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[Resolved]  Chennai corporate club — Cheating

They are the cheaters.

At the time of enrolment, club executive had given " N" number of promises that I will get free stay yearly at their properties,

Free tickets to all their host programs which means every month we will get 2 tickets for music program, film tickets, drama and other cultural programs.

I am being the member for 2 years. But till now I didn't got single ticket from them for any of the programs. They are conducting many many programs. When I asked, they said that i have to pay 200 / 300 rupees per ticket. Then what is the purpose of the member ship. Similarly, If i want to use their resorts, hotels for stay, I have to pay 1500, 2500 like that per day depends on the type of property.

So i am not at all using my life membership.

I have decided not to go such kind of Gambling side in my life time and I am communicating to all the people who are all i have come across by orally / by mail etc..

Please be cautious on all types of clubs / vacations especially on Chennai corporate club.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Prem raj, Prabhu, sam, all thos are big cheater atlese we have to stop this nonsence he have to informe in any way to public atlease other people get this msg here after no people join in this club we have to informe in the new paper or media the people have to close this club
I am fully agree to this.. I had enquied about one hotel which is referred by Chennai corporate club for accomodation and other facility by directly contacting (with out mentioning that I m a member of CCC)to them .They have offer more services then offered by CCC.
Yes it is true. They are doing money making business by commiting wrong commitments for the customers and also not doing services as per their commitments. The club name almost spoiled in all levels. If they continue this, all members will get join and file case against them. They have get joined more member of people in all level who misbehaving in the events. There is no such system followed to run the club and there is no rules followed consistently. As Shayam & Devang Desai said, there is no privillege for the members. There is no difference between members and non members. What is the benifit of the member and what is the use of money paid by members. Why do we want to join in the club? For playing carrom board? or Gym? This is only free. Dont we have carrom board in our home? And why dont we go to local gym with cheaper rate? Can we come long distance for gym? Why we want
to pay huge money for membership? The club shuld give privillege to the customer. The club grown by members only. The management should not fergot this anyway. Even they not maintained their web site properly. Is this the way of quality and managing the club? And they are collecting yearly maintanance charges Rs. 1200/-. If you not pay this amount they are removing your name from the club. There are many clubs are running in the chennai city with presigiouse culture. They have limited crowed and maintaining and managing club with good quality nd atmosphere. They dont allow to join more members once their capable level reached. And they are also collecting Rs 400/- or 500/- per year for maintenance. But we can avail this amount by utilization of their restaurent. You can eat for the amount in their restaurent. We can say THE CHENNAI CORPORATE CLUB is not relyable club.
the above matter is true, i too experienced those kind of problems. now i am trying to contact the office to enquire munnar resort but they do not respond.
Yes, they are very much cheaters and We should be very much cautious before joining such clubs and I believe that almost all Clubs(except one or two) are like the same cheating ideas as the chennai club.
There is no difference between members and non members. What is the benifit of the member and what is the use of money paid by members And they are collecting yearly maintanance charges Rs. 1200/-. If you not pay this amount they are removing your name from the club. phone is coming from (bombay)gova beach asking that for member of ccc having some offer while enquired the rate costly while enquired?why the managment is not yet taking any step regarding the complaint of the life member.
dont make the member of the fool.customer care is most important .take early step.
I totally agree with the comments mentioned by fellow members. They collect Rs.1200 from members to do what? Their names are deleted if they do not pay the membership fee. These guys are a rip off! They do not even pay for the website!
I agree with him. Bec. I am also a member of Chennai corporate club for the past 4yrs. They are big cheaters than chit funds. Simply my money is with them for their attractive words. Is there anyway to get our money back from them?
Is it reliable to buy some land/property through Chennai Corporate Club as I have such proposal to buy a land in Kaverypakkam? And those who have experience with CCC kindly share with me.

It is true, they are only cheaters. I took the membership in Dec, 2006. Till now i have received the membership cards or welcome letter.
Why don't we all who have been cheated by Chennai Corporate Club form as a member club and file a case in form so that we can get our money back.

