ahmadabad branch 301, Sachet III, 3rd Floor, Mirambika school road, Naranpura for taking admission after understanding the procedure the next day I went to pay the desired amount and asked for the payment receipt but the answer I got from the manager was we don’t want to take your admission because I asked for the receipt In a very rude manner. I think the one who gave me answer was the new girl I visited your institute before also but this face was new and I guess the manager and that girl are both sisters or from the same background.

Is this the proper way to talk to the student who is willing to be a part of your institute?
Is this the way to communicate?
Do you know how much bad impact that creates in the market?

There were many friends of mine to whom I would recommend this institute but after this kind of experience from your end I would not suggest anyone to join your institute.
And if you don’t believe me you can send one of your insiders to look into what kind of administration and how they are treating the students.
At last I would like to say that this creates very bad impact on us as well as on the market.
As i visited this firm i went there around 10 am for the inquiry but no responsible person was available there the person there told that they will come within two hours i went there again at 12:30 but no one was still available after that they told me to wait for an hour so i waited till 1:30 pm there still no one came so i guess this is the sign of bad administration i would never join this institute
I went in this institute at around 10 am for inquiry but no person was available for the inquiry from there i was told to come around 12 pm so i went there again at 12:30 PM but still no one was available that person told me to wait for 1 hour i waited there still no one showed up
this is very ridiculous that on working day up till 2 pm no responsible person shows up this is the sign of very bad administration
how can u expect me to join this institute now after experincing such problem...
A very ridiculous institute students please beware and not come in their marketing skills they do marketing very good on the other side this is a money making firm who does not care for students future and only interested in making the money this is my personal experience from this institute they are irresponsible persons after the payment received. please don't select this institute there are many other institute available.
only money making firm
they will set u in any batch which is running and no care will be taken off
there is no one to listen after the payment
holidays they give like they are running gov. institute
timing deadline is never met

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