As a member club if we fight against them it is easy.

Come, let us form a club and figst against them.
It is true, they are only cheaters. I took the membership in Dec, 2006. Till now i have not received the membership cards or welcome letter.

Why don't we all form as a club, who have been cheated by Chennai Corporate Club and file a case against them in consumer forum so that we can get our money back.

As a member club if we fight against them is easy.

Come, let us form a club and fight against them.
Hello All,

I am also one among you having been cheated by these cheaters in 2005. I got a call saying that we have won in a lot and were asked to come to a hotel mentioned by them inorder to collect the gift. Having ignored such calls a number of times previously, due to curiosity I went to the place mentioned along with my family. There were many girls sitting, each having a table and 2 chairs. They started with a slide show of the facilities they have and slowly got into the topic giving hopes that in a middleclass it wudn't be possible to afford such amenities at this lowest price. Keeping our children in mind we opted for a lifetime plan. I had used my cc for the first time in my life. We had an inner instinct seeing those faces as all seemed to be criminals. But for some reason we got caught into this web. After this we had gone with our kids to the office in Mount road but in vain. These people didn't even heed to our words.As I was not able to get in touch with anyone who was cheated like us, I was just thinking that my hard earned money is in drains. But seeing this site and the comments from all of you, I thought why not we create a group as what Sampath Sir or others said and try to get back our money.

Thinking why not we all join together after seeing your comments, I have created this group [protected] we shall all put in our efforts and try i[censored] wish to.
Hi, I do agree with the above fact. The CCC people are cheaters. My dad was given with false promise and he was made to join the club. At the time of joing they said that, we will be getting Movie Tickets, later when we asked for a ticket thats when they said that we get the ticket only for those films where they have sponsored(seems they had never sponsored for any film). The CCC Managment is a BULL . I am completely against this club. We can and should file a case against them and get our money back with Intrerset.
hai guys this is Ramesh and my card from Hyderabad.they said i'll be getting a lifetime card from RCI, Royal goan beach resorts etc.i got the cards but they were valid only for one year, and till now I have not used the card even once, RGB fellows have sent me an yearly charge of 15000/- .but while taking the membership the bloody's told me its free for life for which I've paid one lakh fifty thousand rupees(1, 50, 000/-) for which Ihave the receipts also.I'am unable to understand how I'll get my money previous phone no was [protected], which i'm not using
my new no is [protected], pls can any one help me.
Yes, they are very much cheaters . I do agree with the above fact i also lost my money they did't sent me evan single tickets we all joind to group and we have to stop this email id is [protected]
i want entertaiment and enjoyment . now i want to be free membership
dear friends same problem i having recently i paid 20, 000/- for sharing membership they told me to give me a seprate cards to all 4 member. but now they are telling no. who taken payment that person not picking cell phone. still i not went there head office . if they are not given my card then i go to consumer court.
I was invited to join the CCC. I was given promises after promises. Very impressive. Gullible prospects taken for a ride. I was offered their worldwide resorts for Rs.2.41 lakhs, upfront money for life membership and only 1500 per year maintenance fee. I asked for a discount. They brought it down to Rs. 1.80 lakhs. I said, I don't want the piece of land (that probably doesn't exist!) that comes free along with the membership. Then they reduced it to Rs. 1.21 lakhs. I said I need more time to think, they said, if I signed today, they will offer a special discount and settle for 1 lakh!!!


And when I went through this URL, I know I have made the right decision.

i have got membership card for 10 years policy on december 2009, no communication between corporate club and with me . this card got from glide holidays, Nungambakkam, chennai - 34, before that they promised to give free ticket for musical programme other stage programme sponsered by chennai corporate club. mr.premkumar of glide holidays is the only contact person and his mobile numer is out of reach and temporaly not is use. i don't want to continue with membership, to cancel my mebership and to get the life time amount of rs 24, 000, what will be the procedure
please communicate to me through mail address
They are big cheater

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